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  Feel misunderstood by your parents?
  Fear that you're headed down the wrong path in life?
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Replied By: alphabetlife on May 5, 2017, 3:12PM
I can't just leave, because my boyfriend is the only one I have. But all he wants is sex and I aged out. How long do you keep doing this? And I hope I am entering this comment correct on this post. I wish I had a counselor, but since I don't this is second best. Feeling very alone right now.
Replied By: lindsa90 on Apr 21, 2017, 2:18AM
Hey!! I'm not sure if this si the right place to ask but I'm desperate for some answers. I hope you can bear with me and get your inputs. Can people become addicted to ibuprofen? 

My brother who is 17 years old is suffering from a severe headache and takes ibuprofen daily. He gets a headache when he is not taking ibuprofen. Does this mean he is addicted to it? I'm started to worry because I don't know if this will affect his health. Has anyone been addicted to any kind of medicines? How to did you overcome the addiction?

Is it a good idea to take him to an addiction counseling centre in Vancouver ( http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/drug-alcohol-treatment/outpatient-addiction-counselling/first-nations/ )? I don't want to make things worse. I think it would be good if this can be treated asap. Any thoughts?
Replied By: aelrose on Dec 27, 2016, 1:26PM

It’s hard to move on sometimes. When so many things happen at once, you can feel like this is who you are. I know for me, when I was growing up, negativity was sort of the norm for me and every day was pretty much the same, which gave me the feeling that things would never change. Sometimes it’s hard to see the “lesson” that your past has for you because your past can make you very jaded. If you feel defined by that past then it’s hard to let go of it because it feels like it is you. It becomes your life lesson when you are able to move on and let go of the negativity, which is a very complicated thing to do. The other part of this is finding out what this so called lesson could have been. Sometimes it’s hard to look back at all these things that have defined or scarred you and find the silver lining that is the “lesson”. This is why there are so many people who are defined by their past, it can be easier in the moment to just forget about the past and look forward. But if we are always looking forward then how do we live in the moment and be happy? Basically, if we never move on from the past then it is our life sentence, to keep living and repeating. Once we accept that life is always changing and so are we, it can make life easier and make us happier.
Replied By: beckys11 on Nov 3, 2016, 10:38PM - In reply to monrousia
how are you doing now?
Replied By: bakertaylor28 on Aug 23, 2016, 7:40PM - In reply to jordataylor
This is an area in the law that requires a narrow balance. On the one side, parrents are allowed to dicipline their children how they see fit, so long as that dicipline doesn't constitute "excessive force" and so long as it doesn't leave physical indicia of injury.  However, some things, such as hair pulling, fist-fights, and the use of impact weapons always constitute a crime. However, the applicable statutes and the case law also differ from state to state.

Everyone whom witnesses an act that even remotely might appear to be child abuse has a moral and ethical obligation to report the events to the proper authorities. If law enforcement was called to the scene and a minor was involved, the law in most states requires police to forward a report to child protective services as well, regarless of whether the officer has enough evidence to file a criminal charge. This is mainly because the burden of proof needed for protective services to remove a child from the home is usually 'clear and convincing evidence" versus the standard of "beyond a resonable doubt" applied to criminal cases. 
Replied By: bakertaylor28 on Aug 23, 2016, 7:28PM - In reply to squaredpi
The fact that you apparently "forgot" this seems a bit suspicious in and of itself, because there is such a thing as "false memory" with this sort of thing, where a person at some point honestly thinks they remember something that is later shown not to be factually true. This is why the government is generally prohibited from using information obtained through psychological techniques designed to bring out and reactivate so called "repressed memories" with respect to these types of allegations.  The scienctific research also clearly shows that even the best eye-witness testimony has a tendency to have enough flaws in it that it should not be truested on its own. This has nothing to do with intentionally falsifing information as it has to do with the way the human brain processes information and will inherently "fill in the gaps" when it comes to information that wasn't observed, experienced, etc. 

That said, on a more personal level, speaking as a victim, I can say that one never "forgets" this sort of thing, so frankly, I call bull. 
Replied By: smishale on Oct 2, 2015, 1:49AM - In reply to raiser58
everyone goes through hard times. Times we feel like giving up, but the key is to keep your head up and keep pursuing whatever it is you are after. It could be worst. At times we dont realize that we cpull have it much worst and we are very fortunate to have what we do even if you may think it's little to nothing that's better then absolutely nothing. I pray that you find God because he is a life saver and if you just give him your troubles he will guide you in the path that he has designed for your life.
Replied By: heybabyphil on Sep 28, 2015, 6:59PM - In reply to acarrion1

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Replied By: krobertson on Feb 18, 2015, 2:07PM
Sorry it's extremely long but I pray you read my story and find some comfort or encouragement. I could never be alone. By that I mean single. I was constantly searching for someone to be with. I found him on Facebook and thought he was the most attractive guy I've ever seen. I messaged him and that weekend we went out on a date. It started out exactly like a movie and I automatically fell for him. We hung out every day and eventually became official. We took those perfect relationship photos, we did everything together, I honestly fell in love. We had every thing in common and had so much fun together. A few months went by and his true colors began to show. He isolated me from everyone. I couldn't go anywhere without him knowing when, where, with who, why. He was always around. Always on top of my life. Always on MY phone. He threatened every guy that was ever around me, even if his friends looked at me the wrong way. I thought it was just because he loved me so much. It got to the point where I was driving and a man was jogging on the sidewalk and he'd accuse me of looking at him. If we were holding hands, while this happened,he'd squeeze so tight, just to hurt me. We started fighting every day and he ended up pushing me against walls, pushing me to the ground. I'd try to leave and he'd grab me and throw me to the ground. We were fighting in the car one time and he told me to pull over, so I did. He got out and started walking. I got out and chased after him. This was in a grocery store parking lot so it was embarrassing. He kept pushing me away and yelling. Eventually he grabbed my keys and told me to get in the car. First off he didn't have a license. I got in and he sped off with me. Turning corners hard enough where I'm being tossed around even while wearing a seatbelt. He ended up spinning out and crashing into a ditch. Thank god we weren't on a busy road. He got out and apologized over and over, sobbing. I told everyone that I crashed it. We talked about breaking up after that but I couldn't lose him. I was in love. He ended up going to visit family for a month and I was lost without him. So depressed it was pathetic. He rarely messaged me though I saw that he was posting on Facebook. When he came home I went straight to his house and everything was normal. Like nothing happened. He told me I looked beautiful and we spent the rest of the day doing what normal couples do. A few days later it went back to normal. By normal I mean fighting all the time and the abuse starting back up. Throwing me into things. Bruises began to appear. So I'm gonna be honest on my part. That whole month without talking to him I assumed we were over and when I went to see him after the trip I assumed it was gonna be talking about why it ended and what he really wanted but of course he was great at mind games. I was talking to other guys. I was lonely. So one night he went through my phone and found it all. He came into his room and lost it. He threw me around and pulled out a knife. He threatened to kill himself right in front of me. I screamed that I was pregnant so he wouldn't hurt me or himself. He said that the baby wasn't his. That I was a slut. Even though I made up being pregnant that still hurt. He started pushing me onto his bed and crawling on top of me. He was whispering in my ear about how horrible I am. How slutty I am. He ran his hand on my body while the other was gripping tight onto my jaw. I kept pushing him and finally got him off and I ran upstairs and out the front door. His mom came after me and he ran out right after her. Screaming at me. I hid behind my car because his mom wanted to know what happened. They were yelling at each other and ended up getting physical. Eventually she came and talked to me and called my mom. That was it. It was over and I didn't know how I could ever be the same without him. I thought I would spend my life with him and it was over. I ended up rushing into another relationship and it was starting to end up just the same so I left him. I found my strength. I didn't have to go through what I went through I didn't have to deal with it. If I could make it through that anyone can. There's is no excuse for doing what he did and there's no love there. Just a messed up human being. If I would have stayed with him there's no telling what could have happened. I'm so much more independent and I haven't been in a relationship in about a year and I'm so happy. I hope that this has helped you if you read this far to realize you're better than that. It's never your fault and there's always a way out and there's always happiness found beyond abuse.
Replied By: lauram9787 on Feb 18, 2015, 9:45AM
I'm on here in the hopes that someone will read this and find the strength and courage to get out of an abusive relationship... I'm going to share just a little bit of a relationship I was in, and if anyone needs to talk I'm here to listen... I was 18 and already had 2 sons, when I met my boyfriend at the time I couldn't believe someone wanted to be with me even with my 2 babies. So I was quick to be with him and very quickly moved in together, everything was great! Once I got pregnant the relationship turned very fast, some of the things that were done to me; wasn't able to wear shorts or short sleeved shirts, wasn't able to pick my head up while in the car, wasnt able to work, then there were really really bad things like I wasnt able to brush my teeth, couldn't shower unless he was in the restroom with me, he would watch me sleep and wait til I fell asleep until he would sleep... There were a lot of things that happened to me that no one knows about, not his family not mine, not even my husband that I have now knows. I was in this relastionship for 2 years, I finally found the strength to leave, it was extremely hard... I just knew it wasn't the life I wanted to live with my kids, shortly after my 3 baby was born I packed some things and left to my mothers house for a while, he got arrested for breaking down the door to our apartment while I was there and that gave me the peace and time I needed to completely move on... It's hard I know it is! And I know that it's hard to go to your family because you feel like they won't understand you, sometimes its easier to talk to a stranger.... It took me some time, and to this day I live with some of the things he did to me, like not being able to brush my teeth for almost 2 years has left them very damaged, but once I left and took time for myself and my kids I met someone who really loves and cares about me and my kids... There are good men out there, but you have to know that you are worth loving and you deserve to live a life that you dream of! I'm here guys I'm happy to share my experience even though it's still hard to talk about, I hope you reach ou! Even if it's not through here you can email me as well at l.aguilar9787@gmail.com thank you for your time and God Bless
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