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When Dr. Phil last left Alexandra, he said he wouldn’t speak to her unless she checked herself into a rehab facility for treatment for her addiction to prescription medications. It’s now six months later, and after desperately and repeatedly calling her mother for money, Alexandra finally relents and agrees to go to Origins Recovery Center to "check it out." Alexandra’s mom, Erin, documents the journey to rehab in Texas, and when she arrives, Alexandra has second thoughts. She finally agrees to stay the night, and from there Dr. Phil learns from Origins staff that it's touch-and-go. All are on edge, worried that Alexandra may leave treatment, and in a dark moment, Erin even questions Dr. Phil's motives -- and sister Katherine questions Alexandra's. As "Family Week" approaches at Origins, Erin is eager to see if the treatment is successful and meanwhile, Alexandra’s father, Marty, appears to be a no-show.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: judydinsc on Feb 3, 2012, 6:46AM
There are dysfunctional families all over America and I don't see what people are outraged over this story.  I was happy to see Dr. Phil firmly discuss the mother/daughter relationship with Erin.  Yes, it's sooo very true that Alex has acted like a self righteous brat on the show but once her brain is free of the drugs she'll be able to think clearly for the first time in years and hopefully turn her life around, along with the lives of her children.  Those innocent children...my heart goes out to them.  Marty should quit hiding from the facts about his daughter but I admire how hard he has to work to provide for his "new" family.  I've followed this story since the beginning when Alex was only 15...what a cutie pie she was.  She's now a beautiful woman with a promising future if she grabs onto it with all her heart.
Replied By: roxe46 on Feb 3, 2012, 5:48AM
I am so happy for this family.  I enjoy watching what has happened to Alexandria these last months.  I don't get what these people are upset with Dr. Phil for when this is happening all over the country with addiction. My son is or was and I really can't say if he is clean but I want to see what happens to this family.  Keep up with this family and let us know how she does.  She is a beautiful little girl that has grown into a woman and I want and wish her all the best as wish the best for her family.  I know what the mom is going through and wish I had Dr. Phil to help me and my son mainly because my sons father could care less and I am fighting this addiction all by myself with my only child my son. Good luck Alexandria !!!!!
Replied By: marianparoo on Feb 3, 2012, 4:00AM - In reply to msdaphine
Gotta remember it.

Alex didn't go bad because of bad parenting (admittedly, her family was dysfunctional) or drugs.

She got preggers in HS all by herself (well, with a little help), and her mother didn't introduce her to the local drug pusher.

I am so tired of people saying the drugs are controlling her, when it seems she has been what she is all along.
Replied By: skippy324 on Feb 2, 2012, 11:23PM - In reply to grannytocandh
Replied By: skippy324 on Feb 2, 2012, 11:04PM - In reply to leslie949
I agree - this is ridiculous!! Do it OFF AIR!
Replied By: skippy324 on Feb 2, 2012, 11:01PM - In reply to nancyprancy
I agree with you!
Replied By: skippy324 on Feb 2, 2012, 10:54PM - In reply to msrnnp
God Bless You for getting your life back! You are your own hero! You did it yourself and these idiots can't do it with 8 years of help from a supposed professional!  MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU - GOD BLESS YOU! WHEN I NEED HELP, I'M COMING TO YOU FOR ADVISE!!
Replied By: skippy324 on Feb 2, 2012, 10:43PM - In reply to kittyreese21
Replied By: kathere555 on Feb 2, 2012, 10:13PM - In reply to kittyreese21

Leslie & Kittyreese,

The people who will be grateful for this kind of help Alexandra is getting, are her kids.
Plus Alexandra will come around and start to appreciate this help once her brain is healed. 
Replied By: dragonlover46 on Feb 2, 2012, 9:54PM
I kind of want to scream at Dr. Phil!  What does Erin do with all the negative feelings that she has absorbed????????????????  That is almost a cruel question to "leave hanging",if that is what happened.  There are some of us who really would like/need an answer to that particular question!!  Please, at least let "us", your viewers, know IF you plan to "share" that information.!  Erin is not the only mother/parent to NEED that answer.  Thank you for "at least" sharing the fact that there is an answer to that question.  I will "sleep" better for a night or two knowing that.  It won't last for long.  And i do need/want to know, without waiting a few weeks/months?!!!!                 Sincerely,  Catherine
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