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(Original Air Date: 02/01/12) Dan and Teresa say their 16-year-old identical twins, Dallas and Drew are violent, destructive and dangerous, and they fear someone will end up seriously hurt, or even dead. They say one of the brothers has been hospitalized due to drug abuse, broken bones requiring surgery, been in multiple car accidents and destroyed private property, and the other was hit by a truck, chronically smokes pot and knocked out his brother’s tooth. What’s at the root of the teens’ anger and extreme jealousy? Could the parents be contributing to the explosive situation? If you fear your child is headed down a dangerous path, this is an hour of television you can’t afford to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: alexislovelace on Jul 21, 2013, 7:43PM
What is the name of the book mentioned in this episode?
Replied By: justme51 on Jul 15, 2013, 1:07AM
Can we stop the "twinisms"? Words like "double trouble" or assuming that one twin is good and the other is evil is wrong. When twins are seen and treated as individuals their lives are easier. More twins are born today because a couple sought medical help. Fertility drugs are often the reason for twinning.  I have twin
daughters that will celebrate their 30th birthdays this year. One of them has two little boys. Twins do something that most people are not aware of. They are best friends but can fight. They have a natural tendency to bond together against others. When I go out to lunch with my daughters it is like I am not there. They go off into what I call "twin world" and do not allow others into that area. It is rude to say the very least. I have a friend whose husband has an identicle twin and when they get together the same thing happens. Looking back this happened early in their lives. It is tough to be the mother of twins.
As for the fighting twins on the show...stop blaming the parents! The boys are responsible for their behavior and it starts with their choices. Trying to make teens "behave" is like trying to nail jello to a wall.
It is not gonna happen. Sometimes it is the roll of the genetic dice but it sure is not the mothers fault.
Replied By: valentinew on Mar 4, 2013, 9:48AM
Wow these boys! Were the parents asleep or something, while these kids were starting to fight and doing drugs at such a young age. 

I feel for them. I can also feel for the parents but they waited too long before they got help. They obviously weren't equipped to deal with kids. You would almost think that a mandatory childrearing class is in order before some people can have kids. 

But where can we find out what happened to these boys. Did they accept going to the program. I would love to find out the developments. I just want to know if they are ok and are on the right track. 
Replied By: jglinvi on Oct 3, 2012, 10:58PM
I saw this show and all I said during the whole thing,was it's primarily the parents fault.........I raised 3 kids almost totally on my own, and was very strict with them, and they turned out great. These parents let their kids run everything, and that's wrong. Kids may not like boundaries but they have to have them. My youngest got mad at his older brother once and kicked-in the sliding door and broke it. He not only paid for it. but he was on restriction for a month. What happened to the twins and parents??? I think the parents would be almost impossible to get to change at this late date. They're both spineless, and totally useless as parents.
Replied By: gannyz on Sep 4, 2012, 7:49PM
Dear Dr. Phil:

I just watched the show about the identical twins, Drew and Dallas.

First of all, I think that the parents are to blame, somewhat.  I think that they should have established some discipline when they were younger, as you stated.  But, I just wondered...

Did it ever cross your mind, the fact that they are identical twins and maybe they are extremely similiar to "conjoined twins".  I listened and watched the two of them, especially when they were facing each other.  Could it be that one's brain is thinking left, when the other is thinking right, theroretically?  I mean, they are really totally opposite of each other. 

Is that at all possible?
Replied By: madreofthree on Aug 22, 2012, 10:16PM
Where did these kids learn to be this angry and start drugs so early? I can't help the feeling that this wasn't just a blind eye parenting attitude. I don't agree with the mother that drew wanted his brother for himself. I did think Drew was more sensitive, where his brother showed little care, concern or compassion. He obviously didn't care about anyone. He showed zero remorse, definitely someone I wouldn't want my kid to ever be around. I would worry about their safety and that he could do more than knock out some teeth and feel that he was in the right to do so. I don't think that even boot camp would help that child. I'm sure Drew willbe better off separated from his brother for a long while, and h drugs need to be dealt with and any dealers coming around should be arrested immediately. Dads giving up and not feeling like dealing with it attitude needs to be dumped, and mom needs to dump dad if he can knowingly let drug dealers around his own children! It's called protecting your family. Get "some" and get the punks away from your kids! Let those kids of yours know exactly who's roof is over their heads. They can't respect you, if you don't show them you how to respect! 
Replied By: marjoo on Aug 22, 2012, 9:40AM
I just watched this show about the violent twins. 
Maybe it's me, but that mother blamed everything on Drew...And Drew was the only one who showed his emotion, who honestly said to his brother how he feels and his mom started to shout: Yea, you want Dallas for youself Drew.

Really annoying to see how, even with twins, the parents pick a favorite.
It's not only Dallas picking on his brother, but both the parents as well. I'm not saying that Drew is an angel, but if the whole family constantly blames you for everything that goes wrong there is a little more understanding for the rage that grows inside Drew  (Dallas was drunk, Drew didn't took him with him coz Dallas started bashing the truck and then got hit by a truck: Blaming Drew for that and the parents supporting that? Are you kidding me?)

I'm looking for the after the show part to see if they took the help (as if they have a choice).
Replied By: makes100s2me on Aug 22, 2012, 12:42AM
No one knows what it's like

to be a sad man, to be a bad man

behind blue eyes.

The Who

PS  I feel bad for these two fellows.
Replied By: amicable on Aug 21, 2012, 9:26PM
I feel for kids like these. The real world will kick them in the teeth and the pants. The parents have let them control their environment. Parents are supposed to raise kids so that someone can love them beside you. You are absolutely right of course, Three would be a better age to have caught that, or earlier.

Another thing is the marijuana. My own observation: my brother and some cousins and friends were into smoking weed on a regular basis when they were late teens and early twenties. All of them had problems concentrating and hearing.The worst of it was that even after they quit when they became fathers, all of them had children with upper respiratory problems and joint problems that they eventually grew out of . weird but true.

Anyway, just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your show. I watch all the time. God bless.
Replied By: outlawdncr on Aug 21, 2012, 7:20PM
when i saw dallas and drew i thought 2 punks. but when they started crying i felt so sorry for those 2. i blame the parents, there is something missing here. dallas and drew are two boys that  isn't getting something from their parents.. i was crying with them.... they do need help and i hope you will gt them help. i thank you for telling the mom to shut up.
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