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Nineteen-year-old Logan says for eight years, she was sexually abused and exploited by her own father, oftentimes in exchange for drugs. She says the abuse began when she was just 3 years old and that she was given drugs -- such as heroin -- to keep her quiet and submissive, which led to her overdosing at age 4. Learn what happened when Logan visited her father on his deathbed. What final words did she have for the man who she says abused her in such unimaginable ways? Logan now turns to Dr. Phil, looking for help in overcoming her painful childhood. Then, Kacie, 21, says when she was 17, she was held captive, sold on Craigslist and sexually assaulted for eight days before she was rescued by authorities. Dr. Phil offers both these young women a plan for recovery. Parents, ask yourself: Could this happen to your child? This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: allzykinz on Apr 21, 2013, 6:11PM - In reply to tatts47
I was also sickened by this story not only from hearing about Logan's childhood (or lack there of) but also by the comments. I especially hated the comments I read about some people not believing her story because she wasn't crying and even laughed about it. I personally have experienced more than one traumatic event in my life (not as bad as Logan, but painful none the less) and when asked about them I often laugh because I can't show emotion when I try and explain what happened to me. It's easier to act like it was no big deal because you don't know how someone else is going to react to something so intense. You feel like if you laugh and make light of it then you're not forcing someone to feel bad for you. Because honestly, nothing is worse than going through a horrible event and then telling someone and they either don't care or feel really unconfortable and awkward towards you. 

I <3 you Logan! Stay Strong! 
Replied By: sadievoorn on Oct 20, 2012, 12:46PM
Hello  I am a mother of a 3 years old daughter and when I saw this episode  my stomach turned.
I simply can't believe that people can do this. Every time I look at my daughter, I think at this girl . My heart goes out to her and I hope that everything good comes for her.

A mother from Netherlands
Replied By: tatts47 on Jul 25, 2012, 7:39PM
Today I watched Logans story and I was sickened by the adults that participated in this horror.  My other shock was when i looked at some of the comments left on the message board and realized that people didnt believe that it happened to her. First of all I address the numbers of people that did it to her,

If it was 1 or 100 who were involved does it matter? The girl was a little kid and her memory as Dr Phil said is probably hazy. I myself dont remeber much at four. Any nuber is too many and these people are less than animals and if I had the power I would execute every last one of them.

The fact that they drugged her was probably a blessing in disguise and may have something to do with the dissasociation of feelings, but she did say she relives it everyday of her life, has daymares and nightmares. We cant even imagine what kind of horror it would be to have it happen even once.

I am amazed with the lack of sympathy  and or/ empathy that was evident in some of the comments.                      I would suggest that unless you are trained in this very intense field of Pshycology that you have no ability to offer a solutuion to the kid. 

I have a 14 year old daughter and can only say that if someone even attempted to do something to my child they would never make it to court. Obviously passions run high on these issues and to say that I would like to payback with violence on a pedophile is no solution, it seems like the sentences and punishment do not fit the crimes. 

Replied By: kayla_1123 on Apr 24, 2012, 7:07PM
This show was a very intense sad show. When I heard about what happened to this girl from her own father I couldn't believe how he could ever do this to his own daughter!. I feel so bad for her and that she still goes through the pain as she gets older it's terribly sad. I would never ever let my own husband do this type of thing to my own daughter. NEVER!. It's very very horrifying to go through something like this I can't imagine..Just very very wrong in many many ways
Replied By: sonshine1014 on Apr 10, 2012, 8:01PM
Logan, I suffered something very similar from the age of 3 to 12.  I'm 50 and am still dealing with those emotions attached to the memories that I shut down.  My prayers are with you.  Please take advantage of the help Dr. Phil offers.  I have no health insurance and live in a small town with not many resources and I would have given anything if I could have gotten the help I so desperately need to come to terms with all the torture I survived.  We did survive!  Please ignore anyone who doesn't believe you or doesn't understand.  They are fortunate to have not lived through such horrific pain.  I too still have nightmares and day terrors.  I can still see them laughing at me as I was tied down naked being used for whatever they wanted to do to me.  Like you, I can't believe the women who also laughed.  Thank God I have a sister to validate my memories.  I am so proud of you for speaking out on public television....you have just voiced what many of us already know exists.  You did not cause this!  You did not allow this!  Think about a 3 year old girl...rationally would you expect her to be able to fight off adults?  She can't.  She....you and me....was helpless and a victim!  Keep your head up and know that you are not alone!
Replied By: sonshine1014 on Apr 10, 2012, 7:45PM - In reply to drphilfan12304
You equate being tortured every day during the years you are being formed....your personality, your emotions to a tornado?!  Really, just let go?  Read Erickson's stages of development, then talk about how easy it is to let go or move on.  Either you weren't tortured every day during your childhood, or you are lying to yourself that you have "let go"!
Replied By: sonshine1014 on Apr 10, 2012, 7:45PM - In reply to drphilfan12304
You equate being tortured every day during the years you are being formed....your personality, your emotions to a tornado?!  Really, just let go?  Read Erickson's stages of development, then talk about how easy it is to let go or move on.  Either you weren't tortured every day during your childhood, or you are lying to yourself that you have "let go"!
Replied By: sonshine1014 on Apr 10, 2012, 7:41PM - In reply to fit1fifty
I suffered very similar and traumatizing events she talks about.  I am realizing that the emotions are so far buried.  It is a defense mechanism so that you can get through the trauma and go on with everyday life.  I can tell you everything that happened to me with no emotion.  The emotions are buried beneath in a place they may never be experienced.
Replied By: fit1fifty on Apr 8, 2012, 6:01AM - In reply to bobo1937
I have seen other shows on abuse and you could tell the victim was traumatized.  This young lady seemed really together.  Like you said, Dr. Phil does his research but I was struck by her calm togetherness.  Call the police!  If nothing else to keep the abusers from other children.  She said she couldn't bear to go in front of a judge but is fine with talking about it in front of millions?  I was also a victim of abuse by my father and not even close to what she says she went though; it has been my lifelong unwelcomed struggle.
Replied By: drphilfan12304 on Apr 3, 2012, 3:36PM - In reply to porschea
I posted this earlier. It might help you.

1.  You will not excape this.  You must work through it.  The more you try to run from it, the more it will find insiduous ways of destroying your relationships, especially with authority figures like bosses.

2.  You will have to accept that people you loved as a chiled because they, at least, did not hurt you, stood by and did nothing.  What your child's mind could not process was that by not helping you, they allowed your abuse to continue.  As an adult, this will make you very angry with people who did not deserve your love.  That will cause more pain.  They let you suffer because they were just being selfish and protecting themselves.  Then you will learn to accept this, too, and let go of it.

3.  Eventually, you will accept that you got dealt a bad deal.  The sooner you are able to accept that it wasn't right, but what can you do about it now, the sooner you'll get some peace.  After 50 years, I let it go with the help of some PTSD counseling, and it felt like a volkswagen was lifted off my back.  That and some anti-depressants, and I'm better than good.  Life is eventually what YOU make of it after you escape from the torture.  I may not like John McCain's politics, but he was in a Vietnamese box for 5 years, and ended up running for President.  If he had held onto the resentment(anger), his life would have been very different.

4.  Try as many anti-depressants as possible until you find one that works for you.  I use escitalopram--it has the least side effects.  As Dr. Phil says, abuse/violence changes who a child will become.  By that, I think he means that living with your adrenal glands flooding your system 24/7 for years as you deal with the terror of awaiting the next pain session, your brain chemistry changes.  Living with clinical depression makes everything harder, but you can push through it.  Set the alarm 2 hours before you need to get up if you have to.  Set small daily goals toward a better life.  College is essential and some states have open admissions--meaning you don't have to be a brainiac to get in.  Then you can learn as you go, get caught up with your math and language skills, get a degree, earn a decent living, move past the past.  

5.  Don't spend one minute in the company of mean people, passive-agressive people, sarcastic people, angry people, losers.  Learn to be ok with being alone until someone nice comes along.  (A lot harder than it sounds since socializing is a basic human need.)  If you have to go shopping to get your only smile of the day--go ahead.  You don't have to buy anything, or at least nothing expensive, a cup of coffee, a jug of milk, cat food.

6.  Take an active roll in making life better for  yourself because you cannot rely on anyone else.  I'm sure you've learned that by now.  But don't refuse the kindnesses of strangers.  Don't know where I'd be without the many wonderful people who steppped into my life to make it better.  The hard part is saying yes to help because we don't trust.  

7.  Think about what you would like to do as a self-employed person because you will always have trouble with authority figures.  When you spend your entire childhood trusting authority figures who torture you, it  messes with the mind.  If you could find an angel for a boss, ok, but not many of them exist.  They have to pay bills, and when you screw up, as you will because you're human, very few have the skills to express themselves in such a way as to safeguard your feelings.

Take care and good luck.  Oh, and sex, once you get to the age  where you are looking for relationships with men your father's age, you will have a problem.  They will all start to look like dad, and you won't be able to relate.  Cats are nice.
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