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Single Dads

Fatherhood can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. Are you raising a child or children on your own? What are some of the struggles you face? How have you persevered in this role? Do you struggle to balance parenthood and time for yourself? Share your challenges and strategies with others.
Replied By: ldsm1234 on Apr 27, 2013, 9:28PM
I want Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew and all of society to admit that they hold single mothers to a different standard than single dads. I do not feel there is any difference for me to raise my two children alone as a single mother and any man who has to raise kids on his own as a single parent. Any woman is criticized if she wants a life for herself and is blamed for any issue her child may have but the fathers can get away with never seeing their child and if they do happen to get custody people (including professionals) say things like "I don't know how he takes care of those kids on his own"??? I do it everyday and always have and no one has ever asked me how i've raised my kids alone. Women are treated differently. I think it should be addressed by Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew and any other professional that may want to join in because I am tired of society allowing ment to get away with having no responsibility for their children. If they happen to get to see them on the weekends...Their own mothers end up taking care of their kids, not them. This is in 98% of the cases. Please look at this comment Dr. Phil. This drives me crazy thart women are supposed to work, care for the kids and do it all alone and men are totally treated differently and held to a much different standard... It's not right.. Society needs to change!
Replied By: viviana32 on Feb 20, 2013, 7:40PM
hi!  i had just plugged in today and starting to watch the absentee mom.  well i myself left two years ago to move to CO from las vegas, did have a job there but i go spooked and moved to Sacramento and left my three kids with their dad who lives with his mom.  for two years i had major depression and made a major decision to move back to las vegas to be near kids.  i am here since past few weeks and cant seem to be positive about vegas and also have a hard time being alone.  like ur feed

back dr. phil .
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