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Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Sep 3, 2015, 11:12AM
I must be crazy to question "science" of psychiatry or perhaps by chance I have many valid points about wrongs of psychiatry. If I'm crazy and Dr. Phil as a psychiatrist is in the business of helping crazy people why wont he help me? 

Truth is Psychiatry is a non science as it does not folow proper procedures, does not like to have any one question "findings" of psychiatry. In the past psychiatry has done numerous documented horendous wrongs but psychiatrist will claim that is in the past and they don't do those things any more. So psychiatrist avoid talking obout the past when the subject is wrongs done by them but want to talk all about past of the so called  "mentally ill". My cry for Dr. Phil to help me goes unanswered . Help me Dr. Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets discuss your your imaginary "science" behind psychiatry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Aug 27, 2015, 2:07PM
From Dr. Phil Web site -“ he continues to offer his unique tell-it-like-it-is brand of advice on a full range of topics.” While Dr. Phil has made numerous statements supporting psychiatry as “science” … He and his show are not willing to debate psychiatry. Hmm wonder why. Oh I must be “mentally ill” like those that stood against witch trials and red scare must have been witches or communist a person that stands against psychiatrist must be “mentally ill”.

DSM “mental illness criteria voted on by psychiatrist not a product of scientific methods. While suicide is considered “mental illness father of psychotherapy committed assisted suicide! Hmm. Good show and public service would be to have public debate on “science” of psychiatry!
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Aug 26, 2015, 11:22AM
Man reports wrongs and is fired sounds like bullying. Many will claim he was "mentally ill" without a second thought. time for a show with debate about mental illness and supposed science behind psychiatry! Another shooting of camera man today - time to talk truth about psychiatry!
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Aug 20, 2015, 11:35AM
So far still nothing back from Dr. Phil about having show debate science of psychiatry!
Replied By: onehundredcw on Aug 15, 2015, 8:41PM - In reply to kailynsmam
I recommend that you and your daughter read Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies by Jay McGraw, Dr. Phil's son.
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Aug 7, 2015, 12:20PM
It is often assumed some one that speaks out against psychiatry is crazy as only a crazy person would deny “mental illness”. Similarly during witch trials any one that spoke against the craziness (lack of reasoning) of those persecuting so call witches must be a witch. During red scares, (McCarthyism) any one that spoke out against those persecuting so called communist must be a communist. This is essentially circular reasoning that diverts away from real issues and facts. To classify a person as “mentally ill” boils down to name calling and places the person being labeled “mentally ill” in position to have to defend them self from a charge that is difficult at best to defend (as those accused of being witches during witch trials, or communist during red scares). It should be up to those claiming some one is “mentally ill” to come to come up with irrefutable scientific evidence of “mental illness” . Because a person did something wrong such as mass shooting does not prove “mental illness” it proves a person can do something that is wrong. What is considered wrong changes as society changes. Rape of women has greatly change over the years from cave man times when it was more normal, a few years ago when it was not considered illegal for a husband to rape a wife to the present. Similarly definitions of “mental illness” have changed with time. With transparency into the psychiatric world – understanding that forced psychotherapy will most likely result in eventual psychosis it will be understood that the supposed cure for "mentall illness" is actually the number one cause of the illness.
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Aug 5, 2015, 2:58PM
Dr. Phil uses buzz word transparency in today's show several times 08/05/15 concerning children that are hiding from their father. Wouldn't it be great if psychiatry was transparent? Pseudo science such as psychiatry do not want to be transparent because the fraud would be more obvious to people.
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Jul 29, 2015, 12:19PM
The Dodo Bird Verdict as found on wiki is another example of non science in the world of psychiatry. The theroy is that all forms of psychotherapy are equally just as succesfull. This seems to be a way to prevent in fighting with the different theories of psychotherapy. This avoids real debate of psychotherapy that Freud realized years ago the driving clients into a psychosis. As I've stated before there are many ways to drive a person into psychosis. As Wiki article points out no real scientific study has been done to prove or disapprove the Dodo verdict (or psychotherapy). With non Scientific studies being evaluated by psychiatrist that believe in "mental illness" many psychiatrist come to their own beliefs of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and the Dodo verdict. Yet they have come up with no proof of an organic, chemical, or physical evidence of "mental illness". So many psychiatrist that trhemselves were induced into psychosis and believe in "mental illness" continue to put theroies out without being able to prove those therois. There is a component of psychotherapy that the expert psychiatrist are ignoring that is the human factor of the psychiatrist performing the psychotherpy as seen in U.S.S.R., Comunist China, Aparthied South Africa and even in the U.S. Psychiatrist often serve the establishment and themselves. People opposing establishment are often deemed "mentally ill". A ferral cat, a wild dog or horse are not "mentally ill" they are just unbroken, similarly a person that stands up against the powers that be is not "mentally ill". Animals can be broken in many different manners and some work better than others. Slaves that ran away were considered crazy and thus needed to be broken often with brutal beatings. Slave owners justified the beating of slaves to prevent other slaves from improper behaviors.Psychiatry is used by governments to prevent people from exposing wrongs. The debate should be about "mental illness" not the Dodo Bird Verdict. Without any proof of "mental illness" (organic, chemical, physical) the governmet should not be allowed to force psychiatry (an unproven belief) on any one.
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Jul 16, 2015, 8:03AM
Like Freud Dr. Phil does not want the world to know truth about psychiatry. Freud destroyed all letters to him and attempted to get letters he wrote destroyed in order to keep people from truth of bad science in psychiatry. Another day Dr. Phil show doesn't want to debate science of psychiatry. Science is about being able to debate, discuss observe, reason, understand ... Psychiatrist believe that the psychosis they induce into people is proof of mental illness. Many ways to drive a person into a psychosis, those that go into a religous psychosis belive it is proof of God's existence. Freud saw similarities in psychosis those accused of being witches and the psychosis he drove his patient into. Like Freud concluded psychosis is not proof of God neither isit proof of a chemical, organic and / or physical problem with the brain that can be fixed through psychotherapy or drugs. Of course people can be medicated into zombie or near zombie state so  they are not so  disruptive to those in power. If only the British medicated Samuel Adams perhaps there would not of been a revolution. Psychiatry is used by those in power to control people that stand against wrongs by those in power.
Replied By: rebelinthemidd on Jul 15, 2015, 10:16AM
While I think Dr. Phil has insight and does some good overal psychiatry is not based on science and most psychiatrist are just interested in playing games with people in order to drive them into a psychosis, then they will medicate them and continue psychotherapy. Freud knew he was a fraud. Freud destroyed letters to him and attempted to get others to destroy letters he wrote because he knew the letters contained evidence that psychotherapy drives people into psychosis. The psychosis resulting from psychotherapy is not evidence of "mental illness" but that there is a number of ways to break a person. What many that stand against psychiatry are missing is just that simple Psychosis is not proof of a previous "mental illness". Thus many that are against psychiatry do not want to acknowledge having been driven into a psychosis. The fondation for the DSM is that the psychosis often caused by psychotherapy is proof of "mental illness" but the fact is many of the psychiatrist that vote on what is in the DSM were hazed into psychiatry by having to undergo psychotherapy and they most likely were also induced into a psychosis. While in the psychosis state the mind is in a very suggestive state so many psychiatrist to be firmly believe in mental "illness" based on science(or  their own experience). Psychiatry is bad science . As a result of being driven into psychosis many psychiatrist self medicate in order to stop the racing of their minds. The numerous self medicating psychiatrist is also due to fact that they have access to the numerous drugs. In Freuds time often the drug was cocaine. Past wrongs of psychiatry were only stopped after great public knowledge not because the psychiatrist decided through scientific study that lombotomies, electro shock, drugs, insulin shock, psychotherapy were wrong because most of the psychiatrist doing the numerous wrongs were okay with the results as their main goal was to subdue the patients.
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