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This is the forum to talk about the issues that mean the most to you. From family and finances to parenting and relationships, what's on your mind? Share entertainment gossip or sound off about the latest news story. Want to get something off your chest about the show? Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Phil's advice to a guest? Come on in, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home!
Replied By: lori9112000 on Nov 23, 2015, 11:01AM
Dear Dr. Phil,

I just watched a rerun of a 2011 episode on bossy husbands.   I was aghast at the  complete ASS that John made of himself.  This rerun was perfectly timed because I had been considering going back to school and pursuing a M.S. in forensic psychology.  I quickly realized that had I been in your chair next to John, I might have just hauled off and decked him.  So thanks to John I've decided to volunteer at the humane society instead. I would love to see John come back and have to sit quietly while every woman in that room (including Robin) get to respond to his pathological stupidity!
Replied By: vixonlady21 on Oct 19, 2015, 3:21PM - In reply to cummter
I totaly agree with your comments,this family seem to me to have had an easy life of money,travel,TV etc etc,all because they chose to have all those children,I saw one episode where the Father was making them peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and they seemed lacking in table manners.
I think it is time this family  washed any dirty linen in private,because I for one am totaly tired of hearing about them.
Years ago many families had a lot of children,but did not make a business from appearing on TV etc etc,they worked and got on as best they could,therefore I rest my case on the duggers,as the saying goes,what goes around comes around.
Replied By: cummter on Oct 6, 2015, 5:15PM - In reply to maggsie
I usually hate it when they start blaming the parents right off the bat, but this time I feel 100 percent it is the parents that made a mess of this family. Josh I see as a symptom of his parents seeking fame and fortune on TV and letting the kids police themselves. They homeschool and it makes me angry because I believe in homeschooling as well as traditional school. The girls that are about to be on TV sound so uneducated. As it turns out, Jessa Duggar is pregnant and does not even have a GED. How sad is that. She copies all this stuff from the bible telling everybody why they will be going to hell and she will not, and she does not even have a high school diploma. Arkansas apparently has no rules about homeschooling, but I would think the Duggars would have at least wanted their children to have a high school diploma. They should be ashamed of themselves..wanting to be on TV so desperately. Now these girls are both following in their parents footsteps and probably will have another pack of uneducated children, just what this country needs. Josh is a product of his parents glorifying sex and marriage. He might be a pedophile but he also might just be somebody who watched his parents tell him how great sex is once he is married. They groom their children young to get married. You can see you do not want to get me started on the Duggars. 
Replied By: cummter on Oct 6, 2015, 5:04PM
I half listened to a show on schooling...the different types... which I was not happy with. You obviously believe the only good school is traditional. It seems so simple. Any schooling works if the parents or guardians are involved. That mother that believes she has learning freely going on knew exactly how much her child is reading, what they are doing, where they are going. She is a very involved parent and is homeschooling no matter what she likes to think it is. I homeschooled my son when he was having trouble at school, but he had had a lot of friends in regular school and it was too much work to keep him motivated so i went back to the headaches with him and regular school (he was loud from being around 2 people almost deaf) so he would get yelled at a lot when he was younger especially. I do believe in traditional school, but that only is really successful if the parents are staying on top of things. It amazes me how many young people graduate with very low vocabularies and hardly read. My 8-year-old granddaughter reads way above her actual grade level but that is because all of us around her always from very young on encouraged books. The teachers only do so much. Homeschooled children have lots of opportunities to socialize if the parents make it happen, but only if they parents make it happen.
Replied By: sweetrose1974 on Sep 30, 2015, 4:47PM
I really enjoy the Dr. Phil shows when they stick to the subject matter - but when they start on something serious n then half-way through the show turn into something that is about promoting a Dr. Phil book or Robin's website or some other program somehow related to Dr. Phil it really upsets me. I understand it is Dr. Phil's show and Dr. Phil has the right to promote his products during his airtime but I also find it unfair both to the people that come to his show for help as a lot of their story is then cut out and it is also unfair to those ppl that try to make sure they make extra time in their day to see a certain show only to have it interupted by a promotion for one of his products instead of taking a few minutes at the end of the show or dedicating a show specifically for that.
Replied By: manicmuse on Sep 27, 2015, 8:13AM
I recently watched 2 episodes originally shown in December 2007. I really wanted to know what happened to this couple. After doing a little research I found that Wade Baker shot up a Methodist church, called 911 stating he had shot 4 people, and was subsequently shot and killed by the police. (He hadn't actually shot anyone - the church was empty) This was August 9, 2015. He and his wife Michelle had 9 children between them. He suffered from PTSD, and even had a trained companion dog to be with him. It sounds like he tried to work out his problems. It appeared he and Michelle were still married. So very sad. Wade Allen Baker rest in peace.
Replied By: ytom90 on Sep 21, 2015, 12:59PM
My family has been going through alot recently. I've learned that my close cousin's daughter, B, has been repeatedly raped  since the age of eleven by her uncle, M, another of my very close cousins. The story has come out over the past two months. In the beginning, my family was concerned about B's sexual habits. She has had sex with many boys and men and she is only 16. When we confronted B, she told us that M, her uncle, molested her ONE time when she was six and he was nine. She told us this two months ago. M was confronted about his behavior and we decided that he needs help. He was a child and now is a man. But yesterday, B told us more about her story. B told us that M has been pressuring her into sex since the age of eleven. He told her about the incident when they were children becuase B doesn't remember. M has been forcing her into sex by first, catching her doing something wrong, such as, sneaking out of the house or her relationship with men, then he threatens her with teling her mom if she doesn't have sex with him. M stopped forcing her to have sex when B told us about the incident when she was younger. This was two months ago. M has been doing this to her since he was a teenager but he is now a man, an adult and continued. 

I am so hurt and angry and confused.  I love both B and M. They are my younger cousins. I grew up with them. M was one of my favorite cousins. HE was so sweet and kind and thoughtful. This person that I'm hearing about is someone I dont know. I hear that he not only has molested  B but beats his girlfriend into the hospital and has been caught in questionable situations with other young girls ( very young). When he was confronted about what he did to B the first time, he reacted in explosive anger. I dont know this person. He was so quiet and smart. Anyway, B's mother, my older cousin, has decided to press charges against M. I stand behind her. However, speaking to my mother, she says that were wrong. This should be a family matter. M will likely go to prison and my mother, who is in the psychiatric field, believes prison will make him worse. She thinks we should give him an ultimatium: GEt help for your behavior or go to prison. I told her we are not the law. I love M about but we can't watch him 24/7, 365 days a year. His actions are his actions. I believe going to the police is right; Not only for B, his victim, for society ( his potential victims) and for M ( both  the perpetrator and a victim of his own will).  My mom keeps talking about the repurcussions, such as grandmom dying form grief, B being confronted by her classmates if they find out, our family being divided. But I'm resolute. M needs help but he also needs to be brought to justice. 

M tried to commit suicide a few nights ago. I'm so scared. I don't want my family divided and my grandma to die. What do I do? 
Replied By: cypress49098 on Sep 1, 2015, 5:54AM
At the start of the show you insited it was not about politics.  As it turn out it was!  Am I going to call or write Governor Fallin begging to spare Glossip life?  Hell no.  He is going to die. Call or write Governor Fallin all you want.  It's not going to do any good.  She will follow the law!  Even the U.S. Supreme rejected Glossip request for a new hearing.  And please, stop giving hope to Gloosip.  He will be VERY disappointed when they remove him from his cell to his death....
Replied By: mikela74 on Aug 31, 2015, 11:37PM
Dr. Phil I am a military man. I always tought my young soldiers that their is no honor, dignity, or pride to be had in taking anothers life. The taking of life should always be a last resort meaning its either their life or yours. I can see and understand both sides of the argument. For me moraly the death penalty should not exist.The death penalty is a touchy subject and the unfortunate reality is its the penalty in some states. Regardless how you feel taking a life is wrong. We all know this, but some people see it as closure. If you dont like it, do whats LEGALLY necessary to change it. Threatening those that follow the law and do their job will not solve anything. Most would rather not do their job but they have a family to take care of.
Replied By: rebekahruth on Aug 31, 2015, 9:31PM
Thank you Dr. Phil for taking on this controversial subject so bravely. As a people, we are growing toward a moral understanding of the difference between justice and vengeance. I have written a 70-minute interactive play, "Edward Watson Must Die: Proving the Innocence or Guilt of the Death Penalty," in which the audience may explore ten different sides of the issue, from that of the victim's family, to social reformer, conservative moralist to pro-life priest. In the end the audience actually votes as part of the jury. The end is poignantly surprising. I am seeking venues to share this dialogue on stage. Discussion is critical and I appreciate this forum. Thank you.
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