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We all want our loved ones to reach for their goals -- but would you be supportive if that dream could prove deadly? Thirty-three-year-old single mother Susanne says that she's not trying to lose weight by her June 2013 wedding -- she's in a race to gain more -- and reach 800 pounds by her big day. Just how much does Susanne weigh now? See what the scale reveals. Plus, what does Susanne's family think about her big dream? The bride-to-be says she takes pride in having been fitted for the largest wedding dress in history and last year, shocked the world by announcing that she aims to reach a target weight of 1,600 pounds. To achieve that dream, Susanne says she is consuming up to 30,000 calories per day with the help of her 38-year-old fiancé, Parker, a chef, who prepares many of her meals. Is he feeding his future wife to death? Susanne admits that the added weight is taking its toll, and she often lacks the energy to walk without assistance. She says she's not ashamed of her shape and wishes more women would embrace their curves. Can Dr. Phil help Susanne see the seriousness of her condition before it's too late? You'll be shocked by what happens.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Dec 18, 2012, 8:57PM - In reply to dogluver1970
She is back with that guy and "modelling" online so the show was only advertisement for her "modelling". She lied about how heavy she was to get people to look at her online (who doesn't know that the difference between 760+ lbs and 500lbs?). She and her whole family lied on TV because they all want the money she makes.
Replied By: brokahontis on Nov 12, 2012, 4:35PM
Just curious as to how much life insurance Parker is carrying  on her. Since he's clearly helping her kill herself how much cash is going to get when he succeeds? Certainly worth looking into.
Replied By: areyouserious1 on Sep 17, 2012, 5:28AM - In reply to tatertot23
she is already out of rehab. Its only been 3 months and she couldnt have gotten much help in 3 months... shes back to posting her pics and clips on the internet...i guess it was all for publicity & money...wish she had of really got the help. If she is back with the guy, she will stay fat. Luckily she only weighed 540 instead of 765 like she originally said.
Replied By: goldenbeach on Jul 13, 2012, 5:05PM - In reply to betilda
It costs nothing to self-help.  Fresh food that you prepare yourself costs much, much less than processed food which someone else had made.  It is also much, much healthier.

Re-think your approach and you will do better.  Good luck.
Replied By: tatertot23 on Jun 3, 2012, 11:01PM
This is just my opinion, I think her finance had her thinking that being heavier was sexier, I think he is a sick person and was poisioning her mind just because he has twisted way of getting aroused! He was so fake and I think Dr. Phil caught on to him quick!! Dr. Phil is awesome!! I hope this lady all the luck and best wishes and hopes she loses weight and ends it with Parker!
Replied By: judib2012 on May 30, 2012, 4:14PM
I realize this woman is making an unconventional and dangerous choice bug it is her life. I don't feel people should be angry and upset by it. We see people smoke even though we may have seen people did and suffer with cancer but we would not be so angered by the smoker. I am not condoning the lifestyle but I can't condemn it either. I am not obese but I feel self conscious about weight and would hope to have that kind of confidence!
Replied By: judib2012 on May 30, 2012, 4:00PM - In reply to tyler1
No I am not overweight and seeking approval or acceptance. But good job being judgmental! I just meant that it was good to see that she appeared confident and happy with her body. I agree it's not safe but it was Interesting to see someone break the norm of what we can be happy with as far as appearance is concerned. As a society we look down on the obese and it's one of the only acceptable forms of discriminations of our time. You only have to be an honest person to see that. Not overweight ... But to make that assumption you prove my point.
Replied By: dsteil2 on May 29, 2012, 4:42PM

Lady...you needed this wake up call!!!! I am so angry..and grieving..and angry...this woman needs to wake up...just last week i sat with my sister as she died...from kidney failure...as a direct result of morbid obesity.......

We held her hand as she died....she was no longer responsive so we could not even tell if she heard us say we loved her...and will miss her.....her death has left myself and my sisters numb with grief...we watched the suffering and hell she went through because of her weight..the things we took for granted she was no longer able to do.....

The list of things she lived and suffered with because of her obesity goes on and on..kidney failure, diabetes, failing eyesight, multiple myloma, tumors, bedsores.immobility, years in a wheelchair, the last two years fully bedridden.....I could go on and on and on....but for some..this list will mean nothing....for others open to hearing about this suffering...maybe there will be at least one...who will listen..and say OMG...that could be me....YES..this could be you...and YOUR family TOO...because morbid obese people too have families that care and are affected by it!!

If any one of you reading this is morbidly obese...please...please...do something...don't let your loved ones suffer and grieve your death as we now are grieving the loss of our loving sister....Embrace life...loose weight and love yourself enough to want to live...for youself..and your family!!  Don't make them say goodbye to you prematurily..take it from me...IT HURTS!!!
Replied By: toppwhop on May 28, 2012, 6:13PM
I was so saddened by this story. It makes me sad because I get what she means when she says it makes her happy to be able to eat what she wants, but I lose her when she talks about actually wanting to be that big and bigger.  I struggle every-single day to try and stick with a plan and not gain more weight.  I hate the way I look and have such trouble making it happen.  I'm so,sick of trying and at times I have given up, but I pray that this young woman can get her life back on track.
Replied By: areyouserious1 on May 28, 2012, 4:52PM
There is no way she eats all that she says she does. You could see the look of embarrassment on her face as Dr Phil was reading off the list of her supposed menu...its all a lie. I cant believe she is getting all the attention when she is so happy how she is. I guarentee she will not go through with the help, or she will go and leave early. She doesnt want to lose her fans or the money they send her for eating on camera. Its all a big game....and she only weighs 541 when she has been telling everyone she is 765, thank goodness Dr Phil was smart and weighed her.
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