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Replied By: jahbowha1 on Jul 21, 2014, 4:06PM
dr. phil i need your help .i am jahbowha newman i need with my mental illnesses. i am turn 23 this friday and i need this help for me and family. i really need the help
Replied By: jahbowha1 on Jul 21, 2014, 4:05PM
i am jahbowha newman i need with my mental illnesses. i am turn 23 this friday and i need this help for me and family. i really need the help
Replied By: jazzyjojo123 on Jul 6, 2014, 5:37PM
Dear Dr. Phil,

My name is Jasmine Goers. I am 19 years old and I will be turning 20 on August 16, 2014. I was just recently in a car accident. It was on January 25, 2014. The vehicle I was in was a silver 2013 Nissan Rogue. There were a total of 5 people in the vehicle. The driver’s name is Krista. In the passenger seat is where Michael sat and in the back seat on the left was Anthony and on the right was Nick and sadly I was sitting in trunk. All of us were really excited that day because we were going to a club called AMP for Nick’s 18 birthday. There’s a deal that AMP does is you have to post your name to their Facebook page and you can get in for free as long as you get in AMP before 11PM. Well, we live in Port Richey, Florida and AMP was in Tampa, Florida, which is about an hour away and we left about 9:15-9:20PM. When you get to AMP you usually have to wait an hour in line, so you can imagine we were in hurry, so we left and Krista was speeding about 75-85mph there. I was lying in the trunk the whole time. There was also another group of people in another car and we were supposed to follow them but Krista wanted to go her own way. We were about 5-10 minutes from AMP and we were driving off a ramp on 275 and we came upon a stop sign and Krista went to turn left without stopping at the stop sign and was speeding. She says she didn’t see the stop sign and she also says she didn’t see a car coming. Well that car ended up t-boning us on the left side of the car. We flipped once and we were a matter of just a couple inches from hitting an electric pole and we were about 10 feet away from hitting a house. When the car accident happen, I didn’t know that we were in a car accident till we hit the ground after rolling once and I assume it was when we were flipping, I remember feeling like I was floating or even maybe flying. At the moment I didn’t think I was in trouble so  when I felt like I was floating, I looked at all the objects around me and was thinking “oh cool look at all this stuff floating”. I also remember reaching out to touch the stuff. When we hit the ground I hear Krista and Michael yell “get Jasmine out of the trunk”. Thank God Michael came to my rescue and he helped me out of the car. I wasn’t in any pain at the time so I stood up thinking everything was fine but it wasn’t. I fell to the ground when I got out of the car and I spit up blood and Michael was helping me to fix my clothes. I  crawled what I think was probably about 5 feet and went to lie on the ground and that is when I felt all the pain in my lower back and I started to feel like I couldn’t breathe. Michael was there for me the whole time making sure I stayed calm and didn’t have a panic attack. He also called my mother to inform her of what had happen. Once the Ambulance got there I kept telling them that I couldn’t breathe and they refused to give me oxygen so I could breathe. The Paramedics but a neck brace on me and they put me on a spinal board and I was in one of the most pain that I’ve ever had. When the Ambulance brought me to the Emergency room I remember seeing pretty colored lights on the ceiling, while they were rolling me to my room. From there on I don’t remember much so I’m going to tell you want my Mother said. When I was in the emergency room I didn’t have any pain medication in till about three hours after the car accident. The nurses were more worried about me being pregnant than anything else. I went through a lot of tests and I don’t really remember doing any tests. All I remember is that I was extremely tired and was in a lot of pain. After I had all my tests they told my Mother I had a broken back and a shattered neck. They also told my Mother that I would have to go into an emergency surgery. I had neck surgery on January 27. The surgery was supposed to be 3 hours long but it ended up being 5 hours. I like to say that I have a fake neck because my neck consists of cadaver bones, bolts, screws and plates. I was forced to wear a neck brace and a back brace for 4 months. I was in ICU at the hospital for a week and I was in Critical Care for another week. I went to HealthSouth Rehabilitation for about a week. Finally I went home where I was forced to sleep in a recliner because my insurance wasn’t allowing to get a hospital bed at the time. They finally allowed me to have a hospital bed that I am currently still using. I have made great progress since then. I am no longer wearing my neck or back brace. I don’t have complete motion in my neck and they told me I never would.

I was not the only one hurt in the car accident but I did get the worse. Krista had a broken pinkie. Michael had whip flash. Anthony had some spinal problems and had to stay in the hospital for a couple days and he had to have physical therapy. And Nick we don’t know a lot about what happen to Nick we just think he had some bruises and bumps because he never went to the emergency room. The reason why I’m contacting you is because Krista has done nothing but lied about the car accident. She blamed an innocent man and said the driver of the other car was drinking and driving, when he wasn’t. She also said we flipped in the car 3-5 times, when we didn’t. Also while I was lying on the ground on my death bed she asked me to lie to the cops and say I was wearing a seatbelt, but I didn’t do that. She has told all of her family and friends this story and she has had people turn on me. I have had three people message me saying the whole car accident was my fault and that my Mother and I were threatening her and harassing her. My Mother and I didn’t do that what so ever. Krista is the one that has been stalking me and harassing me. She has reported my Facebook account fake so many times that I can’t even add any friends now. I cry at least once a day because I thought Krista was my friend and I thought friends were supposed to be there for you no matter what. I knew that sitting in the trunk was wrong and that I shouldn’t have done that but Krista shouldn’t have been speeding and ran a stop sign. I’ve gotten to the point instead of being grateful that I’m alive to I want someone to kill me. I know I can’t do it myself and never would be able to. All I want is for her to speak the truth and not to have people turn on me calling me a liar and saying everything is my fault. I’ve tried my hardest to move on and forgive her but I can’t. With me just lying in my bed not able to do anything and all I think of is that all she has done is lied and turned people against me. The people that have messaged me have told me that she really did care about me and was sorry but not once did she say sorry to me or did she ask about me at the hospital. She also left the Tuesday after the car accident, to move to Tennessee. When she came to the hospital to say goodbye she made up a story and said that people were making fun of me and laughing at me at the car accident and that’s a lie. She only messaged me 2-3 times asking how I was doing. She also blocked me on all of the social networks that we were friends on and her excuse for blocking me and not talking to me was because her lawyer said so, but she didn’t even attempt to ask anyone else to see how I was doing. In my eyes, she never cared about me and all I want now is for the truth to come out and for everyone to know the truth. If it takes me weeks, month, years, I will still fight for everyone to know. I will fight till the day I take me last breathe and I need your help Dr. Phil. I don’t want to waste my life on trying to tell everyone the truth I rather it be sooner than later. So please Dr. Phil help me.


Jasmine Goers
Replied By: maggy51 on May 30, 2014, 1:36AM
How many older people do you know in your community, who are becoming increasingly isolated because of their age, or circumstances?  When people reach a very high age, they may already have lost their siblings, friends and even their children.  Children and grandchildren may have moved far away.  They may go weeks, or in some sad cases months, without seeing a friendly face.

     So often these days, children grow up without the benefits of having an older person in their lives and older people are also deprived of the joy that comes with the presence of children.  Both old and young have so much to give to each other.  When I was a kid, it was usual for the children of the street to run the errands for the older neighbors.  Although I often found it irritating (when hauled out in the middle of a game), I learnt to like the kind, and as I found out later, fascinating lady next door, that I was running errands for.  I only realised many years later, that I was one of the very few people she ever got to see.

These people gave us the life we have today, so give something back by at least asking them in for a cup of coffee.  You never know, you might get to like it.

Replied By: alison333 on May 26, 2014, 1:18PM
I just read Elliot Rodger's 'life story'/manifesto this weekend after the horrific events last Friday.  I'm not even sure how I stumbled across it, but I did. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop.  (It's quite lengthy.)  I have to say... it is absolutely astonishing.  I was completely flabberghasted by it.  He was a very intellegent kid, and actually also a very good and cogent writer.

His 'story' has GOT to be studied by forensic psychologists, imho.  I hope that Dr. Phil can do so.  There is MUCH to learn from it I believe... and it could undoubtedly save lives in the future if professionals can unravel how this kid descended into mental illness.  A what a blueprint this is.  It is a fascinating (albeit horrifying) glimpse into it all.  I couldn't help but think while I was reading it, that perhaps just ONE person could have altered the entire course of the events that sadly unfolded.

And, also astonishingly, later on in it he talks about going to his doctor, and guess who THAT was?  Dr. Charles Sophy!!  Dr's Phil's friend and colleague.   I couldn't believe it.  I also hope that they will discuss it, even if privately, or better yet perhaps do a show on it.

Thanks, I have never posted anything here before, but really felt compelled to do so.  My thoughts and condolences go out to all the families who have been affected by this tragedy.  Alison
Replied By: acissej123 on May 25, 2014, 9:17AM
I'm a twenty-seven year old adult but my mother is so hellbent on controling me I might as well be seven. She is so controling, emotionaly abusive and minipulative. I tried to get an apartment of my own but aparently my SSI wasn't enough to cover it. My mom has lied to me about other things so I wonder if that's the truth anyway. She wouldn't even let me move in if I planed on taking my panting supplies with me. She tried to get me a place in her name but insisted I would have to let her come over everyday so she could help me learn how to pay bills and such but bascially so she could spy on me and see if I was or wasn't keeping the place immiculate.   She esentialy forced me to get on SSI in the first place but refuses to admit to it today. I did some research online and when I called the local police, my father took away my phone and claimed it was broken. My mother also cut off acess to the internet, claming it was a saftey hazard because I talk to other people autistic people and I might slip up and accidently admit that I live "near Cincinatti Ohio".   I guess every sicko on the internet is going to be persuing me now.  

I applied for a job at Petsmart online. Thee different ones. When I tried to tell my parents they went on and on about how one was too far and I could never get there. I reminded them how I planned to take the bus that THEY told me about. That WILL pick you up at your house if you call in advance. They only make stops around the county but will drop you off at bus stops for the metro buses that go downtown. I tried to tell my parents I could do that, and that was my plan but they refuse to hear it. My mom even laughed at me.  

Well at least started laughing and made me feel stupid. She just came by to excuse herself, she claimed it was "like when someone trips but doesn't get hurt and a giggle just comes out." I NEVER heard "I'm sorry I hurt your feelings". She's always had this idea that if she did not mean to hurt my feelings, than I'm in the wrong for feeling hurt and she has no need to apologize. NO ONE will listen to me about how the stress is starting to affect me physicaly and everyone seems to want to side with my mother. NO ONE wants to hear my side of the story.  Please Dr. Phil. You're my last hope!
Replied By: knowledgeisagi on May 21, 2014, 6:15AM
I'm seeking anything to help me understand the despicable abuse that happened when my son was four.because he just informed me and its not as easy to punish the abuser because at the time the abuse happpend the abuser was a child age 11 or 12.I know he knew right from wrong and I also understand his mental capabilities at that age.but does he get walk away simply because of that when my son has a life sentence with what he did to him.when will children be held accountable for these obviously trauma causing actions.I'm speaking with first hand experience and no they didn't go away they are still very present in my life.even more now that for what I thought was protecting my kids it wasnt I wonder is it something he continues to do.what can I do to make sure that he understands what he did and there should be consequences for what he did.its all to common now and that's wrong nobody should ever be violated by either man woman or child.please don't tell me it was curiosity because because at 12 he was beyond that thank you for your relies
Replied By: groundhogsday on May 20, 2014, 3:57PM
Why don’t I feel the way I want??? I just don’t understand. Well actually… If I step out and look at it from a 3rd party view. 2 people… Started off the relationship in the riptide of another one…moving in together was rushed… There was not an open line of communication BC it was convoluted with anger, hurt, resentment, fear…both people grew up in alcoholic homes where an open dialogue of feelings was not present…everyone was in survival mode…they broke up several times..the gloves came off several times and words that should have never been spoken were whipped out and used to sting. Person A misses person b so much….its mind blowing…and while person B loves person A…she does not feel the same way as person a….person b likes being alone.. Does not and cannot think about the future or past with anyone or anything BC a crippling visceral “ice in their guts” anxiety grips them. Person B feels as though something is broken within her and she feels guilt and panic about not having the same feeling as person A. Person B is very angry with her mother and herself. Person B wants a redo button.
Replied By: rarity83 on May 17, 2014, 3:36PM
My name is Caroline. I reside in Lexington, Kentucky. I am 31. I was born minus three extremities and with partial facial paralysis with the diagnosis of Moebius Cycle Syndrome. I have overcome many obstacles in my life and have a story to share with the world, with the power to change it if given the chance. My hands are not clean, I must confess. For the last five years I have been working as a webcam model/escort. I have semi-retired as an escort for the last three years.
I drive and have lived independently for five-and-a-half years. My being has changed since driving independently in the last year. I have fought all of my demons and am now ready to fulfill my calling, whatever that may be, on a broader scale. My abilities include: acting, modeling, performing, writing, teaching.through voice and healing. I believe people's minds need to be opened. I am looking for a mentor or resource I admit I will need a makeover of sorts. I am very mobile and strong. I am able to walk with or without my prosthetics. I am not interested in being limited to the "handicapped"because I do not feel that is my strength.
I am personally interested in finding a talent agent and/or publisher to write a book.
Replied By: tjlady on May 8, 2014, 12:10AM
My son has tried to make his relationship work with his girl friend 6 months pregnant with his baby girl.  However, she has a temper and angry all the time.  Deciding to split up but he wants to be in his little girl's life and be a dad.  We are learning that since they are not married, he has no rights.  She doesn't have to tell him when she goes into labor which she is threatning to do.  After the birth he can request a paternity test, which she doesn't have to agree to.  So then he will have to have a court ordered test.  Then we wait for paperwork.  Our attorney told us that could take months.  MONTHS before he may have any contact with his daughter????  To his dismay, she has smoked cigarettes all thru the pregnancy so far.  Attorney also told us that he should never meet with her alone as she can claim physical abuse and if there is no witness, the courts will take her word for it with out any proof only creating more problems for him. Attorney also told us that the battle for custody would only result in visitations.  No custody in our county is awarded to dad's.  Only visitation.  Give us a break!!!  What can we do???  This is so sad...... You have a dad that wants to step up to the plate and we are told it is pointless.  We were also told that she can screw up all she wants, Very rare for custody to be taken away from the mom.
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