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Ten-month-old baby Lisa disappeared from her home on October 4, 2011 and hasn't been seen since then. Her parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, say Lisa was abducted from her crib that fateful night. In this Dr. Phil exclusive, the distraught couple, joined by their attorney, Joe Tacopina, breaks their three-month silence. Did Deborah, who admits to being drunk the night Lisa went missing, have any involvement in the baby's disappearance? How does she explain reports that she failed a polygraph test? And why have Deborah and Jeremy been accused of being uncooperative? Plus, hear the couples' explanation for their apparent inconsistent recollections about which lights were on in the house and the mysterious phone call reportedly made from Deborah’s cell phone on the night Lisa went missing. Then hear from the private investigator who has been searching for Lisa: where does he think the baby is, and does he believe she’s still alive? Don't miss this Dr. Phil exclusive.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: sweathers1976 on May 22, 2012, 7:42AM
I don't usually leave comments but in this case I actually took the time to sign up on Dr Phil's website so I could.  This is such a tragedy that has happened.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and in this great country we live in, we have the freedom to speak our opinion.  Does that mean that we need to?!?!?  No!!!!!  Not a single one of us knows what happened that night.  Posting our speculations about what happened isn't helping to bring this baby back home.  I even read one post that said and I quote....... "The poor little girl was killed that night and the father can't even look at the camera when he's asked a question".  People are posting thier opinion and don't even know the full story...we are dealing with a MISSING child.  I'm not saying these parents are innocent or guilty of any wrong doing.   I do believe that society is quick to jump on the parents because of similar cases in the past where the parents turned out to be guilty.  So people instinctively look at the parents as guilty and it's up to them to prove their innocence.  I'm sure many of you have heard of "the Susan Smith" case from 1994.  I'm from that small town of Union, SC. and even though it's by marriage...I'm related to Susan on my father's side.  Her ex husband David is also a distant cousin on my mother's side.  Like I said...small town...lol  I know this mother has changed some of her statements but that doesn't mean she's guilty.  She has admitted that she was drinking heavily that night and even though I don't anymore...I, like a lot of you, have been intoxicated before.  Personally, I don't remember if the lights were off or not when I went to bed.  That too does not make her guilty.  I've watched the interviews with Lisa's parents and like I said I've of course seen the interviews of Susan Smith, who admittedly killed her children.  The difference in the two mothers as they are pleading for thier childrens return significant.   Susan never once shed a tear as she begged for Michael and Alex to be brought home.  Deborah on the other hand is clearly distraught as she cries for Lisa's abductor to take her to a hospital or church...no questions asked.  None of us know the truth about what happened to Lisa or where she might be but I know who does....Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I pray that he watches over this angel wherever she might be.  I pray if someone has this baby that they find it in their hearts to do the right thing and return her home, with her parents, where she belongs.  I pray that he will comfort the family and give them a sense of peace beyond our understanding.
Replied By: sweathers1976 on May 22, 2012, 6:22AM - In reply to strine
I don't usually reply to peoples comments because everyone has a right to their opinion.  In this case though I actually took the time to register with Dr Phil's site to leave comment on your post.  Like I just said everyone had the right to say what they think...we live in a country that gives us the great ability to do that.  Please though..make sure you get the facts right.  This is a quote from your post  "The poor little girl was killed that night and the father can't even look at the camera when he's asked a question".   This is a case of a missing baby.  Let's not start assuming the worst.
Replied By: karin66 on May 17, 2012, 5:44AM
I watched this episode today about baby Lisa. If the Police did their job right they would know if the father was at work or not. If he was at work then he has an aliby. When something traumatic happens in a persons life our bodies and brains go numb, which can explain the fathers actions. He is just as clueless as all the rest of us. They would have been told by numerous officials to keep quiet as the case continues. Dr Phil done this interview correctly he did say at the beginning of the show that it was their turn to talk, (which is what he did). The Police will be checking that footage of the show. We all know he would have a good understanding of what to look out for, but it's not his role to say wether they did it or not. If they are guilty then someone will talk and if she did it and he knows then she would be extremely paranoid that he will tell authorities. I am praying for this little angel who did no wrong, and I suggest that we all pray for Lisa, and hope that the Police are doing their job and not covering up their mistakes.
Replied By: strine on May 16, 2012, 10:32PM
She remembers an awful lot about lights being on etc for someone who was (according to herself) "drunk" that night. So we are to believe that a person climbed in their house, walked through the dark into the kitchen to steal their mobile phones and then take the baby? Sounds like they hid their own phones to hide the mobile tower pings. The poor little girl was killed that night and the father can't even look at the camera when he's asked a question...ofcourse they don't want to be interviewed apart because he is the weakest link in that odd couple.
Replied By: wearewellable on Feb 7, 2012, 1:02PM
It is almost like when he is asked a question either the mom or the lawyer try to answer for him.  All the lights were on, only a few were on. Why doesnt he say anything? Why would they leave the window open in the computer room and leave the lights on in that room. they said it was freezing outside. Why was the window open? They said they didnt want to do interviews because they wanted the police to do their investigation! In my mind, TIME is not working for them, They should be talking and keeping the story alive!
Replied By: astrokmb on Feb 6, 2012, 7:54PM
watching this show i don't believe for a second that these people had anything to do with the disappearance of their baby. someone who is lying can't physically emote genuinely. we've seen it over and over again, people claiming to be upset over a loss and yet there are no real tears. that's a first vital signal that someone is lying. this poor woman is genuinely in distress.

it feels like these people are suffering in the wake of casey anthony's case and law enforcement is hell-bent on accusing the parents at the exclusion of any other plausible scenario. there's a backlash over casey anthony getting off and i truly believe these people are being persecuted as a result. it's shameful.
Replied By: linda198225 on Feb 6, 2012, 11:30AM
I personally do not think that this woman had anything to do with the disappearance of her baby girl Lisa. She is guilty of making a few mistakes that makes people think that she did something offal with her baby. I think the question that she asked Dr. Phil was one of a very loving mother who cares for her children. How sad to wake up one morning with your child gone and then have the whole world accuse you when you did nothing wrong.  Deborah and Jeremy I will be in much prayer that your child would be brought back to you safely. 
Replied By: pamelooskie on Feb 6, 2012, 11:14AM
I really don't think she did it. If she did something in a drunken stuper, she wouldn't have had the ability to successfully hide the evidence. I do wish she would have taken another lie detector test, but I'm sure there are legal reasons that she didn't. I think the baby is still alive and that someone has her. I think people should be looking for a baby boy that looks like her. It is hard to tell the sex of a baby, we generally depend on the clothing they are wearing to determine the sex.
Replied By: achambers140 on Feb 6, 2012, 9:33AM
They mentioned that the Cadaver dog hit means nothing! Also that it doesnt detect dead humans! They are full of themselves, google cadaver dog, see what shows up, this is just one site i found describing about the dogs "In a missing persons case it is hard to prove a crime happened without some evidence. In cases where a dead body will be the likely outcome of a search, Cadaver dogs are used to search, rather than standard Search and Rescue dogs. Why? Because a Search and Rescue Dog is trained to find living humans, and not detect decomposing flesh.

Cadaver Dogs are trained to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh. Not a pretty thought, but their job is vital to both families of the victims, and to a justice system that ofttimes needs a body to prove a crime."

I dont know this whole case is in such a whirlwind i dont know who to believe! Please help me clarify the cadaver dog
Replied By: cheetah89 on Feb 6, 2012, 9:01AM - In reply to kole430
that is an excellent point if you are in charge of three young children what the hell are you doing drinking? what if she passes out. MAybe if she wasnt drinking she would have heard something... but I am still convinced she had something to do with it.
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