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This is the forum to talk about the issues that mean the most to you. From family and finances to parenting and relationships, what's on your mind? Share entertainment gossip or sound off about the latest news story. Want to get something off your chest about the show? Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Phil's advice to a guest? Come on in, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home!
Replied By: jenniemarie on Jul 27, 2015, 5:48PM
The shows, articles, and news stories about rapes, incest, and sexual assaults hit me extremely hard. As with so many, unfortunately, these stories detail experiences all too familiar. However, for me getting help proves even more difficult. It isn't just the shame or sickening feeling I get when recounting my own abuse. It's hard for me to reach out for help because the man who first molested was my father....a child psychology still practicing in his own private practice today. I'm 19 years old and it kills me to know I have allowed him access to kids for so long. I am planning on telling my mom within the next few months, But it is so hard to heal when I feel so alone! All survivors feel shame, fear, and isolation, but none that I know of have the additional burden of knowing that a rapist is a well-respected psychologist In the community. He disgusts me to think he can lead two completly seperate lives! I just wish I could have been brave and determined enough to put a stop to all this 10 years ago and kept him without a license to practice mental health counseling. 

Replied By: yvonne037 on Jul 13, 2015, 2:12PM
Hey Dr. Phil, I was just watching a show from April that I had missed and recorded.  You were talking to John Edward.  You made the statement that this was not to announce your runnibg for president.  WHY NOT.  I think this would make perfect sence.  Everyone knows that that you are HONEST, TRUTHFUL, and cant' be made to say what people just want to hear,  You TELL IT LIKE IT IS.  Oh yea, Robyn would certainly make an ELEGANT and outstanding 1st Lady.   Just sayin.
Replied By: babs1950 on Jul 10, 2015, 11:04AM
I watched your show on 7-9 15 was a little confused from a statment you made please explain it a little better you said you can plan how you want to live your life but you cannot pick or choose how you die according to the greater plan, but what about the people who commit suide dont the pick how and when its a little confusing please explain thank you
Replied By: yusufk on Jun 16, 2015, 9:27AM
A major hurdle here in Baltimore City is the various stigmas associated with being Black, even if city officials are black themselves; the issues are more deep-seeded than we originally imagined!

Being Black in any major metropolitan can become a nightmare on many levels and speaks to the reverance that well-off Blacks may also contain a form of reverse racism toward those from poorere backgrounds.  It seems, even living in a seemingly black town that, there contains a division of sorts; even when you have opportunities before you.

"The Peace Talks" Tour will respond in a cordially fashion, to speak to city leaders, business and faith leaders, corporations, foundations, individuals, organizations, and the like in an effort to passing the baton - by working together to make life more prosperous for every resident regardless of their skin color, economic status or personal circumstances.
Replied By: dayreal on Jun 12, 2015, 12:41PM
Why do  pitfalls  still exist  in society  since  we as human beings have the control and power  to remove  drugs, human degradation, human trafficking, Poverty, Hunger, homlessness. From my view i find this society that and environment i lived in  for four decades. The pitfalls our drivng the human soul and psyche  into submission with the pitfalls in place  and  lack of information within the societal environment. Pathological behaviors are  ruining our founding father's plan for our americas, our future is being wasted on lack of unity and too much captilization among the big companies which this practice has trickle down too the impovershed and defeated ones. Unification is not solid or bold in restoring to the fundamentals of our in place positive rules that help guides into a important part of our psyche Happiness and Peace. I cry  but my eyes are drainded i frown but my face muscles are hurt and sore. Our human evolution is at stake if w do not change with the planet  we will be left behind and the change is coming and we must be prepared.
Replied By: maggsie on Jun 5, 2015, 11:09AM
I am curious!  Did you try to get 
"the interview"  with the Duggers.  And, if you did, why wouldn't they come on your show?

Also, would you still have them on, if you could?

I would love to see an interview w/o the excuses for the son, Josh.  

Can you have a program about "family abuse", w/o naming the Duggers?

I was totally w/o sympathy for them when this came out.  But on the other hand, when do 

you turn in a child for molesting a sibling?
Replied By: thisado on May 26, 2015, 7:54AM
I was told recently I needed to  check the strength  of my birthdate. 11/11/1947 my name is Diane. Is there anything to this?

Replied By: haroldkrieg on May 10, 2015, 12:59PM
Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steven Wolfson commits malicious prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct.  For more details, read my whistleblower blogsite.
Replied By: maggsie on Apr 22, 2015, 3:09PM
Dr. Phil, I am not a big fan of Bravo, but I have seen enough of the shows to 

se it as very angry & a lot of backbiting.

When I read that you are going to have Kim Richards on your show, I wanted to

suggest that you have her sister Kyle on with her.

I feel really feel sorry for Kim.  I would drink too, if I had Kyle for a sister.  No support, 

only criticism & public humiliation!!!!!

Just a thought!

Replied By: sampson12 on Apr 21, 2015, 7:53PM
As an educator of 20 years, I have noticed a steep decline over the last five years of the social ability of children coming into kindergarten.  After much pondering, I feel that the reason is the increasing amount of screen time children are receiving.  As I am out in the community, I see more and more children being handed a phone instead of being talked to or disciplined.  Yes, it is easier and less time consuming to put a device in front of a child.  However, the time invested in your child outweighs the time you will spend later down the road when your child is unable to function at school or they are diagnosed with attention issues.  Parents, please put down the devices, and invest in your child(ren)!  It is time well spent.
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