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This holiday weekend, count the blessings in your life -- and learn to believe again. The heartwarming true story, Have a Little Faith, by best-selling author Mitch Albom, has inspired thousands to re-discover their spirituality. Thanksgiving weekend, the touching tale comes into your living room. Dr. Phil is joined by Albom and members of the film’s star-studded cast: Academy Award-winner, Martin Landau, Matrix star Laurence Fishburne and Dreamgirls' Anika Noni Rose. Have a Little Faith tells the story of the relationship forged between Albom and his childhood rabbi, Albert Lewis, who approached the author with an unusual request: deliver my eulogy. Albom writes, “I thought I was being asked a favor, when in fact I was being given one.” In fulfilling the request, opposite worlds collide and unlikely friendships are formed. See behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the film -- and hear how the actors prepared to play the challenging roles. Plus, find out Dr. Phil's charitable connection to the real-life characters! And, meet two former white supremacists who credit their newfound faith with turning their lives around.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mccauleyac on Nov 28, 2011, 11:31AM
As a believer in Jesus Christ, I know that only a relationship with Him can change your life. To receive the gift of eternal life, you must repent of your sins (turn from them), and put on the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting in Him alone for your salvation. That means you forsake your own good works as the means of trying to please God and trust only in what Jesus has done for you. Please, if you are not a sole believer in Jesus Christ, don't end today without getting a bible and reading what God has done for you...listen to pastors such as Ray Comfort and Paul Washer and examine yourself. My prayer is that Dr. Phil will come into a relationship with Jesus Christ alone and that he will use his platform to support the spreading of the Gospel of the One True God.  *also, the quote I added was taken from "The Evidence Bible" NKJV.  (I would recommend going to the bookstore and taking some time to read through this bible and it's amazing resources)
Replied By: mkekic on Nov 27, 2011, 8:57PM
My wife and I watched this movie tonight.  It was VERY powerful!  It makes me appreciate what I have and that I was lucky to be born into the family I have and the country we have.  But we as people have so much more to give.  To give of yourself not $$.  $$ can help things happen, but it is the people giving of themselves that is key.

I am very glad that you chose to talk about the movie, otherwise we might have missed it.

Thank you.  Keep up the good work.
Replied By: JWL123 on Nov 27, 2011, 8:10PM
I just finished watching "Have a Little Faith" and it was amazing..  I cried so much..  And it just shows it doesnt matter what faith you are, you can help each other without betraying anything about your faith, because really in the end it doesnt matter what faith you are, we are first and foremost all human beings.. Everyone was created equal, GOD loves everyone no matter what...
This is a movie I will want to watch over and over.
Replied By: cjearle2 on Nov 27, 2011, 4:51PM
I ordered this diet. I am up to the challenge. 51 yrs. Old type 2 diabetes controled by diet, on high blood pressure medicine. All tho i am not as large as most people but I am 50lbs over weight. It is enough to create High blood pressure, high blood sugars. So this her is ready for a leaner and healthier me!!
Replied By: doggiecat on Nov 26, 2011, 12:08PM
Dr. Phil, why is it that Americans think they are the only country that exists in the world?  I would like to join in with the "pink" diet, but I can't as I live in Australia.  I have watched your show since its inception and you don't even realize I am there !!  I am 70 years old and you are one of the reasons that I am now in third year of a Psychological Science degree at University. So please acknowledge that there are those like me who live 'down under'  or perhaps it is "up over"??  What makes you think that our country is down and yours is up anyway ?  Isn't it a round world ?  Yep, I got annoyed when I could not join in with the fun of losing weight as I have a medical condition called hypothyroidism which means I have an underactive thyroid and it is difficult to lose weight with this condition. Please try and remember that you have others who watch your show that do not live in your country !!!  Jan
Replied By: bdmiller49 on Nov 26, 2011, 10:52AM
 I have to wonder why Black Friday is allowed to continue. Every year the reports of violent incidents get more severe. This madness needs to STOP!
Replied By: jollygreen1955 on Nov 25, 2011, 10:51PM
I wish such an important topic was not viewed on Thanksgiving weekend. Friday is Black Friday, but today was for me a continuation of spending time with family. Wish that I viewed it,

In my personal life, I am extremely proud of my faith and do practice. In my opinion it is the faith that keeps me going,

I am Thankful this weekend that I was able to pass it on to my husband and son.
Replied By: monkeyrn on Nov 25, 2011, 8:51PM
I was very much looking forward to seeing the show "Have a Little Faith" today, Nov 25 as advertised and I set my VCR for it.  When I played it back I was SO UPSET than the TV station had cancelled your show and had HOCKY on instead!  I am unemployed and cannot buy a tape from your store. I really wish I could watch it on-line at least, but if that's possible I cannot figure out how to.  Please, at least, re-run this show in the near future!  I have sent a complaint to my TV station.  Keep up the good work Dr Phil! 
Replied By: calladygolfer on Nov 25, 2011, 8:32PM
This woman is unbelievable. A mother should be a teacher to her children, but how can she teach her daughter anything? She's rude and obnoxious and the loudest mouth of anyone I've ever seen on television. If I were her daughter, I would run as fast as I could with my husband far away as possible. And, yes, I have a daughter. This woman demands respect of others but fails to return it. I'm amazed her husband has put up with her behavior all these years. Please don't have her on your show again . . . it's pointless.
Replied By: ironframe on Nov 25, 2011, 4:10PM
I first met Rabbi Lewis as a ten year old in 1947.
On November 25, 1950 I was Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth Shalom after much cajoling and tutoring by Rabbi Lewis.
On August 13th, 1959, I was married to my first wife, Sue.
As you can see I had a close relationship.
After moving to Nebraska and later Colorado, I visited Rabbi Lewis on my trips back to Haddon Heights, where I grew up.

It was with great sadness when I read his obituary and equal joy when I heard about and read  "A Matter of Faith"
Thank you(Shalom) Mitch Albom.
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