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How well do you know your partner? Would you know if he was living a dark and secret double life? Nine years ago, Joy says she thought she'd married her Prince Charming when she wed Robert Howard Bruce. But six years into their marriage, she says it all unraveled when she saw a composite sketch in her local newspaper of a man who she thought resembled Robert and police called "Ether Man," a rapist believed to be responsible for attacking dozens of women across the southwestern United States over the last 19 years. Learn the surprising twists and turns in this case. What warning signs does Joy say she missed? And, why is she still married to him? Plus, hear about the shocking videotape that she says she found. Then, meet Robert's first wife, Rosa, and their three children: Robert, 22, Alyssa, 18, and Jared, 17. How have their lives changed since Robert’s alleged crimes came to light? In addition, two possible victims tell their stories, and a detective on the case weighs in. What clues helped authorities target Robert? Then, Emily says she was raped at 14 and, a decade later, received a "friend request" from her alleged attacker on a popular social networking website. How did she react? And, why isn’t her alleged rapist in jail? Don’t miss her surprising story! This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: cmelc62 on Apr 23, 2012, 10:04PM - In reply to jjschrementi
I read your message and your right, they will never ever leave you alone. If you've been married or like myself have a child from him it's a freakin nightmare. The charm played for about two years then we decided to have a child and after that he did a 360 on me. I was hiring an attorney to have him evicted from my home after 5 months. He drained my $$, he drained my soul. He wanted me to go crazy, but I wouldn't go there. I knew this wasn't normal. I finally  put two and two together and discoverd what is was really all about. He is the DEVIL, narcissistic  pycho path. My daughter just turned five and i"m still going through hell with him  only because he is her father. I tell people he is better off dead, then my nightmare would end. No courts, police, mediation, councelors can helpl me. He is so charming, loving with me in front of others unitl we are alone. Just yesterday dropping off our daugher he just calls me a bitch right in front of her!! What a mother fucker, then ask me to go to lunch today. Sicko sicko. I could go on and on but most due the dishes.
Replied By: tigerlilly1580 on Apr 22, 2012, 6:58PM
Emily, I too was raped.  I was 16, and in a strange town with my friend who wanted to see this guys she liked.  I did not want to be there, but I was trying to be supportive.  He had a buddy with him and we decided to drive backroads, I think they had some beer, but I refused to drink.  His buddy threw my shoe out the car window, and I made them stop and go get it. He, the buddy whom I will call Tom, got out with me and the others drove off.  I was really ticked, it was late, and I was unfamiliar with the area.  Tom said he had a friend that lived up this driveway and we could call someone to come get us. I remember every detail like it was yesterday. I won't go into detail, but I repeatedly said no, but Tom continued.  After it was over, my friend came and got me and we drove home.  I confided in her and told her what had happened, along with a few other close friends. They told me I was a liar, so I didn't tell anyone what happened. Not even my parents.  Tom showed up at my after prom party that year. I was horrified, and left that very minute in tears and in panic.  I too, became promiscuous, and after high school, got involved with drugs, alcohol, and all sorts of horrific things.  I would still probably be involved with all of it had I not become pregnant.  I truly believe that God placed that beautiful baby boy inside me to wake me up. 

I am now married, have 3 beautilful boys, and another unkown child on the way.  It's been 15 years since it happened, and I wish I had had your courage to speak up and tell other girls that it's not ok.  You need to tell someone.  Within the last six months one of my dearest friends from high school has recently become engaged to Tom. When I saw her post a picture of them together on facebook I too relived the entire night.  My heart sank, I instantly became sick at my stomach.  I still have not confided in anyone, not even my family, but my faith, and my daily walk with Christ has helped me to deal with my past. 

Thank you again for sharing, you touched me so.  You are very brave, and I applaude you for standing up.

Replied By: wasp52 on Apr 19, 2012, 11:25AM - In reply to daniaz
Thank you for your reply.
Replied By: leo1773 on Apr 18, 2012, 5:16PM
When I lived in Amarillo, Texas in 1992 a lady in the apartment complex behind me was ethered, bound and gagged and I'm certain if she hadn't gotten away she would not have lived.  the man that attempted to abduct her was never caught.  She was unable to identify him because he hid behind her fence and came up behind her as she passed by on the way to her car.  When I saw this episode it gave me chills.  This guy obviously knew her routine and waited for the right moment to try to get her.  It makes me wonder if it's the same guy...new mexico isn't that far from amarillo and it was around the same time the other rapes were happening.  Creepy
Replied By: exstudent on Apr 18, 2012, 10:39AM
I was a student at UNM & called the police about R. H. Bruce.  The Albuquerque 911 system is partly to blame for all the damage R. H. Bruce has done.  When I called the police a peeping tom was considered a secondary response call. It took forever for the police to show up when they did decide.  Bruce ran out  of the yard & to his vehicle and was long gone by the time the police would show. My sister came to visit me & called me at work because when she went to the bathroom she saw him peering into my room.  He watched her watch Jay Leno.  Another time I had a date over & my date caught him watching us.  All the other times I was alone.  My landlord put up motion lights but there was still evidence of him left behind. R. H. Bruce's visits weren't finished.  Now after seeing this show I wonder just how many women got ethered.
Replied By: jjschrementi on Apr 17, 2012, 6:57AM
my story is 'complex' & almost unbelievable......its still going on, his hands 'are clean' as a whistle"
 won't stop....despises me....there is NO END to what these socio-paths will do....pillar of the community, paid off divorce attorneys....it's like a bad novel....one shrink said "if i was as convincing as your husband I'd be a muli-millionair" .....convinced 2 sons.......all behind closed doors, in front of people, treated me like GOLD.
mine is still going on 24/7...........anything w/ technology of mine is hacked....took my home, my $, my reputation, always saying "she's the love of my life" but so mentally sick, she needs to be institunionlized"
 he said he would destroy me & he did........THEY ARE HARD TO FIND!!!!!   when i look back at the "red flags' i wonder & realize, must have been in such denial......attorney in court room said he & his co-horts won't leave her alone even in florida......convinced my sons to move me out....(without my knowledge) this started in 05.....its escalating .....he is so well respected, the boss we used to have asks him to :pick up his awards at the company we both worked for...old story, secretary, (he still denies) disguises, crazy wife....my heart goes out to anyone in this "horrific situation' .....you exisit daily, stalked, harrarssed, car vandalized beyond belief in both states,  explosives in mailbox....IS HE himself doing anything ?  NO...
make call to local police from home town, get text message on my phone......"this is national shut the
F up day & more, texts from the hood.....computer re-directing confirmed by kaspersky....hope you get this message.....DAILY.....how does one figure out the mind of socio-paths?  dr said 2 socio-paths...both of them.....sociopath next door book says if you 'have one after you get as far away as possible,' i have 2 & distance hasn't mattered....anything w/ technology.....complex situation...love the show.......
Replied By: marianparoo on Apr 17, 2012, 2:37AM
Try walking around in someone else's shoes -- and I don't mean over a single incident, I mean for all their life, upbringing, and culture.

"Forgiveness" is not part of everybody's way of life.

One can get over and recover from horror, without forgiveness.

Ask some of the people (I got them in my family) who survived the Holocaust how possible it is to continue on.

Some things are simply unforgiveable, and that is that.

To say that everyone can forgive and everything can be forgiven is both ignorant and arrogant.
Replied By: butterflylily2 on Apr 16, 2012, 6:31PM
The two sons of the rapist mention a phase I felt needed modified. I truly believe the fact  that you fell away from the tree/did not believe in what your father has done speaks volumes for your strength of character. It's the sons that relive their childhood experiences that have not fallen off the tree. The sons who fall off are making every attempt to not relive their upbringing and to make it better. Do not doubt yourselves and the boundaries you have and need to continue to set.
Replied By: mcowan on Apr 16, 2012, 6:16PM

Your story hit so close for me! It was like we have shared a life. The only difference is that I was 12 and I have not ever talked to the person about when he stole my innocence. I do believe that he feels, however wrong it may be, that he does not think what he did to me was rape. But Dr Phil is right, a child is not of sound mind to give consent, and I was not coherent enough to have given consent even if I would have been old enough. Like you, I was so ashamed of myself after that I became consumed in self-destructive behavior (alcohol, drugs, reckless sex, dating the "bad boys"). I had zero self-worth and to make it worse I did not tell anyone about what happened so my parents thought I was just being a trouble-maker. As hard as it was, I finally told my Mom a couple years ago. It was incredibly hard for her to hear at first and she was angry but I think she was mixed with anger for the person who violated her child and also angry with me that I didn't trust her in the beginning. Living in a very small town I have come to terms with the fact that I am going to run into this person from time to time but I have to be a bigger person. I had to learn to forgive him even though he never asked for it, but to do it for myself. It's amazing what a little grace and forgiveness can do for the soul :) You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Replied By: califlady on Apr 16, 2012, 5:55PM
the Children of these wives are victims, as much as the women were who were raped. My heart goes out to the wives, the children, and the many many women, I am also more then sure that although they say there were 30 to 40 victims, I would bet that there were many more that never came forward. I wish that at some point Dr Phil would have refered to the kids as victims also. As they are now living their own mental torment, that  will be with them also till the day they die.
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