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Mental Health

From obsessive behaviors, to bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress, mental health conditions can be debilitating. Are you suffering? Share your story and advice for others.

If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or the mental health crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

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Replied By: witchgirls on Nov 19, 2014, 11:35PM
I show very strong signs of having Histrionic Personality Disorder, and I very much so want to go after a professional diagnosis. The thing is is that I go to college full time, live on campus with no car, so have no way to get a job to save up money (my on-campus job has earned me a total of $160 so far, and it's over for the semester). The testing could cost up to $1000, with $220 being the absolute minimum. My insurance doesn't cover any fees until we hit our deducatble, and we have around $2,300 left in that deductable, so we would have to pay out of pocket. 

I've thought about creating a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for the psychological testing, but I'm afraid of it failing and me feeling even worse. 

I'm ultimately going after getting approval to have an emotional support dog on campus with me, and my college requires this test to get approved for one. 

Are there any suggestions for how I could pay for this test? I don't have to worry about treatment so much, since my college does provide free therapy, but I really need this psychological test/evaluation in order to be cleared for an emotional support dog.
Replied By: shauloucooke on Nov 3, 2014, 1:33AM
Long standing history of depression and anxiety issues. Suicidal tendencys and panic attacks. Chronic pain in the spinal region and occasional headaches. Sickness waves light headed spells. Emotionally distant comes across cold. Well that's all been said before tried a million different meds and nothing helped started counselling made headway. Just wish i had something to hold onto in the way of getting a diagnosis. Hopefully soon. Hopefully. 

Oh by the way. To anyone who may read this at all. I am more than happy to see if any of my medical history can aid them in recovery. 

Be safe folk.

- Shau
Replied By: aeropam on Oct 22, 2014, 5:29AM
I caught the end of a Dr. Phil show today, and Dr. phil was offering help to a troubled young man as far as being evaluated and diagnosed with a mental illness. He told him that mental illness was a medical issue, and should hold no more shame than being diagnosed with diabetes. This statement angers me because I've heard it over and over since being diagnosed as bipolar 2 three years ago, And it is a great big lie! Since being diagnosed I have been disowned by two of my four grown children, and friends that were told have distanced themselves completely out of my life. My husband of twenty seven years doesn't trust or believe the simplest statemts from me. I am not just Pam anymore, I am bipolar first, and Pam second! I cannot get life insurance because of this. Having the label of bipolar has GREATLY lessened my value as a human being because people automatically associate bipolar with crazy!!  Nobody agrees that being bipolar 2 is completely different than bipolar 1, and have no desire to educate themselves about it. My own husband who swore his undying love and support to me when I was firat diagnosed, now looks right thru me as if I were a ghost. He will not admit it, but he is obviously ashamed to be seen in public with me because he continuously cancels plans to go out together. To him mental illness is all the same. Depression, both types of bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia are all the same. CRAZY!
Replied By: areeg4 on Oct 18, 2014, 10:07AM
This is not a post seeking help or to be on a show.  I am now living a very blessed life with bipolar II.  I am tired of only hearing about bipolar when an individual makes a terrible decision.  I take my meds every day, and live a productive life.  I have the support of my husband and two grown children. 

Yes, I did live a childhood filled with demons and I have had to travel through depression and a suicide attempt.  I have been hospitalized for depression and PTSD.  I do struggle everyday and dream every night of my past and guilt for not helping my sisters.  I also know that this was then and I have so much to be thankful for now.  It truly helps me to remember how far I have come.

It is my hope to use this safe place to blog each day the thoughts, failures, and successes of a person living a bipolar life.  It can be done and it does not always have to be a news event.  I want to someday be able to say 'I have bipolar' with the safety as someone who says 'I have diabetes'.  Bipolar is not something I should be ashamed of; it is just a chemical imbalance.
Replied By: starling834 on Oct 17, 2014, 2:51PM
I don't have many friends...I suffer from AvPD...and depression....just would like to meet people....
Replied By: crazydanger on Oct 14, 2014, 5:04PM
I know what it is like to have mental issues and have your parents just push and push until you are on the edge and even at times go over that edge.I have suffered from from PTSD since I was a kid after being raped and beat by my step father and step grandmother for nearly five years.After I turned twenty and was officially diagnosed with PTSD my mother found that if she used the same phrases that my step grandmother used as she beat me for long enough she can get me to fly into a rage and hurt someone maybe even her and then she holds it over my head.She knows everything I have gone through in fact she knew about the my step father raping me before the law did or before I even told her.My step father told her and she did nothing.I didn't know she knew util a month ago and she slipped up and told me.
Replied By: patient11 on Oct 13, 2014, 9:00AM - In reply to tryingsohard
I had a horrible childhood & still in the healing process.
I was verbally, mentally & sexually abused from 8-18 & have had numerous kick packs since.
I had a mother to whom had an affair & ended up marrying what I now have accepted was my 3rd cousin. He was also verbally & mentally abusive towards my sister & brother. My brother has since passed due to what I feel now my sf (stepfather) either killed him and/or they fought constantly & he had abused drugs & drank allot. Now, either my brother was killed or killed himself. I think it is weird that my brother stood up to him & my sf hated this fact. So, he could've killed himself. We will never know & for this reason, I have to live with not only the horrible abusive past but not knowing the truth because this happend back 20 years ago or so & back then they didn't have the facts on sexual abuse in the home. Everything was behind closed doors.
I also feel because of my mother knowing these facts. She still continued to see someone later in her life that also tried to come on to me & when I informed her of this, she also let him come back until my sister found out & then everything came to a head & he was gone!!!!!
But, now that this is behind me, my sister to whom lives in TX now does not call me nor even send me any birthday cards, etc. I think she blames me for the past & how I was back then & cannot accept the fact I have changed & I'm now not only a better person but smarter. She always thought I was dumb along with my sf.
I have been clean & sober since 1996 when I lost my kidneys & was on dialysis for 4-1/2 yrs. After my mother passed in 2009 not only have I not worked but, on disability due to loosing my kidneys again due to stress, anixety & depression.
I see a therapist every other week & go to group meetings every Monday & also see a Phsyco. (head doctor) once a month. He is winging me off of all anxiety medicine & the side effects are tremendous.
Please, this is just a little of what my life has been like & there is more to tell. I cannot empize enough how our mental health is very important for not only our future but ourselves as human beings in general. You can never have enough group meetings nor theraphy.
Replied By: ssoganty on Oct 12, 2014, 3:57PM - In reply to rocket90
It is so sad about your mother's issues.  I would suggest  that she is having signs of dementia.  Paranoia is quite common as well as thinking someone is hiding their stuff, stealing from them, etc.

 I attended a group for "Children of Older Parents, " through the local mental health establishment, which was very helpful to me.  My SIL was having some of the issues you mentioned and I was trying to understand what was going on.  (SIL needed care 24/7 which her family provided for 2 years. Then to a nursing home for one month at age 90, when she died.)

Maybe your local hospital or medical place  could be a starting point to find a group or some info about help for your mom and your family.

Best wishes, ssoganty.

Replied By: rocket90 on Oct 7, 2014, 5:43PM
I am so glad to be watching this show today.  My 78 year mother is having so many emotional & mental problems and my sister(s) and I do not know what to do for her.  She thinks she hears voices.  I am not really sure how much, because I think Mom tries to watch how much she tells us.  For some reason she is focused in on my brother in law, that he is trying to harm her or other family members.  It's gotten to the point where she'll call to ask if so & so is alright & where they are, that we know it's because she is sure that my brother in law or someone has harmed that family member.  She thinks that there are voices in the radio that tell her she has to leave her apartment.  She thinks that people (mostly my brother in law) is trying to get her money or take her things away from her.  We've taken her to see a psychiatrist and she put her on a medication called respidol.  She lived with my husband, daughter & I for over 2 years.  We downsized into a moblie home & mom went to live with my sister & her husband & daughter & grandson. She lived there less then a year.  Mom started thinking my brother in law was spying on her, & putting cameras in her room. She thought he was talking about her & she confronted him on several occasions.  It just got to where everyone was on pins & needles & there was no comfortable time ever in the home because the tension was so horrible.  If Dr. Phil knows of any one that can help us.  We've taken her to get her blood levels checked.  Her medication is unbelieveable in my opinion.  She takes several different kinds.  My mother is a beautiful person. And the best mom to my sisters & I.  She has always been able to help anyone with any problem.  I just want peace for her.  I want to know if there is something my sister & I are missing?  We honestly do not know what else to do.

Thank you,

Robin Reed
Replied By: dswill on Oct 7, 2014, 4:59PM
This is Mental Health week and I'm so glad you are doing this difficult show. My brother lived with bi-polar for over 40 years. He had many of the same issues as this young man. People with mental health issues and their families have few resources other than doctors providing meds and some talk therapy. We need more resources for the person and their families who sometimes live in fear of physical harm.
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