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Original Air Date: 05/14/12) Summer, 17, says her mother, Susan, has been a “raging lunatic” for the past nine years, claiming Susan yells and curses, has stabbed paintings, mattresses and walls with knives and even physically attacked her husband, Summer’s father, Peter -- and her wrath has been documented in at least 60 home videos. Summer says the chaos in the home led to her becoming a promiscuous, out-of-control teenager who was using drugs by age 13. Although she has since cleaned up her life, Summer says she's now concerned for her 20-year-old sister, Amber, who has turned to drugs and alcohol -- she suspects for the same reasons. Peter says his wife’s violent rages are often aimed at him. Find out why he says he refuses to leave, no matter what. Susan says her entire family has turned against her, and she has one foot out the door. What is at the root of her rage? Can Dr. Phil help her heal her fractured family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: ienjoymylife on Mar 14, 2013, 10:18AM
I have seen the show with mother Susan, her husband and two daughters. I think any one of them deserves to have a better life. I think that when those parents share more time with their daughters things can turn right. Give those girls hugs and love. Listen to their story without being justmental.

To those beautiful smart girls I would like to say: suppose that you chose your own parents before birth. With the behaviour of your parents you all can't deal. So lets take a look behind the mirror. How do you want them to be? How do you want your parents to treat you?  Give all the answers to your selves so you make your selves happy and if you succeed in that you give what you just gave to your selves to your parents so you show them love. 

I often think that we people are boxes filled with all things needed in life. Before you girls where born your parents where born by other parents. Perhaps those parents forgot to fill the boxes of your parents. You can say then that what you expect of them is not in their box yet, until they fill their box or you fill the box of your parents. 

Going into drugs and alchohol is no solution. You keep yourself a sleep and you have to stay awake. Life can be so nice but you really have to work on it your selves. Start by looking yourself into the mirror each and every morning and say to your self: you are so beautiful and I love you.

I wish this beautiful family luck to carrie on but with the help of Phil I am shure that they can handle life the way you handle life with love.

Replied By: laylasummer1 on Sep 3, 2012, 9:01AM
I have been in the same shoes as this mother, that's why I am seperated from my husband. My ex was an alcoholic as well, he was very charming and could get anyone to believe his side and make me out to be the "bad guy".I understand the way she feels, my ex told my kids the same thing. He would say I was crazy because I would be upset that he's drunk and allowing my teen sons to drink with him. He was very passive just like her husband. I was getting furious when Dr. Phil wouldn't let this mom explain what she was going through, she worrys about her children and he was acting as if all the problems stemmed from her. This mom needs to get divorced from this man before she loses all self worth.
Replied By: allyson4jake on Sep 2, 2012, 8:56PM - In reply to vwdeem
Prednison is no joking matter at all! it can make someone, who is so nice, turn into the meanest person on the planet. It's kinda "out there' that she has medical issues and i would sure point some of this anger towards the steriods. they make me ill at times but i try and control my anger, can't imagine being like her, so angry. her husband seems like a big punk though and isn't helping matters any at all. I can see geting mad at him, to be honest i might have to cop an attitude with him myself. so passive and setting there like he's done nothing to make her mad at him, maybe not all the time but yes he's making her mad. the kids to, they're making her mad, she's sick, feels bad and is having a terrible reaction to her meds, so sorry for this woman. i just hope she gets better and the meds are slowly taken away from her. She's in bad shape with the meds, especially the prednison. I can't say much about the pain meds, she might need them, might not abuse them. Sometimes people actually take them because they need them, not cause they are junkie drug addicts looking for a high. She appeared to be in bad shape. i sure am not gonna say what she feels like, cause i have Lupus and i have terrible days on prednison and chemo and pain meds myself. hope her the best!
Replied By: allyson4jake on Sep 2, 2012, 8:45PM - In reply to livingnomore
I have been a sufferer of Systemic lupus erathmatosis "Lupus' for years now and have taken pain meds ever since i was diagnosed with this extremly horrific painful disease. I go to a pain doctor and get my meds, strong meds. i have to take them in order to maintain many, if not all of the things that i have to do as a human being. i do not want to depend on others to wash my dishes, take out the garbage, cook etc...If i didn't have my meds, i couldn't do these things, it wouldn't be possible. i tried life without them, before i knew what was wrong with me and i fell way behind in a place i never want to be again. i couldn't do nothing without being in so much pain, that's all i could think about and dwell on. now, i have my meds and can do things that need to be done. i can't imagine ever abusing my meds, NO WAY!! i know people do but not me, not anyone that i know takes meds withput needing them medically.I go to my pain doctor this wednesday, i will get my prescriptions for my methadone and oxycodone and will be very thankful to have them, blessed by the good Lord, cause he's not allowing me to suffer in agony and pain. laying in the bed, moaning and crying, wishing that life wasn't full of pain is not in my days anymore, thank goodness for the meds. Not everyone who gets pain meds, because of chronic pain abuses the drugs, i have to say that they are a blessing to me and many others like me.
Replied By: yellow53 on Sep 2, 2012, 6:58AM
I don't know if you noticed the extremely UNEMOTIONAL, PASSIVE husband. That was definitely a red flag on this show. If you are not getting emotional or parental support from your spouse things can get ugly and it can affect your health. This woman seems to have been left holding the "emotional bag" for the whole family. When this happens, it can lead to anger and rage. I know because I have been there!
Replied By: rayowen56 on Sep 2, 2012, 4:22AM

They should definitely be divorced.  She is day by day dragging her poor husband to his grave.   You can

see the pain and torture in his face that he has gone through,,,she's a crazy lunatic...and probably half the

reason for it, is that  her brain ( if she still has one ) is drugged beyond any normal functioning.....
Replied By: lisaannreinbot on Sep 1, 2012, 11:02AM
This lady looks like she is on prednisone.  She has the moon face and crazy personality.  She seems to also have the feeling of hopelessness!

Prednisone is an evil drug.  It helps with your medical problems but it makes you so crazy.  I finally got off of it after being on it for years.  After a few weeks my mind became clearer and I wasn't so angry, it was such a good feeling.  I also lost the moon face along with 20 lbs.  I don't care how bad my rheumatoid arthritis gets I will never go on prednisone again.
Replied By: abbysmom4ever on Sep 1, 2012, 4:32AM - In reply to livingnomore
I dont think we are all addicts. My medication is not a pain killer, its anti-psycotic. I do depend on it to keep me from going over the edge. I think there is huge difference between addiction and depending on a med. Some people do need medication, its a simple fact of life. Addiction is a misuse of your meds. If you take them responsibly they can do their job.
Replied By: abbysmom4ever on Sep 1, 2012, 4:23AM
This womans rage is out of control. She tries to justify it by blaming her husband. There is no justification for what she is doing, she should be thrown in jail by her family. Their passive response to this terror is not helping the matter. The woman is a bully!
Replied By: wansmit on Aug 31, 2012, 7:11PM
I could not really have sympathy or sympathize with this Mother as she is a person who has needed help on all levels of emotional, mental and physica levelsl for many years.  I think the husband should have done something when she had her first fit of rage and tolerating it for over 10 years has had detrimental affects on the whole family.  I grew up with a saying that when tempers get out of hand that is when you nip it in the bud...which means get help right away so that the temper does not continue to the point of causing physical harm to the person or persons surrounding this Mother.

I hope that this family does get help immediately before it is too late.  To me this was a very, sad situation and that the Mother, Father and two daughters get the therapy or help that they all desparately need.
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