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Have you found your soul mate and started a life together? What has been the easiest and hardest part of being married? How do you maintain the sizzle in your relationship? What are your tricks for succeeding in managing a marriage and family? Share your stories and advice for others.
Replied By: dannawally on Jul 28, 2015, 1:11PM - In reply to alreadyhere
Saying "I love you" all the time seems to be in vogue these days, but IMO it's overused.  Besides just saying the words, a little loving action to back them up would be nice and go a long ways toward proving that your love is genuine.
Replied By: lifeee on Jul 23, 2015, 10:52AM - In reply to dr_duckbutter
I think a lot people of people dont know what love love is, what is love, i dont think love exsist sometimes.
Replied By: spiritual7365 on Jul 14, 2015, 5:26PM
My husband and I met 50yrs. ago and ceebrated this milestone anniversary recently. We met in Feb., got

engaged in April & married in July. He says it was love at "first sight".  He was 19 & I was 18. Yes, there was

doubt from family but three grown kids later and two beautiful grandaughters, we have created a solid, close

family. The question we get most is "what is the secret."  There isn't one set secret, it's a combination of love,

listening and above all communication. Talking things through, so old hurts don't come up all the time and be-

ing able to tell each other anything. Having the same future goals, and keeping interested in each other's feel-

ings. Most of all saying "I love you" very often. This is what worked for us for 50yrs. & counting!!!
Replied By: kingbasem89 on Jul 14, 2015, 4:42PM - In reply to alreadyhere
Me and my wife split up we separated and I kinda miss her but helf of me said forget about her and other helf of me said cry ok here what happened when I married her I married her because I love her well I moved in with her and her mom and dad lived with her ok she used all my Credit cards about $1200 each then messed up my credit and she tried to blame it on my mom I been with her two years and her mom and dad use to abuseed me and they use to beat me up and I left her like in May 1st the dss came and got me to my moms house before I left her I told her to be her own woman she got mad and went to her room crying and two days later she had me court day to suit me for not paying her beils the Juge dismissed the case after that I never Heard from her God knows what she's up too I don't want to divorce her I tried to works things out what should i do ?
Replied By: dr_duckbutter on Jun 12, 2015, 1:04AM
I'm going to tell you what it isn't! 

1. You can't love a car!

2. You can't love chocolate milk!

3. You can't love a dog!

4. You can't love a house!

5. You can't love money!

What is the only allowable LOVE subject!

Another Human Being.

Now! Don't subvert what the true meaning of LOVE is!

GOD! Now knows you can not claime ignorance!

Replied By: alreadyhere on Jun 11, 2015, 1:46PM - In reply to wiscbirds
No you could choose to be happy have a different attitude .. even though thing are not they way you want them to be because you have kids that will see you unhappy and that will in turn make them unhappy and thats is exactly what you do not want the kids are the priority you had them... theydidnt choose to be born.
Replied By: alreadyhere on Jun 11, 2015, 1:40PM - In reply to alholland712
Most people are not so in touch with theirself theirfore they have no value of the words I love you.....and yes that is the true meaning of love... to love someone for them the person they are not what they have or can do for you....
Replied By: alreadyhere on Jun 11, 2015, 1:36PM - In reply to sadlostwhy
Why not go to therapy and see if that will answer any questions?? Or you must see the red flags....if he was close with you before and you all have 4 kids at one point he was interested...perhaps he is just not wanting to admit to himself what is going on..and isnt wanting to tell you because he wants to keep his family together because you have kids.
Replied By: alreadyhere on Jun 11, 2015, 1:31PM - In reply to dr_duckbutter
Well I beleive that if you find the right person and date long enough first it will be easy to see the red flags......the problem is not everyone pays attention to those red flags and neither have I in the past.
Replied By: dr_duckbutter on Jun 10, 2015, 11:37PM
I read in the Huffington Post where women were starting near 80% of all divorces in the USA. Also I think I saw a segment were children could have a 20% rate of molestation when entering a new relationship. Do these women really understand gravity of this. Or are they just clueless! Or are they will go for the money.

Man I would not take those odds in Vegas!
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