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(Original AIr Date: 12/02/11) Although it’s 2012, three wives say when it comes to household chores, they feel like they live in the 1950s. Cam, a stay-at-home mom, says her husband of four years, Kyle, is a “slob” who refuses to clean up after himself. Bridget, who works part-time, says she spends 18 hours a day cleaning her home, yet her husband of 16 years, Mike, won’t take out the trash or pick up his dirty clothes. And after 39 years together, Debi says her husband, Rick, admits he neglects household chores, but claims it’s too late for him to change. See what happens when roles are reversed and the men are forced to step into their wives' shoes. Can Dr. Phil teach these old dogs new tricks? Watch as the couples air their 'dirty laundry' and attempt to call a truce! Plus, if you need a day off from your housework, don’t miss a chance to win a $100 SpaFinder.com gift certificate!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dixie88 on Apr 16, 2013, 3:51PM
I was trying to find today's show---about the husband who cleaned the tub with the toilet brush. EWWWW! No matter how many times the wife fussed about his painting the nightstand & getting grass on it, she seems very very soft spoken. I woiuld SCREAM if my husband used the toilet brush on the bath tub
My husband helps a lot but I do have to ask him to help.
Replied By: tosca83 on Oct 29, 2012, 5:26PM - In reply to madison2u
But, what happens when he DOESN'T take care of the yard, or the oil changes, or the trash, or the dishes, or the dog, or the carpet, or his clothes, or even brush his teeth? Should she still be doing all of those things for him? I would be happy if my husband did TWO of them. Brush his teeth, and empty his plate into the trash bin before putting it in the sink. As well as not pouring grease into the sink and just leaving it there. I didn't see the episode, I didn't read the full article, but I read this comment and it struck home. Becase mine doesn't do those things, either. And yes, he works MORE than I do, and he pays the majority of the bills, but the house is a reflection on the WOMAN not on the man, and if my husband just did these TWO things my life would feel so much easier. I feel like a slave housewife from the 50's because of it, and I really don't believe I should have to put up with it.
Replied By: seancallahan99 on Apr 18, 2012, 6:22PM
I watched this episosed and felt empathy and outrage. I have been on both sides of the mirror, so I know how both sides feel and think. I am a 27 year old second married man. In my first marrige I made twice as much money as my wife, but still came home to cook,clean,maintain my house, and care for my daughter. I never once told my ex-wife that because I made more than her she had to do the chores. I took pride in being a man (the so called provider), but I also took pride in knowing that I could take care of my domestic responsibilities. Now in my present marrige I am unemployed and my wife works, so I do the cooking, and cleaning, and house work, and take care of my two children.  The thing that irritated me the most was the comments the husbands were making implying that house work and child care was a walk in the park. My job is fifteen to sixteen hours a day, I dont get breaks. My wife agrees that I do more physically,mentally,and emtionally in a day than she could ever do at her job. I think the husbands on that show were extremely ignorant, self-absorbed, egotistical, and pathetic. They give all men a bad name. They would not last a day in my shoes. I think theirs wifes should divorce them and find someone who actually cares becasue they dont.
Replied By: barbi124 on Mar 18, 2012, 4:00AM
I watched this show the first time it aired and laughed as much again the 2nd time it aired...It makes me realize how very blessed I am! If I were in the wives positions...I would really go on strike, in every area....I wouldn't cook, clean, talk to or do anything nice! I would avoid the men. If they needed a simple phone call made, they would make it!! It's a matter of loving your wife and respecting her enough to get out of your comfort zone to please her.
Men, listen up, it's great that you are great providers for your family, but...you could work one hundred hrs a week and it wouldn't be enough. A man that helps his wife with the simple things, is a gesture to his wife that he will always be there for her, always have her back. Wives need that more than a big paycheck. I'm sure yal go out of your way to please your bosses...so why not go out of your way to please your wife??? Isn't she worth it??? My husband does little things to suprise often...dishes,makes the bed, etc...and always cleans up his messes...I have a real man. So man up and make your wifes happy.
Replied By: joannamoneca on Mar 16, 2012, 2:02PM - In reply to madison2u
If she doesn't work who takes care of the child?  Like it's not bad enough that women aren't paid, they are told they don't work.  You suffer from what is called internalized oprression.  You don't need anyone to opress you, you do it to yourself.
Replied By: jaimefrias1977 on Mar 16, 2012, 1:48PM
well i just like to say to those men that were on the show, that i have been married 12yrs and in those years i have always helped out my wife with the chores around the house, i was brought up that way by me grandparents that  i thank so much for  their hard work, well im 34yrs old  i have a full time job and i go to school at night and come home late and still have to make time to help around the house, that maybe sweeping, washing the dishes, getting my kids ready for bed, washing clothes or what ever needs to be done, but i try to help my wife as much as possible because she also has a full time job and goes to school at night, i also keep up with my yard because i like my house clean and my yard looking nice when you get married its now 50/50  i like to help my wife out makes me feel good at the end of the day so you guys need to grow up those lovely women are not your mothers thank you
Replied By: joannamoneca on Mar 16, 2012, 12:06PM - In reply to kathleen27
Just want to thank you; your message was the most intelligent and insightful I have seen.
Replied By: joannamoneca on Mar 16, 2012, 12:01PM
If I read one more message about these women that says they don't work or just stay at home I think I will scream!  Taking care of little kids is a full time job and a very tiring one at that.  If the man does not at least help a little when he gets home it's the kids who suffer.  The man's job is 8 hours a da 5 days a week; hers is 24/7.  I'm not saying you have to do all the work guys, just be nice & help out a little. 

  That man who thinks it's ok to just throw his clothes on the floor for his wife to pick up his behaviour is discusting, no   matter how much money he brings home.  Money is nice but nobody can take care of that child like she does.
Replied By: sharong888 on Mar 16, 2012, 11:09AM
Dr. Phil, I just wanted to say after so many years of watching your shows when I can, this particular show was one of your best. The reason being it was extremely funny watching those men with the baby dolls making a meal for their wives.  I felt this was a very important show for people here in America.  I am bi-continental so I split my time between California and Ghana, West Africa because my husband is from Ghana and I am of Jamaican background.  When I am in Ghana my husband treats me like I am his Queen and I treat him as my King.  There is no washing machine or dryer because we live in the rural mountains of Ghana not in the city, so it is man power.  He grew up doing laundry by hand and says I will do all the laundry while I enjoy your cooking.  In other cultures it is quite different then America the chores are shared, regardless of work outside the home.  How I wish you could do a segment chores overseason your show.

Thanks so much for this wonderful show on Chores! Sincerely, Sharon
Replied By: stefz40 on Mar 16, 2012, 11:02AM
I work 40 hours a week and take care of everything at home. I Have a senior in high school,  9 year old step daughter and three year old son and many days I am completely overwhelmed. I totally understand what these women are going through I do all house cleaning, pay bills and all grocery shopping etc. The kicker is he gets out of work a hour and a half before me and I still pick the little one up at daycare before I come home. My husband does outside chores which with a easy winter like this year amounted to maybe 3 snow storms. He wont even vacuum my van for me, says it is my van and his truck(he cleans his truck) but I am so busy with everything else all the time that you can only imagine how hard that is. I might vacuum my van every 6 months. My husband watches Dr. Phil with me sometimes but missed this one I wish he had seen it because I think it would have been a huge eye opener for him. Some of these ladies dont even work outside the home. If I was a stay at home mom I would not mind so much but when you a working it is overwhelming and it causes huge resentment towards my husband..which causes even more problems.
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