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This is the forum to talk about the issues that mean the most to you. From family and finances to parenting and relationships, what's on your mind? Share entertainment gossip or sound off about the latest news story. Want to get something off your chest about the show? Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Phil's advice to a guest? Come on in, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home!
Replied By: mmdoggie on Feb 21, 2015, 3:18PM
What are parents suppose to do when the legal system in family court is stacked against you? CPS has a list of stakeholders who all are dependent on your child entering their system so they can pull in federal dollars. When your own public defender wont defend you properly in court, what are a parents options?

Should your public defender(PD) be a stakeholder or have a vested interest in an agency which is the opposing party to your legal case? Should your PD in a Juvenile Dependency case be listed on a Roster in the document titled, Napa System Improvement Plan 2013 CFS, as a stakeholder and be a participator and a contributor of a SIP Report? This report has a list of the stakeholders and their titles. I found the entire list to be very interesting due to the fact that every stakeholder on the list also provide services to parents who are involved with CPS.  COPE provides parenting classes, Parents Can provides advocates for the parents, NEWS provides services for domestic violence victims, Aldea provides counseling services for the family, Police provide support to the CPS workers who come to take the children, CPS  social workers supervise and dictate how the family case plan is to be carried out to it's completion, and the public defender that is assigned to all the mothers involved with CPS provides legal services and is also the last name listed on pg 8 of 112 of the following document titled 'Napa System Improvement Plan 2013 CFS' which can be viewed at this link:

The link below is a standard form letter that the PD  gives to all her CPS clients whether they are guilty or innocent. This letter is unprofessional, rude, judgmental, and it talks down to the client as if they guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.This letter is at the following link: 

The tone of this letter seems to imply that they think all of their CPS clients meet the following profile: 

1. Lacks responsibility 

2. Dishonest 

3. Forgetful 

4. In therapy 

5. Has a drug counselor 

6. Harmful to the child 

7.Commits perjury 

8. Disorganized 

9. Unworthy of having children 

Is it appropriate to give all clients this this letter when not all clients fit in this category. Where in this letter are they representing the parent and their rights? 

When the issue of not receiving proper service of the required 24 hours in advance before the hearing  was brought to the attention of the public defender (PD), many were told that bringing that up in court really isn't going to make any difference. Proper service is needed in order to allow the parents to view the social workers report to the court to make an informed decision as to whether or not there is reason to dispute the PRIMA FACIE evidence. 

The social workers report is loaded with false information. Clients are instructed to only make note of the mistakes that  are really important, to not waste  time with the small stuff. When the PD is given the list of corrections, they glances at it and advise their client that they shouldn't try and make any waves, that disputing the social workers report would just be a waste of time and energy and wouldn't really make any difference in the outcome anyway.

Fighting to keep custody of our children is not a waste of time and energy, it's a necessity for a parent. Our children are the reason we get out of bed in the morning, they are what drives us. Our children is what gives us a sense of purpose. We chose to trade in our life style of being single in for a lifetime commitment to being a parent. 

What is a waste of time as well as money is having a public defender like this  on the payroll. For what? They are  not protecting the Parental Rights of the parent from being violated. They are not defending the parent against the false information in the social workers report. They don't  send out an investigator to  gather facts and statements regarding the case against them.They advise their client to not demand their parental rights and to let the issue of proper service slide.  

The only report filed with the judge is the one CPS files. Where is the filed report from your PD that tells what your side of the story is? Where is the defense that is suppose to be happening? Not once does the PD suggest any options or legal moves in order to keep the child in the home and the family together. The client is told that the first hearing is a nothing hearing, it is the next one they need to worry about.

 If the judge only has a report from CPS to review for the facts in the case, that is what he has to base his decision upon. The judge has no reason to think that the facts might be incorrect if no one informs the court of the parents defense on the items that are incorrect. At what point in this court process does the parent get to defend themselves and have the  court hear the parent's account of how things happened? After the fact? When their CPS case closes? It sure isn't happening in the first court hearing and it's not happening before the children are court ordered to be put in the care and control of CPS.

The person who is suppose to be on your side to defend you and your  parental rights just implied that defending your  children and demanding your parental rights is a waste of time and energy. Their job is to make sure your parental rights are not getting violated and to defend you as their client.  If your PD doesn't care about what is in the best interest of your families strong emotional bond and allows the opposing party to violate your Parental Rights,  where do you turn for help? What options are you left with? You are railroaded into being compliant as they lock you into an 18 month case plan with a list of CPS's demands that you are required to complete for the possibility of getting your kids back. 

What are parents suppose to do when the legal system in family court is stacked against you? 
Replied By: crazypancake on Feb 20, 2015, 6:15PM
My comments are meant to be a call to action Dr Phil. I have watched you since day one and have been a huge fan. Once when in LA I drug two friends with me to see your show. They even became Dr Phil fans!!  If you would read the show comments I think you would see a trend, especially for this season. I want you to be around for many years to come. I still remember the day I watched a Phil Donahue show. The topic was fathers learning their daughters were strippers, including a demonstration. I said to myself then, "this is the beginning of the end".  He had lost respect and credibility. 

I hope you're not surrounded by yes men and you read this.  Maybe I'm wrong, I hope you will at least consider my viewpoint. 
Replied By: blgspc on Feb 9, 2015, 6:06PM
I watched today’s show from the studio audience, I was there! This family had many serious and really complex problems. I’ve been a fan for a long time but today you, Dr. Phil did some GOOD WORK! You were tough, yet quite sensitive to this family whose lives were collapsing. You were successful in offering this mom a clear ‘mirror’, reflective of all of the destructiveness both she and her husband have dealt their children; very unique children, at that!

You helped this crumbing family start to change. The entire show was powerful and moving in my opinion. I definitely want to see the follow-up on this family. Love those kids.  

I have to say, Dr. Phil you seemed different today, also; you were tough but your kindness was fully present, today. You stood TALL Fella! Really glad I could come! In fact, I got so caught up in the process of your work with this family that I forgot to even ask about the date the show will be aired! I’ll be ready to watch this again whenever it airs. I would urge everyone to watch this show!

The gift of sweet, sweet Robin AND from sweet, sweet Robin were great! I love the love story that the two of you share, so special.

Thanks, Again!

Replied By: vineyardchrist on Jan 30, 2015, 11:52PM - In reply to friesen_a
With regard to on line charities, a good rule to follow is, KNOW YOUR INVESTORS.  So much money goes to "overhead," i.e. advertising, marketing, etc.,  that very little reaches the proposed recipients.   The United Way, PETA, HSUS, WorldVision (just to name a few), must have astronomical costs - what with "free (tote bags, mailers, calendars, address labels, t-shirts .... yada yada) gifts" they send to supporters.  Not to mention salaries for those who coordinate events, do paperwork, answer phones, or host (fund raising) parties. 

When I give my hard earned dollar to a charity, I want the ENTIRE dollar to be used for the intended purpose.  I take food and blankets to the humane society, clothing to homeless shelters and buy lunches for church give aways.  ERGO, I've actually HELPED THE CAUSEl rather than paid some unknown soul to mail calendars.

Too many scams on line for me to trust sending money to beggars.
Replied By: storytotell on Jan 16, 2015, 4:28AM

I'm working on a huge project about mental health in a corporate environment. But instead of just using statistics to fight for my message, I want to tell stories. Stories are so much more powerful.

Please comment to tell me about your expereinces with mental health in the workplace. I really want to help!
Replied By: blgspc on Jan 14, 2015, 10:32PM
I’m going to be in the LA area the second week in February with my niece. I notified the audience coordination staff  the week before Christmas. I haven’t heard from them yet, sure hope that there’s still room for us.

Anyhow just wanted to let you know that you still have time to work on that Bathroom issue…..or not.

Hope we can be part of you live audience when we come to LA.
Replied By: christina1986 on Jan 7, 2015, 10:35PM - In reply to jcracing
Race is an important thing to bring up, but it's not about it. I think people fail to see that there are people mixed with more than 1 white race and how similar they find they are. I think more needs to be done for African Americans to feel comfortable because they are the most different from whites. Middle Easterners are a fairly pure race, I think, partly. You don't see them mixing much. They are kind to me, tho. They notice me as I pass by and have the same mindset of the world in the US. So, make Asians the same as white, make Middle Easterners pure, and welcome African Americans cuz they smart!
Replied By: lab419 on Jan 1, 2015, 4:16PM
I have watched this show for years.  I go out with friends and the discussions continue.  But I have a couple of gripes.  First the good doctor yells.  THere is no need, I'm sure he's got a mic!  Stop yelling!  Then in the holiday commercial Robin of all people says Happy Holidays!  Really?  You don't insult people when you say Merry Christmas.  You are saying what's in YOUR heart.  I can't help but wonder if it's her new line and $$ that dictated that.  She has always said Merry Christmas in the past.  FInally her line.  I applaud her and her causes.  She's a wonderful person.  But it fried me that you manipulated shows so she could advertise.  It's not the Dr. Phil and Robin show.  It just isn't.  I know last year if I had to hear one more time about Jay and his publishong company I'd barf.  This year I'm sure we're going to be advertising your weight loss book.  Stop the advertising on the show.  Let the show be the show!
Replied By: friesen_a on Dec 26, 2014, 9:29PM
I remember watching Dr. Phil show about online dating site scams and how to avoid being trapped or conned by people on the internet. So I am curious if there are any guidelines when giving to online charities like Facebook groups to adopt rescued animals from Bulgaria, or any groups that ask for money. Also if there are any dog rescues around the world that are safe to contact or give charity to.
Replied By: franky12 on Dec 23, 2014, 7:30AM
Dr. Phil is getting old...same old stories (Out of control teens, drugging/drinking, cheating, etc) It's getting closer to being Jerry Springer-like.  Also what's with using the show as a platform to promote all of his family's new businesses?  Are they not rich enough?  I removed this show from my recordings.  Time to make a change, Dr. Phil.
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