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When Dr. Phil last left Alexandra, he said he wouldn’t speak to her unless she checked herself into a rehab facility for treatment for her addiction to prescription medications. It’s now six months later, and after desperately and repeatedly calling her mother for money, Alexandra finally relents and agrees to go to Origins Recovery Center to "check it out." Alexandra’s mom, Erin, documents the journey to rehab in Texas, and when she arrives, Alexandra has second thoughts. She finally agrees to stay the night, and from there Dr. Phil learns from Origins staff that it's touch-and-go. All are on edge, worried that Alexandra may leave treatment, and in a dark moment, Erin even questions Dr. Phil's motives -- and sister Katherine questions Alexandra's. As "Family Week" approaches at Origins, Erin is eager to see if the treatment is successful and meanwhile, Alexandra’s father, Marty, appears to be a no-show.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: marietjie on Jan 18, 2013, 12:16AM
Dr Phil must face up to the fact that as an old-fashioned chauvinist his involvement in Alex's life has been disastrous. A more egalitarian therapist, less concerned with blind obedience on the part of his clients, with an ego far less invested in the outcome of what happens, may have been helpful instead.

It's perfectly obvious Dr Phil doesn't have daughters; and that he doesn't have a clue as to how fraught the relations between mothers and daughters can be.

By insisting that Alex obeys (him and) her mother, he is really telling Alex that she must die as an independent person with a soul of her own. Dr Phil doesn't get this, though.

An understanding of the practices of systems theory would have been helpful.

Replied By: liha67 on Feb 13, 2012, 5:05PM
Send love to Alexandra from little Denmark. She is in my heart, please tell her. I believe she one day will be clean again ! And how wonderfull she has support from life all over. All that frustration inside her and all alone even if offers of good health is all around. I will make a prayer off my own for her every night before I sleep and again when I wake up.

My silent personaly prayer from now and every day forward will be:

Univers big with known as unknown planets send strenghts and diamantsenergy into Alexandra`s body and make her totally healed as soon as possible. Thank you.

Love Denmark.

My name is Lise-Lotte.
Replied By: chirofye on Feb 11, 2012, 12:13PM
I pray that people leave Marty alone. I have never heard what Marty's occupation is...has anyone else? Is he self-employed? If so..that is huge. He has to look out for his family financially as well. Someday this part of their life will be over...you hope. In the meantime, the income producer has to look out for his and Erin's future. I'm sure that Marty is torn. He can't do everything to save his daughter..he and Erin need to think of themselves too...like retirement. Marty has probably learned a lot about addiction. Living a codependent life does not protect their future. He is also supporting Alexandra's children. That takes money. That is also being very responsible. Marty and Erin have spent so much energy, time and money already. Is there someone else helping this family financially? I realize Alexandra's rehab treatment is being paid for by the Dr. Phil show, but what about Marty and Erin? They have a mortgage ..another daughter..grandchildren..medical..dental..groceries..utilities..the list can go on. Marty is taking care of his family too. In a perfect world..he would be with Alexandra. Strike that..in a perfect world..Alexandra would have not chose this path.
Replied By: katederiel on Feb 9, 2012, 1:01PM - In reply to vicki9399
I agree that Marty has to be more involved. I seriously wonder whether he couldn't get two days off from work to see Alexandra. Really, this is an inconvenience to him but it is completely necessary. I wonder if he is holding a grundge against his daughter and doesn't want to see her get well and take the kids away from HIM!?
Replied By: katiesarah on Feb 8, 2012, 11:14AM
I too have been watching this family since the beginning and am so glad to see Alexandra in rehab (although dragging the shows out to once every two weeks is a torturous tease!).  As a fellow first-born daughter I have to say that parental missteps in the early and even teen years can and do have an effect on how the child turns out.  Let's remember that Alex was still a child when she got pregnant and Dr. Phil always says the desire for a young girl to sleep with the first guy who blows in her ear is to fill a self-esteem need that is lacking at home.  I also still firmly feel that if the issues in Alex's relationship with Erin had been dealt with properly years ago Alex may not have abused the prescription meds in order to numb her feelings and cope with her bad maternal relationship.  Let's remember that at the end of the last episode two seasons ago Alex was not yet abusing the pain meds and her last question for Dr. Phil when prompted was "How do I fix my relationship with my mother?" which Dr. Phil "poo-pooed" and told her how selfish and ridiculous she was being.  Everyone was so quick to tell her "just be mature and become a good mother" but how was she supposed to do that when she had no good role model of what that was supposed to look like and every time she tried to be involved with her kids with Erin around, the dynamic between her and Erin escalated.  Notwithstanding the fact that she was responsible for getting pregnant, would any of you want to stay in a situation where you're being belittled and berated as Erin was to her?  And really, Dr. Phil, this is when you try to give Erin parenting advice?  It's a few years too late and I personally feel that it caused Alex and her kids years of extra pain and delay in getting the help they needed.  Once again I'll say that Beverly Engel is a great resource in parent-child relationships and there are many good books available by her. 

That said, I was so happy to see Erin trying to change her ways with Alex and stay supportive and let the professionals do the helping.  I know she always meant well for Alex but sometimes well-meaning parents don't realize that their own agendas for their kids are getting in the way of really supporting the child as best they can.   Erin, keep up the good work on your end and it will help Alex to keep up the work on her end.  I wish your whole family the best. 

One last thing I have to say is that Marty could use a little help dealing with why he's cutting himself off from this healing process and Katharine, give me a break.  Last I remember before hearing that you were in a new relationship and pregnant was that you agreed to be drug tested any time by Dr. Phil's people and didn't live up to it - shame on you - do you forget that?  Are we all to sweep it under the rug?  Have some sympathy for your older sister - yes, you've been hurt by her and your parents but so has she and if you read up on birth-order and family dynamics you might get some new insight and empathy for her.  Best of luck to you too but if you never learn to give Alex a break your relationship with her will never heal.  All of you have been trying to hurt one another for too long because you all feel betrayed and hurt by the others.  Why don't you all get together and talk about that - you all need to have compassion for one another's feelings in addition to your own.
Replied By: vicki9399 on Feb 7, 2012, 8:54AM
If Marty doesn't show for family week he is jeapordizing Alex's chance for recovery.  I went to family week and it was very healing for all of us.
Replied By: kathleen27 on Feb 6, 2012, 12:25PM - In reply to kathleen27
Angered myself by asking where is PAPPA, since all blame, in the "new world" seems to go to the MOTHER!  Do Marty and Erin get ANY support at all, from Nathan's father or family, be it emotional or financial?  How about Leilah's father, Chris?  Does he or his family contribute any time or effort to care for HIS DAUGHTER???

Tony, I would wipe off the map, but the other two FATHERS are not child abusers, and there is family...

Alex did mess up, but she did not "get herself pregnant" unless she went to a sperm bank, and nobody told us.  I am not excusing what Alex has done...the drugs caught hold of her, and she went into a downward spiral at the expense of her children, and her parents.  HOWEVER, she is now in rehab, and God willing, it will help her.

I cannot get past the fact that NOBODY on the Show is putting Nathan's father to the wall or putting Chris to the wall.  Tony should be put through a wall, and the less he sees of any child, in my opinion, the better.

Morally and legally, this should not all be falling on Erin and Marty.  Sadly, there are situations where a mother dies, and the responsibility then falls onto the FATHER!!  Sure, Grandparents often do more, but dear GOD, do either of the men or other grandparents offer to lend a hand?

Obviously, Nathan's father didn't use protection,and THAT got this ball rolling straight from jump street.

It's a disgrace if they get a free pass, and I'd like to hear if they are involved in the lives of their children.

At this time, Erin and Marty need all of the family support they can get..WHERE THE HELL are the FATHERS and the PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS???
Replied By: kathleen27 on Feb 6, 2012, 7:15AM - In reply to marianparoo
I hope Alex gets sober and has a positive recovery throughout her life.  Semantics and meanings are not objective. Knocked up blames the mother...where's POPPA?  Out of WEDLOCK blames the child?  I'm not on on the same page, or in the same book.
Replied By: marianparoo on Feb 6, 2012, 12:05AM - In reply to kathleen27
....because the second term puts the "blame" on the child, and the first only refers to the mother.

And I've heard "knocked up" refered ti married women too, especially when economics were involved.
Replied By: julianaannmari on Feb 5, 2012, 1:59AM - In reply to littleone2u
I agree with you I think if family sticks  together they can get through anything. 
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