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(Original Air Date: 10/26/11) Tiffany is a beautiful 23-year-old who says that using drugs makes her feel complete, but that in reality, she knows she's just a lost little girl and a liar. After dropping out of three rehab programs for an OxyContin addiction, she says she wants to come clean with her parents and get clean from her substance abuse once and for all. Her parents, Susie and Ken, believed Tiffany stopped using drugs on her own, but she recently confessed that she hasn't, and now she wants Dr. Phil’s help to confess an even bigger secret -- she uses heroin every day and steals from her parents to support her habit. Ken, a police detective, says he’s embarrassed to have an addict for a daughter but admits he still financially supports Tiffany by paying her bills, insurance and even buying her a new car. Is Tiffany finally ready to commit to getting healthy for good? What underlying family issues are contributing to her illness? And, who does Tiffany blame for her downward spiral? Dr. Phil spells out the roles and responsibilities of each family member when a loved one is addicted.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: booo7099 on Nov 9, 2013, 11:37PM
When he said to the stepmother that she was going to be either a problem or a solution and that her husband would resent her if she tried to come between him and his child...the first or second thing he said when he came out was that if he had to do things differently he would of tried harder to make things work with his first wife...I bet he does resent her...I didnt get a good vibe off of her at all...Heaven help them all...I could be wrong but I dont think she loves that kid...Dr. Phill was like I know you love her but I think he does that out of politness so at least hes not responsible for everyone thinking shes the wicked witch of the west...but what the hell do I know?
Replied By: sranderson39 on Nov 6, 2012, 9:23PM
Today I found a real sense of relief from Dr Phils comments. Not once have I heard someone back up a loving mum. I am tired of being judged by other mums especially when you have a troubled child. Our son has every opportunity given to him with little motivation or response from him. He is always the victim and crumbles under any pressure and scrutiny from authority figures. I have parented my ass off only to have it used against me by my child. I have taken him to paediatricians, OT's, school psychs and a psychiatrist that told us he had retired but had just moved offices with no referral to further help. We were exhausted at every turn and I had given up hope of any sense coming from a professional. Sure I wish I could do things better or differently in the past, however I am now totally in admiration and awe of Dr. Phil.....for having told off a teen for using their mothers love against them.It was something that shocked me and opened my eyes for the first time. It hit the nail on the head. I have only ever heard blame on the mother for things their child chooses to do and I am the worst culprit for it .... blaming myself and racking my brain as to where I went wrong. Did I force sports on my child, was I too hard with the vege eating, did I buy too many presents, did I go back to work too early, did I not tell him I love him enough. and the list goes on. I have consulted professionals here in Australia and all have given differing diagnoses with one telling my son.... I don't think it is your fault you are the way you are!!!! After one session and not knowing that my son has never taken responsibility for his own actions EVER! He is not on heroin like Tiffany but self medicating with marijuana and dabbling in other drugs is ruining his life. With a diagnosis of ADHD from the psychiatrist we saw (I am sceptical) I am thinking depression from misdiagnosis and possible bipolar is closer to what ails my son....Thank you Dr Phil for a small yet needed comment that I needed to hear from
you today. I have been told that if you teach them right from wrong they will eventually embrace the values you have instilled and grow up....All I can say about my teen is hurry up you are killing me slowly with worry and stress.
Replied By: misst84 on Feb 29, 2012, 6:32PM
Dear Tiffany, I was where you are 5 years ago. my substance abuse landed me in hospital more times than i can count, each time doctors would urge me to quit. it was so easy to blame my addiction on stress and family issues but when it came down to it, i was the one to blame and incredibly low self esteem and self worth came into it too. the last time i was in hospital, mum went home and threw out all my paraphernalia and i made the decision to quit cold-turkey. i was scared and withdrawals had me shaking, having migraines and crying all the time. they got better day after day and i kimportantnew that if i was going to beat it, then i was just going to suck it up and cope. its hell and it hurts but ask yourself if going through this means your life will improve, your health is better and your relationships are better is it worth it? From experience it totally is. i have been totally clean for 23 months and one of the most important things i did(even though it broke my heart) was cut off the friends i used to use with. it will make it so much easier. Dr Phil was right when he said that your life will never be the same because it won't. it will be better! Good luck, don't give up and every day remember that when you beat this your life will be yours again, not a slave to drugs and a clean slate to re-write your life on. Good luck :)
Replied By: mellybell on Jan 14, 2012, 12:49PM - In reply to ilovesnow
I think it's most definately fair to say they are stupid, weak, and have no self esteem.  All of those things are nothing you and I can fix.  They have to fix it themselves.  If you don't WANT to be on deaths door you won't be.  It's simple common sense.  I was there.  I know.  Crack, heroine, pills, LSD, shrooms, methadone, you name it, I was doing it.  I had no value for life and could have cared less if i lived or died.  No self esteem.  However, I'm clean with no ones help, all by myself.  Anyone can do it.  You just truly in your heart have to believe you want it.  If not you will continue the cycle.
Replied By: DJCC on Jan 9, 2012, 12:42PM
I could NOT believe this show, it was about my life! I am also the "evil step mother". 

My husband over-indulged his one daughter so long that they had a quasi marriage. When I met him, she was engaged to be married and scheduled to move out of his home and out of state in just a few months. She had been living there since her child was born - 8 years earlier. (Did I mention, she was almost 40 years old at the time??)  

She did eventually leave (kicking and screaming) but managed to cause one of her many (and continuing) crisis situations within a few weeks which was meant to trigger her father's "rescue" button. He was supposed to run to her and take them back in. After all, that's how she got to move in the last time.  It didn't work and the ramifications over the next several years have been horrible to say the least. Since then, he has given her several thousand dollars and has set her up in a nice, small house near her mother (whom she also hates). 

She is right, it was all my fault. I was the one who opened his eyes and told him things he knew but didn't want to acknowledge or admit. I was not the only one by any means, everyone who knew her told him the same thing but I was the one in "her house".

He had promised her he would never marry again. She was the sole beneficiary on his will (though not his only child).  When we got engaged and married, he told all of his children after the fact. They were surprised, but she lost it!!  I have been treated as the "other woman", the "home wrecker", the bitch but NEVER in front of her father. For him, the sweet puppy routine is always in full force.

She blames drugs for all her bad behavior and claims that she doesn't even remember doing or saying the things I and other people have heard and seen for ourselves. She claims to be Bi-Polar and is in so much pain that she needs Vicodin to get through the day. 

She's almost 50 now! Still can't hold a job for more than a few months and the same thing goes for all of her boyfriends, etc. 

I guess the bottom line is this; what are parents thinking when they over-indulge their children and allow them to control and destroy the parents' lives? (Not to mention the damage they do to their own lives.) Don't they know the disfunction they're causing? Don't they care? Are the just trying to make life easier for themselves because they've taught their kids that temper tantrums work? Or is it control? As long as their child is helpless without them or their money, do they feel in control?

I just feel for the step mother. She's put in the middle because her husband doesn't have the spine to stand up for her as he should and tell his daughter that he'll always love her but she needs to get a grip and grow up now. And then he needs to back it up with action and open committment to his word. 

Mine is getting better at it but it's been a loooooong hard road! I don't wish this on anyone.  
Replied By: kathleen27 on Jan 6, 2012, 11:38AM - In reply to tiffanypollich
Tiffany, keep going, and hold your head high.  NOBODY wants any disease, but the ones that can be managed, are better than the ones that cannot.

My beautiful friend Colette was hooked on pills...at first, she could bounce back, and go for MONTHS, where you'd swear she never took as much as an aspirin. 

Sadly after playing this game of roulette, never seeking treatment, she died two years ago  at 45.  Too many pills, for too long, and in getting older, just could not bounce back any longer.  Her 2 children are now 26 and 24.  They are devastated.

Don't ever lose sight, and stay on track...too much is at stake, NOTHING is to be gained by using those dreadful pills.

Replied By: scottrobinson on Jan 4, 2012, 5:50PM - In reply to angeleyes2732
She accepted going into rehab! As for how shes doin I dont wanna speak on her behalf so...but she did post a comment as to how shes doin! :)
Replied By: angeleyes2732 on Jan 4, 2012, 4:39PM
Can someone please tell me how this show ended?? I received a phone call just as Dr Phil had the family go to the back to talk !!! I missed everything after that. I have a son who has an addicction to heroin also. Does anyone know how this beautiful girl is doing? My heart goes out to her & her family as I know all to well what they are going through !!
Replied By: scottrobinson on Jan 4, 2012, 1:04PM - In reply to tiffanypollich
U are very welcome! If a few kind words & show of support from a complete stranger helps u stay strong to deal with this disease I'm more than happy to do it! :) cuz you're right it is very powerful! Thanks for the prayer for my brother also...much appreciated! I hope the family dynamics are being worked on for u!? It took a while for my mom to realize how her addiction affected me & our relationship is much better cuz of it! When u said your dad didnt remember things it was funny cuz my mom would remember but differently from what I did lol!  Just out of curiousity did u stay in your home town or did u move? I'm sure u heard the words people, places & things lol! As Dr. Phil said all those things can be triggers. But once again keep strong Tiffany & I will say a prayer for u! :)
Replied By: robins1011 on Jan 4, 2012, 12:58PM - In reply to tiffanypollich
That's wonderful; God bless you and your family.  Addiction is such a hard desease thats tough on the whole family.
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