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(Original Air Date: 05/07/12) As part of his anti-bullying campaign, Dr. Phil explores the rising trend of violence among teenage girls. Twelve-year-old Alicia says that when she was invited to a sleepover, she had no idea that she would be forced to fight four girls whom she thought were her friends. The incident, which was recorded and posted on YouTube, resulted in assault charges and broken friendships. Joined by her mother, Holly, Alicia shares her account of that violent day. Then, one of Alicia’s alleged attackers, Alexis, 13, says Alicia agreed to the fight, knew it would be videotaped, and that her ex-friend "deserved what she got, and she’ll get it again." Can Dr. Phil invoke some empathy? Alexis’ mother, Wendy, says she doesn’t think her daughter is entirely to blame but admits that it’s not the first time Alexis has gotten into trouble. She says the teen was accused of another assault and she worries Alexis will end up in jail if her anger isn’t reeled in now. Can Dr. Phil help Alexis before it’s too late? Then, 12-year-old Victoria admits to holding the camera and doing nothing to stop the fight. With Victoria now facing charges, her mom, Kara, speaks out on her behalf. Just how accountable is Victoria? Plus, see what happens when Alicia and Alexis come face to face. Can Dr. Phil broker a peace between these former friends? And, learn the top six reasons teen girls engage in violence, and find out how to protect your child from bullying.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: imaginedragons on Jan 2, 2013, 5:14PM
The mother of Alexis seemed very genuine and I praise her for the way she acted towards her daughter and recognized that the decisions she made that day were inexcusable. I also appreciate the way she was not being arrogant and making excuses for her daughter like the mother of Victoria was, pushing to make excuses for her daughter's actions which is just sad. It's like she can give it but she can't take it. 

Dr. Phil was right to pull attention to the actions of Victoria as her actions alone were a whole other degree of assault. Bystanding whilst another is being bulled, verbally or physically assaulted is appauling, never mind actually filming it, and then to try and pass it off that it wasn't as bad as it sounded as 'she wasn't the only one there' and that 'it wasn't fair because they weren't being charged'. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter, she was supposed to be friends with Alicia, and at least she recognized that she wasn't a very good one in the end, but she hasn't even apologized and is still trying to explain her actions as if she almost did nothing wrong? I'm moving on, I'm annoyed.

There is nothing more that I hate than a smug, arrogant and self righteous person, which as a definition has Alexis' face next to it. It may seem like I'm bitching down on a young, supposedly naive teenage girl. But let's face the facts: she beat the crap out of a 'friend', knowing well enough she had problems with her brain that also connected to her heart, continued to post the video on YouTube (you know, just to prove that she was right), and even though she admitted that she regrets what she did (which I think is a load of bull) she didn't even apologize and think that she made a good decision in beating Alicia up.  

Now, although I'm basically talking bad about Alexis, I do feel bad for her. Everybody, including Dr. Phil, was telling her how bad her decisions were and just overall how much she had already failed at life by some fight. So obviously she got defensive and came across very arrogant and self-absorbed. And I feel sorry for her. But I'm not making excused for her actions, she deserved those charges and I hope she realizes what she did to Alicia was very dangerous, especially concerning her medical problems.

I understand the urge to fight and to show people your dominance or whatever, and it is so easy to get worked up and just want to hit people, to release the anger. But to be twelve years old, and hit a girl, mainly because of something she said about an EX BOYFRIEND, is absurd. 1) She's 12, why does she have a boyfriend, never mind an ex-boyfriend? 2) That's what she was mainly fighting about. I'm sorry, but I don't think Alexis liked Alicia at all, even before their sleepover or whatever. Because if you fight and pratically beat the life out of one of your 'friends', just because she said something about a boy, is absolutely ridiculous. I just can't understand it at all. That child needs help, she has some sort of anger issue.  
Replied By: seneedra on Dec 31, 2012, 6:03AM
What the heck is going on with the girls that beat the victim? Where was the parents of the bully when she beat the victim? Where has this child's parents been? What has caused this child to be so violent and mean? There's something going on in this child's life to cause her to be so violent, angry, and nonremorseful?
Replied By: lubok73 on Oct 14, 2012, 6:07PM
I've just watched this episode in New Zealand, and it chilled me to the bone, making me remember my own teenage experience.
Alexis has no remorse at all. She doesn't feel sorry for her actions. In fact, she has a smirk on her face, almost proud of what she has done. It's true when they say 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'. Her mother vocalised her inability to keep Alexis under control, and she more or less asked for help. I really hope the Dr Phil show give them a lot of post-show attention, to make Alexis take ownership of her actions, and actually feel remorse for what she has done. A similar thing happened last year at the local high school down the road from me, where a group of teenages filmed themselves beating up another student, and posted it on youtube. It just abosolutely horrifies me, and I do fear for my own children throughout their whole school-life experience.
It's interesting how the mums of the girls who were involved in the beating just leaped right in there, guns blazing, defending their daughters actions with flimsy excuses. To these mothers: you are not helping your daughter take ownership, and you're ennabling them instead. In time, if these girls continue on this violent track, I can only see a life in and out of prison for them.
I wish there was a solution to this age-old problem of bullying.
Replied By: kershawna on Aug 23, 2012, 11:45AM
Parents should say, "hey I'm the Parent"! You don't have to wait until someone presses charges against your kid to take control!. My sister was dying of cancer, and her teenage daughter was totally out of control, to keep her from going to Juvy until she was 21, I took custody! However, I knew that I was the authority figure and I never tried to be her friend! For example: She ran away because I said, "No I don't like your boyfriend, I pay the bills here and I'm not coming home to look at him"! So, she ran away, I didn't panic I knew what to do, I went to corrections in town, ask how much is it to put a juvenile on house arrest had her picked up, and put on house arrest, my exact words to her: "If your going to roam like a dog, I'll chain you to the house like a dog", she was dressing like I was running a 'red light special', my reply if you don't know how to dress I'll dress you! So, I threw all her clothes away and bought identical school uniforms, I told her when you start showing me that you respect yourself, you can dress yourself! She tried blackmailing me, I had a BBQ for friends and family and she was like wait till your friends show up, "I'll make sure that they'll leave", My reply every friend or family that leaves this will happen, 1. I'll pull you out of summer school, and let you sit in regular school in the grade you failed, and to make sure you have something to do, I'll put you with corrections everyweek of summer picking-up trash to help or community to be as "Pretty" as it can be! Her boyfriend I did not like he was rude and I simply got a restraining order against him and put my niece's name on it. Her boyfriend couldn't come around for 2-years, and said, "hmm romeo died for his Juliet, now are you willing to go to Jail for yours"! Wow, they broke-up! My niece said, "Parents don't do this, Parents don't put their kids on house arrest, burn their clothes, get restraining orders, or say they will pull you out of school, because their kid want's to get back at them" My reply: "No the real world is alot crueler and meaner, No body cares if your sleeping on the streets, No body cares if you go hungry, or have warm clothes" Facts are "I am not your Parent, the only person that cared, you hurt to the point that they almost went to Jail, because of you" "Parents who let their kid dress like a 'red light special' usually become grandparents and now have two-kids to raise, Parents who let their kids run the street usually end-up in court with court fee's because of destruction of property or kids fighting"!
Let's face it: Parents do have a tough job, its hard to put a foot down, but if you don't they become parents to early and that's a cycle that can repeat itself, your the only person that is going to care, I know that people have seen homeless people on the street; ask yourself, "how many times did you drive away from a homeless person, because that is someone's son or daughter without helping them?" If they don't like the way your running your house, they (kids) are SURE not going to like how prison's run themselves!
Thanks All
Replied By: mlitch02 on Aug 22, 2012, 7:10PM - In reply to kathy3mom
Yes the parents have a lot to answer for-whats the saying 'the apple doesnt fall far from the tree'. Kids  mostly learn from thier parents and the kids that have parents that arent bullies ,as  such,are enablers when they do not open thier eyes and believe what there little angels are really up too. they need to take responsibilty as much as the kids do.
Replied By: mlitch02 on Aug 22, 2012, 1:47AM
This was aired In Australia today and I cried when I watched it.Firstly I am disgusted with Alexis's mother trying to defend Alexis's actions at the beginning of the show.
If Alexis has not been told by her mother  that what she done was wrong without adding on  a BUT   then that is ahuge problem  and she is enabling her daughters behaviour. How could the mother even dare try blame the victim? Wake up and stop trying to defend your daughters actions,its okay to love you kids ,no matter what they do,however  it is not okay to defend their actions when they are wrong .The same goes for the other moher via satellite. Beginning with  the interview "the media said lure'- and to get the story straight -who cares.It was a  premeditated  attack- so dont try to deflect from the real issue-bullying.The girls done it it is as simple as that.
And by posting it on youtube they chose to put it out there and now they are copping the repercussions of thier actions,which is what they need to have happen.To be accountable and not have thier parenst trying to deflect and defend them.It will not teach thier kids anything.
Lastly the anti bullying tshirts is a great way to fight back bullies and should be commended.
I feel so sad for the victim and hope she realises she is a beautiful girl and has a happy life and stays strong and holds her head up high.
Replied By: strine on Aug 21, 2012, 9:49PM - In reply to connecticutmom
When our daughter was being bullied my husband took a day off and came into school to show them we mean business. Many times school admin staff look at mother's as "pushy" and children who are bullied as "sensitive". You better believe when a group of teenagers bully my daughter in class until she is crying and they receive NO punishment, he will stand up for her. I wish all girls had my man as their Dad, he won't take any rubbish.
Replied By: strine on Aug 21, 2012, 9:38PM
Alexis is an angry manipulative young lady with a serious addiction to drama- I call her manipulative because she pretended to be friends with multiple girls so she could lure them into being beaten up (plus she kept blaming her friends for their part in the pack beating when she and they own that together (one of them could have said "Stop" but none did)). She's going to end up in a ditch somewhere if she isn't taught to be happy with herself, to control her anger and to keep her hands and mouth to herself. I'm so glad the other young lady with the shunt in her brain was not killed because she is now a spokesperson for the other voiceless victims of bullying. Proactive thinking works with girls like that, e.g. my daughter was being poked, hit etc by one girl and I told my girl to let that girl know we would be calling the police because her actions were illegal (she stopped that day, now they're friends and my daughter told us about abuses happening in that girls home so she understands where this anger came from). Our girl is so empathetic and brave and I'm proud of her and proud of Alicia because she is also brave and caring. I hope they all are able to be happy with themseves and realise the drama is not worth it.
Replied By: basil7070 on Aug 8, 2012, 8:57PM
If my daughter behaved like that towards other kids, I would consider myself a failure as a parent.  All of the attacker's parents supposedly took "responsibility for their daughter's actions" and then followed up  with a "But this and that.".  Anything after the "But this, that." completely negates the earlier comments. That's how and what they really believe.

How would they feel if their daughter seriously injured or killed someone else's child in a some silly girl fight that nobody even remembers!  These people are headed for trouble.

I feel for Alicia and her family. Even national tv couldn't teach these people a lesson.

Replied By: basil7070 on Aug 8, 2012, 8:45PM - In reply to kathy3mom
I really like your posting. It makes sense that a sport like synchronized swimming could help a child build confidence after being bullied.

I can see it's been a struggle to manage an activity like this. But more power to you!
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