Single Moms

Are you raising a child or children on your own? What are some of the struggles you face? How have you persevered in this role? Do you struggle to balance parenthood and time for yourself? Share your challenges and strategies with others.


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Replied By: singleton5 on Jun 29, 2016, 1:22PM
My 11 year old has ADHD and can be sassy at times although sometimes really immature.  I think ADHD is one of my biggest challenges as well as providing for my child on my own.  My ex and I have been divorced for 9 years and he only helps once or twice a year financially  - in all fairness  though I never got a court order for support as I don't feel parents should be made to pay for their kids because the law says so, they should do it because it's their responsibility .  Last year was the first year he helped pay for school supplies.  I also don't have as good a job as I could because spending as much time as possible with my child during waking hours is important to me so I work part-time at the cafeteria only when my child's in school and we get breaks together.
Replied By: bunniexx on Apr 15, 2016, 1:52PM
I became a single mom via divorce. The ex may be out of the picture, but I'm not alone. My girls are never without a 'father' like figure. They have their grandpa. Their uncle too  even though he's a bit of a jack sass at times, he makes sure they mind me. He has paid their lunch bill for school in the past and a doctor bill when I didn't have the money.   My parents gave us a place to stay when we didn't have anywhere to go and helped a lot.
Replied By: randolphjanet on Oct 5, 2015, 8:20PM - In reply to serenamoses
I raise 3 kids on my own there dad  on drugs in and out of prison when they're young it's hard for them they will get unhappy when they see their dad sometimes and sometimes not. When there dad just disappeared I told the kids to always love him that was there father, that it was ok to be sad are angry but never hate him that hate  eats you inside and makes you unhappy. But  your kids should not be around him if he dose not want to be a real father. My kid's  are grown now and there dad is out of prison and they do stuff together now.I wish  you all the luck  hope it helps

Replied By: randolphjanet on Oct 5, 2015, 7:55PM - In reply to juliemichele31
I was single mom of 3 kid's  for 15 year's 2 kids are boy's  when there father left the boy's were 6 & 5  I remember finding them underneath the blanket looking at a magazine their dad had. I was like you, what to do about it will I told them there was good and bad stuff and that was really not a good magazine for them. The most I could come up with was trying to be morally right to teach them that it was good to have good morals that when they got older they would find out all about that stuff but for now it was time to be kids. It's a hard thing to  know what's right and wrong when your raising your kids. I made many mistakes.
Replied By: juliemichele31 on May 25, 2015, 10:13AM
So just curious and would like some feedback some other parents. I needed to go on the internet so I got my 10 year old sons phone and went and opened the web browser and the first thing to come up is a porn site. At first I was very angry and shocked but after thinking a through a little more i am not quite sure how to go about this. I am a single mom of my 2 kids my son being the oldest and he has no male role model in his life cause his dad took off 3 years ago. I do not want to make him feel ashamed about exploreing his body because i do understand that is normal but also do not think he should be watching internet porn.

How would anyone else react and or what kind of talk/punishment would be given in this situation? any and all comments would be very helpful thank you concerned mom 
Replied By: sfiergola on Apr 8, 2015, 10:49AM
6 monthS ago my ex just up and left one day and he is the father to my youngest child who is two years old..he move out of state to live with his mom...i have allowed visits up to this point...recentlly he has seemed unstable yo me.  Everytime ive talked to him he has a new plan for a new job or new place to move...also a new girlfriend... and in the pasthas jump from relationship to relationship job to job and moved at least 8 times in the las t four years...he has been in phyc ward a time to...latlty I feel like I will be unsafe for my son to go with him unless it is supervised by his sister or this wrong for me to do? Im torn cuz I know my son loves and misses his dad and want them to have a relationship but on the other hand I dont want my sonto be tossed around like a rag doll like his other son...any advise will help!
Replied By: numichelle928 on Nov 15, 2014, 12:59AM - In reply to numichelle928
My point is when I entered the emergency vehicle I was told he was more afraid of everything he would have to write and apology letters to the fireman the women that hot him Amy boss cause I hd to miss work and a letter to every family me,ber he scared. To this dy he is not pulling anymore stupid again   

MY POINT REPUTATION WITH WRITYING WORKS I DID MY OWN CLINCIAL STUDY AND I HVE PROVEN RESULTS THAT REALLY WORKED ....  he is now 19 has never been hit by a car since, he so has never stolen again or disrespected me to my face byway that I can recall!!!! Just dso me FYI 
Replied By: numichelle928 on Nov 15, 2014, 12:53AM
These are just some ideas that really worked for me.... I started as young as I figured it out,  my Samantha was 2 Maxwell new born so I guess you could say she was my Guinness Pig but it worked well...

instead of the nationally accepted TIME OUT  I did mine with a twist... My childern where to draw when they could not write and then write when they could. I always allowed them to pick there punishment when I could I pretty much picked my battles.  But, when it really needed to be addressed I was the one who set the guidelines,  NO TIME OUT EVER!!!!!  They'd both had a spiral notebook with a pencile attached they were required to sit alone with No Tv music friends or distraction.  They were required to write 5 sentences on what they did wrong, 5 on how it affected the person they hurt and 5 on how it would not happen again. The exercise numbers would or could increase depending on what we were addressing at that  times.     

My son played chicken at  age 9 and was hit by a car all I heard in the hospital was how I could sue the driver as he was a pedestrian , when I got in the rescue vehicle I was told he would be fine broken arn messed up face neck arms and legs as he bounced off th hood nd windshield. 

Replied By: oceanentity on Aug 28, 2014, 8:52AM - In reply to aprilssmiling
Hi just noticed there is also a Depression and Grief Title/subject discussion help part here on the message board. If you arent already part of it .
Replied By: oceanentity on Aug 28, 2014, 8:29AM - In reply to aprilssmiling
hello , firstly i would like to say i hope " today " you are feeling alright and reasonably ok. I suffer with depression and have been taking Cymbalta 90 mg for around 4 years , you sound like you have had a terrible experience in your mental health system and im so sorry for that , you are not " crazy " you are experiencing the symptoms of Bipolar. i will say though and you probably know already some people look like they are coping with society and appear what you call " normal " but their lives are only just manageable , i know that because im one of those people to the outside community. Not all professionals are bad , their educations is what keeps us safe i think you dont want just any tom,dick or harry playong around with your thoughts and feelings when your symptoms are not in control. that all said ( i like to rant to its what i like to do ) find your balance on any given day and go with it , dont let the symptoms of your bipolar define who you are. You dont need to see DR phil in particular to strengthen your life you can find a professional who can assist you do your work , to kick your own ass into action. Im sure you already know what it is you need to be doing.

when we feel low Dr Phils shows on certain topics can seem as if we are looking through frosted glass , uninspiring and on another day will appear different. try and change your own outlook in your life, theres always hope...never give up and be that role model to your child its never too late to start.
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