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(Original Air Date: 10/13/11) After eight years with legendary rock group Guns N’ Roses, bassist Duff McKagan says he’s lucky to be alive. At 19, Duff says he was thrust onto a road paved with rock ‘n’ roll decadence -- daily drug and alcohol binges, international partying, backstage blackouts and the ever-present risk of a drug overdose. But at 30, the rocker says his reckless ride in the fast lane came to a screeching halt after a night of heavy partying caused an incident that nearly took his life. Now, 17 years since the life-altering event, Duff's new book, It’s So Easy (and Other Lies), chronicles the terrifying turns he took as a famous musician and how he finally kicked his substance addiction. Dr. Phil sits down with the rocker-turned-writer to recount his numerous brushes with death and his life as a changed man. Then, Krista, 25, is an oxycodone addict who admits she has deceived, cheated and robbed her own family to feed her pill addiction. Worried for her daughter’s life, Krista's mom, Barbara, reached out to Dr. Phil. Can Krista kick her addiction before she tears her family apart? And what lessons can Duff offer the young girl? Will she heed his warnings? If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, don't miss this show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jsatlabanis on Oct 29, 2012, 7:20PM
Dr Phil,

Im from Australia and I am a huge fan of your show. I am currently studying youth work. I only got to watch this show today on the Aussie television and it really got to me watching her on here. I was wondering what the outcome was? Did she get help? Has it worked?

Replied By: mzcrismarie on Jan 2, 2012, 9:48AM
Hi my name is Crystal and I am a 31 year old recovering drug addict. I would of loved to talked to that girl because she has so much to be thankful for,she still has her family. Also I feel she has NOT reached her rock bottom yet.I cried watching this show as I saw so much of myself in her. As a recovering drug addict myself Ive reached my rock bottom. Ive lost my daughter to the system not only once but twice & still do not have her in my care,Ive been to jail 3 times,overdosed 2 times,been to rehab 2 times,lost 2 boyfriends to overdoses and many friends also. Ive lost the respect and relationships with my family members. I know ill be a drug addict for the rest of my life and except that. Im currently doing aftercare and going to NA meetings,going to be getting my daughter back in a couple of months and expecting a new baby this year. I can relate to this girl as I was addicted to oxycotton and all of the opiate family. I was bad into needles and had to hit my rock bottom to finally admit and accept that I had a problem. I'd really love to talk to this girl and tell her that she is lucky to still have her family in her life. I have not spoken to my brother in years,dont have a relationship with my father like we used to,do to my drug use my family wont have anything to do with me even tho Im sober. I know what this girl is going threw as I did the same things as she is doing and also was addicted to the same drugs as she is. I signed up just to submit my comment about this and also because I love the Dr.Phil show. Like I said I would love to talk to this girl and tell her my story and tell her she has so much to be thankful for because I really dont think she knows and realizes what she still has in her life.
Replied By: parkersgirl on Dec 31, 2011, 7:26AM
I want to know an update about this. I know this was originally aired in Oct. Please provide an update. Addicts need lots of prayers. And they need to learn to have a whole new life. Thanks Dr. Phil.
Replied By: amberandjacob on Dec 30, 2011, 11:24PM
I missed the show about the 25 year old woman that is a drug addict. I read about it on your web site. This sounds like our granddaughter a few years ago. She has gone on to heroin now. My granddaughter wants help . Sometimes she begs for help but nothing seems to work. She says something inside her makes her use and she cant stop whatever it is. She has needle marks on her arms . She has even shot up on her feet trying to hide it. She has been in rehab 7 times. We are trying to find someone to help us. Regular rehab does not help. She needs to be somewhere for a long term. She was in rehab for 8 months, only to get out and start using a month later. This girl does not realize how fortunate she is to get this help offered, before she starts using drugs worse than what she is using. We would give anything to get that kind of help.She needs to kiss Dr. Phils feet for this kind of chance.  Our granddaughter has done all the same things and much more. We know our granddaughter is going to die from an over dose. Our story gets much worse. We don't know where to turn, we need help, before we lose her.
Replied By: hbooth74 on Dec 30, 2011, 6:23PM - In reply to janiceplatt
Thank you for sharing your story and I'm so sorry you've had to go through so much heartache.  I am so glad to see that someone else watching the show sees things like I do.  It's all positive and if it can reach just one person...it can save a life.  Thank you and Happy New Year.
Replied By: hbooth74 on Dec 30, 2011, 6:20PM
I am reading a lot of the comments and I figured there would be more positive people on this site but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions.  I think there is so much jealousy in this world for people that are more talented than us and/or have done more with their lives and oops...they had some problems along the way so lets just knock them down for it...IT MAKES ME SICK!!!  It's just like turning on the news anymore it's here too.  Wow!  I guess in my heart, I hope the people that struggle that come on the show succeed and the positive stories like Duff's, everyone can get something positive from but so great to see all the negativity out there and the nasty opinions.  To me, it doesn't matter who it is.  What if it was your son, your daughter, your brother, mother...whoever who you love, would you say all that stuff about them?  We are all people and I am saddened with any tragic story, celebrity, non celebrity and just wish there was more compassion in the world.  LIKE I SAID IN MY LAST COMMENTS...WAY TO GO DUFF, and I hope the young lady that followed does well too.  Come on people...lets come together and all love one another.  Like Dr. Phil said to Duff...where was everyone when he was going through this...who was watching...no, it's because it's a f'd up world.  There are so many unhappy people in this world it just make me sick!!! 
Replied By: samn45 on Dec 30, 2011, 5:13PM - In reply to sweetpea29er
Hi Sherrie

I am Sherri too.  I posted a few minutes ago about that very thing.  It only takes 1 enabler to sabatage the sobriety of an addict.  I am so happy for you that you got sober and remained clean.  I am so sorry to hear that your son has not.  It is so hard to get through to folks like your husband.  I know from experience of 20+years as a mental health nurse that your husband is being driven by guilt.  Men are so notorious for not acknowledging those feelings.  Perhaps the next intervention should be on him.  Invite a bunch of old time AlaNon and NA members for dinner.  Trap him at the dinner table with these folks so he can hear from someone other than you the damage he is doing to his son.  He needs to hear that as long as he enables your son, the chances are very low that he will get clean.  He needs to understand that no matter how guilty he may feel for telling your son "no more" now may make him feel, that enabling your son to death will feel much worse.  There is no guilt worse than knowing that you had the ability to save your kid or someone else and CHOSE not to do it because you didn't want to feel bad.  I would much rather stand at the graveside knowing that I did everything I could to prevent the death, than knowing that I helped put the addict in the coffin.  I know I sound kinda hard, but sometimes hard is kind.

Sending love and light to you and yours from an old nurse that has seen far too many people die of addiction.

Sherri in CO

Replied By: samn45 on Dec 30, 2011, 5:00PM
I have been a mental health nurse for over 20 yrs and have personally dealt with parents and friends with addiction.  The problem with "interventions" are:

1. The focus is on the addict changing and little put on the enablers there whining and crying about how bad the addict has acted or treated them.  I may be jaded, slightly, but I don't think so.  I get really mad watching parents,spouses, etc crying and whining at interventions about how bad the addict has made THEIR lives, especially when the addict is a young person.  Interventions have to include REQUIRING the enablers to get treatment as well.  I've seen many a recovering addict sabataged by the very loved ones that requested the intervention in the first place because they want tobeleive that the addict is the only sick one in the bunch.  I have facilitated a couple of interventions for friends and family, and I made the enablers sign a contract with me and the addict that they would also get treatment for codependance.  I only had one person break the contract with me and bet your bottom dollar they were the one person who sabataged my friend's treatment.  It only takes one enabler to do it.

2.  I was so saddened and disappointed when I worked on a rehab unit to see such a revolving door situation with the same folks coming in and out of rehab numerous times.  In a lot of these cases, I knew that the addict walking out the door at the end of 21 or 30 days was doomed to either return to treatment in worse shape the next time or else out there still on the substance.  WE FAILED THE ADDICT!!  At 21 days, the addict is many times not even completely detoxed, much less had the rehab support and safety that is needed.  In my opinion, no rehab should be less than 60 days,  And for every time the addict has been to and failed rehab, the time should be at least 30 days more.  I'm not stupid, it will never happen as long as insurance companies are allowed to dictate to doctors how long a patient needs treatment.  But LONG TERM rehab is actually what is required for most addicts.  Not necessarily hospitalization, but sober living facilities and such are rarely funded by ins. and that is the kind of support and living facility that seems to benefit people the most.  

Replied By: gishagirl on Dec 30, 2011, 3:48PM
Watching the show makes me see the same thing in my  older brother who also claims to be clean from this oxy craze. But these addicts are not realizing they all basically are telling the same story! They have the same excuses for this and that, just so they can get what they want.  I could only wish that my brother had the opportunity to get clean for real! The military gave my brother his first prescription for this drug, but we had to pull teeth to get him help. The problem after rehab is, is that there is no folloW-up. He never went to his meetings as they directed. He cant keep money in his account and he practically has nothing.  

Why can't the pharmaceutical companies change the formula of these narcotics? Or do they not want to because of all the money it brings in from the doctors who write these scripts for the good ole $. Are we that kind of country U.S. or Canada., that we cannot help our human kind?

Replied By: sweetpea29er on Dec 30, 2011, 3:40PM
Dr. Phil i love your show and let me tell you something hard.  I am a recovering Alcholic/Addict.  I have been clean and sober for going on 10 yrs now.  I have a son that has chosen the path that i clearly gave up because it was a going no where life.  It is very difficult for me to sit back and watch him go down that road.  I will not supprt this behavior but my husband is truly an enebler.  My husband pays his insurance and gives him money.  No matter how much i gripe at my husband for doing so he still continues to help him.  I know if my son wanted to go for help I would be the first one putting money out to get him there but he does not want to quit nor does he want help.  He calls with BS stories trying to get money for gas or smokes or insurance and says his boss didnt pay him.  yadda yadda.  This is a very hard thing for me to sit and watch.  I dont argue enough with my husband because i dont want to loose him too.  He just doesnt get it.  Do you happen to have any resourses that i may be able to help my husband stop loving our son to death.

Sherrie in Medicine Hat, Alberta
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