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Outrageous mother-in-law Khalood ignited a firestorm after she appeared on Dr. Phil’s stage, calling her son-in-law, Steve, a “loser,” “dumbass” and even confessing to lacing his hot chocolate with a laxative. Now she’s back with news you won’t believe -- she claims she won the battle with Dr. Phil because her daughter, Fallon, and Steve moved in with her! Find out why, and see how their new family dynamic is working out. Does Khalood still think Steve, a paramedic, is incapable of supporting a family? And why does she want him to apologize? Plus, hear what Steve’s mom has to say about the feud. It’s an update you won’t want to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: icanrock on Sep 18, 2013, 12:32PM
Jerry wake up Khalood needs your attention. She needs to validate your want and need for her. Her focus on Fallon's relationships is reflection of how lonely she is at home. You can fix Khaloods obsession with Fallons" losers" spend more romantic time with Khalood.
Replied By: nisley on Sep 16, 2013, 11:18AM
I am so disappointed in Dr. Phil.  He should have made it crystal clear that the message  Khalood is sending to her daughter Fallon over and over and over again is that she is worthless, can't make her own decisions, can't be trusted, she will only pick losers for boyfriends, the list goes on.  As long as she keeps doing that, Fallon's self esteem will be in the toilet.  You can do better Dr. Phil!
Replied By: portmc on Jan 15, 2013, 6:46PM
The follow-up show where this family agreed not to get together for a month, just screened in Australia. I hope the daughter, who spoke of feeling 'comfortable' experiences that, when away from her mother, a true feeling of comfort can be found when spending peaceful, loving moments with her husband in the tranquility of their own home. This is well worth working for. If she is able to experience such simple pleasures in life, as far as I can tell, it is the only thing that could (hopefully) give her the strength to keep her mother out of their personal lives. The daughter needs to put her foot down and also stop being selfish and lazy, or she will never ever know true happiness and nor will her husband.

I don't think anyone - even you Dr. Phil ;) - can help the mother, and my heart goes out to her husband (who also needs to do a course in assertiveness plus learn that life can be a great deal better than it is for him at the moment). This woman clearly makes everyone's life a misery. She is selfish, rude, ignorant, and ...well, that's enough.

The kids need to start realising - only through experience - what is truly valuable in life - they may be saving money, but are totally ruining their lives by being so closely in touch with this poisonous, egomaniac. They need to be reminded that they must WORK toward a good and happy marriage, stop taking advantage of the mother's weaknesses, and experience that peace and joy in life is far more valuable than money. If they don't, I can't see the marriage lasting. Choose between the dogs and the man I love? I know what I'd choose, yet I have 2 dogs and a fantastic husband.

Unfortunately even the father appears to have forgotten what true happiness is and continues in this most disturbing relationship. Either the mother truly changes her ways, or I'd be saying to the father - get out and get a life...my advice to his daughter and son-in-law. Good luck - you all need it.
Replied By: alphak555 on Oct 18, 2012, 9:11PM
I couldnt believe that Dr phil didnt address the fact that it is none of the parents business what married children do!!!!!!!  If your child is in harms way or you want to give advice then you talk calmly and suggest things BUT  at the end of the day its none of a parents business what married children do!!!!!!!!!!

ANOTHER POINT!!! If Kaloud really loved her daughter she would put her own selfish thoughts and wants behind her and shut the hell up!! When you truly love someone you make their lives happier and richer, NOT MONEY, but spritually richer and think of the other person before yourself! Kaloud is not lonely as the person said in the audience, she is simply a nasty controlling horrible person that wants everything her way and is too stupid to see any other way but her own!!

If Falon wants to work instead of doing housework then that is what she wants. Would Kaloud be happier if she married a wealthy person who cheated and beat her up!! Wealthy people tend to be more self absorbed and think that they deserve special treatment and often behave in a way that is selfish and entitled,  not all wealthy people but a lot!

I was really disappointed that Phil didnt put her in her place and take her off of the stage so she would shut up! Again, she only cares about herself and doesnt care that she is making her daughters life a misery... couldnt care less!! Her excuse is that she wants the best so in the mean time she will drive everyone crazy and act like a nut case with a big mouth!

I also dont understand how falon accepts her mother treating both her husband and herself like that! Kaloud can yell and repeat that all she wants is her daughters happiness but that is crap and an excuse to interfere and dominate everyone!

True love means to put the one you loves desires above your own and not drive everyone nuts!!
Replied By: marassa on Aug 24, 2012, 8:53AM
I watched the episode with Khalood and asked myself, “Why would she go on national television and act like that?  And why does her family participate?”   Possibly... she/they are laying groundwork to have their own reality show.  Just what America needs!     Please, Dr. Phil, do not play into that.   What is the purpose of giving that behavior one moment in the spotlight?  The next time I see the word “Khalood” in a program lineup, I will hit delete on my DVD.
Replied By: shaddai4 on Aug 23, 2012, 5:12PM
Over my years I have seen and heard many people, but I have to tell you Khalood takes the prize. She is the QUEEN of rude and disrespect and is so smugly proud of it; truly amazing. If her children were rude and disrespectful she should be very proud, not upset with them, as she has taught them very well. Maybe that’s her problem with them, they haven't perfected it as perfectly has she has. It’s very sad the example she is to her children as that’s what’s wrong with our world today. There are too many people like that now who don't care about others feeling or how they act; they have no limitations or boundaries on themselves but expect others to.

Please Dr. Phil, don't have her on your show again; you are enabling her. There are way too many people who can use your professional help and benefit from it.     


Replied By: kisswoman on Jul 17, 2012, 2:31PM - In reply to dutchmien
To all those that think that Steve a Fireman/EMT/Paramedic doesn't work,,,,,,I hate to break it to you but they work more hours than most who work 9-5. They work 24 hours, off 48 on 24, by my math that's 48 hours a week. 1 day longer than most 9-5er's.  So he actually has 3 positions jobs within the same job.  Ok maybe he doesn't make a 6 figure income, he does make a 5 figure income and has more benefits than those that work in retail or restaurants.  They even make more than teachers.  I know that if I were him and her house was on fire I would be hard pressed to save it and even more hard pressed if she need rescuing.
Replied By: maritgen on Jun 14, 2012, 7:51AM - In reply to dutchmien
Where did you make up that he doesn't work? 9 days * 24 hours makes 54 a week. Not everyone is a workaholic (it's not even healthy!). We need people to work, not people that can't listen or reed and judge people. If you earn your money in a proper way and you are happy about it, don't need welfare, than its all right, even if you work 1 hour a month. People who think that work is the only thing in live do have a really big problem. Even so do people who think that if someone works less hours than they do, are lazy. Those people can't keep themselves occupied. If I have vacation I stand up at 5, walk, study, read, stitch for charity, do other things for charity, I've so much hobby's and interests that the day is over before I know that it even started, go to bed at 9. I hardly watch TV, in vacations definitely not!  So you can't say if someone is lazy because he doesn't do any paid work.

But that are people who don't work, Steve is working 54 hours a week (216 hours a month) and that's more than enough! Maybe his live is more fulfilling and interesting than that of people who are working like zombies in an office and hardly know that they are alive. (those people can be so boring and most of the time irritating because they can't handle the choices of someone else who doesnt think about career, money, more money, new car etc)

There's nothing wrong with a women who's the breadwinner or even the only one who's working. if they are happy with that, than it's not up to the mother in law, or anybody else, to say something about that.

Steve must love her daughter very much that he married wit her, if it was my mom, I would say: Mom, you can choose: or you let me live my life or you you will not see me again. Khalood should be very happy that Steve wanted her daughter that obviously can't stand up to her mom and protect her family. Steve, I wish I had you for a son in law! Again: He works! And you don't call someone a loser!'Live YOUR live the way YOU want it, you've only one live. Treat people the way you want to be treated and don't harm other living beings, than it's okay. You are doing a wonderful job (I've been a fire-fighter too!).

By the way, first I was working and my husband not, now it's the other way around, We have enough money, I've worked so hard in my live that I've enough savings and now that I'm recovering from a serious illness, we decided that I'm going to start a study to make my old childhood dream to come true. If you say that Steve is lazy....what about me??! I'm everything but lazy and earned my savings! Never a dull moment in my live! Now, go back to work guys ;-)

Replied By: akaiyo on Jun 13, 2012, 3:06AM
I am a woman and someone's daughter who want to have kids. This is the first time i saw this episode in Holland and i felt so stressed out during the watching just because Khalood just doesn't stop talking like a turkey bird and Dr. Phil has no control of his stage for being too nice. It's just a chao. I have a lot of respect for dr. Phil but I'd like to advise dr. Phil to stop inviting Khalood to come to the show again before he could give her a proper treatment/therapy and be able to control the show better. It was too chaotic to watch. She is just a pain in the ass. People can support her idea which can be with good intention, but people should stop nurturing her behaviour by standing behind her because she really needs help. She is sick.

Khalood might get some points by protecting her daughter, but her nagging and respectless behaviour to the host and to the people who stand on her way, is just so irritating that a well educated person wouldn't agree with her and stand behind her. I am not sure about her husband. he is such an useless being dominated by his barking wife. I can't believe he can stand her behaviour for 30 yrs. I am sure she doesn't just nagging about her son-in-law but for sure about every other things. If khalood wants respect, she has to earn it first by respecting others. Nagging leads you nowhere but just irritating others to do opposite. The son in law Steve might be passive and has lots of excuses to look for a second job to fulfill his too much free time or get an extra education but it can be the consequence of all this nagging and looking down behaviour of khalood.

If khalood is smart enough, she should change her way of approach to get what she wants by encouraging her son in law. But it's obvious that she is just a rural woman who has not much education and only lives with her big mouth in her own belief. I agree with a viewer's comment that khalood strongly objects that her son in law shouldn't live with his wife's money while she is not working and is living with her husband's money and still wants total control. The only difference is she is a woman and Steve is a man but the rest is the same thing. Nowaday we women want to be treated equally as a man but lots of them don't want to swap the role because they want to take advantage of everything to their own benefit. So why Steve can't be in the position of a woman if his wife agrees to have him as house husband. Then it's her job to object and discuss with Steve, not khalood.

If khalood's daughter wants to avoid more conflict, she should move out that chicken house as soon possible if she still loves steve and wants to have a decent life together. She should keep her mother far far away, otherwise she should divorce. If khalood doesn't want to push her daughter away, she should stop interfering her life unless she asks for it. Otherwise she will lose her one day. If Steve wants to have a life without this kind of conflict, he should do better and stop looking for excuses and he should stop answering the monster in law. Otherwise he should leave his wife and look for another family who has no problem with this situation. And I think khalood's husband should be more man and do something about his wife because she is a very annoying person who has no respect for anyone with her non-stop nagging. It's a life torture. I don't even want to know what she is doing during her sleep, probably keep talking...
Replied By: dutchmien on Jun 13, 2012, 12:42AM
Dear Mom, you are sooooo right that your son in law is a lazy loser. I'm sorry for you that you can't get your point accross. Please change your "style" so you can save your daughter from this bad future. Your anger turns against you and is feeding him. That is the opposite of what you want and the opposite of what we need as we need people to WORK
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