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(Original Air Date: 11/23/11) At nearly 700 pounds, the first thing people notice about Pauline, 48, is her size, which has earned her the Guinness World Record title of heaviest living woman. But Pauline is also a mother, daughter and friend with hopes and dreams of a better life for herself and her 18-year-old son and caregiver, Dillon. At her current size, Pauline's mobility is severely challenged. Just a few steps cause her pain, and she needs her son’s help to stand up, get dressed and even go to the bathroom. It took an ambulance, a second support vehicle and a five-man crew to help her make the 400-mile trip to the Dr. Phil studio. Pauline says that while it's a daunting task, she’s ready to start losing the weight. But what does Dr. Phil think? And what does Dillon have to say? How does his mother’s disability impact his life? Is he following in her footsteps? Then, Pauline’s ex-husband, Alex, says he loved Pauline despite her weight, but it wasn’t enough to save their relationship. Where does he say it went wrong? Plus, Ruby, the star of the Style Network show of the same name, knows what Pauline is going through because she was once 700 pounds and has lost 400. She offers her support and encouragement to Pauline. Is she ready to take back control of her life?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: cheeto555 on Mar 15, 2015, 5:18AM - In reply to gardengal100
Pauline is on Season 3 of My 600 Lb. Life, and she is no different. In fact after watching the show, I felt ill. She was/is selfish, thoughtless and UNMOTIVATED. She had the surgery but refused to get oit of bed afterwards. She redused to walk, and stayed in her wheelchair, complaining the entire show about how the doorways would nog accomodate it! Dr. Nowzardin, the weight loss surgeon, was very frustrated with her. She even opted to have additional surgery, to ward off blood clots in her legs...INSTEAD of simply standing up and walking each day! her poor son is stuck there for the rest of HER life. I feel so bad for him.
Replied By: brendab58 on Jun 21, 2012, 12:21PM
I sincerely hope that Pauline will accept the help that Dr. Phil is offering. I have a unique perspective on this issue as i am the mother of Colleen who was on Dr. Oz last year. Ruby agreed to mentor Colleen last year. It has been a difficult journey. I sincerely believe that Dr. Oz had good intentions but as a medical doctor and not a psychiatrist he was not prepared for what comes with someone who weighs this much. There is a lot more to this than "they need to stop eating so much"! I was once 420 pounds myself and still have weight to lose, ( I am down 115 pounds) so I see things from both sides as the obese person and as the enabler. Yes, even as the obese person when you love someone so much it is hard to not do anything you can to make them happy. Then you watch a Dr. Phil episode about people that enable their children and I realize it in relation to my herion addicted son. I take steps to change that and he is now clean almost 20 months. Did I see this enabling in relation to my super obese daughter? No I didn't. I still believe that she has to be responsible for her decisions she is a very intelligent adult. I carry a lot of guilt but have determined that i did the best I could with what i had to work with. It is your time to step up Pauline, to push yourself to be the one that doesn't ask everyone to do things for you as well.  it is a difficult habit to break but it is the first step to taking control of your own destiny. Blessings to you and your son on this long hard journey.
Replied By: suejoan on Jun 21, 2012, 9:12AM - In reply to melindao777
She has a combination of bad genes and lack of movement and overeating.  You have to have bad genes to get to her size.  The thing which upset me is that the doctor Dr Phil had on the show is a Weight Loss surgery surgeon and weight loss surgery does not work for folks that size. Either they die like the half ton mother on TLC or they regain the weight.  Why didn't either the doctor OR Dr Phil say that Khalili is a weight loss surgery surgeon and his center specializes in surgery?
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Replied By: debra102011 on Jun 20, 2012, 12:22PM
I did not feel like she really wants to get help and she likes the attention of her son. If she loses weight and he loses weight she will not have the hold on him she does now.

If she truely cared for her son she would see how much damage she is doing to HIS health both physical and mental.

Please don't tell me it is hard to lose weight as I am aware of that but of all the folks I have watched on TV that have lost a lot of weight they seem to really want to and she does not.
Replied By: pmoessner on Jun 20, 2012, 11:18AM
She may think she is healthy besides her weight but she could be suffering from a vitamin and mineral deficiency. I am 5' 11' and weigh 380 lbs. I recently discovered I was suffering from a calcium and vitamin B deficiency. I have been taking supplements besides improving my eating and I feel and walk so much better. I am hoping this will make it easier to lose weight though I haven't lost weight yet. I gained weight because of medication.
Replied By: dawncov on Jun 19, 2012, 11:01PM
I was so excited to see Ruby - I have missed her - I wish her show would come back on Style.  I was glad to see she is doing well.  I thought she gave great advice - she has always inspired me!!
Replied By: zelmag on Jun 19, 2012, 9:06PM - In reply to mtnflower3400
Actually, I have had many issues in my life.  I had anorexia nervosa when I was 18 and dealt with binge eating for years.  I just don't understand getting to such a serious weight before trying to do something about it.  Sorry.  My life has not been without addiction.  12 step program, while somewhat helpful, is not a cure.  I hope you fully consider the complications of lap-band surgery.  It is a relatively new procedure and long term effects have not been studied for at least ten years.  It would be prudent for you to consider a gastric by-pass surgery, while invasive, it is a tried and true way to go.  Good Luck and I hope you do well
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