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(Original Air Date: 01/18/12) Phobias, fetishes and fears: Dr. Phil’s guests explain! First, Brett, 24, is a retail employee by night and an 18-month-old baby by day. He admits to wearing diapers, sleeping in a custom-made crib and having his girlfriend, Cat, bathe, change and spoon-feed him while he babbles like an infant — which Cat does without protest. Brett says he's happy playing the role of a baby and enjoys the dynamics of their relationship, but what does Cat say about their future together? Is this a fetish Brett can outgrow, or is something deeper at play? Then, 55-year-old Robin says she’s terrified of riding in cars. She says she becomes paralyzed by fear every time she's on the road — so much so, she's even landed in the ER with panic attacks. Her husband, Michael, says Robin’s phobia is driving him nuts. What’s at the source of her anxiety? If you're affected by an overwhelming fear or phobia, tune in for techniques to take back your life.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: unknownunknown on Mar 7, 2016, 6:18PM
This is to everyone who thinks being an adult baby is wrong it's not wrong it's a way of escaping stresses of the adult world or would you rather have a person smoking pot, doing illegal drugs doing ecstacy or any other similar thing like or would you rather have an adult baby for a child technically most people would rather have an adult baby for a child why because they ain't hurting no one they ain't pedophiles

Pedophiles are the persons who want to be with children sexually.

Adult babies are the ones who want to be the child act like, sleep in an adult crib like a child wear adult sized baby clothes onesies(snap crotch ones) footed pjs, diapers(with prints similar to baby diapers), and stuff like that that's what an adult baby is which is very different from being a pedophile.

There are also diaper lovers which happen to fall in the same category as adult babies the diaper lovers just ike wearing diapers for certain occasions or for security and comfort and not for sexual gratification, but some diaper lovers wear diapers for that sexual reason while most of them do not. just so you know. and here's  a letter to dr. phil himself, and no,

I DON'T WANT TO APPEAR ON THE SHOW, BECAUSE THAT'S WHY YOU SEE UNKNOWNUNKNOWN AS MY USERNAME sorry for yelling please forgive me for yelling, i just had to make that thing clear. 

Adult Babies are also adult who just want to act like children, I'm talking about one of your old shows that i seen online that i find you quote "you can't have it both ways" mean and unnerving and just plain bastardlike, pardon my french, yes they can and should be able to have it both way, well, why, because people need lots of loving especially adult babies and yes this way they get the loving for free from their significant other rather than going to an adult baby nursery and paying for 1 days worth for 500 dollars. to be treated like a child/a baby.

And there are other reason why adult babies act the way they do. for each one has thier own personal reasons, the diapers are just a part of it. Now imagine a world wear everyone wore diapers for the intended reason of course. how much time do you think it would save so you could spend more time with your loved ones, and how much water would it save as well, think about. it would save a whole load of time and water that way people would be able to do more chorsesa dn have more room and more cabinets to put stuff, if everyone wore diapers all the time. hello, and just any kind of adult diapers adult baby-printed diapers that way parents and kids would be able to bodn over a lot more than just clothes because if we all wore diapers we would not be so irritable and constipated. instead we would just have to do our business we nature calls and we would be much happier if we didn't hold our bowels inside for so long.

Just imagine where the world found peace which would be impossble without the help of diapers disposable diapers and kids/baby tv shows and other baby like items as well too. which means the entire world would need these items instead of fighting we gave the necessaties to help them or to win them over of course we would have to sacrifice some pilots of course or we could just remote control helicopter that's big enough to carry a surplus of emergency supplies for the other countries the ones who might want to help our allies not our enemies till we can rid the world of dictators we will never be able to have world peace.
Also adult babies require the same amount of loving they got from thier original mother, but they can't go back to the original, why because they are twice as old as the child maybe even quadruple as older and say a 30 yr old adult baby has a 70 yr old mother, and the 70 year olds once they get alzheimer's disease the mentality goes back to being a child in the first place anyways yes that's not a euphemism that's the real deal and the child of the alzheimer's disease ridden parent has to take care of their parents instead which they probably don't want to be burden with that caring for. and yes it is a burden, to the child to take care of thier parent who has alzheimer's disease.
And Also Adult Babies can still have adult relationships is what they hope to have for example: take a 27 yr old adult baby boy and a 27 yr old female girl who is not an adult baby, but can accept the other person for who they are and don't mind being a girlfriend/adult baby mommy as well, and so they can have it both ways. but sure if i was in a relationship i would at least create a contract that says this: you cannot break up with me, until a month after april, say the relation ship starts in may the other person can't break up with the adult baby until the following year sure it's mean but that's the way i would do things. or option 2: the adult baby boys become daddies to adult baby girls. that's the only way i could think of them having it both ways

Replied By: jabez_ on Dec 7, 2012, 3:33AM
Dear Dr Phil,

the first thought that came to mind when I saw the program: do adult babies actually suffer from narcissistic personality disorder? and people who want to care for them are the mirror image of a narcissist? 

best wishes, Jabez 
Replied By: alphak555 on Jul 18, 2012, 11:59PM
Anyone who thinks that there is nothing wrong with Brett's fetish is a worry! The desire to remain a baby is really disturbing! There are too many people out there with mental issues that need help including Brett! There is fantasy role play and then there is the extreme where Brett wants to shit in a nappy and live Like a baby! Anyone who wants to care for an adult that acts like a baby is just as bad! There are brain injured people out there who need help so why adopt a fully functioning moron and pander to his fetish, and it is a fetish! Bill, you need help!i suppose you can justify any behavior with a warped sense of reasoning! This is disturbing!
Replied By: strine on Jul 18, 2012, 10:02PM
I hope Brett grows up and starts acting his age. He wants a family to "look after him"? In other words he doesn't want to be responsible as an adult, how can he have a job if his girlfriend needed to change his diaper? What kind of employer would put up with an employee walking around smelling like urine and number 2? I bet he didn't have a job at all and now he wants someone else to pay his way. I hope he does grow up, because there are creepy people around who would love to take him in, kill him and steal his unemployment cheques.
Replied By: oneonecent on May 19, 2012, 6:30AM - In reply to cariad78
And what does thishave to do with a grown man acting like a baby?
Replied By: oneonecent on May 19, 2012, 6:27AM
Replied By: treeza4 on May 18, 2012, 5:36PM
Brett has some unusual wants and needs.  His lifestyle is not one I would choose.  I have to ask myself the big questions - is Brett harming himself and is Brett harming anyone with his behavior?  We were told he has a job so to some extent he functions in the adult world.  I cannot find fault with his behavior.  He appears to be well adjusted in his lifestyle and he understands that many are judgemental over his choices.

His girlfriend made a good choice for herself.  She decided it was not a relationship she wanted to continue to participate in and moved out.  No one forced her into the role, and it doesn't appear that Brett tried manipulative behavior to get her to stay.  To the critics - how is Brett harming you?  I think it's far better to be a happy human than to live a life based on what others want you to do.  Enjoy your life Brett!
Replied By: annjudith8 on May 18, 2012, 2:12PM
Why do we have to see this twice?  I am glad the young girlfriend wants to move on but just the fact that she is still helping him is sad.  She has a good heart, but stop.  I spend my days watching my life slip away from me and I look forward to seeing something postiive.  Spotlight the real issues in this country; help the homeless people, the people who lost everything because of the economy.  There are young families out there living in shelters and cars.  Let's help the people in need and stop wasting time on this type of person who can be treated privately.  They are not a danger or threat but there are real dangers out there.  Help the people who really need help.
Replied By: chef367 on May 18, 2012, 1:01PM
I just saw your show about adult guys who like to be treated as babies, I would to get to know Brett more, I am a Daddy seeking a baby with limits that he wants.
Replied By: shircon on May 18, 2012, 11:26AM
We need to stop somewhere. this person needs serious help. tthere is something very wrong with a man wanting to be a BABY. like really. come on. CRAZY
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