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This is the forum to talk about the issues that mean the most to you. From family and finances to parenting and relationships, what's on your mind? Share entertainment gossip or sound off about the latest news story. Want to get something off your chest about the show? Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Phil's advice to a guest? Come on in, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home!
Replied By: storytotell on Jan 16, 2015, 4:28AM

I'm working on a huge project about mental health in a corporate environment. But instead of just using statistics to fight for my message, I want to tell stories. Stories are so much more powerful.

Please comment to tell me about your expereinces with mental health in the workplace. I really want to help!
Replied By: blgspc on Jan 14, 2015, 10:32PM
I’m going to be in the LA area the second week in February with my niece. I notified the audience coordination staff  the week before Christmas. I haven’t heard from them yet, sure hope that there’s still room for us.

Anyhow just wanted to let you know that you still have time to work on that Bathroom issue…..or not.

Hope we can be part of you live audience when we come to LA.
Replied By: christina1986 on Jan 7, 2015, 10:35PM - In reply to jcracing
Race is an important thing to bring up, but it's not about it. I think people fail to see that there are people mixed with more than 1 white race and how similar they find they are. I think more needs to be done for African Americans to feel comfortable because they are the most different from whites. Middle Easterners are a fairly pure race, I think, partly. You don't see them mixing much. They are kind to me, tho. They notice me as I pass by and have the same mindset of the world in the US. So, make Asians the same as white, make Middle Easterners pure, and welcome African Americans cuz they smart!
Replied By: lab419 on Jan 1, 2015, 4:16PM
I have watched this show for years.  I go out with friends and the discussions continue.  But I have a couple of gripes.  First the good doctor yells.  THere is no need, I'm sure he's got a mic!  Stop yelling!  Then in the holiday commercial Robin of all people says Happy Holidays!  Really?  You don't insult people when you say Merry Christmas.  You are saying what's in YOUR heart.  I can't help but wonder if it's her new line and $$ that dictated that.  She has always said Merry Christmas in the past.  FInally her line.  I applaud her and her causes.  She's a wonderful person.  But it fried me that you manipulated shows so she could advertise.  It's not the Dr. Phil and Robin show.  It just isn't.  I know last year if I had to hear one more time about Jay and his publishong company I'd barf.  This year I'm sure we're going to be advertising your weight loss book.  Stop the advertising on the show.  Let the show be the show!
Replied By: friesen_a on Dec 26, 2014, 9:29PM
I remember watching Dr. Phil show about online dating site scams and how to avoid being trapped or conned by people on the internet. So I am curious if there are any guidelines when giving to online charities like Facebook groups to adopt rescued animals from Bulgaria, or any groups that ask for money. Also if there are any dog rescues around the world that are safe to contact or give charity to.
Replied By: franky12 on Dec 23, 2014, 7:30AM
Dr. Phil is getting old...same old stories (Out of control teens, drugging/drinking, cheating, etc) It's getting closer to being Jerry Springer-like.  Also what's with using the show as a platform to promote all of his family's new businesses?  Are they not rich enough?  I removed this show from my recordings.  Time to make a change, Dr. Phil.
Replied By: jcracing on Dec 15, 2014, 11:43PM
Very agitated...short and sweet.  I was in law enforcement for 16 years.  I absolutely agree with putting cameras on Officers, I agree with making sure that Officers get the appropriate traing and I'd like to know who is going to fund this.  Ask most Managers of most agencies and money is a  huge problem.  They cant even hire Officers to reach minimum staffing, much less take them off the streets to train or pay them time and a half on a day off.  They could definately make it a part of their schedule, I've worked with two agencies that do this.

I DISAGREE with ANYONE coming on tv and bringing up race.  I do not believe skin color is the issue, until racist people bring it up and MAKE IT the issue.  These people were shot and killed in different situations and different circumstances.  Accessive Force???  Maybe...  Lack of experience or training?  Maybe.... Is the system "broken?"  HELL YES, FOR A LONG TIME NOW!!!  

But I am so tired of the race card being pulled.  Statistics are what they are.  The media and racial groups make these instances racial.  I dont feel that there was enough emphasis on the totality of each seperate circumstance.  I received a Commendation for NOT shooting a man.  And I'm certainly not going to tell you what color he was.  That detective didn't have a second to explain anything from law enforcement's perspective.  The average person doesn't know.

Thank you for letting me type my peace.

Love you Dr. Phil!!!  :)  hahaha
Replied By: mark203 on Dec 14, 2014, 3:59PM - In reply to barbsink441
I think that the black communities need to realize--thay have a ruined reputation.

Instead of screaming foul, they should be talking repair.

There are obvious signs of holligans, from 20+ years ago.

The local police in team with the nations law enforcemnt officers, has really put the squash on black, neighborhood, crime waves, know to blacks as culture.

Also, the black guys getting harmed, view the police as a competitor.

They utter words amny times, that the police are infriging on their civil rights to be criminals.

There is no way, I can side with these demonstrations.
Replied By: selfthinker on Dec 13, 2014, 3:53PM
I watched your show 12/12/14 titled 'Black and Blue' and could not believe the racism shown during this. I was VERY disappointed with you for not allowing the police to tell their side. These men put their lives on the line everyday for us. If Brown, Garner or any other had only done what the police asked none of this would have happened! No, these people are instigated into burning and tearing up innocent people's homes, stores, police cars etc.without any law applying to them. They must obey the same laws as everyone else. The Blacks have priviledges we don't have, such as Black TV networks, Black Beauty Padgets, Black History Month etc. Can you imagine what would happen if we had a White History Month? I am not against Blacks,I live in a mixed neighborhood and I have very close friends who are black, but they are not vandals. They teach their children to respect the law. This Grand Jury in Fergerson had blacks on it too, do you really think they could have been persuaded to not indite this officer if he were guilty of anything? This Grand Jury knew the outcome of their verdict, but they listened to the witnesses that told what REALLY happened. Before you are so quick to condemn the police, sign away your safety and ride with them for a night or two and see what they face. Then make your judgement. I'm not saying that there are not some Law Enforcement Officers that cross the line, but most are very dedicated and deserve respect and much more pay than they receive.
Replied By: barbsink441 on Dec 13, 2014, 10:39AM - In reply to samandgary
I agree with the previous response.  Almost everything in your show was slanted to the support of the black race.  Those are the people who destroyed their own race businesses and put their people out of work. This is what puts a negative attitude into the minds of white people and some black people who aren't racists themselves. It they would just do what they are asked instead of getting in the face of policeman things would have turned out much differently.  Also, why don't anything appear on the national news when a white policemen is shot for no reason by a black man. That happened on November 18.  The black man was asked to leave a bar. He did but he came back with a gun and killed the policeman who was off duty and 4 other people were severely injured by being shot. This appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal but not on national TV, I guess because the people in Akron did not riot.  We are in the area of Dayton,Ohio and the police are always picking up students that did not go to school and can you guess what race they were. They weren't white and yet the black people keep complaining the can't get a proper education. They could if they went.  I am not racists and have some very good friends who are black and do not approve of the behavior of their own race. If they wouldn't have such violent and vulgar music they might be respected.  You can be a black entertainer or recording artist without showing your violent nature.  Also, as a white why can't we have a White Miss America since there is a Black Miss America.  Also, if the black people wish to be integrated with every aspect of the white community, why do they continue to segregate themselves by having Black Colleges.  In the case of the 12 year old that was shot, the policeman did not know he was 12 and he did not listen to what he was told.  If your, Dr. Phil, son was involved with someone walking away from him and the person reached into his pants and could very well have had a gun would you want your son to wait until he turned around and pointed and shot at your son or would you have wanted him to respond as the officer did. This is a no brainer but it is listed as racism by the officer.  How cracy is that?
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