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(Original Air Date: 05/09/12) Thomas Cogdell was 12 years old when he and his mother discovered his 11-year-old sister, Kaylee, dead, tied up on her bed. During the police investigation, Thomas was interrogated without his mother present for more than five hours and is seen on video telling authorities -- 36 times -- that he didn’t kill his sister. At one point during the interrogation, the recording stops and remains off for more than three hours. When it comes back on, Thomas confesses to the crime. What happened while the video recorder was turned off that made him change his story? Dr. Phil examines the murder confession that kept Thomas locked up in juvenile detention facilities for two years, until a judge threw out his confession on technical grounds, and authorities chose not to re-try him. Now 18, Thomas shares what he says he experienced on that fateful day. Was he coerced by police to confess to a crime he didn't commit? And, who does he think killed his sister? Plus, in a Dr. Phil exclusive, Thomas’ mother, Melody, gives her first interview since her daughter’s death. What did Thomas whisper to her in the police videotape? And how does she explain her current estrangement from her son? Don’t miss this compelling look at false confessions and justice gone wrong.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kalyana on Apr 8, 2013, 12:51PM
When I read the comments posted, I worried that this site is becoming a place where people feel free to accuse Kaylee's mother of murdering her daughter. Groundless speculations of her alleged guilt are posted and even worse, non-factual negative comments on her alleged behaviour and looks. This is not right and highly unethical since she has not been charged with this crime. 

I am glad that Thomas will be receiving counselling and help. Why not help Melody too; she suffered the loss of her daughter and her son accuses her of Kaylee's murder. In summary: a little knowledge, is dangerous as it leads to groundless speculations. Whether or not you support Thomas, you do not have the right to post a hate-campaign against his mother, who is not a suspect in this case.
Replied By: mark0843 on Jan 23, 2013, 7:47PM
When I was in my early 20's about 1978 the same thing happened to me.  I was accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering a young woman.  This story really gripped me because the same type interrogation was used.  The interrogation was taped, then the tape turned off.  I was then told why it had to be me and could be no one else.  A written confession  was prepaired with a scenario that made sense to the investigators.  It was handed to me for signature.  I told them I would sign it but asked to see my wife first.  I was escorted to her place of work.  When I told her what I had done she immediately called a lawyer and got the sheriff to leave me with her.  I spent the next two years in hiding because I was afraid they were looking for an excuse to arrest me.  They finally stopped looking at me and I could come out of hiding when a rapist told his victim that he had killed a girl before that resisted him.  That confession linked him to my case and I was free.  The incident hounded me for years.  Never a minute went by where I was not beating myself up for winding up in the situation.  34 years after the event and this is the first time I have ever written about it.  This was a very moving story for me.
Replied By: lyn1972 on Nov 28, 2012, 5:56PM
Today I saw the episode on Thomas and I think this is the first time I watched the Dr. Phil show crying. At a certain point I couldn't watch it anymore cause my heart broke over and over. I felt a pain I can't describe as a mother. I wanted to crawl into my TV and pull him off the screen to get him out of the horrible nightmare! Thomas I am so very sorry you had to go through this and I hope life gets better for you and your dear Grandpa, you two are an amazing couple. If you ever get the channce to travel to Europe you are more than welcome to visit us. Good luck and make your wishes come true! Keep believing and have faith!! Love and warm hugs from me and my family.. ~ stay safe~
Replied By: lolacalam on Nov 12, 2012, 9:56AM
I have just watched this show today. 
This story is horrible and so sad and when I saw the face of Thomas - all I wanted was to give him a big hug. Im a mother my self and I have two children (21 and 16) and normally a mother will protect her children. Thomas' mother must be sick and a without a heart. The way she gave him to the police from the start - is cold as ice.. Actually she is NO mother at all.
My heart gets heavy when I think of the many children in the world who lives with parents like Thomas'. Do we think about it? Do we care? Do we wonder WHY?

The police should be held responsible for their incompetence and cruelty. The same goes for the court.

To Thomas' grandpa and all those who helped Thomas - Thank you for showing the world what true love and kindness is all about.

To Thomas: I know you have endured so many bad things in your life. I hope you will take the help you are offered and be better soon. Many people around the world are cheering for you and wish you the best. Love your granpa like he loves you ;) A great big hug from me and my family to you.  
Replied By: pineapplemango on Sep 18, 2012, 8:50PM
Greetings from Australia, This show affected me on so many levels. I think about Thomas daily. How could this happen to a 12 year old child. I wish him all the best for the future, you are an amazing young gentleman that the system and your mother failed.   Perhaps the mother should have sat a lie detector test.
Bless you Thomas and your wonderful Grandfather.
Replied By: mlitch02 on Aug 26, 2012, 10:50PM
My heart goes out to Thomas. What a terrible trauma he has had to go through,firstly loosing his sister then being betrayed by his mother.Thomas's grandfather seems to be a great support which is good. Watching the tape was heart breaking.

Stay strong Thomas and good luck with your future endevours.
Replied By: alphak555 on Aug 23, 2012, 11:30PM
Thomas is a sweet boy that deserves a wonderful life and Ihope that he gets everything he desires! The mother should rot in jail! I can't believe any of this story! The stupid police, not only stupid but cruel! The disgustinmurther who did throw her son u der the bus! Stupid iPad!  It angers me that this is allowEd to happen and nobody is held responsible and punished! If I tortured a child I would be in big trouble! Why is this happening? Why is nobody stepping in and addressing this and other unjust behavior by authorities? Where is the justice? Is nobody responsible? We complain about hitler and other monsters and horrible things are happening in our own country, today! How can people look away and accept acts like this? Dr Phil should approach whoever has any power in cases like this and challenge them to change legislation to protect innocent people! If Thomas was wealthy thiswould not have happened!!!!!! Then again, the mother did get away with murder!
Replied By: alphak555 on Aug 23, 2012, 10:52PM - In reply to flash1962
I am absolutely disgusted in the whole thing! This poor boy was thrown under the bus and the stupid police should be sacked immediately for inappropriate interrogation and not picking up on the mothers responses to questioning and realizing that she was in fact throwing her son under the bus! It was so obvious by the mothers answers that she was hiding something and she was pointing the blame to her son! No mother would say what she did! You don't have to be a genius to see this! The cops are guilty of so many things and should be fired immediately! I call them cops because they don'tdeserve respect! I bet they don't give a damn! They should lock up the mother along with the cops! 

I am disgusted! Good luck Thomas and our love is with you!
Replied By: alphak555 on Aug 23, 2012, 10:45PM
I can't believe things like this! If I were a police man I would have suspected the mother because she threw her son under the bus! She killed her daughter! What the hell is happening in America? Kaley Anthony, this poor boy! Who else either gets away wiTh murder or is accused of murder for the hell of it! The police involved should be taken off the force and fired immediately! This is not acceptable! Poor Thomas! Poor poor Thomas! If that was my child I would not allow police interrogate my son of 12 without someone present to assurea proper questioning! I just saw the disgusting mother and she should be locked up! Arrest her!!! There should be a punishment for allowing the authorities tobelieve  your son did it! She is another person who murders someone and nothing happens! I am disgusted! I can't believe the mother inferred that Thomas was mad with the sister and she suggested that he was capable of killing her! How stupid are thepolice in America! I know! Really stupid! The laws must bE changed in regards to the investigation processes!
Replied By: flash1962 on Aug 9, 2012, 3:14AM
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