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It's the shocking sex abuse scandal that's taken the nation by storm and left parents across the country fearing that something like this could be happening to their children. Two former teachers at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles stand accused of committing lewd acts against their students. According to investigators, hundreds of photographs have been seized, at least two dozen students, ages 7 to 10, have come forward and dozens more may have been victimized in crimes that are said to have gone undetected for as long as five years. How could this happen? How was it concealed for so long? What warning signs were missed? Sixty-one-year-old, third-grade teacher Mark Berndt is facing 23 counts of lewd conduct against children and is being held on $23 million bail for his alleged crimes which include blindfolding, gagging, putting cockroaches on and feeding children cookies laced with his semen. Since his arrest, an additional claim has surfaced against teacher Martin Bernard Springer for allegedly fondling a second-grader, leaving parents outraged and causing the Los Angeles Unified School District to relocate the school’s entire 120-member staff. Was that decision proactive or premature? Dr. Phil talks to former students, their families and parents at the school who are all still reeling from the unfolding of events.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: newenglander on Aug 18, 2013, 8:22AM - In reply to littlemamao
Just read your reply. Your validation matters to me. Thank you for caring. J
Replied By: poikilotherm on May 31, 2012, 5:49AM
Well in my own imaginary dictatorship the despicable acts alleged to be committed by this teacher would be nothing less than a capital offence punishable by death with perhaps some torture beforehand. To have your innocent child invaded this way is something I’m sure most of us would not want to even picture in our heads.

I’ve  heard of people being served semen ejaculate on food from restaurants. If I discovered anyone had done this to a loved one of mine I would see they got my sort of justice dished out to them no matter what the consequences.   


Replied By: strine on May 28, 2012, 9:36PM
They never did say how they figured out it was semen on the cookies or spoon. Did he tell them? Did they test a spoon or cookie? I'd be disappointed if they just guessed it was semen and made all those people even more upset and worried for their kids health. He is a sick SOB anyway to be writing to kids like he's their age (the letters he wrote sound like something written by a teenager who can't spell properly) and putting cockroaches on them while they were blindfolded. I hope he is away for life with no hope of ever grooming anyone again.
Replied By: jvanname on Mar 24, 2012, 10:14AM - In reply to ixche1
This week a kindergarten girl was bitten by another student because she refused to pull her pants down on the bus................In the papers and on the news but nothing else..........
Replied By: jvanname on Feb 21, 2012, 1:43PM - In reply to ixche1
Media and local officials do know about it.  The prinicipal went on television (on the news)  when he told the reporter that it was not a big deal and  parents blew it out of proportion
Replied By: specialusernam on Feb 17, 2012, 5:59PM
There is an issue at a family member's school I found out today. One of the teachers there decided to teach the kids a lesson called "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover." How did she go about this? She lined the kids up and then asked them very personal questions. If your dad has ever been in jail step forward. If your mom has ever been in jail step forward. If you have ever been sexually molested step forward. Really?????? In what world is that okay? These are kids that don't even confide with their parents or counselor half the time yet there they are in front of all of their classmates exposing their inner most secrets. Now I ask you... are the other students going to think better or worse of the person who stepped forward in answer to any of these questions? This was extremely devastating news to me. You just wonder what motive this teacher would have to ask these questions. I had a very strange feeling when I heard it. It does not in any way have anything to do with teaching them about a book and its cover. I just think she is way twisted. My heart breaks for these kids. No way is this acceptable. No way.
Replied By: seereality on Feb 17, 2012, 12:54PM
As we move much further into the future, technology is growing faster and faster. Info is greater than ever and more available. What happened to those kid's is horiffic and heartbreaking. As adult's we cannot live by the old way's of teaching our children in there stucture. These monster's know what they are doing, we have got to get with it. Protecting our children should be the first and foremost priority.
Replied By: lisalynn57 on Feb 17, 2012, 10:51AM
I have known situations where children have spoken to their parents, but the parents are in denial or too overwhelmed with the info. SO it is important that the child speaks to someone else that they trust or feel compfortable with til that person listens, and takes action.
Replied By: forevermls on Feb 17, 2012, 10:26AM
My heart and prayers go out to these children. Bad things are being done to kids by people who have authority of them. Maybe with schools outside agencies should be brought in not only to keep children safe but to accurately and honestly assess teachers. Teachers are policing themselves. Most teachers are friends and or have been intimately involved, how often are they turning a blind eye with one another.

Parents need to be more involved with things in their childrens' lives. Watch out for any outside communication, via text on personal phones or through email not through the school system, between children and adults and or teachers.  I personally like all adults to contact myself when it pertains to my children. 

My one daughter's coach asked if she needed him to give her a ride? Although this coach has never did anything inapporiate to my daughter,my daughter did not feel right and believes there are lines. My daughter did not accept his offer for a ride.

Maybe there should be cameras in every public building including schools.  I am sure cameras in classrooms are far less intrusive then a parent having to  schedule an appointment to sit in on their own child's class.
Replied By: jimijr on Feb 17, 2012, 9:27AM
Schools need to take allegations of abuse by teachers and others school personnel seriously. This includes both the Miramar incident and the Sandusky Scandal. Trying to protect the reputation of the school only backfires. I live in the area of Penn State and the Sandusky Scandal. We are scared that he will get off scot-free. In the 90's, when the teacher at Miramar started abusing children, there were no criminal or child abuse checks. Also, once a teacher has tenure, it is almost impossible to remove them. We had a teacher at my junior high that abused girls. He started in 1963 and was finally fired 25 years later when he sent a "mash note" to a 6th-grade girl and she showed it to her parents. People don't respect Penn State now. Hardly a word is said about the victims. It's all about what happened to Joe Paterno (I admit I don't like they way Penn State treated him). I would be afraid to send my children to a school like Miramar because the parents wouldn't be able to trust the administration.
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