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For 10 years, you’ve watched the Dr. Phil Family through their ups and downs. Today, Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Alexandra, now 144 days sober. Is she headed for a major relapse? Find out what she did two weeks ago with a man to scare her father and seriously concern her treatment team. Dr. Phil has some strong words of caution for her parents, Erin and Marty. Can he get them back on track? Then, Alexandra’s younger sister, Katherine, says that her relationship with Alexandra has been strained for years. Can Katherine forgive and forget? Dr. Phil advises the sisters how to forge a new path. And, what does the future hold for Alexandra and her kids, Nathan, 8, Leilah, 4, and Michael, 1? Will she ever be able to return home? Watch as Alexandra reunites with her three kids after a two-year break. Plus, get an exclusive look into Alexandra’s life in rehab -- from meditating to caring for marine life and skydiving! If you’ve followed the Dr. Phil Family since the beginning, you won't want to miss this final chapter.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: alphak555 on Sep 11, 2012, 8:24PM
I must add that I would love to see a deserving family receive the help that dr Phil gives this family! It would warm my heart to see people who actually appreciate the help instead of manipulate and scheme to get more then go off the rails repeatedly! 

Dr Phil, have you considered the possibility that with the media exposure and the infamy not to mention the gifts and special care given to Alex may have perpetuated her selfishness and her attitude that she deserves everything no matter what? Dr Phil's constant attention may be fueling her desire for attention and effecting her in a negative way! She knows that no matter what dr Phil will be there and this is the reason she doesn't or hasn'tmade the decision to make the right choices as dr Phil will always bail her out! Sometimes you have to be hard and let them hit rock bottom and let them ask for help! 

Dr PhilIda going against his own advice to parents with drug addled kids! I am so sick of Alex and verydisappointed with dr Phil! Help someone who willappreciate the help, please! Your time is invaluable and I am positive there are thousands of deserving people out there! People who have actually been dealt a raw deal in life  with no fault of their own! There are people who have been to hell through circumstances beyond their control! Not some spoilt brat that had loving parents, maybe controlling but loving parents! My mother would never look after my children or put up with me behaving like Alex does! She has a very loving mother that has gone beyond the call of duty for her and if that is not love than what is? 

Alex is a spoilt brat and has had a good life compared to other people! How would she have turned out if she had really horrible parents that couldn't care less about her? 

Dr Phil you are helping someone who doesn't deserve the help! Wake up!
Replied By: alphak555 on Sep 11, 2012, 8:04PM
I tape the dr Phil show everyday and as soon as I see Alex and this family I delete the episode straight away! I honestly couldn't care less what happens! Enough is enough! 

People, don't forget what these people have been given, saddles, marine opportunities, cars, facelifts, trips to Europe etc. etc.

Enough is enough! If you want a reaction from the viewers it is anger and frustration that time is wated on this family, especially Alex! 
Replied By: jennybrighteye on May 1, 2012, 11:41AM - In reply to kris59
and thoughts have swung dramatically in the last few years re: Alexandra's saga. I couldn't tolerate her at first, then felt quite sympathetic toward her. I'm not sure how I feel these days.

I believe that the biggest victim in this long story is Nathan. It tore at the heart to hear him say he doesn't remember much about his mother and hear him ask when he could live with her.  He is old enough to sense great loss and yet too young to know how to cope. I feel saddest for Nathan most of all.
Replied By: kris59 on Apr 30, 2012, 4:58PM - In reply to jennybrighteye
Your comments are very solid and mature and right on the mark.  You're not being negative - you're being very realistic and you have some very good thoughts.
Replied By: imamosaic on Apr 30, 2012, 3:13PM - In reply to jennybrighteye
Agree?  On these boards?  LOL!  We can't even agree Dr. Phil is right!!!

Having a good chuckle here.
Replied By: d_julia on Apr 30, 2012, 10:55AM
I'm happy for Alexandra. However, she is far, far, far from being out of the woods. Her brain is still 'toxic'. She still has a fairly 'toxic' family. For the life of me, I cannot understand why her parents are continuing to ignore all of the advice that has been and continues to be provided for their interactions with Alex. Why didn't Marty attend the classes for families of addicts? Why isn't Erin running her so-called interventions past Alexandra's team BEFORE she engages with Alex? If she had actually been engaged with the team, she would have known not to send cash, not to stress her out with the children, not to engage her in family dynamics, etc, etc, etc, etc.
Alex may NEVER be a fit mother for her children. She should NOT return to Jacksonville. Ever. I can completely understand Katherine's refusal to engage with Alex. She can't trust her. Alex put everybody in her family through hell for years, Alex will have to earn a relationship with Katherine.
Replied By: jennybrighteye on Apr 30, 2012, 9:04AM - In reply to imamosaic
How are you?

I also enjoy a good conversation on these boards, even when we don't agree!  We who have closely followed the Dr Phil family have yelled, cried, and everything else while watching their lives unfold.

Thanks for adding your say here!!
Replied By: nannecakes on Apr 29, 2012, 4:25PM
Okay lets give Alexandra a chance...unless you have been in her shoes don't be so quick to condemn..Do I want to see her fail,of course not!!   I want to see her continue to grow, to learn and teach from this and I definetly want to see her get her children back and be the mother they need. It will take time ,love, and lots  and lots of support..she has mine!!!!
Replied By: csidney on Apr 29, 2012, 4:20PM
I don't think Alex really wants to be a mother. I think she likes having the control over her children but only to use against her parents or boyfriend of the month. I thinks she wants to have the children to enhance her role as *victim* in this whole family drama. I think she feels more like an adult being able to call herself somebody's mother. I feel she had these children on purpose not by accident ,  as an attempt to control the man/boy in her life. I think she had these kids so she could hear someone say they loved her. I think motherhood looks like fun to a young girl, but Alex doesn't like the work being a mommy requires when she's alone and the cameras aren't rolling.  I think Alex is content  and actually prefers to be the mommy that visits and brings gifts on holidays and birthdays. She's not in this for the long haul. Never was.   All the help in the world isn't going to make Alexandra love those children.  You either feel it or you don't. She doesn't.   She wasn't always on drugs. Drugs are convenient. Drugs are an excuse. Drugs aren't the reason Alex abandoned those children.

Please leave those children right where they are.
Replied By: isaac18 on Apr 29, 2012, 3:15PM - In reply to ctweetybird
going back to jacksonville is a trigger 100%. ANY therapist will tell you you do not put yourself in a situation where there are negative influences bad memories and lots of temptation. You need a new life literally to start over, you dont go back to the same situation, no matter how well the therapy went. Ive seen people like this they go back to there old towns and get back in the slump within a few months. It has so much to do with the enviornment and dr phil believes so too. A new start involves sometimes a new town or even a new state! She will have to leave behind her pals in jacksonville and start fresh if that is what she truely wants.
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