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(Orignial Air Date: 05/04/12) Sarah took her two young boys, ages 2 and 4, to the gas station and ended up missing for 13 hours. Claiming no memory of what happened during that time, Sarah says she came to at an area hospital miles away. The boys were found alone in the car at the gas station by a convenience store clerk who called the police. Authorities were able to get in touch with Sarah’s husband because her phone and wallet were found in the car. She has been arrested on child abandonment charges and is awaiting trial in June. Did she really lose her memory, or is she making the whole story up? While at Dr. Phil, Sarah undergoes a polygraph examination regarding her memory of what occurred during those 13 hours. Don’t miss the shocking results!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: gigicats6 on Aug 10, 2014, 7:22PM - In reply to cg0303
I think the poly results fit with the story too, in light of what this drug does to a person.  Thanks for the education!  I wish somehow that this woman and her husband would read your post, urgently!  She needs to be careful about the stores she frequents.  Sounds like someone had fun with her, and she's left bewildered and feeling crazy.
Replied By: gigicats6 on Aug 10, 2014, 7:21PM - In reply to kimberrose
I think the poly results fit with the story too, in light of what this drug does to a person.  Thanks for the education!  I wish somehow that this woman and her husband would read your post, urgently!  She needs to be careful about the stores she frequents.  Sounds like someone had fun with her, and she's left bewildered and feeling crazy.
Replied By: khaleesivirge on Jun 30, 2014, 10:01PM
From what I gather it sounds to me like this woman is an undercover drug user. She pawned her jewelery for drugs. She's depressed and trapped in a life of addiction and regret. She decides to commit suicide at some point. On the day she had "amnesia", I believe she met up with someone who sold her something other than what she anticipated. She goes into the bathroom at the gas station and did her drugs. By the time she gets in line to pay for her gas, the drug has kicked in (probably not what she thought she'd purchased) and now we have amnesia. The dark circles under her eyes screams drug user to me. She's flatline on her emotions as we can all see clearly. She is depressed in her life about this secret that she's trying desperately to conceal. That's what she's hiding and why she failed the test. She knows that she purchased drugs (from the green lady) and is hiding that fact. Being an addict is a depressing life and she wanted out but had no idea of how to make that happen. This is my theory. Please don't respond negatively to me. Its only a theory. Trust me when I say that I understand being an undercover addict and a mother. I went thru all the steps this lady did before I got sober. All of them except the amnesia.. she's just plain old lying there.
Replied By: kimberrose on May 30, 2013, 5:14PM - In reply to cg0303
I signed up to write the same exact thing! Her little boy did say he saw a lady in green or "green lady" that he didn't like.  This could have happened to her twice by the same women and it does explian how the safe was opened because as you know a scopolamine victim does everything their captor asks of them. Iwas thing of somehow contacting them about it but I am unsure.
Replied By: smulan on Apr 3, 2013, 9:30AM
I am absolutely a fan of dr Phil but this time I have to speek up.  
I am a Md Phd and specialist in dementia and memory disorders.I have run a memory clinic for 15 years in Sweden .As an experienced doctor I have several patients that has suffered  from side effects from  Ambien as amnesia.and confusion.You can have this side effects even if you dont take them every day.This absolutely the main cause of this womens problem and what to to is to make a provokation test with this drug. I hope you will consider this comments.
  Best regards M.Grut, Md.PhD
Replied By: alegnat on Feb 26, 2013, 1:35AM
I just posted a comment/reply a few minutes ago but I do not see it. Maybe something went wrong. In that reply I said that I do not want to offend anyone and that I do believe in all the dissorders and/or syndromes described here (I had an acounter myself, due to ptsd because of my past, so I really believe or even know that all this is true). I just do not want to count out the fact that she is lying. She probably did something she can't live with and/or is using or did take drugs. I am not saying that is the case. I am just saying that it is as plausible a possibility as all the other uttered possibilities. And the fact that it does not fit in with everything else she is doing or her 'life' could also be the reason why she is hiding it or does not dare to come forward with it. Just my two cents and the overall feeling I got when watching this show. And watching her.
Replied By: alegnat on Feb 26, 2013, 1:20AM
Let me start by saying that I do not want to offend anyone. I read a lot of the comments here concerning this show. And I am aware of all the possible diagnoses. But I clearly belong to the minority of people who think that she is just lying. Yes ofcourse there are all these possible reasons but that she is lying and misusing all these possible reasons is one of them. Why should this not be 'a' possible reason. It seems like the majority is leaning towards all these medical explanations, not in the last place because they (have) experience(d) it themselves or someone nearby. Okay... she could just as easily lie..

And I do not want to get into explain my past and or trauma's and why I could have developed a lot of the syndroms a lot of people here are talking about. Let's not get into that (concerning myself I meand). I am just amazed that people tend to overlook the simple solution/reason here...
Replied By: dissociative on Jan 26, 2013, 6:40PM
This is easy to diagnose by a mental health trauma specialist.  Dissociative disorders can be diagnosed with clinical hypnotherapy and psychological testing.  With a history of amnestic events, insomnia and migraines (alters want to come out or switch), Dissociative Identity Disorder needs to be considered in the differential diagnosis.  As for the lie detector exam in the show, I'm not sure what the purpose for that was. If she's truely a multiple, then an alter can easily make the results turn out to be deceptive without HER knowing.  That was dangerous to perform.  How do I know these things? Because I was a multiple personality who was diagnosed that the National Institute of Mental Health in the 1980s. A film was made of the diagnostic interview while I was under hypnosis for differential purposes at the NIMH.  After years of professional specialized psychotherapy from the NIMH and an expert in the field of Dissociative Disorders, I was integrated.  DID results as a coping mechanism to repeated child sexual, physical and emotional abuse or neglect.  Only when a qualified professional interviews Sarah (to rule in or out DID) will she begin her journey to health. I wish her the best.  
Replied By: elinazariel on Jan 10, 2013, 6:45AM
Greetings, I do not know what this person has done or has not. I have only my personal story of effects of zolpidem(Ambien, Stilnoct) I have had severe sleeping problems all my life and I had a hard time to find a fitting sleeping med for myself. Zolpidem was very good and suiting for me. However in the beginning of the treatment I have to be very careful with it because the first time I began taking it and had taken it three nights and then the fourth something weird happened. I had woken up and turned the lights on in the kitcken and also the oven. I have no any kind of memory of this and I had never sleep walked before. The second time I began medication over again after a break, I got another memory block.

I think it might have something to do with if one doesnt go to sleep immidiately after taking it, some part of mind could stay awake in some rare people. I also couple of times didnt go to bed after taking it and felt weirdly dissociated of this world, bit like floating mindlessly.

I have heard some people using it with alcohol on purpose to create this kind of memory block. They video tape what they do because they dont remember and they want to test it for "fun". Some have told to break their stuff or attacked friends without any memory. I absolutely do not recommend even tiniest sip of alcohol with any sleeping pills but especially this one, it can be very dangerous. And since we are all individuals, medicine effects to some people very differently than some. Please do not play with fire.

It offended me a little bit when the expert said zolpidem can't cause memory loss except if it is regurarly used every day. I think in rare cases it can. But the weird state of mind caused by zolpidem lasts very short time because the half life of it is short so that doesnt fit in this. Sorry for the person if she doesnt really remember but some subcontious mind does, she could be in some denial. Or then she can be lying. Part of her body language pointed to lying though.
Replied By: feggel on Nov 22, 2012, 3:24PM

This case has striking similarities with a murder case currently developing in The Netherlands.

The 1th of may 1999 a 16 year old girl was raped and murdered in a small town in a rural area in the north. She was riding here bike home and was later found in a nearby field along the way of the cycle lane. (We have cycle lanes everywhere). Evidence on the scene suggests she wasnt taken by force, but went with her killer voluntary. Also on the scene was no evidence of a struggle. Furthermore evidence was found that the suspect fled the scene in a panic. So the police thinks she might have known here killer and that he lived nearby.

As a last resort to find the killer, a large scale voluntary DNA kinship study under approx. 8000 men who live within the region where she was murdered took place. Surprisingly a FULL DNA match was found. Apperently the suspect voluntarily cooperated with the investigation, having been overheard by friends saying "this is the last chance there is to catch this guy". Police told that he was surprised when they said his DNA was a full match.

Apperently the suspect was known with the police. In 2009 he was arrested for stealing a car from his neighbour in which he drove 100 km/h in a 30 km p/h zone. He claimed that he had no recollection of the event up untill he got arrested by police. Shortly after the arrest he was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with a dissociative disorder. The neighbour didnt press charges because the suspect was well liked in the community.

They now think that he stole the car because he was under extreme stress by the terrible secret he was living with. Also just before his wild joyride, the reward for tips leading to the arrest was raised from €12.000 to €100.000. The case also got a great deal of attention by the national media at that time. All these factors lead to high stress with the suspect and he just lost it.

This murder case is currently widely discussed on every channel and newspaper in The Netherlands and After seeing the dr phill show over here, I couldn't help but see the simmilarities and wonder: did she kill someone or have had someone killed and is now knowingly or unknowingly (surpressed memorries, like the suspect in above story) trying to cover it up. Just look at the facts.

Sarah claimes no recollection of the 13 hours. She failed the polygraph (surpressed memories?). A missing gun!!!! (Used it or gave it to the hired gun to use it) the kids in a parking lot where she knew they would be found. Pawned here juwlery for $100+ (to pay the hired gun, people do stuff for a lot less). Her kids saying that they saw a man. Flat emotions, could be a sign of undergoing great stress (on international tv, hiding a dark secret) and here eye movement I thought was just a little off.

This ofcourse could be a wild theory and I hope it is. I just couldnt help but think this as a possibility. You could even read of the face of dr phill that he thinks there's something she isn't telling.

What do you think? She really can't remember? Drugs?
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