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(Original Air Date: 10/04/11) Do you worry your teen daughter could throw away everything she’s worked for — all for young love? Dina says she gave her daughter, Sammie, everything she’d ever wanted, but the 19-year-old is now only interested in one thing: her 20-year-old boyfriend, Chris, who has a criminal record. Despite cutting the teen off financially, Dina says her ultimatums fell flat and fears they may only have pushed Sammie further into the arms of a boyfriend who she thinks is bad news and may be dangerous. Sammie says her controlling mother and sheltered upbringing are the real problems — but, can she explain the bruises on her body? Then, Samantha is a teen who was blinded by her love affair with her allegedly abusive boyfriend, Aaron. Don’t miss her update and somber words for Sammie, whom she fears may be walking blindly down the perilous path she says she knows too well.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: leahhshuggable on Jun 28, 2012, 8:29AM
This is my feeling on the situation and I might be wrong. But I know she sees how he really looks and I know that he do not like who he see on the outside. But he love and like who he is with on the inside, and to me he enjoys beating the girly girl side he sees. I think that their relationship can work if she would give in and see what he is trying to do and that is to make her see that who they are posing to be is not really them. The girly girl images makes him angry but the other side do not long story short she knows what is going on but she is trying to deny it. I do not agree with getting a DUI but the abusing with stop if she will just change who she is. I do not get this feeling with every teenagers or people that come to the show just the ones that I happen to watch and I come to comment because I want to see more people turn alternative. In case I am wrong she should leave plain and simple. And if I am right do not care what the mother saids because it can work if they will get minor help and give it a chance and like I said before. It do not matter which side you are on as long as a person is not doing any thing evil. And I will mention it again pay attention to the lyrics because a lot do talk about darkness, horror and gore, and laughing at the mainstream and that is it. But some music artists a peraon do have to look up the lyrics.
Replied By: beanybaby5 on Jun 15, 2012, 9:39AM
I don't buy the moms version at all (although i am slightly biased). When I was 19 my parents kicked me out of the house and completely cut me off while I was in college. My boyfriend of two years at the time (we are still together) and his family took me in. In order for us to save money for a place of our own, we've payed no bills, and through hard work have saved up enough money for a down payment on a home. Not only has my boyfriend encouraged me to fix the damaged relationship between myself and my parents, he has been the one supporting me 100% and pushing me to get into the university I wanted to attend while my mother constantly repeated, "i think your setting the bar a little too high." While living with my boyfriend  and his parents for the last year and a half, I have graduated with an A.A. degree (with honors) from my previous institution (my mom doesn't even know the name of the school I graduated from) and I got accepted into the university I applied to without any help from my family. The sad thing is, they completely blame him for me getting kicked out, even though he had nothing to do with the events that unfolded, considering  it was my mothers words of "pack you s**t and get the f**k out of my house" so in my opinion it was her decision entirely. He is a great guy who would never do anything to hinder me from moving forward or hurt me in any way which is not something I can say for my sisters boyfriends whom my parents love so much. I don't think its always the kids being stupid. I believe sometimes parent have a hard time admitting that they have made poor decisions in the past and find it impossible to apologies in order to mend wounds. i've done my share of  apologizing and admitting my contributions to the outcome, but unfortunately they see themselves as perfect people who can never admit to their own faults. If she really cared about her daughter, she wouldn't have cut her off, and actually given the boy a chance.
Replied By: volleyball2014 on Jun 14, 2012, 10:12PM
I just watched your show and i was curious to talk to Samantha, the girl who got out of her realationship with Aaron. And how do you know you are blinded by love?

I have been seeing ex boyfriend and we are kind of exclusive by my mother and father do not appove for valid reasons but I just keep it a secret from them. I have been keeping it a secret for about 5 months now.

Am i blinded by love? Should it bad that i have been lying to my parents for this long for a boy?
Replied By: purpleer on Jun 14, 2012, 6:58PM - In reply to andrejr
Yes, I agree with you I believe she is lying to everyone, as well as to chris, I believe she isobsessed with him and worried he may not let her live with him if she was ok to go back home!!  This is her way I making him feel sorry for her!!  Next she will get pregnant on purpose!! Run chris run !!!!
Replied By: mayberrymother on Jun 14, 2012, 4:52PM
Hello,as a Mother of 2 Son's and being the women in my Nices Life from age 16 and her brother 14 after my sister passed away.I can Tell any Mother if you remember no one could tell you who to Love.She is 18 and girl's are worse then boy's when it come's to wonting what or who you tell them NO YOU CAN Not.....if he is a jerck and she will dump him.Do Not lose your Daughter over this prtend you like him.Give her ,her life to live and trust you raised her well.Don't robe her of the chance to make mistakes and grow ........just be around for her to have a soft safe place to go......when and if she needs it....have faith in how you raised her and alot of Faith in her.......or you might never see her again and that will ruinen her life I speack from expereance .........I had no soft,safe place and ......it was hard in the 70;s now it is unthinkable.....I and my family yes I got legely married when my 2nd son was conceved we got the stste paper(sell out)LOL MOM becool
Replied By: lindabthompson on Jun 14, 2012, 4:11PM - In reply to maria_wheeler
you are so right, maria !!  i totally agree that dina is a bit nuts from her daughter leaving - and on the surface, chris seems "o.k." -- handsome, polite, quiet, and i hope he is not abusing her. i truly do.   my ex husband was all that chris was -- handsome, "polite", quiet, but they could also be danger signs -- he was that way to his friends and fellow students and family of origin. to me, he was dreadful.  a lot of these people still do not believe me --  but he knows the truth, and he knows i know the truth.  chris and sammie know the truth.  they can work on it, or they can continue down their crazy in love path.  i really hope he becomes close with her family of origin.  if not, i predict future domestic disturbances, and i pray to god they do not have any KIDS !!!
Replied By: cassandrah18 on Jun 14, 2012, 4:08PM
I really hope this girl runs. My ex started off as a good guy. He made me laugh, took me out, but he separated me from my family and friends. While he never hit me, he made me feel like I had no one else but him, emotionally and mentally abusing me, demanding sex constantly. I began to feel suicidal, like I had no one around me. Thankfully, my mother looked through my phone one day, something she would never do, and found his text messages to me. While she was angry that it had gone so far, she gave me the strength to help me break it off.

Run Sammy! It's not worth being cut off from family to have a boyfriend.
Replied By: lindabthompson on Jun 14, 2012, 3:59PM
gawd - these kids are so immature and stupid and irritating. however, the mom is so ridiculous - yes, she should be very concerned if he is indeed abusing her. but she was way over the top - does she want her daughters to live with her forever? she must surely know that they will leave - hopefully - because if they don't, then that is very sad - kids should grow up and leave the nest.  and as parents we much suck it up and realize this is the way it should be. i left the day after the very last day of high school, and only came back for a few weeks, while i worked full time and looked for a new place, after splitting from my ex husband -- a very long time ago - 1975. i sure wish kids today didn't have to face the extremely difficult financial issues of today.   oy - i just heard that they have only been in a serious relationship for 3 months??    now they REALLY seem absurd.  chances are they will not be together for long. i bet he continues to cheat on her, and she will run home sobbing and mom and sister will help her.  this is what i predict.     these 2 kids are KIDS.      i am so happy samantha is doing so well !!  my blood boils when i recall how he denied hurting her - of course he was lying - his face turned so red when he did.  samantha looks so fabulous ! and i sure hope aaron leaves her ALONE ---  xoxoxoxox
Replied By: foxy420 on Jun 14, 2012, 3:25PM
Just watching... still watching... but the text argument was just talked about & it's bugging me lol

The mom said she got a text that said "I have my car whore", but both Sammie & Chris deny it.... what are the chances that the text actually said "I have my car hore" & it was a spelling error like Sammie suggested... and should have read "I have my car here".

I'm such a loser hahaha I was just totally talking to the TV saying "C'mon Dr Phil, ask how it was spelled" lmao

WOW this mom is bordering on crazy. Time to let your daughter grow up. I can't believe she's now talking about her daughter's sex life. That's nuts.
Replied By: alabamaej on Jun 14, 2012, 2:53PM
Dr Phil - your advice was wonderful to the young man. Go see the parents, tell them "here I am". That's wonderful but it would not have worked for me. My dad would not even let me talk to a guy, much less let a guy come to his house and talk to him. There are cases where rebellion is the only way.
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