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Replied By: ab7899 on Aug 26, 2016, 9:21AM
i just want to ask what others think about our healthcare system and how it is run. People with real medical conditions (cancer) and have medical insurance has bills piling up certain test decline but people with no insurance and their medical problem (obesity) not only gets weight loss surgery for FREE they turn around and get cosmetic surgery to cut the sagging skin ugh! oh i forgot thats FREE too! I don't understand and i just need to vent am i the only one that feels like the harder you work to get ahead and do the right thing the more you keep sinking deeper and deeper:( FRUSTRATED
Replied By: bakertaylor28 on Aug 23, 2016, 8:06PM - In reply to tewks7979
Frankly, this is a situation in which you need an attorney experienced in men's rights. (hard to find but they do exist) What the state governments don't like to advertise, is that refusing court-ordered visitation is grounds for the court to cite that party with contempt of court, so long as it is well documented that the oposing party has willfully refused to follow the court order, absent being able to justify the circumstances. Rarely, a court will issue an order directing law enforcement officers to take necessary action to enforce the visitation order. 
Replied By: ggwill on Aug 17, 2016, 3:22AM - In reply to leslie1973
sure as i'm sitting here at the computer if you make it a big deal it will be a bigger deal in her eyes don't try to get to know him but don't igor him mybe have more faimly reunions at your home that way she can't not go and just maybe she will start to see that he doesn't really fit in and she will back away some from him remember its got to be her deceion   or she will fight you and you will lose  even if she is not that into him keep your self busy when she brings him around  no fight no glory she will move on.
Replied By: ggwill on Aug 17, 2016, 3:06AM
although your child believes that in just one day their 18th birthday to be exact makes them automactic adults i would like to have more information on how the parent can make this transition with the young adult they have been waitting and planning for years come this day but what about mom and dad not so much i can see where in this time can make or break a whole family could you touch on this subject a little more often  please thank you dr. phil
Replied By: hillbillymama on Aug 7, 2016, 6:24PM
I recently lost my husband March 2016 and feel such profound disbelief,hopelessness or intense yearning for your loved one that you can't function in daily life we was married 9 yrs. Jan 1 2016 he passed away at gome in a hospital bed on hospice March 2016 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease i am let with nothing and was denied spouse benefits he was a vietnam veteran with a honorable discharge i struggle every day is there hope for me or should i give up i am in the mobile home where we was living together cause i have no
where to live and we have pets i did not want to loss them to i had to give up the phone it cost more then i could afford it was my husband's cell i know you care about prople and the military i am begging please help me or find  someone in bullhead city arizona to fight for me this sad i can not work i have no children no family and i just pray i don't loos my pets or the roof over my head. I am paying the price to live cause of his death Bless you and your family
Replied By: ldvelis on Aug 7, 2016, 12:45AM
We thought long and hard about this. I love our local heroes and thank them every chance I have. I have taught my children and grand children to respect and admire these important heroes.
Replied By: tewks7979 on Jul 23, 2016, 8:33AM - In reply to boo1972
I have a few things on this subject. I was married for almost 5 yrs. She was very abusive and still is. We are divorced with children. The state of ohio really is a countradiction to its own laws. My ex on several occasions has denied me visits (tho i pay support and strive to be a part of my young vibrant, energetic, and innocent children) one of the reasons i didnt get to see them was because my ex was with a child molester, and the state said they couldnt find nothing wrong with it. When i was growing up my mom got with a really bad man who did some very bad things. They told my mom it was him or the kids. She left marks on me and akron police didnt do squat besides to tell me that we would go both to jail if i pressed charges. So as far as abuse goes i think the goverment is sexist (choosing women over men). Even if the man is the victim.
Replied By: nikkiboogie on Jul 22, 2016, 1:39PM - In reply to colvilletough
I agree.Native american have gotten so shafted and there has been so little done to help them get out from under this.Its shameful.Look at all thats been done to help black americans and theyre still mad.Ive got friends of every color and we all go the same places,have same type jobs, got same education.We have a black prez.Look what happened to the jewish ppl! They moved on too.Its time to help the native ppl get their chance to stand strong with the rest of america.
Replied By: kkimmy37 on Jul 21, 2016, 4:37PM
  I have a Rant. I just saw on your show at the end the Lady from Phizer was on and you were talking about Diabetes. I am a Diabetic and I cannot Believe the co pay costs of my medicines. I also have Diabetic Neuropathy, Artery Disease, Stage 3 Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Chlesterol, I fight Depression (I now Isolate myself to my room except for Dr. appointments or Grocery store runs), Sleep Apnea, Asthma, COPD and another Lung disease. For my Diabetes I take 2 shots (10 units each) of Byetta a day and 2 shots of Humalog 75/25 ( 120 units in the AM and 140 units in the PM).

I use to be a pharmacy technician, so I know what pharmacies pay for the drugs and what they charge for the drugs. It is outrageous!! Even with Insurance. I have to often make choices between groceries, medicine or Dr. Visits. I see a lot of Doctors and they each have a co pay I need to pay. My Husband has Insurance through his work for us, but we still struggle. Since Obama passed the law that we all must have Insurance why can't something be done about copays and the cost of drugs?

Some drug companies will offer a discount copay card...this helps a great deal, but not all of them offer it, or you have trouble finding one.

I just needed to Rant....I don't believe there are answer to these questions, or that Dr. Phil can change anything...just needed to Rant.

Replied By: leslie1973 on Jul 7, 2016, 7:43PM
My daughter dated this guy that is a Christian for 2 to 3 years. He provided everything for her. Plus gave her a nice vehicle. Left him for a guy that has tattoos across the front of his neck, arms, chest, body. Smokes, does drugs, gambles, been to prison for drugs and beating on past girlfriends, on probation, has 3 kids (child support), no vehicle. He hops from one vehicle to another with my daughter following along.
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