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Have you ever dreamt of getting a second chance in life? Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter was just 12 years old when he shot to worldwide fame, but behind the bright lights and adoring fans, he says he abused drugs and alcohol and rapidly spiraled out of control. Nick opens up about his addictions, two arrests and a life-threatening medical diagnosis that finally forced him to transform his life. Plus, Nick performs a song off his new album, I’m Taking Off, and surprises his “biggest fan!” Then, Bria ran away from home for the first time at 12 years old. Now 18, and homeless for most of the last six years, Bria’s mom, Michelle, and sister, Sierra, say she is doing the unthinkable to survive and fear she may be pregnant. Dr. Phil offers Bria a second chance at life. Will she accept? And, when Laura, an advertising executive, passed 11-year-old Maurice begging on a New York street in 1986, she offered him a much-needed helping hand. By visiting him regularly, cooking him meals and teaching him important life lessons, she showed him a love he’d never known. Their bond changed both of their lives and is the subject of the book, An Invisible Thread. Don’t miss an inspiring hour of hope, kindness and second chances.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: missycahill on Dec 27, 2011, 2:11AM
i was on this episode and was one of the lucky ones that got to as Nick Carter a question and they aired it on tv. He even gave me a hug when i started talking because t's always been my dream to meet him and i started crying but they didn't show him hugging me on the show. i really wish i could get a copy of the episode with the part of him hugging me =(
Replied By: angel2830 on Dec 24, 2011, 10:54AM
i seen the show on second chances i know what it's like to get a second chance i had cancer and i have been clear of cancer for a year and i hope nick carter has over come this and i will stand beside him though this as a true fan nick carter is special in his own way
Replied By: calmandsnt on Dec 20, 2011, 6:11PM
I thought the talk was suppose to be about Bria's mother telling Dr.Phil about why she gave up on her daughter(Bria)! But it seem that Dr.Phil turned things on the Mother about how she WRONG for giving up on her child! And brung up how she assaulted her Husband with a baseball bat and got locked up! That had NOTHING to do with the purpose of the appointed conversation at hand for the show! So I don't blame the mother for walking off the show due to being OVER-RULED and not having a chance! I'm a parent too! And after I've given any of my children chances to change and do better by living under MY ROOF  where I pay the billsand all they do is eat,sleep & walk the street! Then keep telling me what HE/SHE AIN'T GONNA DO WHEN I ASK THEM! Oh please believe I will put'em out with the quickness! And still tell them if they need help with money and I can help I will. But u can't stay here and NOT listen or do what you are asked! But...I ain't gonna keep giving out money.....get a job(at a place of business that write a check)! Sometimes enough is ENOUGH of riding sombody's BULL!
Replied By: canadianchick1 on Dec 20, 2011, 10:29AM - In reply to jhtru4real
While I agree that Nick singing "Burning Up" was totally the wrong song to sing - it's his current single - and lets face it, no celebrity goes on any sort of daytime (or late night) show nowadays without promoting something.

Yes he could have sung any of the other songs off his album (many of which are about overcoming his addictions) it's common practice that he sings the single, it's part of Nick's job. Another part of his job is bringing awareness to issues that effect his audience, and he did that tendfold with his appearence on the show. That overshadows any sort of misstep in his song choice.

P.S: Dr. Phil, the next time you have “Little Kids Rock Across America” band on your show, turn their mics on! Nick kept having to give them his mic to sing in to. :P
Replied By: kiddinla on Dec 20, 2011, 8:18AM
Well done. People from different walks of life all crammed together, and it worked. More shows like this, and less shows like pink method"
Replied By: marrut on Dec 20, 2011, 1:45AM - In reply to purple01
Dr. Phil, I think you turned your back on Bria's mom Michelle and did her wrong. I believe that she stated clearly that she had taken her daughter back into her home a couple of times once her daughter left home on her because she chose to.  I believe that you began to verbally target Michelle, and would not let her finished what she wanted to say and they  told her that she needed to stop interrupting you, then you basically showed her the door ( pointed her out). Bria to me was a spoiled little brat who did not like following ther rules. She chose to leave her mother's home You began to being up things that happened in Michelle's home that you chose to use to make people believe she was TOTALLY a bad or out of control mother, and that was wrong of you.  As usual, children Bria's age,  turn out to be innocent person. Kids like Bria's are never  made to face their wrong goings. Poor Poor little Bria.She sook attention and someone to give her what SHE wanted and you gave her that attention. No PARENT is without flaws, or perfect. I wish that there would be a show done on the mistakes YOU and your spouse made, then have someone come after you the way you go after others.  You sit there on your pedistal and TRY to act like you without error. I know that you will not allow this comment to show.You aren't big enough for that.
Replied By: elphiero on Dec 20, 2011, 12:07AM - In reply to jhtru4real
Its just music. You have to realize his demographic is teens and twenty-somethings that like that kind of dance/bar/club music. That's what it is, its club music. Truth is if you go to a party or a club, guys are gonna check girls out and people are going to drink. Its reality. Also, he never said that song was uplifting or anything... its just a plug for his album, not necessarily having to do with the show. At the end of the day, he is a singer and he's in it to make a living. He's going to make the kind of music that is popular. I was a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan when I was a tween/teen (I'm now in my mid 20s) and I'm glad to see Nick turn his life around. Oh and by the way... I loved the song (and I'm the correct demographic... and I hate clubbing!) -Nicel
Replied By: sweetandhot on Dec 19, 2011, 9:59PM - In reply to purple01
Bria's Mom is a disgrace as a mother! Dr. Phil gave HER a second chance to be there for her daughter...she chose once again to abandon her once again...how is Dr. Phil supposed to handle that? The focus was supposed to be on Bria...the Mom tried to make it all about herself! She should be embarrassed for not being a good mother!
Replied By: ertalk on Dec 19, 2011, 8:36PM
How inspiring and uplifting to see Nick holding Norman Vincent Peale's book!  He is truly one of the greatest healers of all time.  His writings also saved my life a long time ago.  I will never forget how magical it was to read such stories and learn the affirmations that can change one's life... just amazing!
Replied By: purple01 on Dec 19, 2011, 7:17PM
Dr. Phil I don't subscribe to any social network nor do I engage in responding to your guest appearances. Today was different. This was your second chance show, specifically the Bria segment. My heart goes out to Bria but it also goes out to a mother who lacks parenting skills. It was apparent Bria created havoc in her family and turned to the streets out of desperation. she definitely deserves a second chance. Doesn't her mom? You dismissed her as fast as the next commercial aired because she walked off your show. I am sure she felt attacked and this show turned into how she failed her daughter. I think you failed her mom. To confirm her mom lacks impulse control, she said she was recently arrested for using a baseball bat against her husband. Your show has aired years of a dysfunctional family to the point of bordem but you can dismiss this mom without a second thought. Granted she was inappropriate but were you appropriate? Bria's choices were based on an environment that was obviously not nurturing but aren't you interested in the family dynamics? I watch your show every chance I get but tonight I was disappointed. Please recognize when families could use your wisdom and guidance and not just those who cooperate on your stage. Thanks for listening.
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