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Replied By: jl_nckrsn on May 31, 2016, 1:13PM
I have absolutely no compassion for this woman. She was neglectful. She would be held accountable if her son were to vandalized or hurt someone else at the zoo because he was out of her control how is this any different? She was not paying attention to her son and if she had this wouldn't have happened. I've taken my child to the zoo (as well as other establishments) and she is never out of my sight because children wander. There is no excuse as to why this child had enough time to figure out some way to enter an enclosure that is specifically designed to keep people out. So my question is what was his mother doing that she lost track of her son for that long. This woman's negligence is what killed that animal absolutely nothing else.  As for the writer of this paper to compare a situation I  which you are in your own property and an animal attacks a child is completely IGNORANT!!!! The two can not be compared. When you are at a zoo it is designed to be a controlled environment because these animals can be DANGEROUS. That's why there are precautions taken to ensure safety, however they can not control stupid irresponsible parents. It is not the establishments job to watch your children. When you are at home on your private property and something attacks your child, family member, etc..... then you must do what you have to, but your home is not designed to prevent attacks from animals the zoo is. So stop trying to defend this woman and let her take responsibility for her neglectful behavior and stop defending her.
Replied By: island4girl on May 23, 2016, 10:59AM
I am watching a rerun on OWN, first boadcast 10/23/09 about racial stereotypes.

The subject of Asians/Chinese eating dogs came up, and Phil acted like the woman was insane, the Asian woman on the show poo-pooed it.  But I regret to tell you it is true.  There is a massive dog meat industry in China.  I am an animal advocate and I and millions of others have been fighting this for years and years.

Here are a few links to prove my point, be careful with the images, they are VERY disturbing.

I could list hundreds of more links.  Whomever that Asian woman is and Dr. Phils' cavalier attitude and acting like everyone is nuts made me very angry;  especially the Asian woman, she KNOWS it's true, Dr. Phil can be excused because possibly he doesn't know, but his feigned shock and attitude that anyone who knows this or believes this is true was very disappointing.

Replied By: specere_up on May 20, 2016, 2:50PM
I have heard mention from Dr. Phil regarding this on occasion, and I'm not sure I'm commenting in the correct place; 1st post.  I mean to be in current events so here goes.

Deciding who will be our leaders should always be a thoughtful decision.  In such a critical time for our country, it is a heavy responsibility.  Does anyone else feel the burden of electing America's next president? 

Which candidate will best preparing America for our grandchildren?

Which candidate will focus attention to the legacy of our country? 

Who will, for our 320 million people, see farthest into the future and direct us to a proud, rightous place?  I don't refer, in that, to religion, necessarily, but a good, right place in the world.

Speaking of the world, who will clarify our role?  We seem to try to be all things to all people.  Is that possible to do successfully?

I tell you I'm stressed.  I need some political forensic analysis, Dr. Phil!
Replied By: boo1972 on May 20, 2016, 11:57AM
Thoughts on men who are being abused and can't defend themselves
Replied By: okiecop9717 on May 17, 2016, 12:09PM
On a recent episode you had the mother of Michael Brown on your show.  When you asked her what would justice for her be she replied a murderer convicted of murder.  I admit, as should most people, I don't know all of the facts of the case but our justice system was put to the test under great international scrutiny and Darren Wilson was found to be justified in his actions.  I understand your staff reached out to Mr. Wilson and he declined comment, I would have too.  In our careers in law enforcement we start with a noble cause, to help not hurt.  I have a combined 33 years between military and civilian law enforcement.  I recall several times force was justified and I used force.  I had just over 26 years on the job before I fired my weapon in the line of duty and it was traumatic for me.  Not wether I was justified or not, just the fact I was put in the situation where I had to fire to stop the action.  Your expert in the audience spoke about shooting once and the person bleeding and injured no longer being a threat.  In the incidents I have been indirectly involved in I can only think of one where one shot "stopped the action."  I put that in quotations because that is the way I have always been trained.  When you fire, you fire until the action stops.  We don't shoot to wound and for sure don't shoot to kill but to stop the action.  If Mr. Brown had stopped his actions when he was struck the first time Mr. Wilson wouldn't have fired again, in my opinion. I know of your record as a court advocate and have first hand knowledge our justice system has flaws but it's what we have.  I believe there should have been some balance to Mr. Brown's mother's comments if not from Mr. Wilson at least from a tactical expert in the law enforcement community. 

For the other incident from Carolina, according to the portion of the video I saw with no other facts, as a detective I would investigate that further.

I also feel the timing was inconsiderate to law enforcement.  The fact this show aired the week before Law Enforcement Appreciation Week seems almost rude.  

Thank you for this forum to share my opinions.  I know some will agree and some will disagree.  I respect all comments and opinions.
Replied By: ilovethesand on Apr 22, 2016, 12:00PM
Thank you for all the shows on catfishing. I've watched all those shows & remembered the red flags. I joined an oline dating site & started talking to a guy. I saw some of those red flags & used the Google search feature where you can do a search with a picture. I used a picture he gave me to search & found out it was a scam. So, thank you!
Replied By: bea444 on Apr 15, 2016, 6:03PM
Hi Dr. Phil.  What ever happened with Alexandria?  You never mention her anymore.
Replied By: rodentraiser on Apr 13, 2016, 2:56AM - In reply to joanvanh
It's even worse when the adult bullies are bosses and managers you have to work for. Having to go to work with a bully boss is like being a kid all over again. You can't hit back and you can't walk away because you know you need your job. So you bury the stress. Is it any wonder people die of heart attacks and strokes? Sometimes I wonder if cancer is just another way of the body reacting to stress.
Replied By: joanvanh on Apr 10, 2016, 1:22PM
There is a great deal of talk and coverage about childhood bullies, and rightfully so. Actually, there is room for more talk and far more action. However, there is little talked about as far as adult bullies and the damage that can be inflicted by them. Emotional damage in relationships is a pretty obvious area when thinking about adult bullies. But there are MANY other ways in which adult bullies can cause complete annihilation of lives, many time over.

Adult bullies are quite often seen in positions of authority, such as law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges. In the criminal court system, this behavior destroys innocent lives. In the United States, we are seeing an average of 3 exonerations for those wrongly convicted PER WEEK and this is growing. In 2015, there was a record number of innocents exonerated.

In a case I've been advocating for nearly half my life now, the cause of the wrongful convictions was a police detective. The complaints against him were so bad, it was given a name ... The Winkler Factor. His bullying frightened and angered dozens upon dozens of people. To make matters worse, there was a prosecutor who turned a blind eye to the complaints and to his behavior. Top that off with a judge who ignored them both.

Do you have any idea what it takes to free an innocent person from prison? Our case has SIX innocent men. There are those who have been exonerated 30 plus YEARS after a wrongful conviction. There are records proving that there have absolutely been others who have died in prison and cleared after their death. Prosecutors fight to the bitter end to deny there are innocents in prison. In cases where, if a person bothers to look just a little closer, a horrific list of wrongs can be seen, law enforcement officers stand by every deceitful, misleading and threatening action they have taken.

Please, address this issue. Adult bullies with power are destroying lives out here.
Replied By: lbuzzy on Apr 6, 2016, 7:21PM
I get tired of Dr.Phil always blaming the parents for the behavior of their kids and to some degree that's true but has he ever lived through situations that he's so critcal of. He's always telling us about his degrees and professional experience but what would he and Robin have done if they lived through some of the chaotic situations shown on his show. Wouldn't that be a great show if they did just that. Instead of discussing a situation they moved into a disfunctional house and dealt with the chaos they are confronted with. Do you think his talking to someone who is punching walls, throwing things, cursing and swearing etc is going to calm the situation. I doubt it but why not show us all how he and Robin would handle situations like that and see if their parenting skill are up to the task. Would be a great show but one I'll never see I'm sure.
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