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What's Your Favorite Dr. Phil Episode?

Have a favorite Dr. Phil episode? Tell us what made that episode so special and memorable. Was it the advice? Was it the humor? Was it moving and emotional for you? Share your favorite show.
Replied By: honeytediz on May 9, 2015, 7:38PM
You know what? Who remembers the episode about furries...?

Like can we discuss this please? Because I'm nosy. How many of y'all are really creeped out by us and how many think it's really neat?
Replied By: homemade1962 on May 7, 2015, 11:19PM
Search CommunityI am so thankful that dr Phil is doing a show on how CPS does whatever they want to do with no regards for the law. Just like the gentlemen who was convicted said. According to CPS you are guilty until proven innocent. And can I tell you it is impossible to prove your innocence when they have their mind set on your guilt. I just hope and pray that dr Phil will continue to do shows like this so that CPS will have to be investigated. It's like they have the right to do whatever whenever they want and if we try and defend ourselves they use it against us. I pray with all my heart that you all will continue to do shows like this showing their complete disregard for the law. I know there are people that are abusive and we need agency to help with this but I feel someone needs to keep CPS accountable. Thank you for your time.
Replied By: jonisillitoe on Apr 9, 2015, 1:12PM
I was very disturbed by an episode I watched today on Dr.Phil. some boys held down a minor and tattooed his butt. The bullies lack of remorse and demeanor made me sick. The bullies mother's body language her facial expressions and what she said on the show clearly showed that she didn't understand the severity of what her son did. It made me sick!! Our children look up to us parents for guidance and examples. I wanted to punch them both through the TV. I felt so sad for the child this happened to. The bully and his mother showed absolutely no remorseremorse. I could go on forever it made me sick. 

Replied By: kirstinab on Apr 8, 2015, 12:16PM
The show yesterday was a God send. We are having the same problems with my step-son. It even came down too where he went into drugs and much more destructive behavior. The last draw was when 6 cops showed up at our home due to what he had done and my husband and I's marriage was at its end. We tried everything we thought would work for him and it came to no avail. 

Thank you, Dr. Phil for airing this show! 

Replied By: susangunn on Mar 31, 2015, 1:22PM
 So come on Doc Phil. You do the intervention 2 or 3 was ago. Give us an update?

is nick sticking with treatment or has he ran away due to the hard work required???

we wanna know!
Replied By: fit1fifty on Feb 13, 2015, 6:51PM
My favorite shows are about marriage, communication and how to negotiate with your spouse.  I would love to see a show about men (and women) who check out of their marriage and have Dr. Phil help them to check back in!
Replied By: realist2011 on Jan 21, 2015, 4:28PM
My fav. Exposed is:  the blond wife that told her husband what to do..about everything.  And, he would obey!  LOL

Replied By: janwhittenburg on Jan 16, 2015, 1:25PM
I love Dr Phil soo much that I watch it on any channel I can get him on. Today 1/16/15 I as I do every week day watched him on OWN. I can watch about 5 or 6 episodes one right after another. It is great.  In cold blood: A Daughter murdered Part 1 was on but not part 2. I have read the book and I live in Indiana. I have not seen it on ID discovery either but would love to. Can you let me know when part 2 will be on on OWN.? Jan Whittenburg
Replied By: nickdnhr on Jan 15, 2015, 2:45AM
The bully girls were honestly so hot and stunningly beautiful
Replied By: dressagerider3 on Dec 30, 2014, 11:53PM
The episode with the so called sugar babies drove me crazy!  Partly because they are teaching men and women both  that the best way for her to make money is to sell her body. But also because of what she is missing out on. Empowerment and self reliance are a high. I do not know enough to decide if I thought they were afraid of learning to stand on their own two feet or merely too lazy, but I our society was poorer because of the effect ther chosen lifestyle 
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