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Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re dealing with serious illnesses that could have deadly outcomes. First, Annette says as a mother, she wants the right to euthanize her severely-disabled children, 42-year-old Jeffrey and 43-year-old Janet, who have been institutionalized for more than three decades with the rare genetic disorder, Sanfilippo Syndrome. Her only legal option is to remove their feeding tubes, which she says would lead to a painful and inhumane death. What would you do? Hear from acclaimed trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger, on why he thinks the laws against euthanasia should be changed. Then, former model Stephanie Vostry, 25, says that she suffers from constant pain and seizures caused by what some doctors believe to be chronic Lyme disease, and others wonder if she's faking. With natural medicine providing minimal relief, hear how she says she's turned to self-medicating to dull her pain. Plus, chronic Lyme disease hits close to home for a Dr. Phil staff member and a San Diego weathercaster.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: paulmall on Jul 28, 2012, 7:03PM - In reply to imcynthia79
You need to have a western blot done

preferably through igenex but if you use a different lab you need to order a copy to yourself on the submission

because translation of the test is a big issue too.

Testing is so poor its best to see a lyme specialist to get a clinical diagnosis



Replied By: imcynthia79 on Jul 1, 2012, 11:08PM
Wow, I have been so sick for almost two years and so many of my symptoms are explained by chronic Lymes disease.  The severe migraines and headaches, pain, fatigue, weight loss, fainting, seizures, numbness, mental confusion and, light sensitivity why hasn't my Dr. thought of testing for Lymes Disease? This baffles me. I have almost every symptom in the book.

 I know I was bit by ticks a few times growing up.  I remember being scared and pulling them out of my body then worrying later if I had left their heads in like my parents had warned.  (grew up in the foothills of the mountains where deer where prevailant) I haven't seen a tick bite on me in probably 18 years though so could this be? I have a neurologist who is treating me at this time who has gone as far as yelling at me trying to say i'm lying and faking everything.  I was working two jobs, loving life when this all hit me like a truck. 

Some days I can't get out of bed.  This is the last thing I would fake.  I am 33 and have never had any mental illness history not even a day of depression.  My life was thriving, I was moving up at work and loved it!

I have a beautiful 5 year old to live for, to take care of.  Because my 2 jobs let me go for not being able to come back to work once temporary disability was over I am on Medi-cal goverment insurance and it is HORENDOUS.  Talk about being treated poorly.  I had seizures and was in the hospital for 4 nights and never saw a neurologist.  They botched my spinal tap giving me a spinal headache as well just saying that happens sometimes when someone is thin when i screamed in pain from them hitting something wrong during it.

I am thankful for Dr. Phil for putting this show on.  A lady at my Mom's work mentioned Lymes disease to her as a possible thing for me to look in to but this show gave me hope of a diagnosis.  Maybe someday I will feel well again!

Now where to go from here????

Replied By: swissmoeka on May 24, 2012, 1:08PM
 Thank you Dr. Phil for airing this on your show, people really need to know how serious this disease is and how to find help getting treatment for it. There are sooo many that suffer with no answers, told it's all in their heads, it doesn't exist here etc.  and then it becomes Chronic. It blows my mind how a tiny little critter the size of the period at the end of this sentence can change your life in an instant. God help us. I for one saw 66 doctors before the medical field would figure out that I had 3 different tick-borne diseases. I had to go out of state to get dx. There is seriously something wrong with this picture. I went to the dr. with many tick bites and took over 12 years and many other dx's were given to me including many rude suggestions like go home and forget about it you just have Fibromyalgia or your just depressed etc. It saddens me how hard people with this disease have to fight to get well.
 Thank you again Dr. Phil.
Replied By: lymebites89 on May 24, 2012, 10:08AM - In reply to vaflmom
You can have blood work labs sent to IGeNix labs or you can go to a Lyme literate doctor that has a dark field microscope and they can tell you if she still has parasites that the antibiotic didn't kill. Lyme is extremely smart and they successfully hide from antibiotics in a lot of cases. Good luck!
Replied By: lymeinla on May 24, 2012, 9:03AM
Those of us who are suffering from these terrible illnesses (I saw illness's because ticks carry MULTIPLE infections) really appreciate someone in you position shedding light on this issue.

Like so many others on these boards, I now suffer because the medical field failed to recognize a PHYSIOLOGICAL illness for a purely psychiatric one.

I hope you do follow up's on lyme. There is a whole subculture of people out there whose lives have been interrupted because there is resistance.

For the life of me, I don't understand why people in the medical field, who have taken a sworn oath to help patients heal, fight so vehemently against good, honest men, women and children who want nothing more than to be better.

It's shows like yours and others that will help change the course of the diagnosis, treatment and ultimately, changing the attitudes of doctor's and insurance companies so people like me do not have to suffer.

We don't want to be sick.

A prominent doctor who see's Lyme patients told me that his patients are some of the healthiest people before they were bitten by a tick. They are the ones out hiking, travelling, being outdoors. They're not sitting on the couch.

I hope there are further shows on Tick borne diseases and the politics surronding their treatment. As you can see by the response to that 1 segment of your show, there's a lot of attention being paid to it.
Replied By: ledbythelamb on May 24, 2012, 5:27AM - In reply to cjohnston123
I was misdiagnosed with MS.  Had classic symptoms...tingling, L'hermittes sign in my heel, sensitivity to cold and heat...the symptoms were endless.  Then I was also diagnosed with Lupus based on a positive ANA test.  Thankfully I did my own research and found out that I have late stage chronic Lyme disease.  I was able to find an LLMD (one of only two at that time in all of Texas)  and finally start getting better.  

My ANA went away after a year on antibiotics and my heel stopped buzzing.  I"m not cured...I've had this disease a very long time. But I am finally fully functional.  
Replied By: ledbythelamb on May 24, 2012, 5:24AM
How could a doctor possibly accuse someone of "faking it" when they have seizures and chronic pain...those are very much known to be symptoms of neuro-Lyme.  I wish someone would really educate these idiots who call themselves MDs...someone besides big pharma and the CDC... corporations that cover their own behinds and make money off people like me who suffer from Chronic Lyme.   It really starts to make one sick of humanity as a whole.
Replied By: kellcat on May 23, 2012, 9:33PM
The biggest mistake, I think, that some sections of "normal" society makes when assessing the quality of life of people with disabilities is that they tend to judge based on their own quality of life as "normal" people. This view of what constitutes quality of life is very skewed in my book. Just because a person can not do many, or sometimes any, of the things that a "normal" person can does not necessarily mean that they have any less quality of life, it is simply a very different quality of life. Society as a whole needs to start looking from a different view, one that acknowledges that there can be very different measures for what constitutes a persons quality of life that are drawn from people in similar circumstances and of similar abilities rather than what is currently considered to be "normal". I am not against voluntary euthanasia, and indeed if the time comes would like to think that it would be an option available to me should I choose to take it. I do how ever strongly believe that it should not be imposed upon someone without their direct consent or request.
Replied By: jenlightn on May 23, 2012, 9:54AM
Thank you Dr. Phil, Brooke Landau, all the lyme literate doctors who are standing up for this misdiagnosed and mistreated epidemic,  for this show and the publicity. It is so important to get out the message, because those of us who love nature and have been hiking in areas unaware of the seriousness of this disease and its prevalence, are paying a steep price. I truly look forward to another episode covering the conspiracy by insurance companies and government agencies to minimize, misdiagnose and sweep this serious disease epidemic under the rug.

I can't wait for the class action lawsuit. It will cost the insurance companies a great deal more than if they had aggressively pursued research, proper diagnosis and treatment in the first place.
Replied By: lissarae on May 5, 2012, 1:45PM
I just watched this episode last night (DVR). I cannot even put into words how appalled I am at the idea of this woman wanting to “euthenize” her chidren! That woman does not even know her children! I used to work in a facility where I helped and cared for people with MRDD. When you spend 8-16 hours a day with people it is almost like living with them. They become like members of your family. Sometimes you begin to care about them as your own family. You see things in them that those on the outside may not be able to see. (The outside meaning people who may see them only once every couple weeks/months). You recognize things about them, how they are feeling, what mood they are in on a given day..

In each of “my” residents I recognized pleasure, pain, likes and dislikes. Each had very unique personalities. Some looked forward to a favorite TV show, some mealtime. Some looked forward to certain staff coming in or a family member. Some enjoyed walks or outings. I can tell you, every single resident of that facility, no matter how severe their disability, was unique, very much alive and expressive in their own way.

She may think her children have no feelings or life but I don't believe it for a second. Some just can't express their feelings as loudly as others. It is those people who need their families more than anyone else. They need someone who is watching and listening and can recognize their unique language.

That is their life, whether she likes it or not. She may not understand it because she doesn’t live it but that does not mean it is a life with any less value. No, it is not a life like hers but it is the life they have always known and I guarantee they have found joy in parts of it and yes probably pain as well...Same as the rest of us. It's called being human.
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