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(Original Air Date: 11/01/11) A blissful husband, a beautiful wife -- but will in-laws ruin their happily ever after? Fallon says her newlywed husband, Steve, is the man of her dreams, but her mother, Khalood, keeps disrespecting him, and if she doesn’t stop, they will exclude her from their lives forever. Khalood says she hates her daughter’s husband. She admits she calls him “loser,” insults his job, has him programmed in her phone as “Dumass Steve” and even slipped a laxative into his hot chocolate to see him suffer. Fallon’s parents worry that Steve’s income as a paramedic can’t sustain a family, and Khalood won’t stop urging her daughter to annul the marriage. Steve says Khalood is a “monster in-law” who demeans and disrespects him every chance she gets. Can Dr. Phil help find a peaceful resolution to this family feud? And will Khalood ever see more in Steve than missing dollar signs? If you are in a battle with your in-laws, do not miss this show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: suziemae1843 on Nov 18, 2014, 2:11PM
I am new today (11/18/14) to this sight. Please exscuse if I post someplace I shouldnt be but I am searching for information about Daughter In-Laws from Hell. Can any one pinont me in the right direction please. Thanks!

Replied By: jeannie812 on Sep 25, 2012, 8:45PM
My husband put his mother up to it.     He would call her to tell her I spent money.    She would in turn call me to scream at me. I complained to him about his mothers treatment of me,  and he got in my face and said I'm talking about his family.

I had no say so over the money in that marriage.  There were very few times that I spent money.   But, those few times were too many to my husband!   And, I was never present when he called her to tell her I spent money.   Cause I was always caught off guard when she called to scream at me.   It was the first that I heard he had hit her up for money.   He told her he needed money cause I spent it all....  He must have been taking the phone in the other room cause I was never present when he hit her up for money.

She would scream at me and tell me to ask my dad for money.   I was flabbergasted.   I was so caught off guard by her fuming anger that I would stutter and stammer.   I was already beat down by my husband.   I was walking on eggshells trying not to do anything that might set him off.

And I gotta say that I believe my husbands control of money had nothing to do with money.   It was to control me.  He had an abusive dad.  The one guy he idolizes.   My husband was making me pay for the wrongs of his childhood.  also,   his dad treated his mother terribly. 

During my marriage I spent $40.00 on a wash machine.  I bought it from a yard sale while he was at work.   I was so tired of spending the day at the laundry mat and spending $30.00 every couple of weeks.   This cost didn't include washing bedding cause that cost extra,  and he said we can't afford it.

He was so angry that I spent money behind his back.   He called his mother and asked for money,  he said I spent all the money.

I found out that he did this when she called to scream at me.   I tried to explain that this washer will pay for itself in 1 1/2 months.   She said she never had a washer.  Why should I think I should have one?

I was a quiet obedient wife.  I was so bullied.  Our son needed new shoes.   I asked if I could have money to buy shoes.  Husband waved me off with the hand and said yeah, yeah, yeah!   The school was  calling me saying our son needs shoes.   I told husband that the school is calling me and he waved the hand and said yeah, yeah, yeah!   After three weeks of this I took the checkbook and bought our son a pair of shoes for $14.00.   Husband called his mother and told her I spent all the money and asked her to pay our rent.  

She called me  screaming at me.  Again this was the first I heard that he hit her up for money again.

He used his mother to bully me.   I tried to point this out to her,  but she screamed louder at me. Or I should say he used her to help him bully me.  

He hit her up for money anytime I spent money,  and he said I spent it all.  

If the kids were sick I took them to the doctor on the sneak.   Husband found out later.  Cause I was never allowed cash.   We had to use the checkbook.  Even though he did allow me the checkbook....he would call his mother if I used it and he'd tell her I spent all the money.  It really was a set-up.

That guy was so focused on money that money took on a life of itself.  

When our kids were in school I told him I wanted a divorce.  I had waited for this so I wouldn't pay out my entire paycheck to a baby sitter.   I had my plans for years.   When leaving an abusive person make sure you got a fool proof plan so you don't go back out.

He was still using me as an excuse to get money out of his mother.   She called me screaming.  She screamed that he can't afford child support.  I told her that he wasn't paying it.   We didn't have a court date for it yet.   She kept screaming at me and I told her I will hang up if she yells at me. 

I told her that I wasn't afraid of her.  I was afraid of what he would do to me if I didn't put up with her.

She was the mother-in-law from hell cause he put her up to it,  and because she was a very willing participant.  

Replied By: sewhatgal on Aug 24, 2012, 6:55AM
Here's what I saw: 4 people caught up in their own battle to be right. As we all saw, no one was "winning" and the battle goes on and on and not one of them was willing to change. We all saw Dr. Phil's reaction in the end and the 4 of them in the background were still at it. This dynamic that they themselves have nurtured will never change no matter who moves out or who divorces whom.  It's too late for them. I pity any children the daughter/son-in-law will have because they will be pulled into this well-established dynamic and who will win will never ever happen. What I saw, is sadly, myself. I won't elaborate because for me watching thesse people was a HUGE wake-up call to be controlling way beyond a fault, and having always to be right. I soooo understood Kahlood's answer to when she was peaceful was when she was alone...... ouch! So, although it is too late for this group, I so got a shock to the reality I have been living way to long. So, thank you Dr. Phil for having this people on the show. You may have not been able to assist them [at least not this time], but it sure has helped me see the light. Thank you, thank you. jj
Replied By: cadescove99 on Jul 28, 2012, 10:53AM
I think Steve is the one who should end the marriage, because Fallon isn't  the right woman for him. She just stood by stood by and while her mother sold his car. Who needs a wife like that.
Replied By: cadescove99 on Jul 28, 2012, 10:42AM
So Khalood, who nagged Fallon to move back in with her is now attacking her because she hoards food in her bedroom. Who, after watching Khalood's first appearance, which was recently rerun, can blame Fallon for hoarding the food? In that first episode, Khalood bragged about spiking Steve's hot chocalate with a laxative! So, maybe Fallon was hoarding the food to keep Khalood from spiking it.
Replied By: cadescove99 on Jul 28, 2012, 10:10AM - In reply to deja2000

It was mentioned, on last week's rerun of this show, that Steve worked nine 24 hour shifts (216 hours total) a month. That's 48 to 54 hours a week, which is NOT part time work. And it makes my blood boil every time I hear her calling any firefighter a loser. Were New York City's bravest, the firemen who ran into the mortally stricken Twin Towers and died in the collapse losers, Khalood?
Replied By: amf1111 on Jul 20, 2012, 8:33PM
This lady was already on a reality show called MOMMA'S BOYS!!  Her son JoJo was a contestant and she wouldn't let him date any girl unless she was white and Christian.  She acted the same way to all of the girls he dated on the show and created a lot of controversy.  Now she's back in the reality show spotlight with her daughter! This woman needs to get out of her kids' lives and stop absorbing the spotlight she's getting with all of this publicity.
Replied By: munchkinkitty on Jul 20, 2012, 4:51PM
Dr. Phil, On Tuesday,July 17th I watched in amazement at this mother-in-law abuse her son-in-law.This woman should be so proud of her son-in-law who is a firefighter.And her daughter is happy to have him for her hubby.I live in Colorado Springs,Colorado where we recently had very horrible wildfires.The firemen put their lives on the line to save all the citizens here in Colorado.Firemen are true American Hero's.Because of the Firemen all the citizens are alive.Two people died! If this woman is ever faced with bad wildfires she will be very happy to have people like her son-in-law there to help her.I hope the lady and her hubby,(I am really sorry but I do not remember the daughter and son-in-law's names) are reading this.Please,you must put a stop to this mother and her abuse of her daughters hubby.My hubby and I have gone thru this with my hubby's mother for over 34 years.My mother-in-law hates me .Over the years she has only gotten worst,because my husband was not sure what to do.As we both watched Dr.Phil we have learned how to handle his mother.You both have to put each other first and put really strong boundries on this mother.And your hubby said he was worried that your mother was going to turn your children against your hubby,if you should ever have children.I tell you that your mother cannot trash your hubby to your children.Your mother has to know now that if she ever speaks badly about your hubby to your children, then she will not be allowed to ever see her grandchildren alone.And possibly not to see them at all .People can only take so much,before they say enough is enough.You both picked out each other and fell in love and married.NO ONE BUT NO ONE EVER HAS THE RIGHT TO COME BETWEEN EITHER ONE OF YOU.                                                                           Thanks,  Munchkinkitty
Replied By: deja2000 on Jul 19, 2012, 12:30PM
How can Khalood say ANYTHING about finances and money when she DOESN'T work!?  Many of us women are fighting everyday to truly be equals to men in our jobs, in our homes, and in our community.  Instead of despising her son her law she should be SO thankful that her daughter found a partner in life that is not intimidated by her success and supports and celebrates her accomplishments.  Hopefully watching the show will remove the blinders from Khalood's eyes.
Replied By: deja2000 on Jul 19, 2012, 12:25PM
When I started off watching the show I thought that the husband was unemployed until I heard them say he was a paramedic, working 48 hours a week.  I am a proud daughter of a fireman/paramedic and take great offense to what both parents were saying about the profession.  In that line of work you work 24 hours straight, then you are off for 48, then you work another 24 hours straight.  A job and a shcedule like that take great commitment to the profession and the community.  I remember holiday's that we celebrated the day before becasue my father would be at the station on Christmas or Thanksgiving.  That mother is looking at the wrong values and ideolgy when she focouses solely on income, or thinks its a bad thing for the wife not the husband to be the bread winner.  It is women like her that make it hard for me as a woman to get equal pay for equal work, because they feel the man should be the one in the family that MUST bring home the biggest slice of bacon. 
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