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Replied By: tewks7979 on Jul 23, 2016, 8:33AM - In reply to boo1972
I have a few things on this subject. I was married for almost 5 yrs. She was very abusive and still is. We are divorced with children. The state of ohio really is a countradiction to its own laws. My ex on several occasions has denied me visits (tho i pay support and strive to be a part of my young vibrant, energetic, and innocent children) one of the reasons i didnt get to see them was because my ex was with a child molester, and the state said they couldnt find nothing wrong with it. When i was growing up my mom got with a really bad man who did some very bad things. They told my mom it was him or the kids. She left marks on me and akron police didnt do squat besides to tell me that we would go both to jail if i pressed charges. So as far as abuse goes i think the goverment is sexist (choosing women over men). Even if the man is the victim.
Replied By: nikkiboogie on Jul 22, 2016, 1:39PM - In reply to colvilletough
I agree.Native american have gotten so shafted and there has been so little done to help them get out from under this.Its shameful.Look at all thats been done to help black americans and theyre still mad.Ive got friends of every color and we all go the same places,have same type jobs, got same education.We have a black prez.Look what happened to the jewish ppl! They moved on too.Its time to help the native ppl get their chance to stand strong with the rest of america.
Replied By: kkimmy37 on Jul 21, 2016, 4:37PM
  I have a Rant. I just saw on your show at the end the Lady from Phizer was on and you were talking about Diabetes. I am a Diabetic and I cannot Believe the co pay costs of my medicines. I also have Diabetic Neuropathy, Artery Disease, Stage 3 Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Chlesterol, I fight Depression (I now Isolate myself to my room except for Dr. appointments or Grocery store runs), Sleep Apnea, Asthma, COPD and another Lung disease. For my Diabetes I take 2 shots (10 units each) of Byetta a day and 2 shots of Humalog 75/25 ( 120 units in the AM and 140 units in the PM).

I use to be a pharmacy technician, so I know what pharmacies pay for the drugs and what they charge for the drugs. It is outrageous!! Even with Insurance. I have to often make choices between groceries, medicine or Dr. Visits. I see a lot of Doctors and they each have a co pay I need to pay. My Husband has Insurance through his work for us, but we still struggle. Since Obama passed the law that we all must have Insurance why can't something be done about copays and the cost of drugs?

Some drug companies will offer a discount copay card...this helps a great deal, but not all of them offer it, or you have trouble finding one.

I just needed to Rant....I don't believe there are answer to these questions, or that Dr. Phil can change anything...just needed to Rant.

Replied By: leslie1973 on Jul 7, 2016, 7:43PM
My daughter dated this guy that is a Christian for 2 to 3 years. He provided everything for her. Plus gave her a nice vehicle. Left him for a guy that has tattoos across the front of his neck, arms, chest, body. Smokes, does drugs, gambles, been to prison for drugs and beating on past girlfriends, on probation, has 3 kids (child support), no vehicle. He hops from one vehicle to another with my daughter following along.
Replied By: wendyrev on Jun 23, 2016, 6:04AM
Son was killed by a drunk driver on his 21st birthday as he walked home from celebrating. the man who killed him only received ten months in jail restitution and probation but was deported without serving the probation or restitution. I've finally been able to get him a small headstone but owe over 7000 in funeral home costs to picha funeral home in portage wi. Michael Allen Weatherford died almost 4 years ago and I am on disability due to Ptsd my Aunts making payments of 50 a month . I was denied by victim witness compensation because Mikey was under the influence as he walked home from celebrating. How can that be possible. Mikey the street highway A in lake Delton wi doesn't have any sidewalks he was killed feet from his house . No one is listening I don't know where to turn. I'm trying to create Mikey's Law 10 years in and 10 years supervision if you kill someone while driving drunk or texting minimum. I've been emailing Governor Scott Walker and nothing more than a automatic response I also did Mr Trump . I need help please contact me
Wendy Revalee
Replied By: colvilletough on Jun 14, 2016, 6:17PM
I feel bad for Orlando the family and people there. I also being native american get offended by Orlando being the biggest massacre! Look at the massacre of wounded knee estimated 150 dead. Two thirds of them was women and children. In the trail of tears estimated 4,000 died. Orlando WAS NOT and will never be as bad as the native massacres that have happened. Prayers for society....
Replied By: jl_nckrsn on May 31, 2016, 1:13PM
I have absolutely no compassion for this woman. She was neglectful. She would be held accountable if her son were to vandalized or hurt someone else at the zoo because he was out of her control how is this any different? She was not paying attention to her son and if she had this wouldn't have happened. I've taken my child to the zoo (as well as other establishments) and she is never out of my sight because children wander. There is no excuse as to why this child had enough time to figure out some way to enter an enclosure that is specifically designed to keep people out. So my question is what was his mother doing that she lost track of her son for that long. This woman's negligence is what killed that animal absolutely nothing else.  As for the writer of this paper to compare a situation I  which you are in your own property and an animal attacks a child is completely IGNORANT!!!! The two can not be compared. When you are at a zoo it is designed to be a controlled environment because these animals can be DANGEROUS. That's why there are precautions taken to ensure safety, however they can not control stupid irresponsible parents. It is not the establishments job to watch your children. When you are at home on your private property and something attacks your child, family member, etc..... then you must do what you have to, but your home is not designed to prevent attacks from animals the zoo is. So stop trying to defend this woman and let her take responsibility for her neglectful behavior and stop defending her.
Replied By: island4girl on May 23, 2016, 10:59AM
I am watching a rerun on OWN, first boadcast 10/23/09 about racial stereotypes.

The subject of Asians/Chinese eating dogs came up, and Phil acted like the woman was insane, the Asian woman on the show poo-pooed it.  But I regret to tell you it is true.  There is a massive dog meat industry in China.  I am an animal advocate and I and millions of others have been fighting this for years and years.

Here are a few links to prove my point, be careful with the images, they are VERY disturbing.

I could list hundreds of more links.  Whomever that Asian woman is and Dr. Phils' cavalier attitude and acting like everyone is nuts made me very angry;  especially the Asian woman, she KNOWS it's true, Dr. Phil can be excused because possibly he doesn't know, but his feigned shock and attitude that anyone who knows this or believes this is true was very disappointing.

Replied By: specere_up on May 20, 2016, 2:50PM
I have heard mention from Dr. Phil regarding this on occasion, and I'm not sure I'm commenting in the correct place; 1st post.  I mean to be in current events so here goes.

Deciding who will be our leaders should always be a thoughtful decision.  In such a critical time for our country, it is a heavy responsibility.  Does anyone else feel the burden of electing America's next president? 

Which candidate will best preparing America for our grandchildren?

Which candidate will focus attention to the legacy of our country? 

Who will, for our 320 million people, see farthest into the future and direct us to a proud, rightous place?  I don't refer, in that, to religion, necessarily, but a good, right place in the world.

Speaking of the world, who will clarify our role?  We seem to try to be all things to all people.  Is that possible to do successfully?

I tell you I'm stressed.  I need some political forensic analysis, Dr. Phil!
Replied By: boo1972 on May 20, 2016, 11:57AM
Thoughts on men who are being abused and can't defend themselves
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