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What's Your Favorite Dr. Phil Episode?

Have a favorite Dr. Phil episode? Tell us what made that episode so special and memorable. Was it the advice? Was it the humor? Was it moving and emotional for you? Share your favorite show.
Replied By: n8vnewyorker on Sep 29, 2014, 2:00PM
Hi Dr. Phil! I watch your show religiously! I just wanted you to know that I get something out of every show. Your advice through the years has made me a better human being. The most important thing I've learned from you is that I rather be happy than right! I work hard NOT being a "right fighter". It has helped in all of my relationships!!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!
Replied By: oceanentity on Aug 28, 2014, 9:16AM
Hi i watch the show here in Australia and i take notes ! especially on parenting advice ... ive been guilty of so many things i see in everyday guests that are parenting kids and teens , the advice has helped and shaped my relationship with my daughters. The episodes i want to keep up with are of course Alexandria and Erin ( erin has been thorugh so much in relation to addiction , losing her sister recently thats so sad ) , and recently a young pregnant girl whos pregnant and using drugs with her sister. she did enter rehab ( or be jailed to protect her unborn baby good work DR Phil ) but still no follow up so im keen to see how this plays out and fingers crossed she thrives in rehab and leaves htis life way behind because she is SO young.

I would also like to Add , i like very much what Robin and Dr Phil are doing in relation to speaking out against domestic Violence . Seeing the power play amd manipulation usually from male on to female ( i know theres a percentage of abusive females ) seeing it on screen i think will be powerful to many viewers . Oprah was key many many years back to my leaving a 10 year abusive relationship that lasted from 15 to 25 ...
Replied By: watzdoneisdone on Jul 30, 2014, 4:29AM
I love watching the show, it puts things into perspective for me and for the things i learn about others, and realize about myself.
My favourite episode thus far was the one with the two teen girls, I think it was called out of controll teen sisters or something. one had dark hair and the other younger one was blonde.
The second I saw them i felt dread settle in my stomach because all i could see were these two desperate, broken, in pain, scared and fearfully hopefull girls approaching what they deemed a battle ground.
I was terrified that the episode was going to become this huge big lecture to these two girls but i was delightfully mistaken when Dr Phil seemed to pick up on that. He did tell them off but it was in a constructive and patient fashion, then he helped them instantly by showing his thoughts on them openly and i could see the moment the hope flared brighter and the emotions started really peeking through. then he started on the family and to me, him doing that for those two girls to see ( as he often sends them away and such) was the best thing for those girls in the world. I would actually really love to hear how they are doing as I imagine after so many years of abuse and no one stopping and listening, that having that moment would have been a massive thing for them.

Replied By: felicia312 on Jul 23, 2014, 5:45PM
Im a big fan from your show and i love each episode, i would like one day to go too america en see your show :) i would love to read your book "life code" but my english is terrible so i can't read it. Hope one day it is translate to dutch. keep up the good job!!

ps: im sorry for my bad english, but here we talk dutch or french :p 
Replied By: t_ferri92 on Jul 12, 2014, 7:37AM
My favourite show would have to be the Michelle knight exclusive interview with Dr. Phil.

Michelle has been through a lot I could still see the pain in her eyes that had happened to her, she has inspired so many Americans and Australians. I was touched by this girl she deserves nothing but the best for her future. No human being should ever encounter the pain, torment or torcher that this girl went through. All my love, prayers and best wishes to Michelle knight  for being so brave for speaking out and for being strong and moving on with her now wonderful life.

Love from all of us in Australia xo
Replied By: squirrel102000 on May 30, 2014, 6:41PM
I would like them a whole lot more if I could view them. I have Windows Media Player(default). . When I click on a video....It wants me to install a Media Player which is not needed or wanted.  Can someone help me ...PLEASE ?
Replied By: tbeverly2001 on May 2, 2014, 5:34PM
I  watch  one  of  you  episodes (I am  afraid of my husband )

I  just  wanted to comment  on the  children in the  family....

First,  I am  the mother of  four  children, after  13 years of  marriage I  walked away from my husband with  all  four  children. I  felt as though  I  had  a  satchel on my back  that carried my  children ... which I  accepted in  faith!!!!!!! Because my children were gold, that God gave to me ....... I  believe that  fear can griped us  terribly at  certain times  in our  lives .... I  think  that  God  put  a  lot of  responsiblity on woman  that only we can  bear ...Or he wouldn't have given it to us ...From birth all of us have some disfuntionationality in our families.....But that is not an excuse or a cope out for any of us to be less then the best wife, husband, mother or father to our  families ..... I  commend the  mother and the father  of the episode (I am afraid of my husband)....For beginning the best that they know to be ....


Remember this parents :

1. A abuser can not be an abuser  once you stop being  a  victim

2. If living in your home and you are walking on eggs shells till the next exposion...  Listen for your      children always ! No matter where you are no matter if they are with a loved one  

3. Advise your spouse if he or she hurts your children or you in any way you are having them arrested

4. stand your ground
Replied By: pilots767 on Apr 10, 2014, 9:12PM
Dr. Phil, what ever happened to the Dr. Phil family? The last we saw Alexandra had finished rehab.

I also noticed they were not talked about on your celebration of 2000 shows.
Replied By: adeleontario on Apr 8, 2014, 12:43PM
The most memorable show for me was the story of Liz and George and the deaf-blind triplets.  The grace under pressure that the mother showed and shoulders was/is incredible.  I hope she continues to receive support from George in the never ending dedication it will take to raise these little ones.

I will never forget this show, the update, and the generosity of the Dr. Phil show.  When little things in life irritate me, I count my blessings, realizing how difficult life can be for others.  This family will be in my thoughts forever.
Replied By: baebae15 on Jan 30, 2014, 10:43PM
I like this show just because it reminded me of a few girls from my school that were mercifuless. One girl goes by the  name of 'Candi' beat this other girl down with her bare hands in our cafeteria. Honestly, not like I've never seen a fight before but that was pretty scary. I believed that if one guy Matt wouldn't have stepped in and tried to stop it one girl coulda been dead.
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