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Replied By: dblake864 on Dec 22, 2016, 11:51AM
Please do a show on workplace bullies. I left a high paying job earlier this year because the stress was so bad that my health was suffering. Not everyone has that option. I recently received a call from a former coworKeri who desperately wants to leave. You've done several shows on bullying. I think this topic needs to be addressed.
Replied By: dblake864 on Dec 22, 2016, 11:49AM
I would like to see a show on toxic workplaces. I'm not talking about chemicals, but toxic people. I left a high paying job earlier this year because of this. It was having an effect on my health. Fortunately, my family was able to cope financially. Not everyone is so fortunate. I left behind at least two coworkers who are still struggling. One of them called me for advice recently. Adults lic with bullies, too.
Replied By: th020107 on Dec 20, 2016, 1:16AM
I have been watching Leah Remini : Scientology And The Aftermath. I would love to see Scientologists and FORMER Scientologists on Dr. Phil's show, including Leah. I KNOW we would get unbiased, investigated information and details from Dr. Phil like NO ONE ELSE can!  Dr. Phil would be a great person to expose things!   The people who have told their stories on the Leah Remini series hurts my heart! HOW can Scientology do so many outrageous, illegal things and have no repercussions? How can a church/cult/organization OWN someone physically, mentally, emotionally and financially in our America?

Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Dec 7, 2016, 4:20PM - In reply to welltreat
Yes, this is a legitimate website belonging to Dr. Phil and his son Jay, it is not a scam.
Replied By: welltreat on Dec 7, 2016, 2:19PM
There is a company claiming to be Dr. Phil and Jay. It is called Path to Recovery - it is a virtual reality addiction treatment program.

Is this really them or someon trying to scam people ?

I can't find anyinfo on the internet connecting them except for the pictures on that website..
Replied By: spiros206 on Dec 2, 2016, 8:03PM
I have found that some of the issues on the shows this week are very applicable to my situation I just wish they could have been seen by another. I will explain. A few days ago I broke off my engagement to a lady who I had known for three years, I could not take any more of her & had to break it off.

I am not a native of the USA I moved here about 15yrs ago from Europe. We got engaged about a year ago BUT she will not legally marry me because she will loose a penson that she gets from the death of her husband. She has a good job & supliments her income through property. We have never lived together & I did not benefit in any way from her income. She has two boys  I have none. One of her "kids" has been caught twice with drugs & she bailed him out! Sound familiar? The other boy is away from home several days a week at college BUT he does not appear to be making ANY progress in his chosen field. If I make any comment she will turn it into something derogatory that I am supposidly saying about them! I would have left the son in jail to take responsibility for his actions (as Phil said this week). I feel a great deal of anger & frustration about being here in the Us. I have no family here & with the festive season upon us it makes things worse. My father passed about 2 years ago so that is another reason not to be festive. She did not even try to understand or be concerned about my issues & that also contributed to breaking if off. Now all I have to do is pick myself up!

Replied By: spiros206 on Dec 2, 2016, 7:47PM - In reply to onefunrn
I dissagree sorry!! The show is about her husband and not an exercise in self promotion!!
Replied By: lwallander on Nov 8, 2016, 10:21AM
I recently watched one of your shows about kids bullying, I do not agree with bullying at all! I also know that some children are labeled as bullies when they finally stand up for themselves after taking crap from other children for years and asking them repeatedly to stop. Even a child can only take so much! I have never condoned my children fighting but do believe that they have to stand up for themselves. Incidents happen many times on the bus when it could have and should have been stopped by the bus driver before it got to the point where kids where putting their hands on other kids.
Replied By: onefunrn on Oct 18, 2016, 3:51PM
Last season we really began to see more of Robin, her career, her involvement in numerous areas of the show, her company, her relationship with Dr. Phil and I loved it!  So far, this year, it almost seems as if 'baby has been put in the corner'.  :(

Also, the walk-off!  I love this!  Love to see the connection between husband and wife and her perfect outfits.  (By the way, I am a bit bummed when I see a repeat outfit on the walk-off).  I truly hope you two elect to have others join you on the walk-off again.  I found it fanstastic when you had the special guest, KISS and your son walk-off with you.  I found myself shouting for more!

So, in summary, if I had my wish, more Robin, more walk-offs.  She simply completes the show.

thank you for your time, deb
Replied By: nspirn on Oct 14, 2016, 12:22PM
Dr Phil.  There is much ado about the American Election this year, the pros of this candidate and the cons of the other--this is not about that. It is about women and their silence.

 Having watched and followed what is going on, though Canadian, I have been appalled and disgusted by Mr Trump's comments and opinions about women. I watch CNN as they update and watch videos of exactly what he says.  For many years I thought of Donald Trump as a mysogenous person due to his comments on tv years back. I was correct in that discernment. Right now, I cannot stop thinking about his outrageous comments, as Michelle Obama said herself. I read a fb post from an artist friend in the states--- her name is Daggi Wallace. I know her from face book as I have many artists as my 'friends'..since I am one too. She rarely posted anything personal about herself, her family or anything... then came this.  I read it, wept, and how can I tell you that I was already feeling the same raw anger and piercing pain as she so well wrote in her post. Unknowingly, Mr Trump has poked the sleeping lambs. We have heard enough. I can see that  many men do not understand why women don't report these things when they happen. I know they don't understand and cannot comprehend the anxiety, the frozen feeling of helplessness, the shock an event causes, the shame, the embarrassment, the denial, the humiliation..almost a refusal to believe it, or let the pain out, but rather a choice to bury it, as we bury other pains.  Well it isn't buried for Daggie any more and it is not buried for me.  I am 66 yrs old and I remember being around 7 and having a man pull to the curb and ask for directions. I went to the car window to answer, and there he was playing with his penis .  I almost couldn't breath and yet I mumbled some answer and walked away, feeling shocked, embarrassed, scared to death, I cannot even tell you how I felt. Obviously that was the first time I even saw a penis.. I was lucking back then that he didn't do more than want me to look.  I remember riding the subways and croweded buses and like Daggi, feeling hands on me briefly and having no way to know who did I pretended I didn't feel it.  I was sexually abused by my older brother but never called it that--- he would call me into his room and we would 'pretend' sex, and fool around.. He used to say it wouldn't make a baby if he "put it in" but I said no, and he didn't.  How can I tell you that I would lay in bed and dread the words "Lynne.... oh Lynne..." yet I would come to his room.  He was my older brother by 5 years and he was my hero..sadly I was a people pleaser. I kept that secret despite my parents almost catching him laying on my fully clothed on my bed we he ostensibly came to call me to dinner...we just said we were 'horsing around, wrestling".... I remember playing with a neighbourhood kid, older than I, with another girl, and the game was like a hide and seek, but  we had to sit on his lap back to his chest, while counting and I felt his hard penis on my bottom.. I knew nothing... I never went there again, and tried not to even walk past, but I said nothing. Just buried it deep in my shame locker.  It had to be my fault and oh the embarrassment and fear of someone finding out.  Daggi said it so well and she has given me permission to share... here is her painful rant.

"I am completely overwhelmed by the response and support my previous post has generated!!! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to all who have sent me love, shared their own stories (some for the first time and some only in private messages), many of which were much worse than mine. I have read every comment and yes, I have deleted some. I had asked to spare me the political debates and I was disappointed that some were still voicing their support for Trump on a post that I think made it very clear where I stand.
I also want to clarify some things:
While I truly appreciate the sympathy, concern and the hugs sent, I want to make clear that I am not wallowing in self-pity, emotional pain or reliving the past all the time. I’m a very happy, upbeat person most of the time. I have a very strong spiritual practice and peace of mind, thanks to some great counselors, spiritual teachers, mentors and awesome friends over the years. I find joy on a daily basis, sometimes more, sometimes less, just like all of us. I love my life and consider myself extremely blessed. I have seen suffering by others that can ONLY make me feel like I won the lottery with my lot! I wrote this not to garner pity or elicit tears, but rather to describe what women go through, that these things are actually common place for us! The comments of similar experiences only proved that point. It is time we stop accepting it as “normal” and start changing this misogynistic culture.
Apparently I was far from the only woman who was triggered last night! Many others had similar reactions:…/18337-is-trump-a-trigger-according-to-wom…. That alone should tell us plenty about this man and what behavior such as his can do to women long term.
I’m amazed how many of you have shared my post (and those who have asked, yes, feel free to share it) and thank you for thinking it worthwhile. To see so many people “standing by me” warms my heart! Reading that women felt my post was helpful to them makes my feelings of vulnerability completely worth it. I’m in awe how many were inspired to speak up themselves! 

And to the men who have actually read the entire lengthy post and took the time to comment….THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I do not hate men, not at all! I have known many truly good men who would never talk or act in the way that other men would have you believe is normal male behavior. I am so grateful for my male friends (and others who don’t even know me) who left such wonderful comments and sent personal messages. You do give me hope that things can change!
If this post gives women the courage to speak their truths and shed their feelings of blame and shame, that’s wonderful, but they can only speak up after the fact. It is men who can actually change the course of things, by holding other men accountable, by not allowing themselves to be put in the same category, by calling out intolerable behavior, changing “locker room talk” to something beyond Neanderthal antics and by raising sons who will respect and treat women as complete equals.
Since I'm not able to respond individually to each of the many comments on the original post, I posted these words of thanks and appreciation as a comment there as a reply to everyone. But I also wanted to publish them in a separate post here so they won’t get lost in the long line of comments.
The love and support I have received today has left me (almost:)) speechless. It is beyond anything I had imagined. I am overflowing with love and appreciation! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love and peace to all of you!"
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