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Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re dealing with serious illnesses that could have deadly outcomes. First, Annette says as a mother, she wants the right to euthanize her severely-disabled children, 42-year-old Jeffrey and 43-year-old Janet, who have been institutionalized for more than three decades with the rare genetic disorder, Sanfilippo Syndrome. Her only legal option is to remove their feeding tubes, which she says would lead to a painful and inhumane death. What would you do? Hear from acclaimed trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger, on why he thinks the laws against euthanasia should be changed. Then, former model Stephanie Vostry, 25, says that she suffers from constant pain and seizures caused by what some doctors believe to be chronic Lyme disease, and others wonder if she's faking. With natural medicine providing minimal relief, hear how she says she's turned to self-medicating to dull her pain. Plus, chronic Lyme disease hits close to home for a Dr. Phil staff member and a San Diego weathercaster.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: glorygreen on Sep 21, 2014, 5:23PM - In reply to mitzidawn30
I read your comment and wondered what clinic in Idaho did you go to that got you the treatment that you needed?  My son is in Idaho and I think he may have Lyme disease.
Replied By: lonnaowens on Jan 6, 2014, 6:05PM
Hi, and thank you for your show which covered the epidemic that I live with every day. My husband has had neurological chronic lyme since 2008. Well it didn't start that way, but it is severe as of today. There has got to be an answer. If he had cancer or Aids - there would be treatments. Why not Lyme???? There are several bills all over the country regarding the updates and changes for lyme disease. The problem is the CDC doesn't want America to know just how bad this disease is. Please research H.R. 2557 and continue your promotion of the House Bill 295.  Please help this population of people who suffer every day and are fading away from us. The media needs to force these people to make the changes that need to be made. Oh, by the way our dogs get a lyme vaccine yearly, why not people??? $$$$$$$.
Replied By: mitzidawn30 on Jun 6, 2013, 4:58PM
I had a tick embedded and engorged on the back of my neck when I was 11. My mom could not get it out so she took my to a local hospital in Pocatello IDAHO where the ER staff removed it. They did not test the tick for Lyme and Lyme Disease Co-infections and they did not test me. They refused the test saying lyme does not exist in Idaho. Still to this day, they won't do Western Blot tests. If I could have just been diagnosed at that hospital, instead of decades later, it would have saved me years of pain and misery. I have had health issues for as far back as I can remember. I have always known I was not like the normal average healthy person next to me. I had to take so many vitamins to get through without being sick. I eventually got excellent heath insurance, and was seeing one fancy doc after the next, trying to get to the bottom of what was wrong with me. I went to a family doctor, an endocrinologist, a neurologist, a somnologist, and an ENT. I had a brain MRI, abdomen MRI, a pelvic ultrasound, sleep study, celiac test, and all kinds of blood work. With all that  testing all the docs had to say was probably "fibromyalgia." Approx. eight months ago my immune system was compromised. All hell broke lose in my body and I was completely wiped out. I could not do simple activities of daily living. Things like cooking and showering were a chore. I became a young women trapped inside of a 80 year old body. I lost my job and my health insurance. However, I still was seeing docs, and taking trips to the ER, trying to figure out what was wrong. I thought I was dying and wanted admitted to a hospital.  One night when I woke up, my legs had stopped working, and I could not feel my right foot, so I had family rush me to the ER. The doctor said "This does not make sense" I overheard him telling staff I was making up stories and he sent me home unable to walk with a diagnoses of anxiety. I heard this mental health crap over and over from docs- All in your head. So, I was put on Lexapro... I kept searching for answers and I kept finding all my symptoms were that of late stage lyme disease. My mom had heard about a clinic in Idaho that treats Lyme Disease, so she made an appt. for me.  Here, I had a live blood analysis and my blood was loaded with parasites. Spirochetes were identified. I had lyme. Explains EVERYTHING! The mystery was solved..All my symptoms were caused by Lyme- the constant sinus/ear infections, dizziness, cold intolerant, shooting/stabbing pains all over my body, insomnia, hair loss, bladder issues, brain fog, cognitive problems, memory loss, nerve pains in my face, pressure in my head, burning fire headaches, digestive IBS issues, legs being weak/numb, right foot numb, pulses in places where there are no pulses, electricity like surges going through my body, constantly tired/ran down, heart palpitations, anxiety, dead gallbladder, and an ovarian cyst. It only took decades to find the culprit of my health problems I have suffered with for so many years. Shame on doctor's for not being more educated on this disease, and instead trying to make people who are physically sick, feel like they are just mentally crazy, instead of getting to the root and getting them well.  They need to quit diagnosing with the symptoms that Lyme Disease and Co-infections create. Shame on the medical industry for not having a more reliable test than the Western Blot. Shame on the Big Pharma for wanting to keep people sick and hooked on all kinds of dangerous medications. This disease is just a big political mess. Not a disease that I would ever chose to get infected with. If doctor's are not looking for Lyme Disease, or testing for Lyme Disease, do they think this will make it so Lyme Disease doesn't exist??! SO WRONG- I hope that changes come soon with how this is all around being handled. I am currently being treated and making progress.
Replied By: christinanunn8 on Apr 15, 2013, 10:54AM
I found out about chronic Lyme Disease about 3 years ago. I figured out that I've had chronic Lyme Disease for most of my life, and I started having most of my health problems while I was pregnant with my now 5 1/2 year old son. He's been labelled as "autistic" and his symptoms greatly improve on antibiotics, specifically Zithromax. Every time he's on them, he's almost like a typical child his age. I live in TX and I need help finding resources for getting my son the right kind of help since he has no health insurance and Medicaid/CHIPS won't take him because our income is barely over the income limit. I homeschool my son (which he does GREAT in) and all the school district will offer help with is screening/diagnosing services, and maybe some speech therapy. I cannot afford to waste money on therapies which will only serve to cover up symptoms at best and mostly serve to make doctors and therapists richer and cause more suffering to my son and to our family. I've had all I can take from our medical profession and I am only going to take some serious help from serious doctors/therapists who know what they're talking about and can actually help us.
Replied By: gaby2508 on Nov 4, 2012, 12:40PM
I'm from the Netherlands so I'm sorry for my writing in English. My father have this desice since I was young almose 20 years. His face was and neck were paralysed. It was horreble. We are lucky that a nurce was interesting herself in this desice because one day later and he was dead. They give him antibiotics for a few weeks and his is never be the same dad angain. He have always pain in his body, Nerve pains every day. So the people and doctors they say it can't be cronicle, they have to see him because it is!!!! We were to the hospital again this year and the docor said, he can't help him anymore because he don't know how. It hurts a lot when you see you father in pain and you see his face without expression. He can feel but his is never be the same. I wish I know the name of the anticiotics of the persons in the show. Here in the Netherlands they don't give antibiotics for life so they can live again their normal life. Here they say we don't know what to do.
Replied By: gthurman75 on Sep 5, 2012, 9:14PM - In reply to minnowcreekgir
The only lyme specialist I know of is in Tampa, FL. Michael J. Cichon 813-985-5513.  Good luck.
Replied By: garyblakeman on Aug 22, 2012, 6:59AM - In reply to drschneider
You are so right about Columbia. I try to warn everyone about their total incompetence. They told me 2 to 3weeks to get my test results back....It took 3 months. They never responded to my emails after they got my money and they never did any followup phone consultations as promised. A total exercise in frustration and a total waste of a lot of money.,,,,and yes they are way behind the curve as far as their "expertise" goes. In a word, PATHETIC!
Replied By: minnowcreekgir on Aug 15, 2012, 9:38PM

I am helping my niece  find a specialist in lyme disease in or around the Orlando FL area.  Her husband is seriously ill with this terrible disease, siezures, headaches, paralysis of the face and one arm, difficulty speaking and understanding. He is not getting any better.  They were just married in June!  Does anyone have any suggestions? PLEASE!
Replied By: muffin1234 on Aug 13, 2012, 6:17AM - In reply to drschneider
Dr. Schneider

Thank you for speaking out about this "service" or should I say "disservice" to the lyme community. I was also "taken".  If nothing else, they should be reported to the Better Business Bureau 
Replied By: kirsty14p on Aug 7, 2012, 8:10PM
This is the show finally got me to sign up to these messageboards.

As someone who has been stuck at home chronically unwell watching Dr Phil on many days it was ao amazing to see this issue, this example of a chronic disabiling disease that is at best underdiagnosed and at worst totally misunderstood FINALLY discussed on a program like this.

Please do more shows on topics such as this or chronic fatigue or fibromylagia or POTS or any other disease syndrome that silently destroys peoples lives and is difficult to diagnose or treat.

I watch from Australia, with a Ph.D. of my own in Science, wondering what it is that has derailed my life and made me unable to get well or get a diagnosis of what is wrong with me for these past years.  So many people, myself included prior to this affecting me, do not believe that someone who keeps passing medical tests as "normal" could actually really be sick.  I have to thank those doctors who have believed me and given me things that have helped me but still I live with the uncertainity of not knowing whether I am going to be sick or well or what I can best do about it.  Trial and error and self experimentation are difficult and scary.

I feel like the constant "are you sure you are not faking?" questions are like asking someone who is anorexic "why don't you just have something to eat why don't you?". Anyone chronically ill, without a diagnosis is questioning themselves every moment of every day and in my case often making myself sicker by trying to keep going with a normal life despite my symptoms.  Everyday living with the guilt of not being able to be okay, not living how you used to or want to for those you love and wondering if you are mentally ill is very stressful.

It is important you raise the issue of those who opt out of living in world through some conscious choice and the pyschology of that but Dr Phil PLEASE don't forget those of who desperately want to be out in the world living our lives to the full but are prevented by something we can't identify and if we can't identify we can't fight it to try to regain our lives.  Thankyou for all those who post and blog about these conditions, you help everyone who can identiify with your story gain information that could help them and maybe most importantly feel less alone in their own battles.

Thankyou and lets all keep on fighting.
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