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If everything you knew about your life was erased in an instant, how would you reinvent yourself? Would the chance for rediscovery seem adventurous or impossible? In December 2008, Scott Bolzan slipped and fell in his office bathroom, leaving a bloody, three-inch gash in the back of his head. The fall was so severe that when the then 46-year-old awoke the next morning, he was unable to remember his wife, his children --even his own name. After nearly seven months of meeting with doctors, Scott was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. Now, three years since the life-altering event, Scott's wife, Joan, has helped him recollect memories, which they’ve chronicled in their new book, My Life, Deleted. Dr. Phil sits down with the couple to discuss their joint memoir and Scott’s newfound identity. Who is the new Scott and how does he compare to the man his family once knew? Then, 22-year-old Sean claims he has no recollection of his life before his alleged May 2010 college graduation, but his father, Marty, thinks he's lying to hide some sort of secret. Although one doctor attributes Sean’s memory loss to global amnesia, several medical reports have shown his memory and brain to be fully functioning. Sean’s mother, Terry, says the suspicion surrounding her son’s amnesia is tearing their family apart. Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, offers the family solutions.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: varguijo on Sep 25, 2015, 9:19PM
Where can I purchase this episode on disc or where do I go online to view it,  I was in the audience when this show cane on I'd Just like to have a copy
Replied By: strine on Oct 7, 2012, 9:52PM - In reply to oj696969
I think Dr Phil laughed off the second guy (Sean) because Sean lied about graduating, he also had a history of lying. What a coincidence that on the day he was suppose to graduate (but wasn't as he lied), he got amnesia. Only a moron would believe it and his mother is just enabling him (that's why he said he doesn't care whether his father believe him- he has his sucker chosen).
Replied By: natalie1979 on May 2, 2012, 6:10AM
i know how Scott Bolzan  feels like because my life is deleted to.
it happend about two years ago on may 5th 2010 i wake up at monday morning and i didn't know who i was where i whas i didnt reconize mine husband,mine parents an family etc. i have must learn everything all over again, cooking whasing my self, sex etc...still i don't know everything. i have catscans etc.. nothing they cant find the think it's psychological.till this day i can't remember what happends before may 5th 2010 . i accepted who i am today,this is mine life know and i are happy.

greetings natalie 32 years old from the netherlands
Replied By: jjmdsr on Oct 23, 2011, 1:41AM
I just watched the show on my DVR, and wow!

i feel so bad for both men!

and although Sean may not show physical trauma like the first, doesn't meant it didn't happen. plus i feel bad it seems everything he does to advance himself, he gets criticized for faking everything. he should act more pathetic like the older gentlemen and not move on! then maybe his family would be ok with his amnesia. he tries to be on jeopardy and it has only turned everyone against him?! the kids alive and clearly succeeding! grow up and help him family!

His father seems terrible, followed by the sister on video. how can you expect someone to apologize for something, whether it happened or not, when you do nothing but put him down. half his family is driving him to suicide not himself.

i cant imagine being torn apart by your family "sides" when you dont even remember the reasoning..

plus Phil was zero help to the second guests, making the family im sure ashamed for dragging their "son" through it.

wish i could talk to Sean to give him some support.. at least the first family is fighting for success together.
Replied By: bounceajs on Oct 13, 2011, 6:43AM
Even though I don't have amnesia, I feel strong for this gentleman. I have un-controlled epilepsy. The seizures hit in the right temporal lobe, where memory is. I have been fighting this now for since 96. Been on every medicine to treat it, I have been allergic to all the meds. The only thing I can take is Dilantin which has no effect on my seizures. It is no fun going some place not knowing where you are, recognizing anything. There are times I have to stop and remember how to tie my shoes. I don't remember a lot of my sons growing up. Things we have done as a family. It is very hard, my prayers and Gods' love be with him and his wife.
Replied By: bwilson4w on Oct 7, 2011, 6:29PM
I just watched the show about amnesia.....(tivo). Anyway - I am a little confused, Sean said that he has knowledge and that some of his memory is gone and he tested in the top 7% for jeopardy. I don't have alot of my past memories, but I do hold a full time job, and I am a functioning member of society. I believe that he told his parents soooo many lies, and that he was hoping they came to find him instead of going to the graduation ceremony, but since that didn't happen he cooked up this amnesia thing - of course for simpathy - so that his parents wouldn't hold him accountable for the not graduating thing. No parent wants to believe their child would lie to them, so I give alot of credit to the father for admitting he thinks his son is lieing about the amnesia. Remember he did test in the top 7% for jeopardy, so he is no dummy!!!!
Replied By: drsm54 on Oct 7, 2011, 5:33PM
I have 2 doctorates in different areas of psychology, and what is happening with Sean is rare, but very real. there are even forms of treatment, i don't understand why Dr. Phil didn't suggest like Hypnotherapy. It can often release a walled off brain.
It is a completely logical thing that may have had years of causes or just a sudden great over stimulus.Sometimes therapy doesn't work for years, because the issues may be further rooted. can range from fear, lack of support or real love, and many other various things.
One things is certain if Sean lacks the mental capacity of his past, its dangerous for him to be constantly having a feeling of being alone and broken. possibly to himself physically and emotionally.  I mean imagine living a life you do not understand, and having no one understanding anything you do.

Everyone screws up in their life. Hes so young i worry his father and Sister are going to cause further damage since you would think they would be the first to be supportive. i do feel bad for the young man, with his family tearing apart Im sure he thinks its all his fault. if they don't even love him why would he fight for his memories back.

I do also wish he was able to talk more then 15 words. and there was a little more seen of how hes struggling. It's not about his parents and family at all. he is suffering way more then them. they need to realize hes alive and advancing and stop patronizing him.
Replied By: silverchakra on Oct 7, 2011, 12:57PM
I cannot imagine what Scott and Joan have endured! I so hope the treatment the Dr. Phil Show has set up helps them. I have a small idea of what it's like because last winter my husband had a breakdown and it was so severe he ended up with some brain damage much like someone who had a stroke. They also found he was bi polar which i had been telling him for years. Anyway, now his personality is different in many ways, he can't remember things that before he could do in his sleep, like work on computers, home improvements, etc. I am having to get to know a whole new husband. We were SO connected before it was amazing, but now I am worried he can't feel that in the same way. He can no longer work and we don't have insurance and I have chronic physical health issues. At least my husband can get free psychological treatment at a clinic. I pray for Scott, Joan, their family, and anyone in this kind of situation. As much as is known about the brain and its workings so much is still not known. I can really relate to and feel for anyone in this type of or similar situation. I'm mourning the husband I had while trying to embrace the new one. If someone hasn't experienced this it's difficult to imagine because all the "little" things that make up your life that are affected. It's difficult not to be depressed.
Replied By: gilliansmom on Oct 7, 2011, 10:00AM
Thank-you, Thank-you, THANK-YOU for talking about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a possible solution for brain injury.  I'm just a mom who has travelled all over the United States for more than a decade, getting help for my 21 year old daughter's many issues--including brain injury, autism and seizures.

We travelled thousands of miles for her first round of HBOT(Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).  HBOT actually became the miraculous first step toward recovery.

I've talked to countless parents, spouses, and others, who have been on the same journey as I have--to find help for someone they loved.  In all of the clinics that we've travelled to, in all of the stories that I've heard, within the miriad of injuries and illnesses that were being treated with HBOT, there was only one case for which HBOT  did not afford significant improvement.

Throughout Europe, HBOT is often a FIRST course of treatment for many conditions.  But here in the U.S., it's still relatively unknown.  And when it IS known, it is often scoffed at and dismissed.

So, once again, THANK-YOU for bringing "off-label" Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to light in such a respected forum.
Replied By: chevsici on Oct 7, 2011, 8:51AM
First family appeared very loving/supportive.

Second seemed very hostile, tears of almost hate.. They should all just go separate ways, probably better off then constant disagreement.

- also first group got help from dr, Phil, second just got lectured. Why was father giving so much support when mother is obviously the only person keeping that family in any way together?
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