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Do you think your child has what it takes to be the next Hollywood superstar? Are you spending a small fortune on headshots, workshops and acting and singing lessons? Dr. Phil puts six aspiring child stars to the test. Meet 15-year-old singer, dancer and actress Dalia; dancing and acting sisters Nandra, 15, and Krissy, 12; country singer Hunter, 17; singer, dancer and actor Justice, 11, and 15-year-old singer Grant. Do these kids really have what it takes? Then, meet their moms -- do they have their child’s best interests at heart, or are they pushing them too far? Hear what celebrity judges, casting and talent agents and Hollywood directors have to say about the fame-seeking families, and don’t miss their top-notch advice on breaking into show business! Plus, who do you think is ready for Hollywood? Tune in, and log on to Dr. Phil.com to cast your vote!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: artemisia on Sep 16, 2013, 4:55PM - In reply to kissy20
I didn't say the mom's couldn't be their cheerleaders. They need to stop giving bad acting coaching.
Replied By: artemisia on Sep 14, 2012, 4:44PM - In reply to lasmom4
I was referring to the parents who gave up their jobs.  As I said--I *am* a coach and know that the advice, even if the parent has a successful business, was not good coaching.  I have 36 years experience performing, directing, teaching.  I thought all the kids had great potential.
Replied By: migoal on Jul 13, 2012, 4:35PM
I just watched both parts of this show. When I first saw what it was going to be about, I was thinking about my daughter, and how that I never would want to pursue something that she wasn't passionate about. She has done a commercial, some voice overs, numerous talent shows and events and she is what you consider a triple threat. (sing, dance, act). She has not one shy bone in her body, is always happy, and has been to nyc to audition and earned a spot in Destination broadway. Honestly I was thinking to myself, my daughter wouldn't ever get on dr Phil for something like this. During each segment, I caught myself thinking that she could really do that with no problem, and she has so much More than those people they chose for this show. I know this sounds terribly vain, but I just had to voice my opinion. I wish I had known about this show, and I would have submitted something.
Replied By: themagillfam on Jul 13, 2012, 2:53PM
I watched the first installment of this by myself, and the second with my Mom. Before I go any farther, I would like to say that neither of us are particularly talented. My Mom will be the first one to say she can't carry a tune in a bucket, and I would never try out for anything outside of a school function; not even that now that I'm in college, I recognize that my 'skills' are definitely not up to par with people who study preforming arts. That being said, while in high school, I knew MANY people who were very very talented; non of which were formally trained like these kids claimed to have been. That being said, I did not find ANY of the kids to be talented in any way. The only reason any of them stood out was because they were severely lacking in their 'talents'. Hunter, who claimed to revolve around singing, could not keep a note steady. She fell flat on nearly every note she sang, if she was in tune by some miracle, she was singing through her nose. The redhead, who said she had been dancing for 12 years, was sloppy. It was like she was not aware of what her limbs were doing. I understand that her training may have been more classical than hip hop, even so, her dance should have been more fluid instead of looking like she was seizing. I have no idea why any of the 'judges' on this show were saying that Hunter had a nice tone to her voice, or how sharp the redheads movements were, or why they thought any of the kids had any talent at all. It was painful to watch, and I cringed every time one of them opened their mouths. Of course, I do not blame it all on the kids, it's not their fault they think their great. Their parents are completely delusional.
Replied By: dianemty on Jul 12, 2012, 7:51PM - In reply to kgpuppymom
I forgot to mention, she would have kicked all those kids butts!  ;)

Replied By: dianemty on Jul 12, 2012, 7:48PM - In reply to kgpuppymom
You seemed to have missed the point.  I know soccer players that play on mutliple teams, travel to games and tournaments, play indoor in the winter so play several days a week all year around.  My sons in the school marching band practices 8 hours a week on top of 5 class periods and play at every football game, concerts, many local parades, and travel to Florida, Kentucky, and Chicago to march in parades.  They put as much time into it as my daughter dances.  The point is I am glad  they found something they love and do what it takes to be good at it.  The lucky part is loving something and being talented enough to succeed at it at least to some degree.  But somehow, because she likes to sing and dance, that is somehow self indulgent.  It has nothing to do with becoming famous,  I know she will share her passion and talent whether it;'s on the stage or teaching kids when she is older.  The point is SHE chooses what she does (I have tried to get her to do less of it but she insists and as long as she gets good grades I figure it will keep her out of trouble!) and she sacrifices a lot of time with friends to do it.  She doesn't watch TV or play video games or hang out at the mall or talk about her 'boyfriend' of the week like her friends.  She dances and sings and acts.  I consider myself lucky!
Replied By: ktownboots on Jul 11, 2012, 1:21PM
I think Hunter seems depressed and/or sad because she's missing a boyfriend. I don't know but she just seems to be sabotaging herself like she doesn't really want to succeed and is only there to please her mother. Sad.
Replied By: andijt on Jul 11, 2012, 9:46AM - In reply to patsyu
What you say makes a LOT of sense. 

The kids are told to sell themselves, then are slapped down for being cocky or unnatural (by the judges and by us here on this board).  What the difference between confidence and cockiness?

LOL In one scene, the camera is mostly on Nandra and Krissy's mom.  She's more animated than all the kids put together.
Replied By: andijt on Jul 11, 2012, 9:40AM - In reply to patsyu
Yeah, they made the kids "sell" themselves, then everyone slaps them down for being cocky or unnatural.  What you say makes WAY more sense.

LOL There was one part where the camera was mostly on Nandra and Krissy's mom.  She was more animated than they were put together.
Replied By: andijt on Jul 11, 2012, 9:27AM - In reply to juliessatin
It seems like Hunter and her mom did quite understand that Hunter would be called on to do other things besides sing. 

On the other hand, since singing is her thing, why was she asked to do all the other stuff?
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