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Whether you're looking for Mr. Right or new to the dating scene, dating has challenges. Are you having difficulty finding “the one” for you? Have you tried online dating? Is your relationship on the rocks because your mate won't commit? Share your stories, experiences and advice.
Replied By: dr_duckbutter on Jun 27, 2015, 10:56PM - In reply to tealjac
I am not crazy about dating web sites also. Everybody says they are good and alot are not. None of them ask

how are we going to support ourself or are we going to just let our looks buy everything. Let not forget looks does not pay the bills. But as for men we dont like drama or fairy tales women usually like. If I get bored with the 80 % divorce rate women initiate theres always cheaper vacations to bangkok. Cheaper than paying lawyers.
Replied By: dr_duckbutter on Jun 27, 2015, 10:42PM - In reply to tanlil1
This guy does not have a good attitude. I would get to the doctor right away for a morning after pill.

You surely do not want a unloved child. The guy is just as responcible about birth control. But I would not ruin my life on it. Dump the dude he is a user. Four years and he can not come to you. Garbage.
Replied By: tanlil1 on Jun 26, 2015, 2:34PM
Hi there, I am dating a man now for nearly 4 years.  We do not live together and we live about an hour and a half away from each other so only see each other on weekends.  I am the one who always travels to where he lives as he runs his own business and it's nearly impossible for him to get away, and I live with family members where he owns his own home.

Last weekend we did a pregnancy test together and it was positive. This is something that was a complete fluke! I have never missed a birth control pill not once.  He did not react well to the result and got rather mean and started saying hurtful things.  I went to work Monday morning and we have barely spoken all week.  I spoke to him lastnight after I tried to call him every night this week but he was "too busy" to talk to me about things.  I wrote him an e-mail and told him how I was feeling and said that for normal relationships this would be a good thing but ours its tearing us apart and it's only just the beginning.  Neither one of us wants to have the child (please keep your opinions to yourself about this part please as I am struggling enough without getting hateful comments). When I finally spoke with him lastnight he said that he was angry with me about how I was talking about the situation in the e-mail and that he's not happy with us for the last week.  He's just being very cold and hurtful and I don't know what to do or say to him to make him understand how hard this is for both of us but that we need to stick together to make it through this together.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
Replied By: tealjac on Jun 11, 2015, 4:32PM
While looking for the alumni association of the college from which I graduated from on facebook, I stumbled across the wife of my college ex facebook page. In her description she said that she married a great guy. A GREAT GUY! Really? Clearly she doesn't know how her husband treated his girlfriends In the past. she doesn't know that he cheated on me while I was studying for finals. The lie he told me about wanting to spend more time with his friends after moving out of his parents. His friends were hanging out wother me because he was spending time with the girl who cheated on me with. Or how about my ex telling me that if the marine corp wanted him to have a girlfriend or family they would have issued him one at boot camp. Or does she know about the time he missed drill one weekend because he was spending time with another girl and forgot that he had drill and asked me to go buy him alcohol so that he could get his unit drink so they wouldn't beat him up. Or how about the other mind games he played on me while we were dating. Did he compare her to his ex high school girlfriend who never did anything wrong? If not then how did she get t be so lucky? I know I need help but still.
Replied By: tealjac on Jun 11, 2015, 4:12PM
I hate onlone dating sites. They are the biggest rip offs. When I see a commerical for me on TV, I get really mad at the fact that it's false advertising. They give a stat on how many people find their soulmate of those things. All they are are SCAMS! I met a guy who told me that he wasn't married. His wife left and went to GA and left him with their daughter, told me he was a millionaire, that he loved me. Hahaha the real story was he was indeed married, he was living his wife and child, he wasnt a millionaire, he worked at a nursing home. Not only was he seeing me but he was also seeing another woman who was a mother of three at the same time. I tried to report him to the dating site. The dating site threatened to deactivate my account for reporting that he was married. They were protecting an adulterer. And they didn't care that they were playing a role in breaking up a marriage. they didn't care.
Replied By: goodygurl on Jun 11, 2015, 10:27AM
I'm 53 & he is 33. He chose me! Literally knocked on my car window and asked if I was ok? I was actually crying (cleansing my system) from a 4 year relationship with a guy that was a year older than me that we had a past (he wanted to date me in high school but I never would). First a casual sighting @ local restaurant, then an occaisonal cup of coffee, then his big question of "give me a chance to love you" with my response being " I've got shoes older than you" then to @ least 6 months of rejections to "outings" to @ last my response was "let me go get this free meal" memorial day weekend. 18 months later we were married & happily awaiting our 10th wedding anniversary this October. Its called respect for one another & effective communication!
Replied By: jlj1986 on Jun 8, 2015, 3:51PM
My husband was 15 years older than me . We were together 31 1/2 years . We were married 27 of those years both of us were married before to people our own age. He raised my children and was a wonderful Dad to them. I would have gave anything to still have him. He died of cancer 2 years ago. I feel like I lost my soul when he died. My world was him our life together our children and grandchildren. So no one should judge what some one else has in a relationship.
Replied By: usa_24 on Jun 7, 2015, 2:13PM - In reply to rissajergon
Go to the courts and file for a divorce and get a restraining order . Also get the police involved if you have too.
Replied By: dhodges56 on May 12, 2015, 12:03PM
I have been dating a man for over a year and his ex wife's sister and her boyfriend are always coming over. Every weekend I am subject to them coming over to his house and sitting around for hours. I understand that they are his friends but I don't want to spend my weekends with them. How do I get rid of them?
Replied By: elsaletitgo on Apr 25, 2015, 3:54PM - In reply to bumblebee43
You say 3 years but are you still casually dating or are you in a Capital R relationship.   Him wanting to spend all his time with the child makes complete sense, but you're not being "allowed around" seems odd to me.  After 3 years you should know the family unless the relationship is casual or just a hook-up.  Good luck.
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