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After nearly five months in rehab and 144 days of sobriety, Alexandra reunites with her parents, Erin and Marty, on Dr. Phil’s stage, and she comes clean about her darkest drug-fueled days. From carrying a gun to using dirty needles, Alexandra candidly shares details of what she calls her rock bottom moment. See the progress the young mom has made and how she’s preparing to be a parent again. Then, Marty was a no-show at the rehabilitation center's Family Week, but he eventually made the trip to see Alexandra. Did father and daughter resolve their unfinished emotional business? Marty opens up about his visit and shares why he's not convinced that she's ready to return home. Then, Erin says she’s thrilled with Alexandra’s progress, so why does Dr. Phil think she may be sabotaging her daughter’s recovery? And when Alexandra is asked to write a mock obituary, what does she have to say about the life she would have left behind? Don't miss part one of this two-part series!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: elly1987 on Feb 17, 2015, 11:22PM
how is alexandra and her childeren doing ,is there going to be a new show about this in the future? i am verry curious about how she and her sister and the rest of the family is doing now.

i have been folowing this story from the first show. and i keep wondering how are they now.

i hope there will be a follow up on this dr. phil family
Replied By: KateBauer on Oct 6, 2012, 7:09AM - In reply to alphak555
I agree 100%.
Replied By: mchavez27 on Sep 27, 2012, 9:18PM
From the beginning I said that Alex was a waste of time. Dr. Phil says he won't give up on her because of the kids. She's not taking care of them! She doesn't care about them!

Dr. Phil, you are annoying many people by trying to save a lost cause. Help the children, but forget about Alex. She obviously doesn't think of anyone but herself.
Replied By: bellakaus on Sep 10, 2012, 11:23PM
Have just watched this ep on Aussie tv... It was very brave of her to be so honest about just how far her addiction had gotten and it bodes well for her ongoingsobriety that she is finally being honest with everyone.

Just wondering about one of the things she said though...she listed thdrugstore five drugs [she] would usually use" and she listed the following: oxyxodone, heroin, (unintelligable), crack cocaine and methadone.

Did anyone catch what the third one was? It sounded like she said "Leeds" but at least in Australia, that isdrug the name for a drug. Weed, yes, but Leeds doesnT mean anything (that I know of,anyway).

Minor point but I'm jucuriosity's, especially considering how many allegationsand suspicions there were about her using methamphetamine.

If you are reading Erin, i sincerely wishodour whole famito thevery bestgluing forward

Replied By: strine on Sep 10, 2012, 9:23PM - In reply to alphak555
I also changed the channel after watching her and her mother talking. Her mother is also self-centred and a good actress and she raised the girls to be just like her. From the first episode I could see where Alex and her sister got their entitled nature from and since then her mother has been rewarded for being so self interested with a makeover. SInce that makeover show she sits there playing with her hair everytime and talking like Dr Phil (seems she has modelled herself on him as the therapist solving "everyone else's problems"- since she doesn't think she has any). Who would change their grandchild's name just because thy hated the father he was named after? The other children knew him by one name and then screwy grandma changed it (like they need anymore unpredictability in their lives. I know the grandkids are going to grow up exactly the same because that is what is being modelled for them ("I am more important than you").
Replied By: alphak555 on Sep 10, 2012, 8:07PM - In reply to KateBauer
I refuse to watch episodes with Alex or the other members of this dis functional family! Sick of it!
Replied By: alphak555 on Sep 10, 2012, 8:05PM
I started to watch dr. Phil, as I do almost everyday, and Alexandra was onstage! I swithed Chanel's straight away because I am sick to death of this family! I couldn't care less what happens to any of them! They have been thrashed to death on your show and given so many opportunities that even close family members are not given! I am totally over the entire family, especially Alex because she is and always wilbee a manipUlator and until drPhil's  wakes up and realizes this we will be bored to death with this stuff! If dr Phil wants to help Alex then do it on your own time and stop wasting valuable air time that could be used to help someone else! 
Replied By: KateBauer on May 8, 2012, 10:49AM
As I watched this show, I didn't see her crying to see her children. Her first priorityshould be to  become a mother to her children.  When she said she wanted to return home, I believe she does because she can return to her no good friends and her way of life before rehab.  I just don't understand that Dr. Phil doesn't see the writing on the wall, he is far more intelligent with other people, but Alexandra has him fooled.  At this rate he will still try to rehabiiltate her when he is 90.  I don't think she gets it, which is very sad for her children and parents who are rearing them.

Also, when her mom had her grand-daughter on her lap talking to her, her mother should not have been talking about the issues she was.  The little girl wanted to see and talk with her mom, not hear about issues she does not understand.
Replied By: marianparoo on Apr 28, 2012, 1:36PM - In reply to ghm523
... and I still can't figure out why Dr. McGraw treats Alex better than any child abuser and/or drug addict he ever had on his show in all these years.

Oh, well, it's those little mysteries that make life interesting!
Replied By: kathleen27 on Apr 28, 2012, 11:34AM
THE FATHERS OF THESE THREE CHILDREN!   WHERE is Nathan's Dad?  Is he at least paying child support to help Erin and Marty with the cost of raising HIS child?  What about his Parents?  Do they see their grandson, or have they just picked up and not looked back?

Chris..he was speaking to is he involved with Leyla?  He SHOULD BE!  Does HE pay child support, and spend time with HIS child?  Is his family involved?

Tony..well, unless he is also in treatment, he cannot see Micael, but if he works, he CAN pay support, and his family could be a part of Michael's life. 

I realize that the Show was about Alex in Recovery, but mention was made of her children, and her communication with Chris. (Put, I may add, into a negative light).  WHY?  He is Leyla's father.  Are these children allowed to visit their extended family, or have they been abandoned by everyone?

That is very sad, if it is true.  However, it does sound as if Chris wants to be involved, and that should include his being able to comminicate with Alex.

Nothing has been said about the Paternal it possible that Tony has a person who is sober and caring in his network? 

Chris was in prison, but if he is now a law abiding man, why keep bringing up his past?  Katherine was a good lawyer away from prison, and Alex somehow dodged a bullit by staying out of jail.

I wish more were revealed about the situation, because family can offer supprt, and give a break to the caregivers if they are willing and able to do so. It would also be better for the children to know more than just one set of grandparents, and one Aunt. 

Too much we don't know.  Depending on the Court orders, Alex may not have the option of one day taking her children out of State..many questions, that were never answered.

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