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Have you found your soul mate and started a life together? What has been the easiest and hardest part of being married? How do you maintain the sizzle in your relationship? What are your tricks for succeeding in managing a marriage and family? Share your stories and advice for others.
Replied By: clfadley on Nov 23, 2015, 10:17AM
My husbands mom came home from the hospital on May 22 only had a couple of weeks to live.   We were going to get married this summer anyway but when she came home Chuck asked his mom what she wanted to do or go  She said all she wanted was to see us get married.

That was on May 22  We spoke to our pastor at 10:00 PM that night.  We got married the next day Saturday May 23 at 6:30 PM  at his mom/sisters home with family there AND a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.   It was the best day ever because she was sitting up and I held her hand the whole ceremony.

She was so happy and we were too    So when I hear these girls are upset they don't get to spend thousands for a "party" is just Crazy.    It is about us  not money or parties.

I would do it all over again    It does not have to be expensive to have a great day or wedding.
Replied By: jeraco on Nov 3, 2015, 7:39AM
Been married for 23 years, Hardest part is the wife never seems to be happy. I have been told by her that I am a great father, provider, and person. But a awlful husband. I have gave up on any kind of sizzle in the relationship. We seem to of gone from lovers to just friends.
Replied By: dmanning on Oct 2, 2015, 4:08PM - In reply to kingbasem89
 The two of you alone, need to start the discussion agreeing to be honest completely with each other. If you still love each other you need to remember that a good marriage happens through making sure both of you are being fulfilled. This requires work, honesty and compromise. Anything worth having is worth working for. Respect for each other, continual communication and always say I love you as if you'll never see them again. 
Replied By: drynkenantruin on Sep 2, 2015, 7:31AM
Dear community,

My life has a tendency to repeat itself. That is too say the same destructive people enter & repeatedly re-enter my life until I adapt skills to properly deal with them.

Now that I am divorced, before entering a serious relationship i need to know: how to deal with the blood relative of  a significant/intimate other whose relative behaves toward him as if she IS his in love drunken prom date?



Replied By: mtodd500 on Aug 31, 2015, 3:44AM
We have been married 11 years in September. It has been an awesome 11 years with my best friend.  We have been through alot as far as life. A contractor ripped us off on our house. Job loss. Insurance loss. Family tragedies.  We are strong together. We were at a wedding supporting some friends of ours.  The preacher said "Keep applying the lemon pepper to your chicken" In other words keep the spice alive. Always remember how you met and never forget that feeling.  11 years later and we are still together. Our friends who's wedding we were at? Well they divorced. We are spontaneous. We have fun and he is my best friend! I love you Brian! Sometimes we joke and say.....we litterally live off of love. :) 11 years is not long. It seems like yesterday. I love him like yesterday!
Replied By: sunflower60 on Aug 27, 2015, 9:56AM - In reply to mjlybarger24
I've been married for 8 years and have only had sex 4 times it make feel like he doesn't love or he has some else.  I've ask him and he gets aggravated he say it's my fault cause I don't touch him and I say I try to and you say stop. I feel that making love is needed but he doesn't want me this way. He only wants me as a wife to clean cook and take care of my son I love my son he is my world, it adopted him when he was 8 .  He has 3 boys of his own and they don't speak to him because they blame him for such a bad childhood they had. I feel for them because now I have a repeat of his ex wife and his children. My son doesn't like him for the way he treat him and i. I feel if don't get out that my son will start acting like him, his children act like him and they don't like it. How could have been so blinded by him his true colors came about 2 months of our marriage.  AND I'm still here I have nowhere to go. I've try do go to consular but all she did was talk about her life, so I stopped going. Dr Phil I wish you could help me find a good consular where I live. I don't have any money, I have so much anxiety. The sad part of this I do still love in some ways. And he says he loves me. He had a bad childhood. I could go on and on.
Replied By: kingbasem89 on Aug 25, 2015, 10:55PM
Me and my wife split up we separated  and I kinda miss her but helf of me said forget about her and other helf of me said cry ok here what happened when I married her I married her because I love her well I moved in with her and her mom and dad lived with her ok she used all my Credit cards about $1200 each then messed up my credit and she tried to blam it on my mom I been with her two years and her mom and dad use to abuse me and beat me up and I left her like in May 1st the dss came and got me to my moms house befor I left her I told her to be her own woman she got mad and went to her room crying and two days later she had me court day to suit me for not paying her beils the Juge dismissed the case after that I never Heard from her  God knows what she's up too I don't want to divorce her I tried to works things out  
Replied By: spiritual7365 on Aug 9, 2015, 11:26AM - In reply to dr_duckbutter
Hi  I want to correct one line of your list of "can't loves".  You CAN love an animal! "Anything that can give love and receive it, has a soul."  And all souls can feel love which can be felt in this world!! Pets can bring joy to a person so much that certain pets are a source of help for people who have been hurt and/or devastated by  circumstances that have left them alone and feeling lost. Social services bring these people together with animals to help the person open up and deal with their emotional pain. This is what love can do!!
Replied By: mjlybarger24 on Aug 6, 2015, 2:37PM
Dear dr. Phil I was watching your show on 8/6/2015 . The show was about couples not having sex. I was glued to the TV. My husband and myself have not had sex in almost 10 years, my husband will dispute. This but it's true. We have been alone in hotel rooms número use times, I ve stopped drinking, haven't had a drink in 2 years. We've been married for 35 years please help
Replied By: dannawally on Jul 28, 2015, 1:11PM - In reply to alreadyhere
Saying "I love you" all the time seems to be in vogue these days, but IMO it's overused.  Besides just saying the words, a little loving action to back them up would be nice and go a long ways toward proving that your love is genuine.
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