Whether you're looking for Mr. Right or new to the dating scene, dating has challenges. Are you having difficulty finding “the one” for you? Have you tried online dating? Is your relationship on the rocks because your mate won't commit? Share your stories, experiences and advice.


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Replied By: bridgetg911 on May 26, 2017, 12:30PM - In reply to ravensboy
I can't beleve that you are freaking out over a guy ( real or not) not the point, that you call an EX-BF, you had 3 dates on line, but you've known him for 4 years.  An know your in love...   OK   First  He is not your boyfriend, never was never will.  Sorry to be straight to the point, but you need to wake you.  I'm all for meeting someone online, i meet my BF online my sister married a man she meet onlne, so did my daughter.  But you actually have to meet someone in person, to learn are you are togerter, what he does that you like or dislike.  To feel the connection.  Don't get me wrong words are great but there noyhing that compares to hearring those words when he's holding your hand.  i could site at my PC and talk to guys telling them i love them and all those nice things i know what they want to hear.  it does not mean that i feel what i say.  Poor sweet thing i know it's not what you want to hear but you need to move on, just delete is name and move forward, i know you said that you've tryied other relationship, but you young take your time and think of you and your future.  Your better then that, Love your self and everything will work your way.
Replied By: gertrude77 on Apr 24, 2017, 11:29AM
wanted to put this out there for people -- i was in a serious relationship with this guy for years -- we ended up having all kinds of problems and it was affecting every aspect of my life.  i had no idea what was happening or what i should do.  around christmas i came upon a resource that completely saved me.  his name is james andrews and he is a relationship guru/person who helps people figure out their troubles.  i am sharing this because i believe others can benefit and i want to pay it forward.
Replied By: ravensboy on Mar 17, 2017, 8:03PM
I'm stressing over my ex boyfriend who got back together with his ex gf. They have been sleeping together and it's making me jealous, stressing, upset, and is making me cry. Him and I have dated 3 times online in the past 2 years. I've known him for 4 years. I know he's real because I've seen his instagram, his twitter, and his Snapchat. I got back to talking to him ab a week ago to get my mind off of certain things. He said he wants to get back with me and he wants me to stay single and to not worry ab him. I mean him and his gf go to the same college together in England and live in the Seattle. I'm worrying a lot and I'm freaking out. I feel like he's gonna break me again and he told me he's not. Idk what to believe anymore. I want my ex boyfriend back more than anything. I've tried moving on and I've tried other relationships but they never worked. I love him and I've never stopped loving him since our last breakup. I've always wanted to spend my life with him. I know he's the one regardless of how many times him and I broke up. I know he's my soulmate because I fell for him since I was in the 9th grade and I'm in 12th grade. He's in college all the way in England. He's heading back to Seattle for his springbreak and can't come down to where I live (Florida) because he is leaving when his gf leaves which I'm upset ab. He even said he would let me know when the two of them break up and he promised he would get back together with me. I mean do college relationships last forever? I asked him if he was sleeping with her and he said it's private. I mean I don't get why asking about sex can be private. I just don't know what to do and I'm freaking out. All I'm feeling is worry, stress, and him having sex with his gf is in my head all the time which I'm scared he's never gonna break up with her, and jealousy. Should I be scared? Should I wait? I wanna wait for him. He didn't say how long the relationship will last. How can I stop worrying ab him and her? I swear I've got this bad feeling in my stomach and my bones. I've could never get any sleep ab it. I've had it this feeling since I went back to talking to him. Plz help me.
Replied By: lulu07 on Dec 27, 2016, 7:11PM - In reply to spiros206
There is no way to break up with someone without hurting theirfeelings. No matter what you do or say they will still be hurt. Well, to tell you the truth at this time you have to focus on what is the best for you. Just tell them the truth and end the relationship. Prolonging it will only fuel their HOPES that you may change your mind and honestly i think it is a cruel thing to do to that person. I though you would find it useful:

'Letting him down gently' article explains everyting you want to know. Enjoy and good luck! You CAN do it.
Replied By: jacinthak on Dec 7, 2016, 3:08AM
I have met someone on matrimony site he was a USA citizen staying in dallas and planned to get married,within one month time after we knowing each other he decided to go on a business trip to malaysia for his work he had to recive a cheque but then later he mentioned he need to pay tax to the govermnet in order to recive his cheque from the company,he asked me for money he promised he would pay me back when he come to meet me i did pay him after alot of argument ,2 days before the date of his travel to meet me he mentioned that he cant travel since he has a business trip for the company he is working and cant cancel the business trip and dont know when will he be done with his trip, now i doubt if this person is real or just trying to cheat me for the money
Replied By: spiros206 on Dec 2, 2016, 8:22PM - In reply to percy70
Taking it slow can just make the whole thing more painful. That being said I have just had to be fairly "blunt" about ending our engagement because she did not understand cuite clearly about why I was doing it.
Replied By: percy70 on Nov 14, 2016, 11:28AM - In reply to krasavka
and I agree no easy end a relationship without hurting someone, especially if they really care for you. You can try to gradually ease into it. Mentioning the name of the person you feel is better suited for you..imply how you like them in a friendly sort of way. Hopefully that will result in a gentle relaization that it's not working without betraying him. That may be helpful, but in the end it is a painful experience we all have to go through at some point. Being honest about it, the sooner the better, is the kindest way, is the right thing to do.
Replied By: percy70 on Nov 14, 2016, 11:21AM
..and needed a place to express it. I had a long term, long distance relationship with a man I really loved even though it was exhausting. I finally couldn't cope with the stress anymore and had to end it. One of the most difficult experiences I've gone through even though it had to end. 

That was in Jan. and although it was relatively recent I hadn't seen him in over a year and didn't know when I would again. I was getting really depressed. I started dating again and in March met someone I really care for. But like so many middle-age relationships it does come with some baggage....especially for him. He had a very difficult marriage that caused him a great deal of pain and then along comes me. On our first date he mentioned how painful it was. He's really scarred from it and it's taken a long time for him to really admit how much he cares for me now.

It's getting serious...I've met my family and he's met mine. When we met both of us said "it works". That mutual feeling of making each other happy and feel good. But he's still so reserved in some ways I find it confusing. Unlike my last relationship he doesn't verbally express what he feels for me....which he acknowledged himself....but said I should judge by the way he treats me in knowing what he feels. And he's very sweet and thoughtful. But I do find it a bit confusing still since I'm used to something so different. I don't know if that's the sign of a problem or just a difference in relationships. I sence he is very serious about us and I feel the same for him. I just wish it were more expressive like my last relationship so I'd feel more secure. It's not fair to expect him to be like my last relationship is it? I don't know what to think and right now I just feel angst.

I want it to keep going well and making each other happy. Since my last relationship was so challenging I truly just want a loving companion to share our lives with. Is that too much to ask since relationships always seem to go past that threshold of initial joy to serious challenges? How do I keep it positive?

I'm finishing a grad. program now and will go to work soon. It's a more intense career position which is another thing that scares me. I don't want the stress of that endangering all the good we have together. Learning how to deal with stress.......and all of the family tragedies I've what I need to do. But how? If anyone has read this ridiculously long diatribe of personal reflection I admire your stick-tuitiveness and look forward to any advice you have in mind.
Replied By: goldfish0519 on Nov 4, 2016, 1:06PM - In reply to chevychick98
I completely 31...and the guys I meet seem to want one it so hard to just want a guy who will treat us good?!
Replied By: grahamgood on Sep 8, 2016, 12:16PM - In reply to krasavka
I doubt there is an easy way to do this, and in my fairly limited experience of ending a very short relationship (maybe two but the other one was v. short), the woman involved did feel upset, though thankfully it was only a grief upset before they got on with their lives and met a better match as you describe. I do have a slight feeling that those trying to do the breakup "as painlessly as possible" are to some extent protecting themselves, for example they can justify their actions somewhat by saying how kindly they've tried to do it (a good friend of mine used to do this and I doubt it took away much pain from the rejected partner). My then wife carried on behind my back for about four months and kept emphasising how "the relationship wasn't working." I eventually revealed to her mother that we were splitting "but there was no one else involved I said" - she wasn't fooled as I had been and knew straight away her daughter must have found someone else (as it happens that new relationship didn't last for ever, and each of them have been or are with new partners again).
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