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(Original Air Date: 02/28/12) Ashley says she was only 5 years old when her father, a man some call the "Monster of Missouri," began sexually abusing her at least twice a day. For the next 13 years, she says she suffered in silence, oftentimes locked away in a small camper, while giving birth to four of her father's children. Alone and with no medical attention, Ashley says she did what she could to stay alive and save the lives of her babies. In her first national interview since her father's arrest, the 22-year-old mom speaks to Dr. Phil about her horrible ordeal. Find out what happened to her children. How did Ashley's absence go unnoticed? Where was her mother? And, how was the truth finally revealed? Still suffering from nightmares and haunting memories of her trauma, Dr. Phil puts forth a plan to help Ashley overcome her painful past and move toward a healthy future. It's a story of survival and triumph you don’t want to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: katebet on Jun 8, 2012, 1:55AM
Ashley, I’ve just watched the episode on the horrific things that happened to you at the hands of your “father”. No words can say how sorry I am that this has happened to you – I cannot even imagine it.

Ashley - I wanted to tell you – my husband and I are unable to have children, but, watching you today all I could think of was that if I could have children I would want my daughter to be like you. Your strength, faith, inner beauty (and outer!) and your love for your babies equal an amazing young woman. There are bound to be hard times in the future as you deal with what has happened to you, but two things will see you through – you do not see yourself as a victim (that is very clear from the show today) and that you have the love and support of people across the world (including here in Australia). You are an inspiration.
Replied By: strine on Jun 7, 2012, 9:55PM - In reply to koalabear4thre
I'm in Australia and just watching Ashley's story right now. I want to say thankyou to you for telling your story, I looked up your "father" online and he looks like a nothing. I hope you telling your story helps someone near him to see what he is, because his type hide their true selves until they can get what they want. I had a step-father like him also, he sucked his way into my mother's life and hurt all three of her children in different way and emotionally blackailed her with threats of suicide when. My brother now hides away from people because he doesn't trust anyone and my sister and I also find it hard to trust other people. Your daughter is so lucky to have you because you are priceless and strong unlike the nothing (he is weak). I hope you live a happy life knowing you're worth the World. xxoo
Replied By: koalabear4thre on Mar 9, 2012, 9:39PM
This story doesn't even surprise me because it's almost identical to what happened to me except I wasn't locked in a camper and thank God I never got pregnant. My father told me to put my arms around him and would have sex with me for very long periods of time. I thought I was going to be a protitute when I grew up.  A movie was on TV when I was a very little girl and some Indians attacked a little girl who was running from them. I asked my father what happend and he told me they screwed her to death. From that moment on I thought he was going to kill me. I begged people at school to let me spend the night at their houses. Other kids didn't have to beg just any person to be their friend. I would hang out with people I didn't like and deal with their cruelness just so I didn't have to go home. When I got off of the school bus I would try to sneak home and change into play clothes just in case my father would drive home (during lunch hour) to have sex with me.  I used to pull the big butcher knife out of the drawer and hold it to my neck to kill myself so I didn't have to deal with him anymore. Then I thought why should I die? I'll just kill him. But then I'd have to kill my entire family, both mom, dad, 3 brothers and 1 sister.

A girl my own age realized what what happening and saved me. I was 14 years old when it stopped. My age, the frequency of daily sexual assaults, nobody helped,  I still don't think to this day that my family really understands the complexity of damage that it does to a little girls soul. I've had years and years of counseling and can actually write this without crying. I'm amazed at my progress.  There was a time that I cried every single day.   

The best pay-back is to be happy and have the BEST life ever. It took me years to learn that. I KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND HOW TO PROTECT MY ONE PRECIOUS DAUGHTER FROM A POTENTIAL PREDITOR  (now 18 years of age and soon heading off to college). IF I HAD TO LIVE THROUGH IT AGAIN JUST SO I COULD KNOW WHAT I KNOW NOW TO PROTECT MY DAUGHTER I WOULD LIVE THRU O IT AGAIN IN AN INSTANT. 


I feel like people don't really listen. I'ver taught my daughter to NEVER judge a person by the exterior they show and always be nice to everyone, because you never ever know what others are going through or have lived through.    I don't know how to share my story and even finally was able to testify against my father when he finally got caught again with his step-daughter. Together WE were able to have him prosecuted and he was sentenced to 26 years in prison. Of course that meant the he got 1/2 the time the minute his sentence started. That's 13 years. But of course, they gave him credit for time served when waiting in jail for his trial and sentencing. He basically served 11 years.  Yes, he's out and is even hooked up already with family members on Facebook.  That pisses me off. He's doing 5 years on parole in Orange County near Los Angeles.  Look him up on Megan's Law sex offender. His name is James Creller DOB 3-28-42. He's a very very very bad man. 

Replied By: elainehh on Mar 7, 2012, 6:35AM
This show was hard on my heart to watch. THANK YOU for shining a light on this most difficult story. I will be praying that this young lady, her son and her family  can heal and draw strength from their past. She is an inspiration to us all. Maybe now, if some one sees something that is not quite right, they will remember this story, and not hesitate to act. Thanks to your staff for their good work as well!
Replied By: cyngreeneyes on Mar 5, 2012, 7:53AM
I saw your show on last Tuesday's show where the young woman was rapped by her father.  Since I'm living in the St. Louis area,  I'm from Cass County originally which is south of Kansas City and totally felt sorry for what the woman went through.  This is not quite the case of the Baby Lisa event in October of last year.  I agree that this women still needs help in coping with a situation that she did not have to experience.  I agree the father should be incarcerated with no hope of parole. 

This story needs an update to see how the young woman is doing.

Cynthia Stevenson
Replied By: hummer17 on Mar 4, 2012, 11:09PM
Dear Dr. Phil & Y'all....I love your show & have seen many heartwrenching shows & don't often feel so led to post comments on the shows, but this show was SO VERY DISTURBING!!!!!   I also don't remember ever shedding so many tears for a guest as I did tonight!!! I'm still shaking & choked up after over an hour!!!  I was also sexually abused several times over my earlier lifetime & itstill bothers me at age 59.  BUT........dear God in heaven if Ashley has the courage to SURVIVE THOSE HORRORS & to come on your show & talk about it in her young life I just want to PRAISE HER for her immense bravery!!!!  My heart goes out to her bigtime & everytime I start feeling that indignation for my own abuse I will remember HER & pray that she is doing well in life & is HAPPY & especially FREE!!!  

I know her road to recovery won't be easy but I have total faith in this young lady to keep her head up & looking forward with hope & pride. Doctor Phil, I do hope you will have regular follow-ups on how she is doing. I would really like to know: WHERE WAS HER EXTENDED FAMILY IN THIS?????  DID THEY HAVE ANY????  HOW COULD THEY NOT HAVE SEEN SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG????!!!!!!  I DON'T EXPECT OUR LOUSY "SYSTEMS" TO WORK....THEY RARELY DO, BUT OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS SURELY WOULD HAVE KNOWN & IF THERE WAS ANY THEY ARE JUST AS GUILTY!!!!

As for her MONSTOROUS "father", may he be repaid in kind while in prison being raped 10 times a day & beaten regularly wouldn't be enough for what he did to his daughter.  As for her mother may she also suffer for the rest of her life for allowing that behavior!!!  I AM NOT THE TYPE TO BE HATEFUL TO ANYBODY OR EVER THINK OR SPEAK LIKE THIS ABOUT ANYBODY, BUT THIS I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET PAST!!!   GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR SON, ASHLEY & ANYBODY ELSE GOING THROUGH SIMILAR HELLS....  STAY STRONG & WALKING ON!!!!!

PS:  I was totally impressed & awed by your genuine "SWEETNESS" Ashley & Oh....when you SMILED...it TRULY WARMED MY HEART!!!  YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL SOUL INSIDE & OUT!!
Replied By: josiesee on Mar 3, 2012, 9:31AM
Ashley I'm sure there are thousands of posts and I'm not sure you will read this but I want you to know how very sorry I am that you had to live this hell for so many years-helpless and hopeless! You are a beautiful, strong and brave young woman! I'm so thankful Dr. Phil reached out to you and is helping you so you can move on and have a good life and have a positive bond with your son. You dear child-I know myself and most the world would like to embrace you with love and support! My heart aches for you! You have survived horrific abuse and nothing can change that fact but you are a survivor! May Gods loving arms embrace you, surround you with love and give you peace and strength to live this day foward with a wonderful life!
Replied By: joannamoneca on Mar 2, 2012, 5:59PM
There is something wrong with a social system where this can happen.  When 3 kids are pulled out of school out of the blue the parents should be watched closely.  My heart goes out to this brave woman and her sisters.
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Mar 1, 2012, 4:30PM
A lot of people are making religious comments to this extraordinary young girl, saying their prayers are with her and that it was God who was with her. So how is it that I, a non-practicing Christian agonist, had thye "privelige" of being born to loving, caring parents and not to the two filthy sub-humans who did such unspeakable acts of evil towards her? I have been in situations where I felt trapped and hopeless, where the people who I thought I was supposed to depend on treated me like a second-rate citizen and the very thought of spending the rest of my life that way nearly pushed me to the brink of a nervous breakdown. But to spend your entire life going through something a milion times worse with no hope of escaping is just too horrible to think about. I'm sure I would hate single human being so much it would give me great pleasure in making them endure at least some of the hell I'd gone through, or I would feel so filthy and tainted by the incestreal rape I would end it. I sometimes wish I were religious but I just can't be.  It just feels...wrong, and makes me angry and upset.
Replied By: nlclihprd on Mar 1, 2012, 2:35PM
Not to long ago I read a book called The Room. I'm sorry I don't remember the author.  It was a horrifying look at a girl abducted by a stranger and held in a room that she was never allowed out of. This girl also had a child. This was a book I will never forget, it was so horrible. But in no way could it compete with the horror that this young woman has lived where her abusers were her own family.

It also had what would be considered to be a  happy ending in that the woman and her son were able to escape. However once she escaped she had a whole new set of problems to deal with and a rough time getting started in the outside world.   As one blogger has already said, this girl is a survivor, not a victim. Thank God for her spirit. Hopefully her sisters will also get help. Having been raised in such a family, I can't imagine the problems they all must deal with.
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