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Teens: Have you ever been harassed or intimidated at school or online? Are you fed up with the taunts and humiliation, but you don't know where to turn? Do teachers see bullying at your school? What do they do -- or not do -- about it? Have you reported bullying at your school? Did school officials do anything about it? Share your stories and find support from other teens.

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Replied By: pmartel on Feb 26, 2015, 10:48PM - In reply to aliciamahon

It seems no different now than when I was in public school and I'm 57 years old now. 

I DO NOT understand WHY the schools stick their head in the sand when THEY KNOW that they are as much responsible for controlling the situation as the parents of the bully are.

Bullying SHOULD and MUST become a chargeable criminal offense.

If young kids are committing suicide beacuse of bullying THEN whoever has caused it shoould be charged as a homicidal offense with potential schools being charged as accessory to the crime AVOIDING THEIR RESPONSIBILITY

At least know you post has been read and you have support
Replied By: aliciamahon on Feb 26, 2015, 12:11PM
Please I need help my child is being bullied and the school won't help they have a vendetta against us my family now because I won't let it go. Mainly its not been treated as a very serious situation. Please help # noteensuicides# awareness # serious situation # being threatened by gangs now.
Replied By: aliciamahon on Feb 26, 2015, 11:51AM
My child is being bullied and no one cares. The school is being vindictive and local police won't help. #no teen suicides # no excuse # 0 bullying tolerated
Replied By: pmartel on Feb 23, 2015, 8:32PM
As a young child I was bullied constantly at school. At home wasn't much better, my mother was very psychologically and physically abusive with me.

There were TWO saving graces for me and later on in life a 3rd.

First was my mother's sister, my aunt who lived with us, she had got me through so much in my life that as much as I HATED going to public school, thanks to her, I managed to tune it out some how.

The next passion I dveloped in grade school was my love of classical music this also helped me tune out everything, it was really quite amazing.

Being a victim eats you up, it can paralize you with fear and yes there are other things in life that can paralize you with fear as wel.

Remember that YOU are LIGHT YEARS better than the bullyer, there's too much to enjoy in life.

My other pasion in life is that I am a photographer and this has gotten me through so much of late.

Find a passion, find an interest that helps take away the pain of being bullied. 

It's truly sad that in the 21st century NO ONE in the school system, work place or home life takes the responsibility for ther actions.

FIGHT the fear and make yourself the BETTER person you are.

You CAN tune it out once you are out of it, I did and it's helped me deal with the past too
Replied By: debbie040567 on Feb 21, 2015, 11:50AM
Would love Dr. Phil to do a show about work place bullying and abuse

especially froma boss who is abusive and bullying.

I just got working for someone who would brag in the open about being people's worse nightmares.

I feel bad work place bullying and harrassment can cause ptsd. 

I think woman who are  single parents and a sole providers for their children are more likely to allow themselves to be abused because of their situation.  I think there are many employers who target these woman.

I wish this could be addressed.
Replied By: heavenlyangel3 on Feb 20, 2015, 10:28AM
I was watching this episode  on this 26yr old bully who seems to seriously  have her own issues to work on but what I was really wondering after watching the show .  Her daughter was brought up and how TemicaRoshawn is a sensitive with her daughter seems to be a good mom with her daughter, but threw out the show if I recall correctly  no one asked her if she would want someone to go up to her daughter and treat her daughter the way she's been treating people.  I'm a mother of two and I'm going threw my son being bullied right now in school and on the bus because he's Weekes then others or his ADHD, and other medical things don't give any person the right to treat someone so direspectful, grow up people teach your kids it's not ok and to treat others the way you want to be treated.  With respect and so on.  I would loved to give that lady a piece of my mind.
Replied By: miscelaneous on Feb 20, 2015, 6:25AM
My  community has suffered a loss from bullying.  A young man in my town committed suicide due to the effects of bullying.  This was a high school age young man.  I feel so much compassion for his family.  Bullying has been around forever.  When I was in high school a fellow student was bullied by the "jocks".  The whole school participated in a  sit down protest against these actions.  The "jocks" got expelled and they never bothered this poor guy again.  He survived and now has a life and family.  Kids need to learn to speak up and not put up with the abuse by other people.  This only sets the standard for the rest of their lives.  Never allow it.  Not even once.  Teach self confidence and equality.  Set standards up front that outlines what will happen to students if bullying starts.  These kids need to learn respect for others. Kids are often bullied about things the have no control over.  Again, I think if school systems outline exactly what will happen if these types of behaviors take place and follow through with the consequences, a lot of this crap will cease!
Replied By: jenletn on Feb 18, 2015, 1:36AM - In reply to lindamw77
I have gone through the most savage of bullying now for several years.    It will not stop even though I never see the people involved any more.  All I need do is make a friend {Ha I have none now] and word gets to them that I should be avoided.  What is said exactly I don't now and why I don't know.  At some time I had to flame the fire but I will be damned if I believe I deserve 1/10 of what has happened.    Much more involved than I am stating here.  

My point is Bullying happens to all ages and hurts deeply.
Replied By: lindamw77 on Feb 15, 2015, 4:18PM - In reply to tamsc1
I totally agree....  I've been bullied  ALL MY LIFE....  and  while looking for love fell into an abusive marriage then  ingnored in the present...   My family life as a child was great  but the outside world has been crude  rude and destructive to me.
Replied By: snkgrl42 on Feb 12, 2015, 6:21PM - In reply to spookadoo
It's amazing some things I find online.  If you think Judge Judy is a bully, then every t.v. judge is a bully by your definition.  Are you gonna say the same thing about Glee cause they portray bullies on their show.  I am a big Judge Judy fan, and have been for years.  If you have every watched Judge Judy, you would know that she against bullying.  And what she does is not bullying, it is pointing out to ADULTS the stupid choices they make.  There is a big difference.

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