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(Original Air Date 10/19/11) Two families send desperate pleas asking Dr. Phil to help their teen daughters. First, Deanna and Michael say their 15-year-old daughter, Miranda, is out of control. They say they’ve discovered that she’s engaging in cybersex, sending and receiving nude photos on her phone, and has even run away four times -- once to meet up with a 29-year-old man, with whom they say she had a sexual relationship. In an effort to tame the teen, they say they've taken away her phone and iPod and revoked Internet privileges. Deanna says she even quit her job to stay home and keep tabs on Miranda, but nothing has helped. Miranda says she wants to be loved by an adult male, and if she has to have sex to feel loved, then she will. How is Michael's role in his daughter’s life influencing her decisions? Dr. Phil gives the teen's dad a wake-up call. Then, Dawn and John say that their adopted 13-year-old daughter lies, steals and shows no remorse for her actions. Among her offenses, they say she ordered 77 adult movies and was playing a sexually inappropriate game with her 7-year-old brother. In an effort to protect their other children, the couple sent her to a facility for troubled teens. John says he doesn’t want her to come home after her treatment, but Dawn disagrees, and it’s tearing their marriage apart. How can they save their daughter without destroying their marriage?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Nov 1, 2012, 9:30PM - In reply to doomsdaydiva
Hi, I have a 14yr old and she isn't interested in dating yet. When she was 11 we moved here from another state and she was ostracized by the other girls because she didn't want a boyfriend to cart around like a handbag or wear makeup and short shorts. She also doesn't put pictures of herself in bikinis on social networking sites so adult men can compliment her (like the "popular girls" do). Yesterday she came home with an award for scoring at a high distinction level in Chemistry here in Australia- she received her award as she was walking out the door after class while the sporty kids receive their sports awards at special assemblies...it isn't just teenagers with their priorities wrong here. I hope you are very happy and successful in your life (i.e. I hope you feel successful and happy). Take care :)
Replied By: strine on Nov 1, 2012, 9:09PM
Miranda looks way older than 15. I have an almost 15yr old daughter who looks her age and that girl today really does look like she's about 30. Why should a guy be put in jail for a girl lying about her age (especially when she does look like she's 30)? She admitted she lied about her age, she didn't say he stalked her on a kids game site, she approached him and lied. I'm sorry, I think she should be in jail for entrapment and no one should be feeling sorry for her.
Replied By: curiousmom1999 on Jul 5, 2012, 9:47PM
Dr. Phil  something you said on this show upset me....when you told the girl she would be living in a double wide.  I understand that lots of times people look down on this.  Well I have been raised that a home is not what you live in but what you make it.  There are people in the world today that have big fine houses and that is great and I am very happy for them with that being said i live in a very nice double wide and had a attached garage and a step down family room.  Granted there would be some people that look down at it and that is them but I have always been taught as a child and now me as a mother and teaching my children the same thing.....a home is the people that live in the home no matterif it is a double wide, a single wide, an apartment or a big fancy house.  And having a big fine house doesn't mean that things are better and it is more of a home.  If I had money....I would still be happy living in my double wide and being thankful that all of my family lived close by me and loved me and my family.
Replied By: tiffanyblogs on Jul 3, 2012, 6:18AM
I can't believe that girl is younger than me, I'm 25, and granted I don't look that old, that girl looks older than me.  I fully believe that she was lying about her age.  Stop acting like the girl is the victim, she is not a victim and stop blaming the parents they love and provide for her!!
Replied By: cfgreen on Jul 3, 2012, 1:47AM - In reply to dakotacree
I coudn't agree more. These parents have bent over backwards trying to get this spoiled young lady on the straight and narrow. They have shown their love and dedication to her and she wants all the power in the family. If the only problem was the Dad's lack of attention she could have got her point across without doing the things she did. And, those things only created more distance between her and her Dad. What Dad wants to look at the pictures she was exchanging with men. The Mum quit her job for God's sake and both parents gave up their privacy in order to keep her out of trouble in the night. She effectively prevented them from having a sex life. Dad may not have given her enough positive attention but there is way more to this story than that. I think she is an only child and wants control over her parents. I tink she will be a challenge wherever she goes for treatment.
Replied By: lndubya on Jul 2, 2012, 6:34PM - In reply to mcbb79
I totally agree with the comments from another viewer.  I also understand what Dr. Phil was trying to get across, but the remarks made about living in a doublewide is so uncalled for.  Many people live or have previously lived in doublewides and those people should not be stereotyped.  No one should be looked down upon or regarded as less of a person because that is the type of house they choose to make their home.  Also remarks being made about working at any "burger" business should not be made or looked as negatively.  Many people make careers at "burger" places and support their famiies and lead happy and healthy homes.  My family was supported MANY years on the wages "earned" at a "burger" establishment.  My son is currently in management at a burger company works full time, has no problems supporting himself while attending college full-time and also leads a healthly lifestyle.  Maybe instead of society always looking down at these things we should be encouraging young adults to get a job a "burger" joint and seek whatever home will make them happy.
Replied By: dakotacree on Jul 2, 2012, 3:48PM
This 15 yr old girl is lucky she has a father who cares enough to show up to this show, to cry on national tv for his daughter. She is 15 yrs old she knows what sex is she knows what an std is she is not stupid she is smart.  Her parents are obviously full of love for this spoilled little girl who's dad worries openly for her.  Giving her power is one thing but taking the parents power away is a mistake. She should be taken aside and shown children who have parents who dont care, who would just wash their hands of a kid who puts them through so much turmoil or even introduce her to some one who has been rapped by meeting peoplle on line without knowing them.  Tell her she is lucky to have been given the gift of two parents who adore her and tell her to smarten up and grow up
Replied By: moto3901 on Jul 2, 2012, 2:16PM - In reply to luckyeye
I sadly grew a lot like this my parents had no idea what was going on with me. I was sleeping with guys by the time I was 10 I basiclly grew up in foster homes and reidentials and though those things happened to me Im glad that I got the interventions I got because if I hadnt I would be dead or in jail by now. Im now 34 and am living a pretty good life I was diagonsed with bipolar disorder but its being managed with medication and counceling. I guess for all those young girls out there who thinks sex and self abuse is the way its not . I wasnt close to my parents so I couldnt talk to them but find someone you can talk to
Replied By: gypsyladybreez on Jul 2, 2012, 1:40PM - In reply to eenon4
Replied By: trkirkpatrick on Jul 2, 2012, 1:37PM
Dr. Phil, thank you for having this show on today as everyone needs to be educated on how children act and how they represent themselves. Being a child to parents is never easy and it is never easy to be a parent.. Parents should love their children no matter how bad they act or behave and love them unconditionally. Everyone makes mistakes and children are no different as they will make mistakes a lot in their lifetime. They will face pitfalls and then have to pick themselves back up.
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