Teen Pregnancy

"I'm pregnant." Those two words can strike fear in the hearts of teenagers and their parents. Young moms-to-be probably find themselves asking, "What do I do?" "How do I tell my parents?" "Am I ready for this responsibility?" "What are my options?" "Is the father ready to be a father?" "How will I support my child?" "Will my parents support me?"

What would do if you found yourself in this difficult situation? Would you have an abortion, and if so, why? Would you be afraid to tell your parents that you want an abortion? Would you keep the baby? Would you place the baby for adoption? Share your thoughts here.

Think you know what it costs to have a baby and raise him or her in the first year of life? Take a quiz.


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Replied By: whatithinkis on Aug 11, 2016, 2:18PM
I was pregnant at age 19. I now have 4 kids (all grown)...  Once you are pregnant... you have three options... abortion, adoption or keep the baby. Luckily I am against abortion, so I never considered that option. Only the pregnant person can make the decision about what she wants. SHE is the one who has to live with her decision FOREVER. I think it is great that the guest on your show has a mom who plans to support her decision. That mom is smart enough to know it isn't HER decision to make. Not to compare it to something awful (becasue for me... my life has been WONDERFUL!)... but sometimes teens get cancer/sick or get in an accident and their life changes forever... well... what do we teach them?... "play the hand you are dealt"... "step up, accept your new circumstance and do the absolutely best job you can with it"! NOBODY can tell someone adoption is better than keeping the baby. You can tell someone to get a job, find a place to live... but you can't decide something for someone that they may regret every day of their life. You can support a young mom and still demand independance and responsibility.... help her grow to be a great mom...that's the best thing for the baby (and most likely for her too)!
Replied By: crazypancake on Jun 4, 2015, 6:47PM
What to do?????

You have done all you know to do to raise your children to be happy, healthy and wise. The teenage years come along and WOW!!!  Dating comes along and "first love".  You have taught abstinence But those hormones are raging.  How do you walk that thin line of "I don't want you to have sex, but if you decide you're going to, I'll take you for birth control"????  To preemptively offer to help obtain birth control seems like giving permission.   Please, please do some shows addressing this. 
Replied By: summerroze on Dec 23, 2014, 3:05PM
My goodness $10,000 in baby's first year of life?! What are you buying them a car?? My son is 17 months old and it hasnt cost even close to that! Holy smokes, I am trying to keep in mind that i have free halth care where I live, and have a full year of being paid to play with my son (Thanks Canada), but honestly $10 000 seems like a ridiculous amount. You wouldn't believe how far 100 dollars could get you in a baby second hand store (the clothes I got still had tags on them,probally because people spent 10 000 on thier baby and realised they had way to much stuff!) Anyone know where I can find the breakdown of that 10 + grand so I can see where they could possibly get that giant figure?
Replied By: jana93 on Oct 1, 2014, 7:11AM
im only 21, and I can already see the new comming generations deteriorating more and more. And honestly the problem about (((TEENS))) in my opinion, is that they are excused for being "Teens" as if its normal!!! In addition to these reality shows which have absolutly nothing to do with reality... My mom or my dad both were never ever strict! But they made their RED lines pretty clear, and i was/am/ and forever will be thankful for them. 

Replied By: dream28b on Dec 17, 2013, 6:27PM - In reply to kaylamallett
I respect that your mother demanded everyone pull together and support your sisters, or anyone in the family for that matter. When the first pregnancy happened and it ended in abortion, that is a sad outcome but no one should be ridiculed for it. It's a hard decision to make and it's terrible suffering afterwards. I don't believe anyone goes into an abortion going "oh I don't want the baby, that's no fun. I just want to keep having sex." And once seeing her other sister get pregnant and suddenly she's pregnant again... that concerns me she did it on purpose in the sense that she was jealous, regretted getting rid of her previous pregnancy and wanted the joy and excitement she saw her sister having with her pregnancy.

This women (girls) need to take this seriously. I am not even sure if the fathers were going to make sure to be a part of the pregnancy and be a good father and supporting partner. It's very doubtful and although your family was great for pulling together and being supportive, it's not their job to care for these babies that these men and your sisters created.
Replied By: dream28b on Dec 17, 2013, 6:19PM - In reply to sorenreece
I know the world is getting harsher, scarier and less trustworthy. But you can't shelter your daughters. You will only hurt them more. They will have no experience and reality of the world and be even more vulnerable for hurt and getting in a terrible situation. Tell them the realities and be realistic about sex and how sex is a good thing, a beautiful and one of the most special and rewarding things in life with the right person and with the right respectable man.

I predict your daughters are already clueless of the world and have negative opinions or ideas to avoid things that are actually something they can and should experience with logic and responsibility. You want them to date, you want them to love, you want them to go out into the world and meet people on their own, go to college, have sex when they fall in love, know and want to have safe sex to protect their bodies, want to get married and have children. You are teaching them to be scared of the world and live like Amish people. Grow up and see what is best for your kids. There is a lot of risk in the world but that doesn't mean you shut your girls off from it. Read Dr. Phil's Life Code, it covers all of this.
Replied By: megand2222 on Oct 29, 2013, 9:30AM
i cant say i know what its like to have a kid, but i just recently had a miscarriage. if anyone wants to talk, im here. and i wont judge you. everyone makes mistakes. the best way to get ahold of me is via email. my email is megand2222@gmail.com.
Replied By: sorenreece on Aug 25, 2013, 5:40AM - In reply to mel1990
Thats what I believe. God bless us, and God bless dr. phil. He is a saint sent from heaven
Replied By: bclarkmom on May 20, 2013, 11:41AM
I had my daughter when i was 16 years old and i still continued to finish high school. I'm proud to say that in 2 weeks i will graduate. My daughter is the best thing to ever happen to me and i would never change that. I do not live with my parents still. my fiancee and i have our own house and we raise our daughter on our own. My mother helps me by watching her while i go to high school but once i graduate we are going to put her in day care while i work. Her father has a job in construction and he is only 16. He did drop out of high school on his choice but he supports his family.

I don't understand why everyone makes a big deal out of teen mothers. Yes, i understand that some teens are unfit to become parents but i was never a big party person and i was always the good child in the family. My daughter is not a mistake even if she was unplanned. Her father and i just celebrated our 2 year anniersary and we are still happy together.

My fiancee was only 14 when i became pregnant and i didnt expect him to stand by us but he never left my side. He stepped up when some grown men can't even do that. My bioligical father walked out on me when i was born so im extremely happy for my daughter to have her father.

I wish people would lay off bad-mouthing teen parents and try to help support them. Not even teen mom is a bad parent. Every parent deserves to hear congratulations in the hospital, not hearing everyone tell them that their going to mess up.

Almost every teen mom that Dr. Phil has on his show are teens that like to party and are immature but why doesn't he show teen moms that are great parents. He doesn't show them because they dont need help with anything and their not messing up. Dr. Phil only helps people who need help or are screwing their life up in one way or another. 
Replied By: petrocl on Apr 30, 2013, 9:42PM
I think we are sending the wrong message to our children, I believe getting birth control for our children is wrong and giving details to our children about sex is like giving them the okay to engage. I know Dr.Phil has a different view, but I come from a family of 12 children and my parents have instilled the fear of God and the unknown in us that it worked out pretty well for my family. My parents instilled in us that our body is a gift of God and resembles a temple,and we must respect it. I can say that I am not one of those statistics tics of high schoolers having sex in high school,or college in that aspect, but am now happily married with 5 children and hopefully more additions. I can say that me nor my husband have the diseases that are out there.

I will have to say though that if this occurs in a teenage situation,support,support,support! These are already some of the toughest years a young girl lives.

I also believe if an incident would occur whether teenager or not,abortion is not an issue. I know under some circumstances it may be tough,for example rape, but I believe it may be the cross we are meant to carry for whatever reason. I'm not saying you have to keep the child but maybe the reason is for another couple who would like to have a child cannot on their own would love a child like this. It,s not the baby,s fault, so why are they the one to suffer in an innocent situation. It,s tough but we need to be the bigger person in the situation,God would be greatly pleased,I think we can all agree with that.
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