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(Original AIr Date: 02/20/12) Katlynn, Zach and Amber say their dad, Todd, is a deadbeat who prioritizes everything -- his job, his wife and new family -- over them. They say since divorcing their mom, Hiedi, nine years ago, Todd has repeatedly missed weekend visits, failed to pay child support and even wrote a letter denouncing his parental rights. Todd says he loves his children but he’s so strapped for cash that sometimes he doesn't even have enough gas money to visit. He also claims that Hiedi tells lies to poison his kids against him. But Katlynn, 16, isn't buying his excuses -- which is why she says she wrote Dr. Phil. Is Todd getting a bad rap, or could he do more? Hear his emotional plea to his children. Can he finally become the father they want him to be? Don't miss Dr. Phil's advice for mending these fractured relationships.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: neutral73 on Feb 20, 2012, 7:04AM
i know what this guy is saying....i have been wher he's at...i know it's easy for ya'll to jump to conclusions...but unless you see how the woman is without the cameras in ther face their not gonna act normally...their gonna act like there the victum.......then go back to ther normal coniving selves .....so tired of women throwing tears out ther an sounding all helpless when the truth of the matter is this most women leave on ther own,for another man ...an use the ex as a crutch.......the other is if you were doin like a wife should do the man would not be lookin elsewher!! an please dont use the kids .....im sick an tired of it!!!
i love my kids more than anything in this world ,,,,but the mama is a massive part of the problem...i think most of it is the money...you could care less as long as that money comes......ive paid my ex's an her new boyfriends light bills  give them a car, bought their x-mas an let the kids think it was them that bought it.....
you need to cut SOME of these guys some slack.....it is hard to pay for someone elses household ...an pay for your own at the same tyme....an alot of women thats all they want  the free money.....a women is gonna find someone to pay their bills ...thats just the way a women is!!!
Replied By: neutral73 on Feb 20, 2012, 6:46AM - In reply to mueeyore
first of all let me start off by saying i agree with both sides of the story , you're right should see ther kids but im living proof of what the dad is sayin!! my ex done the same crap...but she didnt tell the kids what she was doin,i paid an paid an paid...if i didnt do what she wanted dont get to see kids!  i have my son an daughter now an im still broke.....you said IF you were in his shoes!!! well let me say this if you havent been in his shoes then you dont know!! it's easy to throw stones at someone else's house but most of you ppl dont like it thrown at your house!!!! i've paid her bills when the man she left me for couldnt......ive gave an gave an gave but you cant give kids enough or be involed enough when you have a woman blockin your path wanting you to give her some too!!!  tired of everyone thinkin the man should not be able to live as well cosidering that no-one quetions a woman when she leaves has another man an just wants free money!!!
is a man supoose to go through life livin in poverty why she has someone else to p[ay her bills!!!  all i can say is if you havent been ther then you dont need to be here voicing your opinion!!
Replied By: mueeyore on Feb 19, 2012, 11:33PM
There is absolutely NO reason he should not have seen those kids. If he is telling you she wouldn't let him it is all pure and utter BS. If i were in his shoes, there would NOTHING i wouldn't do to see my kids. I would go to any length, spend what ever i had to, go through red tape to see my kids. I would die for them and nothing would keep me away from them. He is hurting them by lying to them. He no father. It takes a great man to be a father. it is obvious to me that he is just a dad by name & blood only.
Replied By: monitormary on Feb 19, 2012, 3:24PM
They should put my ex-husband on the show like this! He initially denied paternity, then at one year said my son WAS his, then kidnapped him accusing me of abuse!  He  has NEVER paid support, and now is on Social Security because he is a broken down drunk/addict who hasn't seen his son in 12 years.  Now THAT"S a deadbeat Dad!!!
Replied By: golfqueen54 on Feb 19, 2012, 3:09PM
All this scum bag will be doing is hurting the kids and those kids will grow up figure it out!!!  My ex-husband choose his woman he was cheating with while we were married and treated her kids better than ours when he married her...believe they got his number.  Feel sorry for these kids there caught in the middle of the head games shame on you!!!
Replied By: mrs_kat on Feb 19, 2012, 3:03PM
I married my son's father when I was 3 month pregnant as we were planning to get married anyway. Soon after son was born, he began cheating on me and lying to me as well as calling me all sorts of names. I left him when my son turned 3. He agreed to pay alimony which I told him I did not need and he agreed to pay child support. This was back in 1993 and he agreed to allow me to move out of state with our son giving me sole physical and legal custody.

I tried to get him to pay the support but all I got was an occasional card addressed to my son with 5 dollars in it and saying to make sure HE got the money.. whoopee 5 whole dollars. I remarried in 1996 and ended up leaving a brand new marriage in early 1997 to reestablish residency in VA to get child support and he was so adamant about not wanting to send me the money, he registered himself with DCSE.

When my son was about 12, my ex went to jail but because he put himself with DCSE the support could not be suspended until his release. Three years later, he was released and stayed out of trouble and went back with his 2nd wife for about a year. That is when he started using crack again and came to NJ and robbed me and my son before fleeing back to VA. He then committed another crime here in VA and went back to jail for another 3 years and since his release, he has been working off the books and avoiding his obligation of past due support.

My son is now 21 and is happily engaged and has a wonderful relationship with his step dad to whom I am no longer married. I would like to go after my ex for the support but not for myself but to give my son a savings for his future as I have already spent the money to raise, feed ,clothe and shelter him. Through all the years, my ex spoke badly about me to my son yet I refused to do the same so now I have my sons love and respect and his "sperm donor" as my son calls his father is left with nothing as his only child has no respect for him. He was his own worst enemy in trying to turn his child against me..

I guess he felt he would "win" in the end as if it were some sort of contest but in the end he has lost what is most important. The love and respect of his only child!

 He remarried in early 1997 or so and his new wife  was the woman he moved in three weeks after I left him in 1993 had two girls from a previous marriage. He has since deserted that "family" as well

Just recently, my aon Facebook message me as he hadn't heard from this deadbeat  because he saw pictures of him with his "newfamily" on FB. He was still devastated yet is determined to get through this without what he refers to as his "sperm donor"

Replied By: donzell12 on Feb 19, 2012, 1:03PM
My daughter is 39yrs old & has never seen or heard from her father.  I got pregnant & we were not married.  I had a good job & was 23yrs old---yes I knew better.  We had been dating about 1yr & we were planing to get married. When I told him I was pregnant he left & never looked back--said he didnt want to get involved. I thought he would come around after she was born. My best friend called him when I was in hosptial & he refused to come, she told him she could arrange for him to see her without my parents there. I didnt want to go through anymore hurt so I decided not to pursue any child support----yes it was wrong,but I didnt want to have to share my daughter with someone that didnt care about her. When she was about 12-13yrs old we got his address & she mailed him a letter--no response--put a happy birthday in his local paper--still no response. She has had some problems having to deal with this. I didnt put his name on birth certificate so when I married she was 8yrs old I said we came as a package deal---we put my husband's name on certifcate & she has always called him Dad. Over the years she has met other children with sperm donor fathers & found out she isnt the only one.  Not sure where her father is today,but found his son that was born after her & request facebook friends but nothing. I cant understand why any father would turn back on their children. My daughter has become a beautiful person --works hard, is married & has my 2 beautiful grand-children.   Her father missed out on alot & should regret that.
Replied By: lifeissoshort on Feb 19, 2012, 10:08AM
Im going through divorse as we speak 3 years. Im broke , just lost my job,even went into huge debt to pay for my kids. I have joint/shared custody because i was always there for my kids. I would never leave my kids or not see them, they need you more than you will ever know. Its both parents fault. Provide the support and love equally and spend equal time with them show them you love them always. The issue of deadbeats should not be used to either Parent, i have seen both Mothers and Fathers hurt there own children. Both Parents are hurting their own children. Time to heal the damage caused by both parents. Just love them.
Replied By: bettygail on Feb 19, 2012, 10:01AM
When  a man leave a mother, or  vice versa, Half of that  in come  still  stays with  the  one who is not  at fault,   Too many men,   wlak away,   to other relation ships,    and never look back, I say,   BEfore you  decided tyo decide to og,  Level with your wife,  and CHILDREN<  and   give  half of you pay check to  this  family,! I  have seen too many children  ruined becasue,  of attitudes,  between parents,!  When you becaome  21 yoa,  you are an adult,  when you are a child, you act as  a child,  but when you BE COME A MAN< you put away your  childish  behavior,   QB
Replied By: lemkes1 on Feb 19, 2012, 7:34AM - In reply to spiritfireart
That is just sad. I can't beleive how one can do this to their own blood. I am sure you will be watching Dr. Phil and hopefully you can get some help for your situation. I can only offer prayers that some day this man will at least understand what he has done to another human being. My prayers go out to you.
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