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Teens: Have you ever been harassed or intimidated at school or online? Are you fed up with the taunts and humiliation, but you don't know where to turn? Do teachers see bullying at your school? What do they do -- or not do -- about it? Have you reported bullying at your school? Did school officials do anything about it? Share your stories and find support from other teens.

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Replied By: haterofbullies on Dec 17, 2014, 7:11PM - In reply to pabbruzzi
You are so right
Replied By: pabbruzzi on Dec 14, 2014, 1:04PM
IT SEEMS THAT YOU HAVE SOME SORT OF ANTI BULLYING CAMPAIGN GOING ON. If that were true I would think that you would have viewed the video on There is a video of the biggest bully I have ever seen. The videos title is Michael Brown assaults an elderly man. In the video you see Michael Brown clear as day as he savagely beats and pummels an elderly black man down to the ground. He continues his savage attack while the man is down. Other people are around but they do nothing. Finally when the man seems to be fading into unconsciouseness Michael robs him. You should have shown this video to the Feckless Al Sharpton.  I dare you to speak about on your show or show it to Sharpton and get his opinion. Of course you won't do that because you lack the spirit and heart to tell the truth as painful as it is. These are the neighborhoods that police patrol on a daily basis. I shall never watch your show again.
Replied By: corvaire on Dec 1, 2014, 11:44PM - In reply to honeypot617
Definitely, we must stand up.  You take care as well.
Replied By: honeypot617 on Dec 1, 2014, 11:48AM
Like many of the others here, I experienced many years of bullying to the point where I almost took my own life.  It started with my cousins when I was a child and continued with other people as I grew older.  To this day, I am fearful about going into a swimming pool because of what my male cousin did to me as a little girl.  I was bullied terribly in school from the age of 6 to 22.  I also had a very cruel stepfather who would subject me to constant verbal and emotional abuse on a daily basis.  I had relationships with guys who didn't treat me well because my self-esteem was destroyed from the bullying.  I am biracial (black and white) and I've also had to deal with discrimination all my life from people of different backgrounds.  I was told that I was ugly, that my hair was ugly, called the "N" word and other racial slurs.  I was made to feel that there was nothing good about me at all.  I still struggle with low self-esteem to this day...I am married, in my 30's, and do not have children.
Replied By: honeypot617 on Dec 1, 2014, 11:37AM - In reply to corvaire
I'm new to this site but I just want to say that I'm really sorry that happened to you.  I went through years of bullying and abuse also.  You are right about the "crazy" theory...a few people perceived me as being "crazy" in high school for some reason so although they still bullied me, they were afraid of me.  You seem like a very kind, compassionate, intelligent person.  There will always be bullies and mean people in general but we just need to keep standing up for what is right.  I hope you will continue to heal and live a happy life.  Much love to you and thanks for sharing your story!
Replied By: corvaire on Nov 30, 2014, 10:04PM
When I was a kid, it was the age of "fight your own battles."  My parents were supportive of me doing pretty much anything in school, but they felt that I should not feel "harmed" by bullies.  Honestly, most of my school life was being bullied - from grade school where I was teased about my eyes (who knows why?) to middle school where I was set on fire, to high school, for... whatever the excuse was then.  A kid in 6th grade told me that if people thought I was crazy,they would leave me alone.  Seriously, that was the best advice I was ever given.  The bullying didn't go away, but once people thought I was potentially harmful, they didn't bother me.  Some resorted to paying others to bother me, but eventually ran out of people they could pay to get near me.  

Once I started to get friends in high school, that helped a lot.  

I think today it is worse with the cyber as well as face-to-face bullying.  While unplugging may help, it won't stop other kids from showing someone their phones or other media devices and what is being said.  The issue really is schools.  Somehow, there needs to be some accountability - teachers who stop whatever they see when they see it, other school personnel doing the same, reporting to the parents of both the bully and the victim.  And parents need to get on the stick and support their kids when they talk about being bullied.  Words do hurt, and in many cases are waaaaay more painful than physical hurt.  Seriously, not stopping bullying at the school age leads to things like "gamergate" and other threatening behavior by people who have never had any consequences for their actions before.
Replied By: tjackson68 on Nov 29, 2014, 4:42AM
While I wasn't cyber-bullied (becasue there was no internet, social media or cell phones back then), I was bullied and teased many times in my adolescent years.  And most of this was in private, Chritian school btw.  I was a very shy child, and I never told my parents, friends, or school officials about any of it.  But if it can help anyone, I did find that my reactions to bullying had a great and profound affect.  I discovered that if I didn't give any kind of reaction (regardless of how hard it was to contain my emotions), that the bullying stopped.  I found that bullies ( in my case anyway) were just looking to push my buttons to get a reaction.  When I didn't react in ANY way, they got bored, and eventually quit trying. 

For example, in the 9th grade, there was a girl in my Phys Ed class that continually tried to get me to fight her.  Why? Who knows.  She was just one of "those."  She tried everything to intimidate me and to make me mad enough to start something with her. From derogatory comments to bashing my mom (whom she never met), etc.  I would just stand there looking at her with no reaction at all, or I would completely ignore her as if she weren't even there.  After several attempts by her, she eventually gave up.

I don't know if this is helpful, but that's what I did, and it worked for me.
Replied By: shedlund on Nov 28, 2014, 2:05PM
I was cyberbullied whenever I was in grade school. I was only 13 and girls would always message me and tell me how I was anorexic, bulimic, ugly, a slut, and so on although none of these things were true. They even took a photo of me and drew things all over it and posted it as their profile pictures. I was threatened daily and the only thing I regret is never going to authorities. I am here today to tell you that you if you are suffering from cyberbulling that you are not alone and you will get through it. These people do not matter and are only reflecting on themselves. I look back now almost 10 years later and find it comical. At the time though it devastated me. Do not let these people control your life. Delete the messages and believe in yourself. You do not have to let these people control your life.
Replied By: oceanentity on Oct 30, 2014, 10:25AM - In reply to ciearria95
Hello , ive just really recently joined this community and read your post. you ahve been through SO much , you sound so insightful and intelligent gong by the way you have reflected your feelings and experiences here. how are you now ?
Replied By: lizzykatish on Oct 23, 2014, 6:27PM
My daughter (above) was bullied to the extreme in her 8th grade. This happened to her due to a New Years Eve party, where she was offered drugs by the Mother of her friend holding the party. We live in a very small community, but no.. Gabi's other friends were all allowed to go to this party as well. In the morning I received a phone call from Gabi stating that she wanted me to pick her up immediately. She told me that the mother had offered her drugs in the a.m. She called it a "Wake and Bake" My daughter had never heard this term before. Gabi is my baby of 5 other adult children. None of my other kids went through the extent of the bullying that my daughter did because of this party. It was my duty to report it. My daughter does not understand at age 15 (now) why I could not just let it go. After this party she was bullied, so bad the the principle of her middle school called on Super Bowl Sunday to ask that we keep her home. Her life had been threatened and they planned on settling it before Gabriella decided to come back. I shut down her phone, her computer, etc. making her home a safety net. The kids at school kept it going until the sheriffs dept. and NY State troopers had to make an appearance to each of their homes warning them to stop. Gabriella was tutored the remainder of that year, while I tried to get her into an adjacent school. Starting the 9th grade level she "bucked it up and attended the school, even though the bullying never stopped. Last year, her 10th year, she made it until February, when her friend; a boy in her lunch period went home and committed suicide. He had killed himself over the exact same kids that were bullying my daughter. My daughter came home, and self mutilated until I saw her slash marks on her wrists. I immediately took her to her primary physician, that decided that it was in Gabriella's best interest to stop attending this school. OPur "No CHild Left Behind Law" is supposed to protect our children giving them an option for education, but what if you live in such a rural community that there simply isnt another district to have them attend and be transported to? They suffer more. My daughter is now in the 11th grade, her Superintendent of Schools just had her take a full psychological exam, trying to prove that she needs special education. Our State Education Department of NY says, that his reasoning was to put her in a special needs class for kids that are under her education level. Gabriella is extremely mature and very smart. Our Us Department of Education Laws have not been finished in the way that they should be; to protect every student, rural , city or parochial . If your child lives in a rural area, they will be LEFT BEHIND! There is no other option. Yes, there is home tutoring, or tutored by a school official at a local library, but where does this leave the child that deserves an education. My daughter has absolutely no friends. NONE. Her 16th birthday is coming up November 23rd, and she made the statement that, "Mom this sucks, I have n o one to go to a Halloween party with, No Sweet 16 party, and most certainly no sports, extracurricular activity, no proms, no drama clubs etc. She is 15, I will be home schooling her starting next week. The United States Department of Education has failed my daughter, and made even worse by our State Department, by the rules they made to not include rural environments that were not mapped for more than one school per district. I feel her pain, the loss of her friend, her self-esteem, her lack of education and fun/excitement, all due to a party that a mother decided that it was alright to offer my daughter drugs. I have told my daughter that I feel she would be a great advocate for bullying, but she states to me that the school has taken away not only her self-esteem, but has caused her to have huge panic attacks that have to be regulated by medication and anxiety and depression. All parent's, friends, and teachers or anyone in the school administration system of these schools that let this bullying of students continue should really take a deep look at what they have lacked to help support these students, and perhaps the self-mutilations and the suicides might stop.
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