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This is the forum to talk about the issues that mean the most to you. From family and finances to parenting and relationships, what's on your mind? Share entertainment gossip or sound off about the latest news story. Want to get something off your chest about the show? Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Phil's advice to a guest? Come on in, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home!
Replied By: jcracing on Dec 15, 2014, 11:43PM
Very agitated...short and sweet.  I was in law enforcement for 16 years.  I absolutely agree with putting cameras on Officers, I agree with making sure that Officers get the appropriate traing and I'd like to know who is going to fund this.  Ask most Managers of most agencies and money is a  huge problem.  They cant even hire Officers to reach minimum staffing, much less take them off the streets to train or pay them time and a half on a day off.  They could definately make it a part of their schedule, I've worked with two agencies that do this.

I DISAGREE with ANYONE coming on tv and bringing up race.  I do not believe skin color is the issue, until racist people bring it up and MAKE IT the issue.  These people were shot and killed in different situations and different circumstances.  Accessive Force???  Maybe...  Lack of experience or training?  Maybe.... Is the system "broken?"  HELL YES, FOR A LONG TIME NOW!!!  

But I am so tired of the race card being pulled.  Statistics are what they are.  The media and racial groups make these instances racial.  I dont feel that there was enough emphasis on the totality of each seperate circumstance.  I received a Commendation for NOT shooting a man.  And I'm certainly not going to tell you what color he was.  That detective didn't have a second to explain anything from law enforcement's perspective.  The average person doesn't know.

Thank you for letting me type my peace.

Love you Dr. Phil!!!  :)  hahaha
Replied By: mark203 on Dec 14, 2014, 3:59PM - In reply to barbsink441
I think that the black communities need to realize--thay have a ruined reputation.

Instead of screaming foul, they should be talking repair.

There are obvious signs of holligans, from 20+ years ago.

The local police in team with the nations law enforcemnt officers, has really put the squash on black, neighborhood, crime waves, know to blacks as culture.

Also, the black guys getting harmed, view the police as a competitor.

They utter words amny times, that the police are infriging on their civil rights to be criminals.

There is no way, I can side with these demonstrations.
Replied By: selfthinker on Dec 13, 2014, 3:53PM
I watched your show 12/12/14 titled 'Black and Blue' and could not believe the racism shown during this. I was VERY disappointed with you for not allowing the police to tell their side. These men put their lives on the line everyday for us. If Brown, Garner or any other had only done what the police asked none of this would have happened! No, these people are instigated into burning and tearing up innocent people's homes, stores, police cars etc.without any law applying to them. They must obey the same laws as everyone else. The Blacks have priviledges we don't have, such as Black TV networks, Black Beauty Padgets, Black History Month etc. Can you imagine what would happen if we had a White History Month? I am not against Blacks,I live in a mixed neighborhood and I have very close friends who are black, but they are not vandals. They teach their children to respect the law. This Grand Jury in Fergerson had blacks on it too, do you really think they could have been persuaded to not indite this officer if he were guilty of anything? This Grand Jury knew the outcome of their verdict, but they listened to the witnesses that told what REALLY happened. Before you are so quick to condemn the police, sign away your safety and ride with them for a night or two and see what they face. Then make your judgement. I'm not saying that there are not some Law Enforcement Officers that cross the line, but most are very dedicated and deserve respect and much more pay than they receive.
Replied By: barbsink441 on Dec 13, 2014, 10:39AM - In reply to samandgary
I agree with the previous response.  Almost everything in your show was slanted to the support of the black race.  Those are the people who destroyed their own race businesses and put their people out of work. This is what puts a negative attitude into the minds of white people and some black people who aren't racists themselves. It they would just do what they are asked instead of getting in the face of policeman things would have turned out much differently.  Also, why don't anything appear on the national news when a white policemen is shot for no reason by a black man. That happened on November 18.  The black man was asked to leave a bar. He did but he came back with a gun and killed the policeman who was off duty and 4 other people were severely injured by being shot. This appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal but not on national TV, I guess because the people in Akron did not riot.  We are in the area of Dayton,Ohio and the police are always picking up students that did not go to school and can you guess what race they were. They weren't white and yet the black people keep complaining the can't get a proper education. They could if they went.  I am not racists and have some very good friends who are black and do not approve of the behavior of their own race. If they wouldn't have such violent and vulgar music they might be respected.  You can be a black entertainer or recording artist without showing your violent nature.  Also, as a white why can't we have a White Miss America since there is a Black Miss America.  Also, if the black people wish to be integrated with every aspect of the white community, why do they continue to segregate themselves by having Black Colleges.  In the case of the 12 year old that was shot, the policeman did not know he was 12 and he did not listen to what he was told.  If your, Dr. Phil, son was involved with someone walking away from him and the person reached into his pants and could very well have had a gun would you want your son to wait until he turned around and pointed and shot at your son or would you have wanted him to respond as the officer did. This is a no brainer but it is listed as racism by the officer.  How cracy is that?
Replied By: samandgary on Dec 12, 2014, 11:37PM
We just watched an hour of Dr. Phil and it will be the last episode watched.  The show was so incredibly bias regarding the recent racial issues.  I have no doubt that there are crooked cops out there, but I also understand that if any of these people you talked about would have followed the law, they would all be alive.  Since when is it okay to rob a store, or reach for an officers weapon.  Its hard for me to believe that you would put such bias information, and not the whole story on the show.  No one knows all the facts except for the people of the grand jury and it is not your place to judge these people, and use your show as a platform to voice your opinion.  You admit you are not a lawyer, so you should keep the show to what you do know something about like you used to when you first started.  You can do whatever you want, it's your show, but I'm done watching after all these years.  It's too bad.
Replied By: danohmy on Dec 12, 2014, 5:30PM

   Dear Dr. Phil, 

   I love your show.  Today, I watched your show(12/10/14) about Racial Tensions.  I am married to the most beautiful black woman in the world.  We have arguments, but what couple doesn't.  Since we have been together, the black culture has accepted more than my father's own family.  My father adores his daughter in law.  My mother had always been raised to respect all people.  Though, my father's family had always made racial jokes as bold as a cat on a hot tin roof.  I have accepted my "black sheep" ranking in the family, because I don't care! I love my wife.

    Now my wife may defend her own mother, naturally, but my own mother in law has had in the past made both racial and anti-catholic remarks.  I went along with my wife and children down to Florida to visit her mother and brothers and sister.  I was not expected.  In a short time, I have seen such hatred in her eyes; full of rage.  She once again made anti catholic remarks.   I have Epilepsy Seizures and I have seizures under great distress.  Oh, Dr. Phil, I felt such distress and had several massive seizures.  I saw my two year old son being shaken by my mother in law and I was unable to do a thing, because of constant seizures.  I am told on short notice, that my mother in law is coming up from Florida to my house.  My beautiful wife and I have had loud screaming matches against her mother coming in fear of my son and of my own health.  I have no say so watsoever.

    What is your advice? I am at the end of my rope, but I love my wife.
Replied By: jayneann3 on Dec 7, 2014, 11:04AM
All due to my house being crushed by a neighbors tree in June 29, 2012 the second time tree has fallen on my house.  Insurance only covered me for what I paid for the house. $49000.00. not near enough to cover the damage. Im as far as I can go with fixing my house? 

Im one person with little income 3 grown kids. I am $10,000.00 credit cards sending my son to Butler University! Graduated in May 2014 I am so proud of all my children an feel I have no reason to complain, they are my best accomplishments. Now they are on their own.

Myself can not finished my house to make a better home and my business of child care in my home.

I make aprox. $250.00 a week and that really just pays my bills. so to finished???? I am so lost and so depressed that I wake up crying about my house and the stress of it all. At present time. 11/22/2014 (mom who passed in 2008 her B-day I cry for her every day also)  Insurance canceled my homeowners 

and bank picked it up only to charge me alot. so I was on the phone to get other insurance, and the outside of the house needs to be done in order to get and aprassial to get insurance,  so I get on the phone to get estimates and receive 4 people to come over and so far just for labor $2000.00????

out of my league, the person who has done my house up to now. has no time to work on it cause I have

no mone to pay him. I dont want him back either thats a story in its self.  City code has me in court because house not done. result is $350.00 fine if not done??? thats seems to be the cheapest way, however, house needs done and I see no $$$$$ to get it done.  

Im so devestated wake up crying and depressed I've gone as far on many days to ask God to take me now, this is really unbarrable for me to live.  I get out of depression for the children I watch everyday.

I wish I could get my licence and increassed my bussiness but that cant happen till I get house done

All reflexes on my house being done. 

Sister inlaw has emailed TV stations and not answers back. Ive ask for volenteers to help with labor and materials to no avail.

I need help. I have no choice but to keep asking and asking till I feel complete in my life.

I am available to take care of my grand kids and I am glad for that, one takes care of my cell phone bill, and the other helps my out with food.  They should not have to deal with this.

I receive money from a estate mesothema case that helps with paying for my son to go to College so I have not been able to use my share for anything I need. I dont want for much but mother nature did a job on me.   what else can I say .............    Need help please I am willing to pay back little by little. or do what I can I just dont see happy days  and I need that bad. I am single and have been for the longest time. Iam 2 times divorced and feel everybody in my life has taken full advantage of me, Like my Insurance guy, 

Let me tell you about the Hell after Ibought this house in the first place, I did everything right by the book and the owners new there was a problem with the drain in back and they had water turned off so It could not be inspected and sold me house. within 3 days all drains backed up in my basement and was disqusting, I had to pay over $1000.00 to get drained fixed and live proberly. Again all by myself. I took the prev owners to better business bureau and lost my case. Pathitac,  so all my life taken advantage of. I am 51 and not parents living.  Please stop the crying.  I am going to keep trying to get my life straight.

next I want to tell opera and Gordan Ramsey, and all that will listen.  My health is another story. Im thin cause no appitate so weight loss is not for me I need to eat.

thank you for being you Dr Phil Love your show.  and Robin I dont feel fabulous at all.  


Replied By: fsse11 on Dec 3, 2014, 9:51AM
I have watched the dr. phil show frequently, and am wondering why the Dr. Phil show has never done a show about tempomandibular joint syndrome--people who clench their teeth so much, that they get this. Could Dr. Phil sometime in the future address this syndrome?
Replied By: blgspc on Dec 2, 2014, 5:03PM
Speak out, huh? Okeydokey!

Here goes. I hate to say it Dr. Phil but you got Bathroom Problems! BIG TIME! I was a member of the audience a couple of years back and we got a chance to sit through TWO tapings. Between the tapings my friend and I wanted to head for the Ladies Room but ya’ll had snacks so we picked up a little refreshment before going to the restroom. BIG MISTAKE! HUGH!

There were like a couple of hundred people in your audience and 99% of those people were women! Thus, that line- to the Ladies Room- was reminiscent of all of those cartoon artists renderings of the animals trying to board the Ark! Only a pair of all of the animals on the face of the Earth pales in comparison to that line leading to the PITIFUL TWO stalls available for ALL of the women in your audience! My friend and I were the last in line to the bathroom, that day.  Hence, my friend and I were the VERY LAST to re-enter the studio. We got to the ONLY seats LEFT up high, in the back, in the corner in the dark only moments before the second taping started! We almost missed that 2nd taping BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF LADIES ROOM STALLS!

I want to return, to be in the audience, again. I appeal to you, Dr. Phil, please get some more stalls for the Ladies. Robin would say, “Well, YEAH!”

Do the right thing. I don’t want to have to sic Robin on you. You KNOW that she would lovingly drive you to distraction…...O.K. put differently she would lovingly drive you to distraction over THIS- the Ladies Restroom! 
Replied By: justiceplease on Dec 2, 2014, 1:46PM
I'm requesting help from the media, the public and any other concerned person to nudge an agency to do their job of serving a warrant and protecting innocent children. And I want to ask the public to ask questions as to why red tape and a budget come before the public's safety. Oh, and I apologize in advance if this gets a little vent-y. This is quite a person subject and I am down to reaching for straws in this quest for justice.

Without going into pages and pages of backstory, my sister and I were abused by our stepfather years ago. Finally, charges have been brought. He was arrested in Sevier County, TN in May of this year on three counts of child rape. The charges are from AR. Arkansas delayed extraditing him due to health at the time. He was released on a recognizance bond and an arraignment date set for September. He failed to appear for the charges and his bond was revoked as well as a failure to appear warrant was issued. The prosecutor's office has sent the warrant to the Sevier County Sheriff's Office. They will simply not arrest him for fear of housing him until Arkansas issues an extradition order. The prosecutor says they issue that after he is arrested. I believe that is a catch-22. Hmmm. There is, however, a way around it: the U.S. Marshall's office would "be happy to arrest him" (somebody at the Knoxville Marshall's office). It has to go through the proper channels.  Here they are: Hot Springs County (AR) Prosecutor's Office has to call their district Marshall's office and request an assist. Then they forward the request to Knoxville, and they serve the warrant. It could be that simple. I can verify the warrant and details I've given. The prosecutor's office has said they would let the PA know he can request the assistance of the Marshalls. They said they did their job and sent to warrant to TN.

I'm not sure where the ball got dropped but I CALL IT OUT! Where is the justice?
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