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Has your partner been unfaithful? Have you been the one to stray? How did you rebuild your relationship? Share your advice and get support from others.
Replied By: hatesdrunks on May 27, 2015, 2:31AM - In reply to hatesdrunks
I need an intervention BAD!!!!!
Replied By: hatesdrunks on May 27, 2015, 2:25AM
How about  being married for 36 years got the big you have MS bomb dropped on you, Your husband deserts you and has an affair with a slut that not even as old as our marriage !!!  Because As Always Drinking Drinking and More Drinking
Replied By: lovinsnow on May 26, 2015, 10:45AM
My boyfriend of 7 years has all of his electronic devices password protected. He has a laptop, desktop, cellphone, ipad and ipod. He has it where you need a username and password to log into any emails, social media etc for all devices, if you have the password to get into the device. This has been an ongoing issue over the 7 years where he claims he is entitled to privacy. After becoming suspicious a few times over his actions, I found a conversation between him and another woman who was being abused by her boyfriend and he expressed how he would love to be there for her. He gets pretty drunk at times and passes out before locking down all his devices. He swears up and down that I am being paranoid and insecure. I am at the point where trust is an issue but not necessarily if he is chatting it up with other women, its the fact that these devices are all on lock down in our own home. I don't have access to his emails, facebook, or credit card accounts and not that I want to snoop, but have to wonder what is so private, you can't share with your partner. 

Any outside insight or opinion appreciated
Replied By: niki1127 on May 20, 2015, 4:03PM
I recently found out my husband of 20 years has been on Facebook and found his exgirlfriend.  This girlfriend had hurt him terribly with becoming pregnant and having an abortion and then cheating on him with his friend.  He never friend ed her, but continuously looked at her page for almost 2 years.  Might I add that this was during the most difficult time in our lives where I lost my job and we almost lost our house.  I was wondering about how I was going to feed my family while he was looking at well as other girlfriends, hooter website, strip club websites, porn sites.  When i confronted him bout this, he lied..  he didnt realize that i could see his search history.  He swore he only went on facebook 2 or 3 times ever.  Am I wrong for being upset about this.  I can't change how this makes me feel.  I already have self-confidence issues...this didn't help at all.  Now I have trust issues that I can't seem to get a handle of.  I know he loves me.  But I can't understand how he would let the thought of her (ex-girlfriend) take up any space in his mind....for whatever reason he wanted to look at her.  I don't  want to overreact.....but I can't change how I feel or how it made me feel knowing my husband was thinking of other women.  I've never been through anything like this....ever.  any suggestions????
Replied By: u2girl on May 16, 2015, 4:31PM - In reply to victim1
Go get an annullment or divorce and kick his butt out of your house.  Call immigration and make an appt with your local authority and ask for help.  He may become very angry, so have a support network in place of friends and family members.  Tell them what is going to happen.  Good luck, but you are not the 1st one this has happened to and you won't be the last.  But do not stay in an unhappy sick relationship.
Replied By: itguy32 on May 10, 2015, 10:26AM
I have been in a relationship for 6 years now after divorcing a woman I was married to for a little more than 20 years. My current partner has been unfaithful in the past and recently had a "thing" with the son of a friend of hers. She continues to go to the ladies home which is where the other guy lives as well (he is an unemployed person who stays at home and plays games on his step dads laptop and smoke pot all day, no exaggeration). I have stressed my objection to her going to the house as I don't like that she is around him. I feel that it is out of line on her part, not to mention that it makes me feel that she could care less how the situation makes me feel. I feel bad that I am asking her to not visit her friend on her own. However, I am also friends with my GF's boyfriend and have told her that I have no problem accomponying her o her friends house for the time being (until I feel comfortable with the situation)

My question: Am I out of line in telling my fiance that if she wishes to "visit" the man she had sex with during our relationship, that she she pack her things and take them with?

Is it wrong of me to be uncomfortable with her going there to visit her GF?

I really need some input on this as I truly see this relationship ending if I am unablew to come to some terms with some sort of compromise and she is more than willing to accept advice from here.

Lost, Charleston, SC
Replied By: imstrong123 on May 6, 2015, 11:47AM - In reply to motherpilot15
I honestly don't know if this post is for real.  I am so sorry if it is...but I have doubts.  Just too many things at the same time, lots of typos, and the situation described is just too hopeless.  Been here a long time, and I think some people might post things just to see what other honestly hurting people will reply. I guess they get a kick out of that.  Sad.
Replied By: tinagross on May 5, 2015, 8:12AM - In reply to hazyrightnow
I don't think you can expect to get over this overnight.  It takes time to sort through feelings.  In time you will be able to tell whether you believe what he is telling you or not; and whether you want to work things out. Try to put yourself in his shoes and see if you can determine why he allowed this to happen and how you can encourage him not to let it happen agian.
Replied By: motherpilot15 on Apr 28, 2015, 12:35AM
Me and my kids father was dating for 4 1/2 years and he broke it off last year in March. But I dated a man that was never honest with me about anything, the lying and cheating was starting to happened sometime in 2011 I can't even count how many times he has lied to my face knowing that I knew the truth already but he didn't even know it. He was never faithful to me instead I had to go through his phone to find out why he was acting so weird and why he was lying to me because honestly is huge thing to me. But it turns out he was talking to other women be hide my back even after confronting him about it and then admits to it but gets all mad that I went through his phone but I felt like I needed to know because asking him about it he was just lying to my face. But we have at Least broken up 5 or 6 times in the 4 1/2 years we dated but I kept taking him back because I loved him and we had children together he was my best friend and I felt like no other man would want me because I have kids and I wouldn't get the chance to get out as much. That's why I stuck to my kids father even if he was lying and cheating on me although I was hurt and felt like I wasn't good enough. But when we finally ended it, it was last year in 2014 and that's when he told me he wasn't happy anymore although he was still sleeping me with but soon figured out he was already talking to some other women when we're still having sex and he would come home and hardly even talk to me and would turn the other way on the bed side that's when I knew that I couldn't do this anymore although it's been a year that's gone by I still love him and I miss him but it's hurts to see him happy with another women and brings her around the house when I'm living under his parents roof, I have no where to go because I'm having a hard time finding a job and not just that I was involved in two car accidents that I wasn't at fault for and left me carless the second time. My life situation has been really hard on me. Im trying to stay positive for myself and my kids but I feel no man wants to be because I have children and not just that I feel like I don't meet their standards. But I asked myself why would I want to be with a man like him when all he has done is hurt me multiple times and not just that his friends always tell me he refers me as a b*tch and when I heard that, that really hurt so much in so many ways. My kids father has never once told me I was beautiful in the years we dated besides telling me I was pretty one time and that was at a restaurant. He never once bought me flowers never once paid for dinner and for Christmas one year I got a Miley Cyrus cd yeah wasn't happy and the next year a dvd after I Spent a lot on him. I just don't understand what I did wrong not to make him happy I paid for dinner, paid To go the movies, paid for a hotel, bought him clothes, bought him beer ect. How do I move on with my life and not think about our past? I have tired everything but nothing has helped I'm still heart broken and trying to forget him. 
Replied By: elsaletitgo on Apr 25, 2015, 4:06PM - In reply to hazyrightnow
But make it clear - no strip clubs for the rest of his life.  Off Limits.  The "boys" go then he goes home.  That's the rule.  Otherwise no forgive.
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