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They said they were gun-packing, hard-hitting, undercover P.I. moms -- but was it a scam? In March 2010, investigator Chris Butler and his crime-fighting females took the media by storm with their enterprising new business. Featured in outlets including People magazine, Dr. Phil and the Today Show, the soccer moms-turned-private eyes were also slated to become a new Lifetime reality show, until an employee of Butler’s blew the whistle. Were Butler's investigations staged for the cameras? Dr. Phil doesn't like to be duped, and has some hard questions for Butler's former investigators. How do they explain the scandal? Then, the whistleblower, Carl, says his search for the truth led him down an even darker path of corruption and criminal activity. The investigator-turned-informant started wearing a wire and says he risked his life to take down his former boss. Find out the jaw-dropping evidence that Carl says he uncovered, and hear why he decided to take down Butler, who is now in jail along with Norm Wielsch, former commander of a narcotics task force, facing charges of drug trafficking and other crimes. Plus, 48 Hours correspondent Maureen Maher and senior writer and editor for Diablo magazine Peter Crooks weigh in.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: parapine on Feb 20, 2012, 3:36PM
i have personally been in that situation with  both my brother and my own husband.  The ex wives sit there playing innocent but are FAR from the little angels they profess to be. In this situation i don't believe the eldest daughter really wants a relationship with her father......she just wants to reiterate the feelings her mother has taught her to feel/say. all anger.  its a shame that the so-called adults in these situations use the children as pawns in the visitation game, but it really happens.  My brothers ex blocked him from calling, got him banished from the house...all because he caught her in an affair.  She turned his 4 children against him as well.  He fought and fought to see his children, paid support timely. She ended up hanging herself from a tree in thier back yard.  the kids found her dead.  2 of them are now in prison, the daughter got pregnant at 14 and the other just disappeared.  Adults need to be adult and realize the damage (life long) than can result from their childish pranks in keeping divorced parents from seeing their children.  paying child support HAS NO BEARING whether a parent gets to see the kids or not and they will ALWAYS resent the parent who keeps them from the other parent.  My husbands children are all grown now, but hate their mother for what she did.  we were able to prove all payments had been made just as court ordered all thru out their childhood.  all they were told was what a dead beat he was and he didnt want to see them.  PARENTS BEWARE.... it will come back on you later.  dont use the children as a weapon against your ex!!
Replied By: jersyjovigrl on Feb 20, 2012, 3:34PM
This is such a sad story,this father acts like a 6 year old, since you won't let me come to the house I am not going to give you money or see the kids. Granted we do not know both sides of the story nor were we there living in the situation.

The children are hurtng for a relationship with their father. There is a lot of anger in this family and there is not a lot of listening going on in this family. Child support is not only about the money, but the support of the children emotionally.

I hope this family takes the time to really work on this relationship and the father really needs to realize his children should be the first priority and not his new wife. His new wife may not be there forever, but his children will always be his children.
Replied By: jushan2002 on Feb 20, 2012, 3:27PM
Dr Phil:

I have an ex-husband JUST LIKE THIS! My son is 20 years old now and I would have given ANYTHING for my son to be able to confront his "father" like these kids did! My sons "father" said exactly what Todd said, "I put my wife as number 1 priority". Always excuses as why he was not there for his son! I am sorry but the CHILDREN should be number one! Todd is a CARBON COPY of my sons "father"...My sons "father" has three boys, ages 14, 17 and 20...he gave up on ALL THREE OF THEM! My son was only 10 years old PLUS he lived with his "dad" until he was 10...his father turned violent with him and he then moved in with me...his "father" quit a GREAT job of 19 years to work at McDonald's cleaning toilets so he pays less child support on these boys!

I am so outraged with this story for the fact, YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE PAST, BUT HE BETTER MAKE DANG SURE HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES FOR THE FUTURE!!!!! It might not be JUST the dad's fault BUT he should never have said some of the things he said on national TV! Like: "It might be because you do look a lot like your mother"...I hope for all the parties this involves it works out better than my sons situation! My son still doesn't understand why his dad quit being in his life, atleast these kids got some answers!

Good luck!

Replied By: lorelie1 on Feb 20, 2012, 3:04PM
I watched the whole show and have very strong feelings about this. I live with this every day. I see the ex wife with the ultimate power and control. She holds all the cards. He needs to try every day no matter what the cost to have a relationship with his kids. The ex wife is the problem. These children live with hostility and constant criticism towards the dad daily that they have taken on the moms attitude towards him. Believe me I know,I see my fiancé try and try and she grounds the kids if they contact him. She says His visitation time is all he is gets and won't change times or days from the judges order. Any calls to the home it interferes with the family dynamics and he chose to leave. They always make it seem like the dad is the reason for the problems but it's most likely the ex wife who cant get over her anger towards the ex wife and lives thru the children to get even. I have two girls, it's the adults fault for divorce not the child's. They should have as normal of life as possible. Grow up, let go, stop using your children as pawns. She doesn't want to let go. She thrives on making his life terrible. She needs to look deep into the real reason she does this. Her new husbands need totake a good look at his new wife and wonder why,?....
Replied By: amyinli on Feb 20, 2012, 3:02PM

After a bitter divorce and and a long custody battle for my daughter back in 1987, I lost custody of my precious daughter. She was only 5 at the time. My ex did everything and anything to alienate my daughter from me. He told her lies after lies about me! Whenever she would come to my house for visitation he would constantly call her and make her feel guilty for enjoying herself with me. He always told her that I was a deadbeat Mom, if I was late in child support payments. He even forced her to read our divorce transcripts when she was only 8 years old. I am sure he did not give all my letters/birthday cards that I sent to her throughout the years. Anyway, my daughter started disrespecting me and blaming me no matter what I did to try to make her happy with me. I never spoke bad about her father, because I knew it was wrong.

Anyway, to make a long story short. The true colors of her father finally came out as clear as day when she grew up and understood what was happening. He kicked her out of his house when she turned 18. In fact it was my parents who put her through college.  She is now in her twenties and we enjoy a close relationship. I was the most devastating period in my life because a loved and always will love my daughter. 

Dr. Phil I watch your show every day but I can honestly say I was outraged by the fact that you did not call out the mother and what she was doing to her own children out of hatred for their father.
Replied By: cuervo on Feb 20, 2012, 2:59PM
Are you sure this guy's name is not Roger?!? my son's father is also from Illinois, a contractor, and a deadbeat dad. i met him 14yrs ago. he had a son who was 4 at the time . i met him once . i got pregnant with my son. he was abusive physically and verbally. i left him before my son was 1.he has been in and out of my son's life ever since. he would see him for a few months then be gone for six. He is behind on child support, $20,000 worth. His response to this was that I probably had another man taking care of me anyway. why should he have to support me too. I have been late to work because he couldnt wake up to answer the door when i was to drop off our son. i have had to try to explain to my son why his dad is not around. Roger has continued to have more children, none of them he supports financially or sees. six kids total. I have no way of contacting him . he get a new cell phone every few months. none of the numbers i have work. I have set up numerous meetings and he always has an excuse. the last time my son saw his father was Christmas 2yrs ago. we met at a toy store where he spent 20 min. with my son. bought him a few toys and then while we were outside telling him bye .he got on his phone and in front of my son proceeded to tell whoever that "yes i bought him toys ,i spent about $45 can i borrow money now" my so sees a phsyciatrist for ADHD and his issues with his father. He still has his father on a pedestal so high. He is 14 and just doesnt understand . I know what this mother is going thru   been there still doing that!!
Replied By: drakcots on Feb 20, 2012, 2:51PM
I hope someone tells these children that there is nothing wrong with them but there is something seriously wrong with their father.  No matter what each child said, all he could talk about was money.  If one said she needed her father, he said he couldn't afford to pay child support.  He seemed to think that the only obligation he had towards his children was as a sperm donor.  I could not believe Dr. Phil did not call him on it.  I will be surprised if he makes any further effort towards a relationship with his children and I think the kids picked up on that, too.
Replied By: debraj2 on Feb 20, 2012, 2:43PM
In all honesty, I tend to be more on the Dad's side and I think it unfair to call him a deadbeat.  If he were, he wouldn't have shown up.   The children are coming across as very disrespectful and if that is the waythey treat him I don't blame him for not going that extra mile.  I think the ex wife has used them as a weapon and I think the dad is right, they are drama kids
Replied By: habs23 on Feb 20, 2012, 2:38PM
I see myself in each of those children on this show about the Dead Beat Dad!  I have had a horrible relationship with my father - like Todd, my father has made his life about finding afamily outside of his biological one.  He has had numerous wives and has gotten involved with these other women's children more than he ever has with myself or my sister.  I have no idea what hole he is trying to fill in his life, as my sister and I are successful in our own regards - healthy contributing members of society - but that is just not something that interests my dad.  He is 66 years old ... and has recently become involved with a 39 year old woman and her daughter - so much so that he has tattooed their names on his arm and has a portrait tattoo of her on this chest just above his heart!  It makes me SICK!  He has used tattoos to show his undying love for all of his brides / women.  In my opinion - if he wanted to get a tattoo that meant something - get a tattoo of the names of your biological children - they never haved to be changed or removed as all the names of the woman have.  I hate being bitter - but this show has rehashed some negatives feelings - thanks for doing this show Dr. Phil.  Though I feel bad for these children, it is good to know that my sister and I are not the only ones that have had to put up with a dead beat dad!  I have not seen my dad for over 2 years.  Before that, it had been 3 or for years.  Really sad.
Replied By: valent9ne18 on Feb 20, 2012, 2:34PM - In reply to amandas26
I really thoght child support was more than money. Well, I was wrong. One dead beat dad makes us all dead beat dads..not saying that he is, it's the title for us all who pay child support, even though we have different circumstances. I've suffered and survived a stroke some years back and was incarcerated for having not being able to pay during the time spent in ICU and Rehabilitation. Not having any income for months and not being able to pay support. I was jailed just 3 months out of the hospital. I wondered where was the fairness in all of that.  After I relocated to stay w/ my mother as she became my home care giver, I was then able to live on my own being placed in a home the aged and disabled. After receiving disability benefits, the courts have required that a portion of my monthly benefits be attached. That made it very difficult to pay for food, rent, medications, transportation and other expenses. I was forced to find work for the disabled, where he in this small town..there were no jobs for the disabled. In short..after it was all said and done, I ended up having to repay the S.S.D. benefits while working a part time job in super market. The stroke has left me with certain physical limitations and I cannot do jobs to capacity to maintain certain employment. I will never recieve a income tax return refund, I never own another auto, I will never have a credit card, I have not seen my children in over five years, and all of this is because of the amount (unfair) payed to child support. My ex-wife has a house, car, sixty thousand dollars a year job. Plus, I don't even qualify for food stamps. So, here is what think of the higher authorities. " If I die today " thay would handcuff my corpse, throw me in jail again because I could not pay child support will deceased.
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