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Three marriages and only three days to save them -- it’s a powerful new Dr. Phil House series! Does your husband need an attitude adjustment? Does he believe in antiquated viewpoints, like a wife’s job is to raise the kids and keep the house clean, while the husband brings home the bacon and would never dream of changing a diaper? Jennifer, Kim and Tatiana say they’re sick and tired of their husband’s chauvinistic beliefs, controlling behavior and abuse, so they’re dragging them to Dr. Phil for a complete overhaul. In this three-part series, the couples move into the Dr. Phil House to put their marriages to the ultimate test! With social experiments, surprise guests and shocking revelations, will the men adjust their attitudes and find a new appreciation for their wives? Will a role reversal give the wives insight into their husband’s point of view? After working with Dr. Phil, will the duos be willing to start anew or be ready to call it quits for good? If you and your spouse are butting heads about the roles you play in your marriage, don’t miss this series!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: stonez on Mar 26, 2012, 10:45PM - In reply to laurajs1995
women, want more from your husbands

stop whining all the time
stop nagging and yelling all the time
have some respect

Do your part and stop demanding your hubby do he's part
Stop all your double standards
stop sitting around all day doing nothing but watching stupid womens shows.

then maybe your man will feel like being around you
Replied By: stonez on Mar 26, 2012, 10:39PM - In reply to karenkoepke
Todays women are extreamly weak, that is exactlly what i expect them to do...Stp Whining, your just as bad if not worse. why don't we put up all the abusive mothers who abuse there children dayly. it is the women who are the abusive ones. men are usually to busy working.
Replied By: lynnenmich on Nov 30, 2011, 6:48AM
I totally disagree with Dr. Phil's approach with these couples.  He's telling the men what to say and how they should feel.  The men have not shown remorse or taken responsibility for their behavior.  The have allowed themselves to be manipulated by their husbands and now Dr. Phil.  The whole reason for being in a marriage is to be loved honored and cherished.  I don't see any of that.  The women have allowed themselves to be talked into staying in abusive destructive marriages that have taken away their self-esteem and Dr. Phil is co-signing it.  Those women need to cut their losses and move on.  The men do not deserve them.  How can those men sit their and call their wives the most filthy names you can ever call a human being.  How could the women sit their and say they love men who treat them like dirt.  I am very disappointed in this series and in Dr. Phil.
Replied By: schneekloth on Nov 25, 2011, 7:59PM
I have been marrried for 19 years.  We have had some bad times and good times.  If my husband ever called me the names that these husbands call their wives he would be out the door.  That is after he picked himselfup off of the floor.  All of the men in this series are jerks.  I don't think any of them wants to change or will change.  These women need to grow a backbone and kick them to the curb.
Replied By: celebok on Nov 21, 2011, 7:01AM
I don't know what it is that fascinates me about dysfunctional people getting together inside the Dr. Phil House and unleashing all of their issues.  They're frustrating to watch, and I'm basically just waiting for Dr. Phil to step in and tell them what they need to hear.  But somehow, every time there's a series that takes place in the Dr. Phil House, I become completely engrossed, and the same goes with this latest batch of married couples at each other's throats.

Right away, I knew things were pretty bad when my first impression of the three husbands was that they were just plain idiots -- never mind the horrible ways they admitted upfront to treating their wives -- and this was only from the husbands telling their own sides of the story!  One said he can't stand his wife because she became a "crazy Bible thumper", so he regularly gets in her face and yells at her and calls her all kinds of derogatory names and then says he had an affair just to piss her off.  Another expected his wife to do all of the cooking and cleaning and other housework, that all of the meals should be gourmet meals, and he was mad because she didn't like his attitude towards women.  Another admitted to slapping his wife, and he said it's her fault for having such a big mouth.  And these men acted like they were proud of their attitudes and like their behavior was completely justified!  Did they seriously expect Dr. Phil and all of us to feel sympathy for them?  And one question that kept running through my head throughout this first episode was, "Why did they come here?!"  Everyone, both husbands and wives, just seemed intent on defending themselves and blaming the other person, and nothing indicated that they actually wanted to work on their marriages.  So at this point, I still don't get what these people are hoping to accomplish by asking Dr. Phil for help, besides just getting on TV.

Okay, so the craziest couple would have to be the angry guy who can't stand his wife because she's "gone off the deep end with religion", and his wife who's apparently convinced that her husband is possessed by demons.  I already knew that this guy was a jerk, so when I first heard that his wife was a Christian who attends church and reads her Bible, I was expecting a God-honoring woman with strong faith and humility who's trying her best to work on her marriage with a man who just wants no part of it.  Instead, to my disappointment, I saw a woman who was just as crazy as her husband said she was.  Being committed to following God is one thing, but this woman actually seemed like she was using her supposed faith to get back at her husband more than anything else.  I have to wonder, if she's really reading her Bible like she says she is, has she even gotten to any verses that talk about clothing yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience?  And if she truly believes that her husband has demons in him, then she should be talking to an exorcist, not Dr. Phil!  But this demon-hunting wife's insanity by no means justifies the husband's over-the-top rude behavior and crappy attitude toward her.  He basically gave two reasons why his wife's new-found faith is a problem for him.  One is that she'll no longer have oral sex with him.  (I don't see why she would think it's sinful to have oral sex with her husband, but then I also don't get why this guy is so obsessed with oral sex in the first place.)  The other reason is that he used to be number one in her life, and now he's "number two" to God, and he hates being number two to the almighty God of the universe.  (Just for the record, according to the Bible, God kicked Lucifer out of heaven for the exact same reason.)  So now, Number Two lives up to his name by being just that.  (Think of what "number two" means in bathroom terms.)  But again, I have no clue why Number Two or Demon Hunter are even there.  Instead of wanting to work on their marriage, the main goal for both of them seems to be to just prove to Dr. Phil and everyone else that the other person is a nut job... in which case, I think they've both already accomplished that just fine by themselves.

Then there's the chauvinist husband who expects his wife to do everything for him that he tells her to do while he gets to sit on his couch like a king, which he adamantly believes is perfectly normal... except for the fact that his wife actually has a brain and refuses to give in to his caveman demands, like any normal person would.  My first question is, shouldn't they have discussed those things BEFORE getting married?  Clearly they didn't, since they both claim that the other person wasn't like that when they got married.  I'm guessing they probably WERE "like that", but they just never saw each other married before.  But again, what exactly is Caveman thinking Dr. Phil is going to do for them?  Does he honestly think Dr. Phil is going to agree with his chauvinistic attitude and tell the modern woman that she needs to drop that "liberation of women thing that she likes to do" and just do everything Caveman tells her to do?  Because that's pretty much all HE wants.  Personally, I think he needs to be exposed to NORMAL married couples and see how they live, not two other totally messed up crazy couples.  The two other women are naturally offended at Caveman's remarks about women being a "weaker species" (never mind the fact that men and women are the same species), but those two women are crazy, so he has no reason to listen to them.

I didn't learn as much about the third couple, with the husband that's supposedly abusive to his wife.  Well, I mean, I KNOW he's abusive, because he did admit to slapping his wife, but beyond that, it was almost impossible to get any truth out of them, because all they did was bicker about what did and didn't happen.  Dr. Phil's messages to them, about needing to discuss issues instead of topics, and a pancake always having two sides, apparently went clear over their heads, because their next conversation was nothing but another yell-fest of, you did this, no I didn't, you did that, no I didn't, and it went absolutely nowhere.  Yeah, you two just keep flipping that pancake, and I'll be over here with the syrup whenever you're done.

The episode ended with a planned role-reversal exercise for all three husbands, in which they have to perform the worst tasks that their wives say they constantly make them do.  Number Two had to put food items in the pantry while Demon Hunter nagged him about how to do it, Caveman had to clean the messy living room while Modern Woman got to sit on the couch, and Mr. Pancake had to change a bunch of dirty diapers while Mrs. Pancake stood back and watched.  The women, of course, thoroughly enjoyed seeing their husbands being forced to walk in their shoes, but I don't know if the husbands really learned what they were supposed to learn.  Caveman at least said he did, so there's hope there, but Number Two thought the whole thing was pointless because he completely denied that it was anywhere near an accurate portrayal of how he treats his wife.  And I think Mr. Pancake was still too grossed out by the dirty diapers to really think about the lesson.  And I guess we'll have to wait until the next episode to find out what each of these people have learned so far from their first day at the Dr. Phil House.  I can't wait!  Er... yeah I can.
Replied By: kathleen27 on Nov 19, 2011, 1:35PM - In reply to listeningear
If couple thinking of marriage would actually sit down, READ THE VOWS, then openly and honestly dicuss goals, values, raising children, sex, money etc.  there would be fewer marriages, as well as fewer divorces!

I fully understand why certain sexual practices violate religious dogma, which is one reason it helps when couples hold the same religious beliefs.  It is NOT being "prejudiced", as the politically correct would state.  It is reality. 

Personally, I am of the belief that if it is making love, by mutual consent, anything goes.  Yet I realize that I have no right to even try to violate a partmer's faith.  THAT is so wrong, and degrading to the person, all it can do is build serious resentment, and kill all intimacy.

I do not get why people speak to each other with such contempt, but then, profess to love him/her!!!  Why try to save this?  All I saw was abuse, and disgust...no love, no compassion, no RESPECT!

Even if these couples do reconcile, what do you do with the water that went under the Bridge?  It's always going to be there...water is still water.

In my opinion, these marriages were mistakes, and if you can do one positive thing with a mistake, it would be to learn from it.  What an awful way to "live" your life!!!
Replied By: listeningear on Nov 19, 2011, 2:06AM
of attempting to help these couples see the light.  Although it appears, their marriages are already over, they should at least see what they have contributed to cause the demise.  I am glad Dr. Phil made it plain that physical violence would not be tolerated in the house.  The idea tha a man has a right to strike his wife without impunity is widespread and totally wrong.  Battery is battery, regardless of who the people are in the case. 

As far the new Christian goes.  I understand her stand.  The Mosaic Law prohibitied a number of sexual practices, including oral and anal sex.  Since God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, his views on what is appropriate or inappropriate sexually hasn't changed.  If he were less of a brat, perhaps he and his wife could explore ways to satisfy each other that do not injure her Christian conscience. The fact that one has a spirtual leaning and the other does not will pose major problems.  The Christian is going to consider God's view of matters in how he/she leads everyday life.  Otherwise, the Christianinty is nothing more than a pretense. However, he is so disrespectful to his wife, I can't see the marriage working.

As far as the man who focused on the weaker sex, clearly he has one standard for judging strength, the physical one.  Mental and emotional endurance count as "strengths" too.  I hope his wife choose to leave, if he continues to stick his heels in and refuses to acknowlege any need for him to change.  He should definitely follow his own counsel, if he is ragging on her to lose weight.  He must be over 300 lbs. himself.

For those who are stuck on the "Why can't she keep the house clean ?" matters, I would point out that it doesn't matter how clean the house is.  It is a topic that a person can easily latch on to in order to avoid discussing the real issues.  I agree that these men are woefully insecure and frankly, too lazy to be good husbands.

Men have to realise that there is more to being the husband than earning a living.  Of course, this is vital,  but relationships require work and effort and the wives here seem to be pulling the greater share of the weight in every category.
Replied By: seekingpc on Nov 18, 2011, 8:38PM - In reply to ncparalegal
We sound like we have similar situations.  Although my husband is not military.  I feel your pain and am seeking peace.  The divorce is terrible though.  He won't let go either.
Replied By: cuticuddly on Nov 18, 2011, 4:21PM
Why doesn''t Dr. Phil have these couples trade places, not for one task, but for say a month?  I think these clueless men would get a clue as to how much work it takes to keep a household running particularly with kids.  And the wives who aren't working might realize that working full time isn't a walk in the park either.

My husband and I traded roles when he retired and I continued working.  By that time, our kids were grown and moved out, so we had pets.  My husband found it overwhelming to just keep the house clean, do the shopping and errands, and take care of the pets, let alone take care of kids, tutoring one of them through school who had ADD, and work all at the same time.  I was exhausted by the end of every day and then if my hubby wanted nooky, I was in no mood and didn't have the energy.

My hubby has apologised numerous times since our roles changed for being a bonehead when he was just working and not lifting a finger to help me with chores and the kids.  He used to do thesame things these bonehead men on the show do minus calling me hateful names.  He nagged and critisized my "performance" as if I was his employee and not his wife.

But the hens have finally come home to roost and I've had the last laugh.  Life has been good in the last 7 years.  My hubby has a lot of making up to do.
Replied By: cw1ll1ams5 on Nov 18, 2011, 3:49PM
What century are these men from?  Sadly, this century!  It shows how short our society is from having equality between the sexes.  I find it terribly disturbing that men still treat women as second class citizens.  Unfortunately, a lot of women tolerate this behavior and even if women choose to end their relationship, another woman will step in.  Women need to unite and not tolerate any abuse!
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