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(Original Air Date: 01/30/12) A bitter feud between neighbors crossed the line when it brought a dying little girl into its crossfire. Jennifer and Scott have been called the "cruelest couple in America" for bullying their then 7-year-old neighbor, Kathleen, who recently lost her battle with Huntington’s disease. Kathleen’s family says the grudge went too far. They accuse Jennifer of creating a Facebook page and posting images of Kathleen with a skull and crossbones and yelling, “Hurry up and die” toward their home. They also claim Scott drove a hearse-like truck with a coffin attached to it down their street. Jennifer and Scott deny the accusations but say they are sorry for any wrongdoings -- will their apology be enough? Learn how the bad blood began and may have escalated to such hateful acts. With both families face to face, can Dr. Phil foster a peace?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: selin57 on Oct 16, 2014, 3:57PM
Where do you find these people? This girl is messed up. She blithely narrates her habits of picking up men, having sex with men for clothes, money and attention and you listen, rapt. She made up a lie about her own father. She's a lying brat. Until she corrects her lifestyle, she'll be on a road of alienating everyone but the men she picks up. She threw her family under the bus and I have no sympathy for her.
Replied By: gerardine on Aug 15, 2012, 4:03AM
Hey folks

I'm a newbie. And you must forgive that i'm many episodes behind the US as I'm viewing in Ireland.  The Olympics have put us even more behind becuase horror of horrors they suspended the Dr. Phil show to air the games.  I was traumatised.   Personally I believe that Dr. Phil and Judge Judy should run the world between them.  It would be a far better place. 

Anyway about this show.  I was actually surprised Dr. Phil gave this couple such air time.  I know he is into respect & fairness but on what planet are these people on!  There is no excuse for them.  They are disgusting people.  And the only crime that berieved family committed was to even respond to them or give them any attention.  My stomach was rolling looking at the two of them with their pathetic faces & their even more pathetic attempts to justify their position.  What position?  They are bullies.  And whatever way you want to look at this situaiton, they victimised a small girl.  They are so brave they couldn't pick on someone their own size.  But thats what bullies do.  They won't pick out someone who would give them a taste of their own medicine, they have to pick on vulernable people so they can hear the sound of their own voices.  I hope they are real proud of themselves.  

That poor child.  What she had to endure in her short life was enormous. And then to have these empty heads, idiots, antagonise her.  I don't care what their excuse was!  The fact is, there is no excuse.  She was a child!  And a sick child at that. 

They are appalling.  And in my view they had a gall to come onto a TV show to try to redeem themselves.  Well I think that ship sailed.  They made themselves out to be exactly what they are.  Pathetic & disgusting and I'm appalled that they have their own children. 

Its a testimony to Dr. Phil that he is so fair and balanced that he would give them airtime.  I wouldn't. 

Replied By: royalpain on Aug 3, 2012, 8:29PM
i was that child, my mom was put in the position of having to stand up, stand out of the family diamonic, not an easy task, especially when the one child she is trying to save is just one child. dont think anything you think was right, WAS right, no matter your effort, the only enough is to stop it all. i applaud every little bit, i do, but until you stop it all, your job is not finished. its never finished until you cure you. just because you will never hurt yours, or your own, for what ever little thing they seem to attack you with. sometimes things that dont even connect with you, are instrumental to someone else. dont blame anyon for their diagnosis. just try to understand it. here i sit with MS, i was vital i was good at everything, now im not, and i cant explain it with out tossing that diagnosis out there, that means nothing to those that dont have it. that baby didnt deserve to be hurt frm something she couldne control. i used to think that death was the one thing i has some contron over. but even that is no longer in my control unless i do it right now, and i dont wasnt to die right now, so im ******. im ok with that, but that baby, she needed total love and aceptance, that was her right, as a person, she didnt deserve to be put down, or critisized, she needwd her mom to be special, she needed her mom, ot a demon, and that what that neighbor gave her. that was ot fair
Replied By: costalisa on Aug 2, 2012, 11:49AM
These parents are sick.  I think that the husband feels sorry and stupid for going along with the wife and he only continues to stand by her side because he is, sadly, a wimp. The wife, Jennifer, is definitely not sorry and does not take full responsibility in identifying her actions as sick & horrific.  To say that she has a problem with anger management is quite an understatement and is no excuse for the cruelty that she imparted on this family.  I hope that she remembers all of this when she suffers the wrath of hell one day.  That will be the sad time that she fully realizes her cruelty.  Unfortunately, it will probably be her own children's suffering that she will get to watch.  She makes me want to puke!
Replied By: griley4242 on Aug 1, 2012, 3:27PM
Before the show started I had already made my opion, for any adult to be so mean to a dying family is just wrong.  When I saw the picture of the hearse, I was floored.  One thing that wasn't explained is what started this feud between them.  The grandmother and the neighbor had issues that flowed down to the daughter and Kathleen.
Replied By: cmycook on Aug 1, 2012, 2:02PM - In reply to aquietmind
I certainly do not know al of the details of how this feud began, nor all the details of how the feud ensued. However, just wathcing the show, I do think that both of the husbands were genuine  with theeeeeir feelings and spoken words. I watched the show 3 times, watching Jennifer's facial expressions in relation to the conversation. I only saw "emotion" on her part when it was to her benefit to do so. At oter times, she actually appeared on the verge of becoming angry. As for apologies, Jennifer repeatedly apologized "IF" she had done anything to hurt anyone. I didn't hear ay true apology for specific acts. I'm not saying she did or did not have a right to be angry with any of the family members-lke I said before-I do not know what happened between them. But let's just look at those things that were posted and recorded-unbelievable! Especially for a mother, who should have a nurturing and compassionate personlity for any child. I can't imagine how she can sleep at night-that was more than mean and cruel-no matter the extenuating circumstances.
Replied By: kathleen27 on Aug 1, 2012, 11:55AM - In reply to michee01
Forgiveness..buzz word of the 21 Century.   It does not apply to every circumstance, and in my opion, this is one of those.  ANYONE who carries venim, taunting a DYING child, has no reason..because in a rational human being, that thought is not there.

If you step in dog dirt you don't "forgive" or try to make it into a candy bar..you get it off, or throw away the show...same here..they do not deserve to be called human .LOW!
Replied By: aquietmind on Aug 1, 2012, 10:08AM
 Wow, this one wasn't even a close call. Who was lying on this show? Hummm....the "victims" I say. The accused couple admitted to what they had done, appologized, admitted to their ignorance and seemed to truly feel terrible about what they had done. The family of the mother and little girl who died admitted NOTHING. I don't think any admission of guilt would have been enough for them. They have lost loved ones and want to put that pain somethere. The nieghbors made that pretty easy by the things they did do. Did anyone notice the only emotional display came from Jennifer and her husband?...other than the anger that is. Well I believe it takes two. There is rarely a situation where there is 100% innocence or 100% guilt. The family's participation in this whole thing was never really unpacked. Sad for their loss but let go of the negativity. It won't change a thing.......
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Aug 1, 2012, 6:13AM - In reply to bobirly
On this page click the link at the bottom that says “I think there is tremendous power in forgiveness.” for the video where he quotes the phrase you are looking for.
Replied By: bobirly on Aug 1, 2012, 5:26AM
I am curious if anyone knows the exact quote that Dr. Phil uttered to the folks on this show about forgiveness being like being run over by a car/truck, backing up and doing it again and again? I have to pass it on to a couple of people. Thanks!
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