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(Original Air Date: 01/25/12) Are you struggling to tame your rebellious teen? Chris and Barbara say their 17-year-old daughter, Courtney, is out of control and turn to Dr. Phil for help. They say Courtney's hot temper has gotten her into hot water on numerous occasions, including seven suspensions, an expulsion, five school transfers and an arrest for punching her school principal -- for waking her up in class. Chris and Barbara say they’ve tried to discipline Courtney by taking away her cell phone and grounding her, but she still disregards their authority and continues to lash out. Courtney says she doesn't see a problem with her antics, enjoys acting out and proudly admits to stealing up to $5,000 worth of jewelry and cash from her parents, destroying her own room -- because they painted it the wrong color -- and calling the police on her teachers for sending her to the principal’s office. The teen also says that the only time she's truly happy is when she's consuming drugs and alcohol. But did one drunken night lead to an unthinkable act? Can Dr. Phil help set this teen straight? Parents: If you know a teen who’s heading down a dangerous path, this is one show you can't afford to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: krabbeman on Jun 30, 2017, 1:27PM
This particular episode, of 17 yr old Courtney was eye opening on a profound level. 

Here why: If you consider what society is doing NOW,  Lol... that we live in an age where people own homes for others to look AT, as opposed to being concerned of what goes on inside?...

Not everyone... I understand, that's not meant to be an indictment on modern culture in and of itself, but good grief people,... we have done lost our sense of priorities in life. Worshiping yer kids has become more important than raising them in some cases. Moral relativity has taken over, that's a given. READ  your Bible. 

ANYHOO, respectfully, with Courtney those poor folks are a text book.definition, of ,"doting parents,"   again, respectfully, without a clue of how damaging too much affection, acquiescence to the demands of the kids ! 

Just a thought

Replied By: dafeyduck on Jul 24, 2012, 10:04PM
I see an intel young girl, tennager.  Parents who totally care about their daughters well being.  What I heard, a 17 yr old girl's addiction to Alc-Drugs, totally I feel for her and family and passionately pleed with her to be guided by her family and DRPhil.  Many who saw this story would have comments that wont fix the state of mind, I cryied viewing to air this story and what she and family are going through. We really did'nt see her person/ personality and who she is, we saw Alc-Drugs talking/sharing, a klingong(Star Trek) hiding in a cave, with desire to continue in Alc-Drugs.  There is an exit off this merry go round of substance desire, change your anger attacking people, turn your anger around, jump of the merry go round, it only stays in one place round and round and round until the power runs dry and offers nothing so get angry with that, jump on the TRAIN, it goes from chapter to chapter station to staion, changing your opportunities at every stop.  I know there is a wonderful little lady 17 and pritty, there is nothing perfect about what we do in life, better choices and finding joy and contentment and peace and prosperity is a great start, guided with wisdom (DRPhil, your Parents who love you so much and God) to make choices to enhance your life and the awareness to make changes that are in your best interest.

I pray this email will encourage you, I pray for you a storehouse of opportunities at Camp, the ability to meet your goals not Alc/Drugs goals, and the desire of your Joy of your own approval and acceptance.  You can overcome this wonderful 17 yr lady, you're someone very special, I look forward to the next chapter in your life and family after release from Guardian Angels Camp.  xxxxxxxx

God Bless

David Thomas. 

QLD Australia.

Replied By: bdeb6643 on Jul 22, 2012, 8:13PM
So this was a rerun.  I saw it several months ago. My question is did the time she spent in behavior rehab help her  or not.  I don't know how her parents can stand her behavior.


Replied By: kathleen27 on Jul 21, 2012, 10:18AM - In reply to bobbiaj
IF Courtney had been spanked, and she turned out like this,it would have been the "PARENTS' FAULT" for using physical punishment...argument being, violence begets violence.  Courtney was not given corporal punishment, but still, it is the PARENTS' FAULT! 

Children come into this world with their unique gene pools and biochemistries.  I know adults who were spanked, they turned out fine...others who weren't spanked also turned out fine.  Barring abuse,neglect, or blatant bad example, I think it is time to STOP blaming the Parents for everything.

I also think this problem may be physical, and thyroid issues should be really looked into, along with chemical imbalances.

Also, kids hear things at very young ages, so it may be time to SHUT  UP about EVERYTHING being the Fault of the Parents!!

I remember  in Catholic School  being told, 7 was the "age of reason", and that now, WE were responsible for what we did or did not do. We were brought to Church to "examine our consciences" and go to Confession.  No abuse, nothing cruel..three Hail Mays, and the Act of Contrition...but it did make me think about IF I lied, or was mean to a person.   Of course, 7 isn't CLOSE, but that theory did turn out a pretty good group of kids, who ARE damn good adults today.

No longer do I practice the Catholic Religion,because my beliefs are not the same..but I ALWAYS still, examine my conscience, and for THAT I owe them big time!  Sure in hell beats playing the "BLAME GAME"!!!

Replied By: jmmjhm on Jul 21, 2012, 8:55AM - In reply to cindy757
I sure wish that when Dr. Phil has repeat shows they let you know at the end what happened.  I would LOVE to know how Courtney made out at Turn-a-round ranch.  I don't have much hope for her, but it would be nice if we all could see if she made a turn-a-round in her nasty attitude.  She was just too much and I wouldn't have had her in the house.  She is 18 now, so if she is the same.....out you go!!!!!
Replied By: larias on Jul 20, 2012, 7:34PM
What she needs is to come to South LA and go to school here. I promise you the little princess will be crying for mommy and daddy. Total reality check!!  She has a major chip on her shoulder and it would be knocked off in a heart beat. From my experince here in Los Angeles Courtney would have the floor mopped with her bad self. She's a punk bottom line. I promise you she has never been put in check. She wouldn't last a week. She would without a doubt be someones BIACTH!!
Replied By: cindy757 on Jul 20, 2012, 4:27PM
So much was not addressed.  How does she interact with her siblings, do her siblings have any of these behavioral problems?  Has she hurt any of her brothers and younger sister?  I just can't believe it's a case of indulgent parenting.  The threatening to kill the girl with a knife and threatening to kill the entire family is just too over the top for me to believe it is just a teen throwing a life long temper tantrum.  I know some over indulged children who never had consequences and whose parents act like victims/martyrs but they never threatened to kill anyone.  

All I know is that once a family member becomes a menace to the safety and well being of myself or to someone in the house, the fat lady has sung and it is over.  I won't tolerate much and that is something I would definitely not tolerate at all.

Whatever the problem is, I hope it is addressed and corrected. It is a pity to see a young life with potential go down the drain.  
Replied By: tlshorter on Jul 20, 2012, 3:24PM - In reply to jmmjhm
Replied By: jmmjhm on Jul 20, 2012, 2:14PM
Please let us know whta happened to Courtney.  That is what is the matter with the repeats.....I want to know...the outcome of the show....just put something at the end what hapened??????  Other shows do that and don't leave you hanging.
Replied By: endofmyrope35 on Jul 20, 2012, 10:16AM
tThe young lady on the show is almost an exact replica of my 17 yr. old daughter except that she has been arrested and locked up multiple times, has been in multiple programs to try and help ( but was kicked out of them all), been psychologically evaluated, has NO high school credits, and denies any responsibility for her actions. She feels everything is my fault and makes it her purpose to convince everyone it is. I have been to HELL and back for her, have been evicted from multiple places because of her actions and the company she keeps. She consistently calls me out of my name and tries to fight. Anyone that has had to live with her at any point has pretty much said they refuse to deal with her. She's trying everything in her power to make me loose my Nursing degree yet I refuse to let that happen so I have decided to wash my hands with her. I AM DONE AND I TRULY MEAN THAT!!
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