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Replied By: truthbtold63 on Apr 22, 2014, 9:58AM - In reply to modrzyae
I just post a comment just like this! Here here!
Replied By: joanne44picard on Apr 21, 2014, 10:50AM
Hello !

I really don't know how to start this entry but here it goes,,,I have a son who is 38 years old and is on drugs!! I have watched Dr. Phil everyday now for the past 6 years and tried to do what he recommends,,but believe me its not easy with a son who thinks he is ok,,,I went to meetings with him to let him see I wanted him to get better,,,he has been in jail many times for drugs and I have bailed him out to many times,,,he was living with me for 3 years after his daughter was born and DCF took the baby away from them for drugs,,I can now say the mother is cleaned up and has my granddaughter with her,,,but doesn't want anything to do with my son anymore and I don't blame her,,,my husband passed away 7 years ago and ever since then my son has gotten worst,,,he has stolen all my husbands jewelry,,,all his tools,,and even my jewelry I had as souvenirs,,,all gone to the pawn shop. And now today as I write this blog he is again sitting in jail for petty theft and probation violation,,,I threw him out of the house in February and he was sleeping under the bridge and begging for money on the streets,,,my heart can't take this anymore I wake up in the middle of the night with heart palpitations,,,I am in a way happy that he is in jail I can rest and not be worried, but I know he will be out soon,,How does a mother abandon there child and tell them to no longer knock on her door for food or sleep ???? I AM SO LOST on what to do ,,,Any Help  
Replied By: modrzyae on Apr 16, 2014, 8:56PM
I've never posted on a message board before, but I was so upset that I had to comment.  I'm a big fan of the show, but it seems like every show over the last few years is an advertisement for a member of Dr Phil's family...his son's publishing company, his wife's cosmetics, his son's TV show or credit card...this is getting ridiculous!!!!!!!!!   Up to a quarter of each show is devoted to this!  Please stick to helping people with their problems instead of promoting your family's financial interests.
Replied By: margiejayne on Apr 8, 2014, 2:54AM
I have been watching your shows for years.  I am appalled that your most generous offers of help are really glossed over by your guests. It is very rare to see any show of thanks. Especially a sincere THANK YOU. Where are these people's manners?

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my thoughts!
Replied By: pk9999 on Apr 4, 2014, 6:16AM
I have a friend who used to work at a place that does not enforce its zero tolerance policy.  He was subjected to 4 years of harassment, neglect and violence.  Two weeks before he quit,  his hand was broke by his supervisor and the company burried the incident.  The alarming part is we went to department HR, University HR, Ombud and even the Univ. President and nobody did anything.  I feel afraid for the other staff that still work there.  I know several people that are still being subjected to weekly and daily torment.
I now run a support group an dit is alarming how many people are in the smae type of situation in several univeristy and government establishments and nohting can be done about it.
Replied By: debbiej63 on Mar 18, 2014, 7:07PM
While watching your shows, I have noticed that in most of the recent shows, Dr Phil keeps clearing his throat. He didn't use to do that, at least not to this extent. Are you okay Dr Phil?
Replied By: dancer1555 on Mar 16, 2014, 3:36PM - In reply to shawnsouther
Shawn and Jessica,

My heart breaks for your unspeakable loss.   I'm concerned there haven't been any replies or comments to your post, but it may be an indication of how disconnected people in this country have become.  For years, people have been lamenting our inadequate public school system that's been failing since about 1966, but no one has ever mentioned nor tried to address the fact that we can't have a poor education system without some serious, very adverse consequences.  I think your plight with the legal system, which is becoming far too common, is due to some of these consequences, consequences which include underdeveloped cognition; a tendency to be quick to anger; a propensity for making mistakes at such an alarming rate it's as though they believe they're being paid to do so; the inability to empathize; a poor work ethic; and a sense of entitlement...a lot of traits that aren't good for anyone.

I have a law degree but illness kept me from practicing, so I can't help in that respect, but, if I may, I do have one suggestion.  If you can, find someone who can and will help you write and proofread all written communication about your plight.  You might get more response if there are fewer errors.  It may not be fair for people to judge or form an opinion about someone and/or the validity of their experience based on  writing skill, but, the fact is, it happens.  You need help for your situation.  Better to forget pride, so you can do whatever it takes to get that help.  Once the story is written and proofed, send it to Dateline, 20/20, 48 Hours, Oprah's OWN station, FOX News, CNN, local newspaprs and TV news departments, everywhere you can think of.  Does one of your TV stations have a service called "Call for Action" that helps with legal questions and such?  A lot of stations now have investigative reporters who pursue difficult situations in order to get results for the victim.  I haven't read your story yet, but if it's as you described, you may need as much media coverage as you can get, as it's the media coverage...national attention....that may get you the legal help you so desperately need.   Sadly, human beings often do not have the good character and integrity that they believe they have.  And they're too easily swayed by majority opinion or by people with money or a title, even when reasoning and common sense show the opinion is wrong.

It's shocking the number of people who actually believe Amanda Knox (murder in Italy) is guilty despite the facts and the fact that the prosecutor has been shown to be obsessed with cults and abherrent sexual behavior as a Catholic in a Catholic country, plus he'd already been charged with misconduct.  I mean, there couldn't be more evidence that this prosecutor fabricated the whole insane story to justify wrongly charging those two with murder, yet people will only give a superficial look at something and form an opinion they're convinced is right.  I recently read about a study that found that 82% of people...a huge majority of our fellow citizens.....ignore or even change the facts in order to believe what they want to believe.  Sad, isn't it.  Makes me terrified of jury trials.  

Anyway, hope this helps.  Will pray for you.

Replied By: dancer1555 on Mar 16, 2014, 2:35PM
I'm new here, and I must say I do not understand how this site works, specifically where I can post a comment that will be read by those who'd benefit most.  I tried to post something important re: Fibromyalgia, but it didn't work.

Re: Kim's tale of misdiagnosis for so many years and the failure of so many doctors to do a basic workup and order basic tests, like a blood test....I don't want to offend anyone, but, to protect ourselves, we all need to accept a fundamental truth:  We cannot have an inadequate public education system for over 40 yrs. without adverse consequences.  With the influx into the workplace...and professions like medicine and law...all those individuals educated after the mid-60s, when our schools began to do so poorly, we began to see, and pay the price for, those adverse consequences.  Of the undesirable traits we're seeing in so many of these employees, one of the most dangerous is the huge change in our traditional (Puritan) work ethic.  When teachers began telling their K-6 students that they were special (instead of unique) just for breathing or showing up and gave them awards for doing nothing, they didn't raise self-esteem as they'd intended, because self-esteem, lasting self-esteem, is the (automatic, inherent) product of self-respect.  Do and say what is respected by others, what you personally respect, what is right and/or in accordance with Judeo-Christian values, principles and wisdom, and you'll have healthy, lasting self-esteem.  So, what they ended up creating instead was millions of children who grew up believing they're entitled...entitled to be treated a certain way, entitled to the big bucks just for showing up, entitled to decide what they will and will not do as part of their job or internship (ask Hoda Kotbe what her intern once refused to do), entitled to speak to people, even their elders, in whatever manner they choose.

This poor work ethic was particularly evident when I took the prep course for the LSAT (law school admissions test) in 1985.  Every man taking the course, without exception, talked constantly every week about only one he was going to be a "high-priced attorney."  Law and the study of jurisprudence used to be a noble pursuit, a calling; now it's merely a means to make a lot of money.  If law students feel this way, you can bet medical students do as well.  What used to also be a noble pursuit and a calling for those who love a challenge and have an insatiable curiosity...the two most important factors necessary for being a good views us as nothing more than a means to an end...the big bucks.

The young neurologist to whom I was referred re: treatment of Fibromyalgia (FMS) spent about ten min. with me, then I had to catch his attention in the hall to ask about my feet where I have intermittent pain that mimics diabetic neuropathy.  He shrugged his shoulders in an I-don't-know/ who-knows manner and walked away without a word.  A good doctor, a decent person would have jumped at the challenge, and his curiosity would have driven him to find out all he could.  What is our culture going to do without good doctors?  What are we going to do with a population of our most educated and knowledge who are determined to do only the barest minimum in their jobs and professions?

This is why this phenomenon is becoming more frightening with each passing year.  In the area of medicine, this places all the burden on each of us to research and find our own diagnosis.  Trouble is, once you're sick, you're usually not able to meet that challenge.  Pain, fatigue, weakness will invariably hinder anyone's ability to accomplish such a huge task.  If we're ever going to find the right doctor, one who will conduct the tests our research says we need, we're going to need one h*** of a network.  At least in law, you can act as your own attorney in court, but good luck with that.

Two other disturbing traits are underdeveloped cognition, as illustrated by NY's legislators, and their carelessness and lack of attention to/disconnection from their environment and what's going on around them.  NY banned hand-held phones while more a distraction than tuning the radio...because they were unable to analyze their way to the fact that it's the talking (& texting) that causes accidents.  As to carelessness, too many of these employees and professionals make mistakes at such an alarming rate it's as though they believe they're paid to do so.  When my father didn't hear about the results of his stress test, week after week, he finally called a month or so later and guess what?  The doctor ordered him to get to Charleston ASAP for emergency by-pass surgery.  People think it doesn't matter whether their speech is peppered with bad grammar and/or non-existent words or that they can't give accurate directions because they don't know what "parallel to the river" means, but, the truth is, it isn't long before not caring about the small details becomes not caring about the bigger, more critical details.

We've been hearing complaints about the increase in rudeness since at least 2000 that one psychologist in an article from 2000 attributes to "social isolation," but, the truth is, those of us who've always exhibited good manners aren't going to suddenly become rude, because our good manners are part of whom we are, part of our nature, and won't disappear because we're alone too much.  I've spent 75-90% of my time alone the last 27 yrs., but my good manners are still intact.  The rudeness is coming from a younger group, which I suspect future studies will find correlates with being educated by an inadequate school system and a desensitization caused by changes in the messages conveyed by electronic and print media and movie storylines.  Notice the age of those talking on cell phones in public and in waiting rooms; notice the age of doctors and PAs who think it's okay for you to watch them play with a laptop for 20 min. in the exam room after you've waited two hrs. to be seen.

Moral of the story:  Be careful whom you trust and how much you trust.  Ask a lot of questions; then ask them again a different way.  Get a second and even a third opinion.  Learn all you can about everything now, before you need to know it.  And don't let corporate America and our politicians railroad us.  Already we're being sold products that fail within a year or two when they used to last decades, even a lifetime.  Some companies are now charging us to send us a bill, which means, if we're not careful, they'll soon be charging each of us a portion of their office expenses...utilities, rent/mtg., etc....thus eliminating all overhead (i.e. cost of doing business) so net profit is also gross profit.  Customer service has become so poor that we may soon find we're being charged for that as well.  This isn't being done by our parents or grandparents or even the oldest boomers (born 1946-1949/50).  It's being done, at least in part, by many (not all) of those educated since about 1966 by an inadequate public school education.

The difficulty in getting Americans to face this phenomenon is not just the fact that it applies to so many of us personally....and who wants to admit to any inadequacy....but studies have shown that nearly everyone (82%) will ignore or change the facts in order to believe what they want to believe.  But, this is a problem that affects us all, as well as future generations, yet a problem can't be resolved unless acknowledged and defined.  It's fixable, but only if everyone is willing to admit it exists.  Let's show the quality of our character by facing the hard truths.  Our abiity to receive quality medical care and legal representation and good service and products depends upon it.
Replied By: shawnsouther on Mar 14, 2014, 12:02PM

Please help my family. go to the link above waths the story.

What that "news" report does not tell you is our attorney hired a Cosco Inc. expert to examine our babies car seat. She determined the seat WAS put in the truck correctly. WE were arrested put in jail for a month had to post a half a million dollars bond and we have been on house arrest for eight months. My son was my life, and to be accused of this is KILLING us. We were bothe nearly killed in the accident, we were put in jail still injured, we were bothe scheduled for surgeries we did not recieve, because we were in jail. Jackson County West Virginia has delayed my case for almost a year, while still keeping me on house arrest. I want my sixth amendment right to a speedy trial so I can clear my name but I am not getting it. They are pissing on the Constitution of the United States, and no one cares. Inocent till proven guilty is a nice concept, but have this happen to you and you will see a different side of the law!!!

This is my son we are talking about, he lays in an unmarked grave that we cant eaven visit because we cant leave the house. We have lost everything we had over this, and all we did was have a car accident!!!

Imagine if that happened to you, pray to God it doesnt happen to you because if it is like our case you WILL wish for DEATH!!! Some one some where can help us but I dont know who? I write to Dr. Phil almost every day, but I NEVER get a response. PLEASE pass this along, maybe it will get to him some day. Until then we will hold out as long as we can. 

                                                                                            Thank You 

                                                                      Shawn & Jessica Souther

Replied By: annettebrawn on Mar 5, 2014, 7:36AM
Dr. Phil,

Im new to this site. 16 years ago I suffered an "out of the blu" feelng. I felt drugged. I was hospitalized many many states away from my home. I had a freind take care of my 4 children because I wasnt feelin well and thought I needed a break from them. I went out of state with my now Ex husband. I was on adhd medication that was perscribed to me. I was no comfortable giving it to myself because I was Not feeling myself so I had my husband giving it to me.While hospitalized I found out that I had toxic livels of this medication in my system. I was hospitalized for a month. My sister came to ge me out and take me back to Maine. I started my life over. Without my husband. Without my Children at first because because of my hospitalization they were taken into state custody. I had to prove that I was stable to care for them. I had no idea what happened to me to send me to the hospital. I got my kids back. My husband and I got back together. Life went on for 11 more years. Then I decided to divorce my husbad. I since have relocated south of where I was with my daughter. (my sons are adults now) And have since econnected with my Junior high sweetheart. We have been together for 4 years now. 2 years into our relationship, I again got the feeling like I had been drugged. This feeling lasted 5-6 month with 3 stays at a hospital a month at a time. I have since found ut that this feeling is a psycosis. A Mental Illness that was first brought on16 yeas ago by a toxic level of adhd medication. This second time I had not taken any medication. I had suffered dipression during my illness and my stay in the hospital. I had shock treatments for 9 months. I applied ad recieved SSDI. I have been working hard on recovery for 2 years. I finally have made it! Im back to working full time and feeling close to myself. My Dr is researching my diagnosis. He says My symptoms dont really "fit" the norm of anydiagnosis so hes just going to call my diagosis "this" I would really like to find ut what is rong with m. Why these symptoms happen 15-16 years apart and then I recover mostly. Im not sure where to post this so Im posting it here. Thank You for your time. Annete
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