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(Original Air Date: 04/30/12) Chris Carlson, 45, took his three grandchildren on vacation to the Grand Canyon, and while there, he was arrested and charged with child abuse, because park rangers said he was too hard on the kids. Carlson has been convicted of three counts of criminally negligent child abuse, and is in federal custody awaiting sentencing. He speaks to Dr. Phil from behind bars about what he says happened on the hike. Tara, the children's mother, has temporarily lost custody of her kids and is desperate to get them back. Does she believe her father went too far

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: tvphan on Jun 16, 2015, 7:09AM - In reply to psw98ca
I’m not comfortable that the boys’ stories changed, nor that they were interviewed together and for hours.  While some of the additional information they gave might be things they had only remembered afterwards, or hadn’t been asked about the first time, or had been reluctant to mention before, some might also have been ideas put in their head by the questioner, or exaggerations or even false information by trying to please the interviewer, or isolated incidents from previous trips, or whatever.  But the point is that it’s not reliable.  Remember that even grown men will confess to serious crimes they hadn’t committed if subjected to harsh and prolonged interrogation.

So, as is often the case, we must base our conclusions on the physical injuries.  Were these evidence of abuse or just the normal injuries that lively boys would acquire from their activities?

The impression I got was that it was the latter.  Their grandfather might have been tough and harsh, but I don’t believe his actions rose to the level of abuse, nor do I believe that he should have been jailed.  A warning, yes, some education in parenting, yes, but not imprisonment.

The limited action or inaction by the Rangers initially supports this conclusion.

I also don’t like the forceful way Dr Phil wanted the grandfather to admit guilt.  That might be his normal method, but when someone is facing legal sanction, and in fact is already in jail, a little understanding on Dr Phil’s part would have been in order.
Replied By: vambarb on Sep 16, 2012, 11:46PM - In reply to wooshka
Yeah...really, if someone screamed obsenities in your face, hit you on the head several times, threw you up against the wall choking you, pinched your face, kicked you, forced you to eat dirty food, walk 19 miles in the heat with severe blisters, didn't give you enough water so you were throwing up, shoved you to keep moving after you threw up, gave you only 3 minutes to deficate....that would be good. It would turn you into a man. In fact, the kind of man who would grow up and do the same thing to his own children... and then if you told somebody that someone was doing this to you and they didn't believe you...that would be great, wouldn't it?
Replied By: vambarb on Sep 16, 2012, 11:37PM - In reply to swalls
Thank you for your comments looking out for the children. As a retired teacher, I felt sick to my stomach when I listened to that story and thought about how scarey it will be for those kids when he comes out of jail and confronts them...and for them to think that if their mother doesn't believe them and protect them, who will? Dr. Phill got it wrong on this one....
Replied By: vambarb on Sep 16, 2012, 11:32PM - In reply to lllaw4peace
Yeah, I am with you!! Let this man out of jail so he can go see those kids and say, "WHY DID YOU TELL THEM THAT I KICKED YOU IN THE BUTT AND PINCHED YOUR FACE AND MADE YOU WALK 19 MILES WITH BLISTERS AND LEFT YOU DEHYDRATED SO THAT THEY HAD TO TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL! YOU WERE LYIN' WEREN'T YOU? WEREN'T YOU!!! YOU TELL THEM RIGHT NOW THAT I NEVER DID NOTHIN'! Yeah, let that abusive man out of jail right now....so they know that when they tell the truth on someone, even their mother won't believe them and protect them.
Replied By: vambarb on Sep 16, 2012, 11:28PM - In reply to lisasmothra
If someone hits you when you make a mistake, is that all right? Or if they call you names and scream in your face or throw you up against the wall? Or is it just OK if the person is much bigger than you? Children who are hit and screamed at become adults who do the same thing...I know, I see parents in the grocery store. Wonder where they learned it?
Replied By: vambarb on Sep 16, 2012, 11:23PM - In reply to bellana
You are absolutely right on this one!  How scarey for those children when he gets out of jail and goes face to face with them, angry because what they said put him in jail. And if their mom does't believe them...who can they trust? He deserves to be in jail....
Replied By: vambarb on Sep 16, 2012, 11:19PM - In reply to snooman
You are absolutely correct! I cannot believe so many people sided with the grandfather and against DSS. I fear the grandfather getting out of jail and seeing the kids again...they will start to feel that telling the truth about somebody will put them in even more danger. And what does a child do when even his mother doesn't believe him....Thank you for speaking out so well on it. Dr. Phil got it wrong this time...
Replied By: vambarb on Sep 16, 2012, 11:09PM
I am feeling sick to my stomach after watching this on my DVR. I feel like you are wrong on this one Dr. Phil. I think the mother should get her kids back, but not until she understands her need to protect her children from her father. I can only imagine her father coming to her house to see the kids when he gets out of prison and he stands in front of one of them and says, "now you look me in the face! Were you lyin' to the police and to your mother? Did I ever hit you and slam you against the wall?" "NOW YOU LOOK AT ME AND TELL HER THE TRUTH!" Do you think they could face him?..."YOU SENT ME TO JAIL BY YOUR LYIN'...YOU TELL YOUR MOTHER I DIDN'T DO THAT, RIGHT NOW!" I have a strong feeling that the mother also had that kind of abuse as a child so she thinks it is normal. And she wants her children back and also doesn't want people to think she would send them with him...so she has to protect herself. I think she doesn't want to KNOW the truth. She needs to stop saying he didn't do what they said and BELIEVE what her children say and never let them be around him unprotected...and that means needing more than HER there. If she doesn't believe her kids they will feel like no one will ever believe them. He said maybe he did push one of the kids down in the ocean when they were on another trip...I would bet this wasn't the first abusive trip...how could she let them go on a hike to the Grand Canyon like that? I would question her competence.  It is CRAZY. And how much water did he say they had?  18 gallons?...and how did he carry that?Perhaps CPS sometimes gets it wrong...but this time, I think mom needs to stop protecting her dad and start protecting her kids. I would suspect mom is even afraid to cross her father...if she believed the kids and spoke out against him, I think she would have hell to pay. This time Dr. Phil, you are not watching out for the safety of those kids.
Replied By: lllaw4peace on Aug 31, 2012, 2:10PM - In reply to kathleen27
It's about time someone speaks the truth about the CPS in Az.

It is still not going to make a difference though. The system is SNAFU and you know it when you have to deal with it. They do not care about children THEY Care ABOUT MONEY!!!
Replied By: lllaw4peace on Aug 31, 2012, 1:53PM - In reply to sportyster
OBVIOUSLY you work for the system of CPS and KNOW that if the boys are allowed to speak in public they will tell the truth and the world will find out CPS HAS AN AGENDA AND THAT IS DESTROY LIVES OF PEOPLE AND CHILDREN and they never Apologize.!!
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