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It's been six months since Dr. Phil's last meeting with 23-year-old Alexandra -- is she finally ready to tell the truth? From years of lying to failing to disclose drug use to doctors during her pregnancy and her battle to regain custody of her children, the troubled mom has had a rollercoaster experience with Dr. Phil. Now hear her shocking admissions! Is she still using drugs? Does she speak with her family? Just how far back do the lies go? Catch up on the absolute latest! Then, Alexandra's mom, Erin, along with attorney Jim Werter, shares her side of the custody battle for baby Anthony. Hear why Erin says she's not giving up without a fight. Can Dr. Phil help heal the wounds of this broken family? Learn why Dr. Phil says he will never quit on Alexandra, and why you should never give up on someone you love. Plus, little sister Katherine is back and shares some shocking news! If you've been following the Dr. Phil Family, don't miss the answers you've been waiting for.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: saramommy on Jan 18, 2012, 12:16PM
hey I have tried to watch every show since they were first on your show when she was 15. i have followed up....and i applaud marty and erin  for stepping up to raise her kids. I am so glad that katherine is doing well.....alexandra need to take after her little sister. it sickens me what alexandra has done and said....

dr phil, whats going on now?? are you going to do follow up shows??
Replied By: classynapster on Jan 9, 2012, 4:22PM
HI Doctor Phil
I read all the negative comments about you stating that your not giving up. I dont think they understand what you truly mean but this statement. I think you mean that your not going to enable, chase or allow Alexandra's dysfunctional behaviour however if and when she comes to her rock bottom and truly wants help you wont give up on her; you will help her. I could be wrong but I think this is what you mean.

I work in the child welfare system in Canada. I see what kids go through when they are in some type of foster care (can even be with family). Working in this field children have taught me that "all they want is to be with their parents." I have had children under my care who have been neglected, severely abused emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually due to various reasons including addictions and all they want is to go home to thier parents even if they are with family members.

I guess due to working in this field I understand why you wont give up on Alexandra; she is thier mother and kids just want to be with thier parent(s).
Replied By: mycita on Nov 17, 2011, 12:05PM
The only help Alexandra wants from Dr. Phil or anyone else is money to buy drugs; and a vehicle to drive to where drugs are sold.  You can bet your bottom dollar that she will have more babies; and her parents will take care of all each and every one.  Catherine will also have a gaggle of children for her parents to raise for her.  As far as her so-called "finace' " goes, he has given her a kid; but has he given her an engagement ring?  If not, why not?  The things that these sisters have not is NOT because their parents have failed in raising them the right way; and NOT because they got involved with the wrong crowd.  Both of them ARE the wrong crowd!!
Replied By: cecilia711 on Nov 16, 2011, 9:13AM
Heard your remark about not giving up on addicts especially on Alexandra but I totally disagree with you on this. My oldest daughtor started using drugs when she was 14 has not stopped since. She is doing them and alcohol and whatever she finds. We did not give up after we took her first son away from her and we did not give up after the second son was born and we did not give up (altho we stood back a few paces)when the third and first girl was born. We gave up when I took the third child and she had my house robbed 3/4 times, got threatened by drivebys, got threatening phone calls, numerouse calls to police by us, had her in jail, had her in rehabs and still had to go lockdown on our house and watches on the grandkids and finally we did what we had to do...reported her on harassment charges and she is not allowed to come over, no seeing the kids, schools are on alert, friends also, and everyone and everything else is also.. the two little ones do not want to talk on the phone with her and we had to tape her calls as to the threats...the oldest one is so messed up because of this that he is acting out...we have stopped all contact with her and we are trying to live our lives...we do have gaurdianship of all 3 kids and the oldest is ADHD/BEHAVORIAL PROBLEMS/EMOTIONAL DISTRESS problems, the second one was born FAS w/ damaged brain stem/ didnt talk till 21/2 when we got him, considered Limp Baby Syndrone, and with other problems also. the 3rd one is acting out as we think it might be ADD but I think it is emotional and self esteem problems...they do see the school counslors and get help but as to your way of thinking of NOT GIVING UP, that is so messed up and full of CRAP...there comes a time when you do have to give up and we did...we are now raising our grandchildren since the oldest was born 16 1/2 yrs ago. We are 65 and 62 yrs old and I am handicapped and not getting better and my husband still has to work just to food on the table..we are broke and struggling but we pray that we last for 9 more years so that the youngest can stand on her own two feet and survive without us...Our house is falling down and we cant buy them anything as to the fact that we have to feed them first...they get some help from the state but it is only 50.00 per month for the oldest and 350.00 for the second from SSDeath beneits as to his died...nothing for the third one....we get nothing else and we are behind on everything....and might lose the house also...but that does not matter as to the fact "THAT WE DID GIVE UP AND ARE SAVING THREE CHILDREN WHO WOULD OTHERWISE BE DEAD OR HARMED OR HOMELESS OR WHAT EVER!!!!!!!!     SO YOUR COMMENT ON "DO NOT GIVE UP" IS FULL OF CRAP.... after awhile you have to give up....you just have too....BEEN THROUGH IT, DONE IT, STILL DOING IT, AND SHE LIKE ALEXANDRA STILL GETS HELP AND MONEY AND YOU PUTTING HER FIRST..SHE IS LAPPING THIS UP AS SHE GETS ALL THE ATTENTION.... Dont you get this yet????? I love your show and I respect you and like you but this cuts to the core of me....This is causing me great pain in thinking that we have to give up our lives and give up on them when they are the ones killing us and getting everything given to them and we just get kicked in the face.....my heart is so broken by this and my spirit is too...and yet here i am still here for the CHILDREN WE ARE RAISING BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM AND THEY ARE BLOOD AND THEY DID NOT ASK FOR ANY OF THIS....THEY ARE INNOCENT....so yes GIVE UP when you have to and let the sick ones go....it is not worth it....
Thank you for reading this.....I really want you too....Charlene Healey (Grandmother of three who has to be the mom also)
Replied By: marianparoo on Nov 16, 2011, 7:51AM - In reply to cindy57
...seemed to be just a little weed.

She certainly wasn't poisoning her baby with oxycodine (that's what it was wasn't it?) while pregnant.

Heck, Dr. Phil didn't even require Alex to take  drug tests when she was carrying her latest (note that I didn't  say last) baby.
Replied By: katiesarah on Nov 15, 2011, 12:55PM
Erin and Alex, I have watched your story since the beginning and I sincerely want healing for both of you, Katherine and Marty.  I want to pass along to you the name of a very good licensed family therapist who has written many books, of which I have read a few.  Her name is BEVERLY ENGEL and her books relate to healing relationships and verbal & emotional abuse.  Her books are very helpful in healing our past hurts and helping us move forward.  Her website is BEVERLYENGEL.COM.  The website lists her books, her speaking dates around the country and information regarding telephone counseling sessions.  Obviously any counseling you've done together in the past has not succeeded in bridging the gap between the two of you and I really think Beverly could help.  Nothing is going to get better unless you heal your relationship.  Wishing the best to both of you!
Replied By: katiesarah on Nov 15, 2011, 11:53AM
I was so glad to see that some of you feel as I do.  Alexandra was 14 when this started and well-intentioned as he is, Dr. Phil's help in the situation has not bridged the gap between Alex and Erin.  If that relationship isn't healed first none of the rest of it will get better because that's the reason all the rest of it happened in the first place!  Erin and Dr. Phil cannot gloss over all of the years of hurt feelings that Alex has been through and tell her to suck it up and become a proper mom.  Where's her role model for that?  We wouldn't expect a mentally challenged person to act appropriately without teaching and support.  That is what Alexandra needs now - kind teaching and loving support, then maybe she'll become more agreeable to people's suggestions!  I'm not saying she's right for having so many kids, getting hooked on pain killers and now not seeing her kids but I firmly believe the reason she stays away so long is the way that Erin speaks to her.  Why would anyone (even to see their kids) continue going back to somewhere that they're constantly being scrutinized and hearing "See, I told you so"?  If Erin had changed her tactic with Alex after Nathan was born maybe she wouldn't have gotten pregnant two more times.
Replied By: cindy57 on Nov 15, 2011, 11:52AM
This is for the staff and Dr. Phil. Why are you not applying the 'tough love' you used on Katherine years ago, instead of following the addict like a puppy dog and licking her feet everytime she whines about how tough life is. Well, you bet life's hard but you don't just continue to enable her feeble excuses for everything and her habitual lying. I know it's difficult but, you have to let her go at some point, she may just 'resist' & 'rebel' as long as she lives... she is getting national attention you know!
Replied By: aquariafabia on Nov 15, 2011, 4:30AM - In reply to apdanger05
i agree and i am just so upset by watching them continually hurt her, and all of the family, actually...
Replied By: aquariafabia on Nov 15, 2011, 4:25AM - In reply to kathleen27
Watching this poor family struggle, and eventhough they have a famous therapist, decline and decline...The therapy they  have received has been inept at best. But for me, far worse, was Dr Phils rewarding the mother  with trips and plastic surgery. Very disturbing- is his whole team purposefully mistreating them for better tv??? And many in the audience apparently not seeing destructive parenting for what it is. Really horrifying...
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