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You’re smart, sexy and sweet -- so why are you still single? Dr. Phil and expert matchmaker and host of VH1's Why Am I Still Single?, Siggy Flicker, strive to answer that question for two struggling daters. First, Paul, 39, says his relationship résumé includes a date escaping out a bathroom window and dressing in a moose costume to impress a woman. He says he’s tried to meet women at church, through a mail-order bride service, and even held up a sign on the side of the road -- but every time falls flat on his face. Can Dr. Phil and Siggy help this lonely bachelor find his dream girl? Then, Marilyn, 40, lost a shocking 129 pounds since the last time she was on Dr. Phil's stage and says she’s finally ready to play the field. Get a birds-eye view as these daring daters are set up with potential suitors -- and each other! Will there be a love connection? And, don’t miss Siggy’s tips for singles looking for love. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals the five biggest dating mistakes you don’t even know you’re making. If you’re in a relationship rut, or looking to find “the one,” you can’t afford to miss this show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jeannie812 on Jan 12, 2012, 7:51PM
After I watched the show I wondered if the problem is with me.   I know it is me.   It is NOT that I can't get a date.  It is not that I can't get a boyfriend.    I can't find the one I want.   I seem to attract the abusive type.   Controlling type.  It's my childhood problem bad daddy issue. 

I got to the point where if I see a man is trying to manipulate me I am running away!  I write them off fast!   

 I would rather be alone than be sick  with the sick sonaofabitch who is sniffing around looking to use and abuse me.

I am especially determined to be careful since my ex-boyfriend Chuck died.  I thought Chuck was abusive when I was with him.   He really was looking for someone to take care of his house.   I look back and see that we were not right for each other.    We had that spark.  But,  it wasn't the  right reason to live together.  It was a disaster.  Once we broke up,  and I moved out,  we got along better. 

I am going to write about this in my blog thingy.   

Replied By: jjindurango on Jan 12, 2012, 2:43PM
He seemed so nice and genuine. If your ever in the CO area ....
Replied By: angelgirl82 on Jan 12, 2012, 2:33PM - In reply to blondie8197
Hi there, I was reading your post and I could have sworn it was my post.  Everything in your post is also me.  I'm a 29 year old single mother, his father is not part of his life at all.  And I also was dying to ask siggy some questions for single mothers.  I have been single for 3 1/2 years, and am really tired of it.  I have to much to offer a relationship if I could just find the right person.  I just want a life companion so bad.  I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.  And I wish you the best of luck in finding a great companion, oh and if you figure out a way please let me know lol.  Best of luck :)
Replied By: fred777 on Jan 12, 2012, 9:31AM - In reply to blturner65
I completely understand where you are coming from. I was alone too, independent. I can provide for myself. I took a vacation to Jamaica and was there 14 days myself. I was staring at stars and felt that I wanted to share this beauty with someone....that special someone.... So, I decided to find the right one...once and forever... I digged trough a lot of resources, read a lot of articles, self help books, attending seminars, did counseling, dates etc. 

It's a challenge to be single although I enjoyed it at times. However, it is rather by choice that people are alone.  We need to love someone, so we replace human love with work, hobby,pets, friends etc. We do everything to keep us running away from reality - after all we are busy, no time for relationship...When I sumbled across  " Why Am I Alone" ebook and compared my priorities within the circles of relationships.... Funny enough, the author asked to do an assignment - assign my life priorities out of 7 Circles and than presents the "balanced" version.  I will just say that the proper balance in relationship circles, like Work/Career should be number 5 priority ( and my was set to ONE) and other things...made me realize the truth...and I have not been honest to myself... and incorrect priorities build the imbalance and emptiness that I felt..... Well.... It's being  almost one year since I changed my approach and now I have a soul mate :)...This book made me realize a very simple truth. I know it is a divine providence to read it at my age - 32, it could be earlier, but Life is a School. We are here to learn and "graduate".... I am very happy and grateful for my life. 

As for online dating. Funny enough. My mother just got married to someone she found through the dating service. They met at Walmart first time and lived for 3 years together and decided to get married. He is a great guy and I am very happy for her :) She was divorced before with my father. 

I wish you much Love, Peace and desire to find that special one. Put that desire out there. Describe excatly what you want. Imagine... at desire with true and open heart. He will come...
Replied By: chinadish on Jan 12, 2012, 8:17AM - In reply to applechrisp
Theres a difference in being proud of your accomplishments and then theres Vain and she looked down on Paul. She questions being single and yet judges others????  Paul is awesome, fun sweet and has a big heart, all he did and earned on his own without a mother. Go Paul!
Replied By: chinadish on Jan 12, 2012, 8:06AM - In reply to juliekay123
I have to say, there have been episode per-views that I too assumed one thing and found it to be another, so now I watch before judging; However, in saying that, While Marilyn did a great job loosing weight, she was WAY TOO Vain! She judged Paul and I think looked down on him in the first date. Granted maybe she wasnt attracted to him, but she was Rude! Considering the fact she complains that shes still single and then looks down on others!!
Paul is a true sweet heart!  Inside and out!!!!  He had to grow into the person that he is now on his own, with no mother and he should be very proud of what he has become. I too am married, but I would date him... if I was a few years younger too,  LOL 
Hang in there Paul, You got it and will get it soon!!! Best of Luck
Replied By: blondie8197 on Jan 12, 2012, 8:02AM
I only caught the tail end of the show but I heard enough to know that I wish I had been there to aske Siggy some questions for myself. Being a single mom with almost no help from the father, I have no time to "get out". I'm a Christian lady and I don't do bars. I work and go to church and I go home. How are single moms supposed to meet people??? I don't leave my son with just anyone and the time I'm away from him I feel so horrible guilty because I'm away from him all day while I'm at work. I don't want just anyone around him because he gets so attached so quickly. People are always shocked, it seems, to learn that I'm single. I'm tired of being alone and not having anyone to talk to and love on and take care of. I want a companion so bad that I find myself in tears when I read that another one of my friends is "in a relationship" on Facebook!!! And these are people that are newly divorced or had a boyfriend fairly recently. Why does this happen for everyone but me??? I don't know what to do and I don't want this sadness to effect my son. He deserves to have a great man in his life that would set a good Christian example for him. 

Encouragment, advice welcome. Criticism....not so much...
Replied By: froggy910 on Jan 12, 2012, 4:17AM
Paul struck a chord with me.  I think he's perfect as is.  Dating and all that goes with it is never easy.  I'd go out with him in a heartbeat.  We all have stuff we're dealing with.  Sometimes a little compassion goes a long way.
Replied By: scoutma53 on Jan 11, 2012, 11:08PM
It occurred to me watching Paul that his appearance could be much improved if he grew a goatee beard and moustache. His mouth area was weak-looking, and a beard etc would make him look tougher! Anyone else think that?
Replied By: juliekay123 on Jan 11, 2012, 10:19PM - In reply to godsgirl777
I am so glad you responded.  Your message back was so kind.  Today was my first day ever on a message board and it made me so happy to see the change from your original post.  I wish you luck and I am glad you are inspired by the show and have been married for so many years.  I feel lucky to be married and have my girls but remember the feeling of being alone all to well.  I was very picky but I would rather be married in my 30's than divorced in them.  I am a college graduate and many times told I look like Jennifer Anniston.  I say this because lack of confidence was an issue for me as well so I felt for Paul today.  I have always tried to lift people up rather than put them down.  Good luck to you!
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